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Gabriella and Troy break up after High School. It's now time for Taylor and Chad's wedding and neither of them know that the other is going to be in it. What will happen when they meet up again? And will Troy have to walk Gabi down the aisle?

Gabi sighed as she finished her last lab sheet at the Chemistry Lab she worked at. Yes! She was finished with work for the day and she couldn't be happier. She decided to go home and have a good sleep.

When Gabi got home she flopped down on her bed and fell right asleep dreaming about her life:

Gabriella Montez was 22 and fresh out of college. She recently got a great job for a Chemistry Lab that makes great money.

She thought back to her High School Days. She spent most of her time at East High in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

She still lives in Albuquerque but she only kept in touch with Chad and Taylor from High School. She never kept in touch with any of her other friends like Sharpay, Ryan, Zeke, Jason, or Kelsi. But she especially didn't keep in touch with Troy.

God, Troy. She hadn't had thought about him in years. They went throught the nastiest break-up ever. No one, not even Chad and Taylor, found out what happened. It just happened.

Anyway, she is still single. And she has been since their break-up. She's just wondered if Troy is. Probably not though. He's probably a big basketball star with girls hovering all over him.

Gabi woke up sweating. She couldn't believe she had thought of Troy in all these years.


Troy Bolton had just finished basketball practice. He was the coach of the basketball team in Los Angeles. But he was soon to be transferred to be the coach back in Albuquerque, his home town.

When Troy got home he fell into a deep sleep, thinking about his past:

I was born and raised in Albuquerque. I can't believe I left. I just left.

I left all my friends and family and moved to L.A. The only people I kept in touch with were Chad and Taylor.

Everyday I regret graduation day. Because that's the horrible day when Gabi and I broke up.

Yes. Gabriella Montez. Dark brown hair in curls. She was beautiful, smart, and definitely talented. But I let her go. We went through the break-up EXACTLY the way I didn't want too. But it happened.

Sure I've had some girlfriends here and then. But none of them even compared to Gabi.

Troy woke up the next morning. He had tears in his eyes. He really missed Gabi.


Taylor and Chad were out to dinner. A very special one, I may add. Taylor was dressed up in a teal strapless dress with sparkles. Chad was blown away.

"Uh…wow!" He said in amazement. Taylor laughed at him and said, "We better get going!"

They went to the fanciest restaurant in Albuquerque. It was called Chez Pablo. "Chad…wow" Taylor said in amazement this time. Cha laughed at her.

Once they had ordered what they wanted Chad didn't waste anytime. He grabbed Taylor's hand from across the table and looked her straight in the eye. He started babbling.

"Taylor, these past years, through college, and part of High School, have been amazing. Sure, we had great friends beside us. But no one's a comparison to you." He smiled at Taylor, who had tears in her eyes.

Then all of a sudden Chad got down on one knee. Taylor gasped. Chad smiled at her and said, "Taylor, you are my life and my heart. Will you do me the honor of becoming my bride? Taylor McKessie will you marry me?"

Taylor started crying and laughing at the same time. She nodded her head. "Yes Chad Danforth. I will marry you!" She said while she kissed him.

The whole restaurant was looking at them and cheered when she said yes. Taylor smiled as Chad put her engagement ring on her finger. They kissed one more time before they sat down.

Soon after they started talking about other people. Other people as in Troy and Gabriella.

"What will we do about them Chad? I feel kind of bad that we have been lying to them while we tell them that we haven't kept in touch with the other when we have!" Taylor said.

Chad nodded his head, "Me too. But you know what we should do?" He asked Taylor. She nodded at him to continue.

"We should make them our Maid of Honor and Best Man since we are both an only child!" Chad exclaimed.

Taylor gasped. "Which will mean….they will have to face each other again AND they will also have to walk down the aisle with each other!" Taylor squealed in delight.

Chad smiled at her and he sat back satisfied. They clinked glasses as they both thought,

Mission bring back Troy and Gabriella together is a go.

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