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EPILOGUE-Sweethearts Forever!


I can't believe it. In just 6 months, my life was totally turned around. I ended up with a different job AND my old high school boyfriend. Not that I mind, of course.

But…if I just think about this all, it seems like a dream to me. It'd take me at LEAST a year to get used to everything. Heh. But, I know it's not a dream, and everything that happened was actually REAL. Like the time when Chad and Taylor tried setting us up at THEIR wedding…lol. Oh yeah, and the time it worked. And the time where Taylor lost her memory. Now that was scary for about a week. I truly thought my best friend was never going to remember me again.


Gabriella walked up the steps to Chad and Taylor's house and knocked on the door slightly. She had to tell them that Troy and she were back together: again.

Taylor opened the door and smiled at her best friend. "Gabi!" She squealed, and hugged her tight, like she had never seen her before.

Gabriella was almost choking because of how tight the hug was. "Uh-Tay, what's going on? And why are you hugging me so tight? It hasn't been THAT long since you've seen me!" She joked.

Taylor giggled and pulled away from her. "Well-it has been about a week. You know I went off to Hawaii…but for some reason, I never remembered anything when I supposedly came back after hitting my head on a bridge" Taylor smirked, knowing Gabriella was going to blow up.

Gabriella's eyes widened. "You mean…you have…" She stuttered in shock. Suddenly she started squealing louder than Taylor did, and hugged Taylor all over again. They both started laughing together as they hopped up and down in a circle.

"Am I interrupting something?" Troy asked from behind them, as Taylor and Gabriella pulled out of their hug.

"TROY!" Taylor screamed, and hugged him as tight as she hugged Gabriella.

Troy grunted as she threw herself on him, and gave Gabriella a quizzical look from behind as if he was asking, "What the hell?", and Gabriella just burst out laughing.

"You want to tell him, Tay?" Gabriella asked her friend, as she smiled widely.

"HER MEMORY IS BACK!!!!" Chad screamed loudly, causing the three to jump 10 feet into the air.

It took Troy a minute to process everything, and as he turned to Gabriella to confirm, she just nodded and grinned, as Troy stared at Taylor, wide eyed. "You serious? Oh my gosh, that's so great!"

Gabriella laughed out loud by his tone of voice, and everyone looked at her weirdly. "Troy just sounded like a preppy girl just then…" She explained, as they all burst out laughing.

"Thanks. Thanks a lot" Troy told her sarcastically, as he wrapped Gabriella into a big bear hug. He then lifted her up off the ground and started swinging her around saying, "Urgh. You're heavier than I thought!"

Gabriella gasped as she slapped Troy who was laughing his head off, after he put her down.

Taylor and Chad just stood there, watching their two best friends with interest. "Are you two back together?" Taylor asked hopefully, raising an eyebrow at the couple.

Troy just grinned, as he draped an arm over Gabriella's shoulder. "Um…we're best friends" He said, as he and Gabriella started to laugh. "And…" He paused, as Chad and Taylor looked at him hopefully,

"A couple" Gabriella finished as Taylor started to scream her head off.

Hugs were exchanged and everything was back to normal for them all. That was, until Zeke, Sharpay, Kelsi, and Jason came running up the yard and passed through the four and into Chad and Taylor's house.

"Uh guys?" Chad asked them confusingly, as they all walked inside to see what they were doing.

Zeke and Sharpay were holding hands, while heading into the kitchen. "Zeke's going to teach me how to bake his favorite stuff from high school!" Sharpay called over her shoulder happily, as the new couple walked into the kitchen.

"And Kelsi's going to teach me how to play the piano!" Jason exclaimed, as he sat down on the bench next to Kelsi, and wrapped an arm around her waist to show his affection.

Troy and Gabriella just looked at each other. "I guess everyone is happy now?" Gabriella guessed, as Troy started laughing and kissed her.


I smiled remembering that day. It was one of the happiest days of my life. Although today is probably going to be another happy day. Because today I am…

Getting married to Troy Bolton.



It was two days after Christmas, and there was snow on the ground. It didn't usually snow where they were, but tonight they were just in luck.

The whole gang, including Ryan, was at the Albuquerque Cathedral because today was the day Gabriella Montez was marrying Troy Bolton.

The girls were with Gabriella in one room helping Gabriella get her vail on. "Wow, it looks beautiful Gabriella" Taylor gasped, as all the girls stared in awe.

"You really think so?" Gabriella asked them nervously, as she bit her lip. She looked at her gorgeous floor length strapless dress, and the white matching veil with it in the mirror, as she did a little turn.

"YES!" All the girls in the room yelled, as Gabriella started laughing. She looked over at Taylor, her maid of honor, and smiled as she saw her in the beautiful teal dress. She looked beautiful, even though she was 5 months pregnant!

"Taylor you look beautiful" She smiled sincerely at her best friend, who just gave her a grateful look in return, and rubbed her stomach.

"Troy's going to drop dead when he sees you Gabriella…truly" Kelsi explained to her friend, as she was still in awe of her breathtaking dress.

"Thanks Kels" Gabriella grinned at her as she continued, "I just hope he can stay conscious through the vows."

Everybody giggled, as someone knocked on the door. "Ladies? It's the Chad man. May I come in?" Chad said through the door.

Taylor rolled her eyes at her husband. "You may come in, oh faithful one" She joked, as they all heard Chad chuckle and enter the room.

He took one look at Gabriella in her dress and asked her, "You know that Troy is going to run down the aisle after you guys get married so you guys can pack…right?" He finished, raising an eyebrow.

Gabriella just blushed and looked down. "Chad…" She warned him, rolling her eyes.

Chad held his hands up. "Just saying…" He informed her, receiving a slap on the arm from Taylor and a glare saying, 'Just shut up'.

Chad laughed at Taylor's reaction, and looked at his watch. "Oh shit" He cursed, "We're supposed to start in five minutes!" He exclaimed, as he ran out of the room like a maniac.

"Ah!" Gabriella screamed, as she started to panic. All the girls helped her out of the room so she would tear the dress. Gabriella was panicking the whole way to the alter. "Guys, I can't believe I'm doing this! I'm actually getting MARRIED" She squealed.

They all laughed as they reached the doors. The guy standing there motioned to them that they were starting, and as the flower girl started going down the aisle, Taylor turned Gabriella to face her.

"Look Gabriella. You and Troy were meant to be. Dare to say it, probably more meant to be than Chad and I! Even though we were, but that's not the point. The point is that you're happy, and that's all that matters. Now go rock his world in that dress" She told her, giving her a wink.

Gabriella giggled at the end, and gave her friend a warm hug. "Thanks Tay. That really means a lot to me" She said, as she reluctantly let go, as Taylor turned and started down the alter.

"You ready pumpkin?" Gabriella's dad asked her, as Gabriella sniffed and nodded. She was already crying and she wasn't even down the alter yet.

Two men stood on each sides of the door, as they pulled them both open at the same time. The wedding song started playing, as everyone in their seats stood up and watched Gabriella walk down the aisle with her father.

But to Gabriella, it seemed like nobody else was there but her and Troy. She stared at him the whole time and almost started crying by how he was looking at her. Troy was looking at her in amazement, as he felt his mouth start to water.

Wow…she's so beautiful Troy said in his mind, as he smiled at his future wife.

A few seconds later, Gabriella was at the front of the Church, and her dad gave her a kiss on her cheek as he went to sit with her mother. Troy held out his arm, and Gabriella took it gently, staring at him with a happy smile on her face.

The wedding was emotional; just like Chad and Taylor's but everyone in the room could feel that these two were meant to be together all along.

"And I now pronounce these two, husband and wife. You may kiss the bride" The man gestured to Troy to kiss Gabriella and with pleasure, Troy gave his wife the most earth shattering kiss that he ever gave her.

They could both here the faint sound of applause, but in reality, it was juts them two there. When they pulled apart, they both had the widest grins plastered on their faces.

"I love you Troy Bolton" Gabriella whispered to Troy. He smiled and kissed her once more.

"I love you too, Gabriella Bolton."


At the reception, Chad and Taylor were getting ready to make their speeches, as Troy and Gabriella were sitting down at the table, with their fingers interwined.

"Can I please have everyone's attention!" Chad called out to everybody in the room, which quickly settled them down, "Thanks. Today we celebrated my two best friends getting married. Now, if any of you were at mine and Taylor's wedding…you know that these two weren't exactly on good terms…"

Troy and Gabriella laughed hard at that one as Chad continued, "So anyway. It wasn't really a surprise to us that these two got married. We knew it would happen; even before they found each other again. But to anyone who knew them in High School-you would know that their relationship was never over. Because they were meant to be together…so that is why I give them my best wishes! Good luck, Troy and Gabriella!"

Everybody clapped, as Gabriella started getting teary eyed again. Troy hugged her close after he gave Chad a hug and thanked him.

Taylor then stood up and smiled at the crowded room. She was practically in tears already, "Well I do have a story to tell. When Gabriella came to East High back when we were all Sophomores, she changed everyone's life. She changed hers, Troy's, and even mine and Chad's. She brought together a lot of couples, that wouldn't be here today without her. The chemistry that Troy and Gabriella had is amazing…and I hope they stay that way forever! I'm so happy for you two!" She finished, bawling her eyes out.

Gabriella sniffled as she got up and hugged her best friend warmly. "Thank you SO much Tay, you're making me cry!" She giggled as she sat back down next to Troy.

Troy smirked, as he and Gabriella looked at each other and nodded. Troy then motioned for Zeke and Jason to stand up. They nodded as well as they both stood up and clapped their hands together.

"Everybody we have one last thing to do!" Jason called as everyone listened in. He then looked over to Sharpay and Kelsi and waved at them to stand up. "Sharpay…Kelsi, please stand up!"

Sharpay and Kelsi shot each other confusing glances before standing up together. "Uh guys-what's going on?" Kelsi asked the two guys weirdly.

Jason just put a finger to his lips, signaling for her to hush. She did, and then both of the guys got down on one knee. Everyone gasped, as Troy and Gabriella looked at each other and smiled, knowing about this all along.

Zeke went first. He pulled out a red velvet box from his pocket and looked into Sharpay's eyes, "Sharpay Evans, will you marry me?" He asked, grinning widely.

Sharpay had tears in her eyes, as she put a hand to her heart. "YES!" She squealed happily, as she launched onto Zeke and gave him a huge hug and then a kiss. Everybody clapped for them.

As soon as the clapping died down, Jason looked up at Kelsi, who had her hand at her mouth. "Kelsi Nielson, you've made me the happiest man. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" He asked her, gazing into her eyes hopefully.

All Kelsi could do was nod, to refrain herself from crying. Jason pulled her into a comforting hug as she cried. Once they pulled away, both men put the rings on the girls fingers and kissed them again.

Taylor, Chad, Troy, and Gabriella stood up and started clapping everyone soon following after. Taylor and Gabriella both had tears in their eyes, as they cheered for their friends.

The rest of the time was a party, with dancing and laughter. Troy and Gabriella danced to every slow song, and their first dance was to "My Wish" from Rascal Flatts.

Gabriella rested her head on Troy's chest, and could hear his heartbeat. "Today was the best day of my life" She whispered to him. "Thank you for making all my dreams come true."

Troy rested a hand on the back of Gabriella's head and started playing with her curls. "Your welcome. I did this because I love you, and now that you're mine, I know that I will never lose you again."

The song came to an end, and Gabriella looked up at her husband with loving eyes. "I love you, too."

Troy smiled at her, as Chad and Taylor, Zeke and Sharpay, and Kelsi and Jason all came onto the dance floor to dance with them. As the next song came on, Troy started making out with Gabriella on the dance floor, while Chad and Taylor stared at each other, with Chad occasionally rubbing Taylor's belly happily.

The other two engaged couples just danced slowly to the music, not talking. Just, dancing. Even Ryan got out there, with his old High School sweetheart, Melanie.

"I'm so glad we're back together! It's great to see you" Ryan whispered to her, as she smiled at him.


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