More, because I enjoy annoying Kiba.

Title: Sunspots
Author: desolate butterfly
Genre: humour/gen
Pairings: Gaara/Kiba, Naruto/Gaara if you squint, implied Shikamaru/Temari
Rating: PG 13 for language
Summary: In which Kiba still hates Suna only now he hates Naruto as well.


Kiba wasn't nervous at all.

Sure, it was his first appearance back in Suna after the Kazekage, who had also once been a demon container and pretty scary psychopath—okay, so he was still fucking scary and Kiba wasn't altogether certain about the psychopath thing either—had licked him on the cheek and then said—threatened?—that they'd talk later.

And then days had passed without Kiba seeing the man again, and he ended up trekking back to Konoha with his team mates still trying to figure out whether he should feel relieved or disappointed about that. Akamaru had made some whining noises about his opinion on what Kiba should have done after Gaara had licked him, and Kiba resisted the urge to go right out and buy Akamaru a muzzle.

Really, who uses that kind of language? Fucking dogs.

But now Kiba was walking back into Suna, trailing behind the rest of his team, because he was tired and hot and just a bit bored and definitely not nervous.

Hinata though, she looked nervous. Kiba supposed that he couldn't blame her. After all, they were supposed to be meeting up with Naruto, who had been working with the Kazekage for a few weeks now to rework the town's defence system so that Gaara could try a new thing called "sleeping" every once in a while.

Judging from the hidden shinobi Akamaru was sniffing out all along the main pathway into the village, Kiba figured that Naruto had been less of a failure than usual in this venture.

"Hey," he moved up a bit to nudge at Shino, "we're being watched."

"I know," Shino replied, "but I was planning on giving Hinata a bit more time."

"More time for what?"

At that, Shino stopped walking abruptly, and Kiba caught himself before ploughing into his back, arms waving awkwardly. Hinata stepped gracefully around Kiba and turned inquisitive eyes to Shino.

"W-what's wrong Shino-kun?"

Shino cocked his head to the side and then said, loudly, "You can come out now, Naruto."

Hinata let out a surprised gasp and activated her byakugan. Her eyes focused on a cluster of bushes and then widened.


The spiky green leaves of the bush faded into blond hair and the shape of the plant stretched and curved until it formed into the body of a familiar shinobi. Naruto straightened his cramped legs and put one hand behind his head, grinning sheepishly.

"Heh, Shino, how'd you know it was me, man?" he asked, waving to Hinata.

The girl blushed and hid behind Kiba, drawing circles in the dirt with the toe of her shoes and Kiba sighed. A whole week of this was going to drive him crazy. Why couldn't Naruto get the hint and just ask his team mate out already?

Shino's glance flickered from Hinata to Naruto.

"I wagered that the Suna guard would at least disguise themselves as flora that would be native to their land," he answered, coolly. "You are aware that sagwa nut bushes only grow in Wave Country, right?"

Naruto's grin quickly turned into an annoyed scowl.

"You're such a killjoy, Shino," the boy pouted. "Even Neji has more sense of humour. Hell, even Gaara has more sense of humour. Speaking of Gaara…"

Naruto's mischievous gaze settled on Kiba and the grin returned. Kiba was sure he'd seen that expression on Akamaru before. Like right before the nin-dog was about to bite something tasty.

'What's with that face?' Kiba muttered to himself.

"He wants to see you"—a dirt-covered finger was suddenly thrust in Kiba's face—"right away. Better not keep him waiting. Gaara likes to break stuff when he's impatient."

Kiba blinked and then sent a kick Akamaru's way when the dog started to snicker. He knew he should have gotten that muzzle.


"Sorry Kiba, gotta go!"

Naruto smiled and then grabbed Hinata by the wrist. She turned so red, Kiba thought he and Shino might have to pick her up from the floor again, like that time in the hospital, but Hinata managed to keep her feet as Naruto tugged her along after him.

"C'mon Hinata, you too Bug-boy! I need you guys to help me test something. It's kind of like a pit trap only Gaara made the sand in it quicksand and…"

The blond's voice trailed off as he led Kiba's team mates down the street and Kiba was left to stand there, mouth open in shock, Akamaru snorting in laughter at his heels.

"Well…this is just great," Kiba muttered, shaking his head. The kazekage wanted to see him. And Naruto was acting like he knew way too much about why Gaara wanted to see him.

'Maybe if I'm lucky, falling rocks will kill me on the way there.'

The pathway that Gaara's tongue had taken on Kiba's cheek burned, and the boy put a hand to it, hesitantly. A vision of red hair and pale green eyes flashed in his thoughts and he swallowed, hard.

Then he licked his dry lips and set off again towards the kazekage's official buildings, mouth stretched into a confident grin, stride quick and casual.

Because Kiba still wasn't nervous. At all.