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CHAPTER 1: First arguement

one sweet morning was once again faced by the students of seigaku. all are asusually busy with something-- homework, projects, senseless chats and club practices.

club practice--- tennis club practice: The seigaku tennis club just finished their morning practice and the very tired starters resume to their daily classes after changing their uniforms.

Hours have passed and their respective classes had ended fine. its lunch time and the students are entering their way in the cafeteria. all eager to have lunch they sat down and eat their food either silently or the other way around like this particular first year. horio. making another first year annoyed by horio's non-stop blabbering about how genius he was in their class. the said first year was first forced to leave the cafeteria because of nontheless horio.

a red-headed boy saw this first year as he left. he manage to whisper..


Ryoma went out the noisy place and out of the school grounds also. he went closer a vendo machine. he looked at it and somewhat like searching for something. then there it was, his favorite juice--- ponta.


He growled as his stomach, for the third time, demanded food.

"hey! eiji-senpai! aren't we gonna eat yet! i'm hungry! really hungry!" momo complained at his senpai.

"matte momo! i'll just finish this and we will eat! i'll treat you i promise! nya!"

"i just can't refuse the word 'FREE'! hehe" momo smiled.

"finished!nya! at last!"

momo smiled... sides of his lips almost touched his ears then said "really! come on senpai! lets eat!"

eiji posted a satisfied smile in his face "wait a second momo, i'll just submit this to.. hey! momo wait...!nya!"

"food food food..." was what momo thinking in that very moment he dragged the helpless eiji to the cafeteria.

After having his well deserve lunch momo saw eiji staring at something.. or someone.

"echizen, ne?" he muttered

"hai!" eiji answered "he seemed like he was disturbed"

"maybe because of that mouthful horio"

"hehehe" eiji smiled as a bulb popped out his head

"looks like you have something in mind senpai? ne?"

"here's my wallet momo, go pay the bill and i'll just come to echizen" with a snap eiji bounced out of the cafeteria to follow echizen.

momo grinned in a way that you'll say he is planning a very very awfull thing-- i got his wallet hehe.. i can buy anything i want... anything..


after a few moment eiji finally found ryoma. he went up to him to ask something.

"hoi hoi! o'chibi

"hoi hoi! o'chibi" eiji jumped happily

"why eiji-senpai?"

"what are you doing there?"

"i'm buying ponta, can't you see?" he smirked

"ponta again? i just saw you drink one at our practice a while ago, and now your buying another? aren't you tired of that?
eiji asked innocently

"yes, no"

eiji's brows furrowed in confusion "you said yes then no.. what is it, really?"

"yes, i don't get tired" ryoma smiled a bit

"even if you drink that everyday, you never get tired of it?" he asked him again


"but why, nyah?" a furrow still on his forehead.

"uhm..." ryoma search for some answer " 'cause its tasty"

"really! can i taste it?" eiji tried to get the ponta from ryoma's hands

ryoma got the ponta away from eiji "i don't want to!"

"please o'chibi!" he is reaching the ponta

ryoma prevented the sudden reach by switching his grip to the ponta from left to right as if, it was a racket. "i don't want to senpai! this is mine buy yours!"

"just one sip! please!" he is still reaching the ponta

the two continued arguing, without noticing the person watching them

it went nearer---- it's momo

"eiji-senpai, echizen what are you two fighting for?"

"the ponta!" eiji and ryoma said in duet

"just a juice? your arguing over a juice? a hamburger is way better than that! and besides its just ponta what is with it anyway?" momo smirked

"that's why i wanted to taste it! i'm just curius cause o'chibi always drinks ponta, ne? i just want to know what it tastes like!nyah"

"ahh" momo looked satisfied

"i said i don't want to senpai! let go of my ponta!"

"yeah eiji-senpai is right, why is it that you're a big ponta-addict? you always buy one everytime we go home" momo stated

"yeah nya!.. momo's right! i often saw you drink this!" eiji still holds the ponta that ryoma doesn't want to let go

"let me have that senpai! bring it back, that is mine!" ryoma protested

"what is yours ryoma?..."


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ryoma: hhmmm...? (sips ponta)

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