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CHAPTER 2: the mother popped

"What is yours ryoma?..."

A voice was heard making the three look behind and stop their commotion.

"I said, what is yours ryoma?" Oishi repeated his question. Eyes full of concern, of course, and a bit of curiosity.

"Oishi! nya!..." Eiji almost jump out of their little fight-over-a-ponta thing to hug his beloved doubles partner but he manage to stop himself cause he knew, that once he release his grip on the ponta, echizen will win-- and that is no fun!nya! i hate to lose! eiji thought. (efay: i know!that is a lot of thinking for a mere 3 seconds) "Please help me! o'chibi won't give the ponta!nya!" He just said instead.

"And why is it that you don't want to give the ponta back to eiji, echizen?" Oishi's tone is as if a mother who demands some explanation from her son, in which, since its oishi, it would be safe to say he is so.(hehehe no offensement oishi fans!)

"Its because... the ponta, is mine oishi-senpai" Ryoma mockingly stated placing a smirk on his irritated-because-of-eiji face.

"Is that so!" Oishi then faced eiji. "Eiji, give the ponta back to echizen. That's not yours! you should not get things which does not belong to you!" Oishi said as motherly as ever.

Eiji, with teary eyes but still look so cute said "I thought you are my partner! why are you favoring chibi! you're unfair oishi! Besides i just want to taste it! and o'chibi doesn't want to! he's so selfish oishi!nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!"

"I'm not in favor of echizen, eiji, and not in favor of anyone neither..." Oishi took a glance at momo as if saying: I'm not in favor of you too, even though your not really in the fight and your just an extra! (well i just added the 'and your just an extra' thingy coz i know oishi won't thought of it! hehehe cruel me! sorry momo fans) and with that.. momo suddenly felt uneasy. "I just want to know the truth. And you echizen why won't you let your senpai taste your ponta? You should know how to obey your senpais cause it is the right thing to do." Oishi lay his sight back to the two arguing seigaku regulars to find out...

"Give it back eiji-senpai!" ryoma said.

"Let me taste it!" eiji said.

"Me too!I want to taste it" momo 'the extra' (hehehe) said.

... their not listening.

"Uhm.. echizen, eiji? are you listening?" oishi managed to asked hiding his embarassment.

"Ryoma!" Eiji continued.

"Senpai!" Ryoma continued.

"LET ME HAVE IT!" the two shouted in unison while, still, fighting over the reason of the commotion--- the ponta.

Oishi can't do nothing but sigh. I don't know what to do with you. He is now worried that this might cause them some trouble. So he tried being the referee once again.

"Would you two just stop! You might be injured if you continue!"

"Hoi! oishi, help me here! nyaaaahhhhhhh!"

"Just give back my ponta, eiji-senpai! Why don't you just bought yours!"

Upon hearing the word bought eiji froze. (but still holding the ponta of course!) chain of thoughts flooded his innocent mind.. 'boughtmoneywallet... Hey wheres my wallet?' He then glared at momo who had just burped for the 3rd time.

"You sure are full ne? momo" Eiji said giving momo a glare.

"Yep i'm quite full now eiji-senpai! Thanks to you!... oh yah heres your wallet senpai.." Momo took something out of his pocket.a wallet. Eiji's wallet.

Eiji look at the wallet that momo handed to him as if it was a snake. he opened it and found out something that make his eyebrow rose 3 stories high.. Well actually, what surprised him isn't what he found, it is what he did not.

"momo!..." Eiji cried as a baby would when it is hungry. and with the kind of cry eiji did... he was hungry, really hungry, he was starving! "...when i handed this to you it is with 3 thousand yen! and now all i can see is the wallet! where's my 3 thousand yen!" waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! momo where is it! give it back" eiji cried wildly but he is still holding the ponta.

"heheh... don't be upset senpai--- its just 3 thousand yen.. its not a big.. uhm... well... it is big... but... uhm... you said you would treat me didn't you! so its alright!" Momo sighed.

"... i'm suppose to buy the latest cd of 'the chocolates' with that!nyaaaaaaaa! and now my cd is in your big stomach!" eiji shruged, pointing momo's stomach."your worms better be satisfied now you've eaten my cd!"

"well actually, i am still hungry!.. and echizen's ponta would do!" momo replied rubbing his belly.

"WHAT! you're still hungry!" eiji's eyes almost fell out of the socket.

Oishi and ryoma stared at momo dumbheaded. Mouth-wide open.

"How big is your stomach momo? Does an anaconda live in there?" Eiji gulped at the thought."you sure are greedy!"

"Who is greedy...?"


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