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In The Beginning

The Professor and Henchgirl shared a nervous glance as the prepared to knock on their friend's door. Harry had seemed . . . different since the death of England's Dark Lord only a short time before.

Taking one last deep breath, Henchgirl raised her hand and knocked on the door.

"Come in," Harry called through the door.

"Hello Harry," Henchgirl said with a smile. "How are you?"

"Doing alright," said Harry.

"So what are your plans now?" The Professor asked slowly.

"Harry Potter is dead," Harry replied. "I'm Mr. Black now, the world needs Mr. Black and I don't think I could stop."

"Are you sure," Henchgirl asked with a frown. "It might be best to be Harry Potter too."

"It would if Harry Potter wasn't so bloody famous," Harry remarked with a laugh. "Harry Potter is too visible to keep as an identity."

"Still," the Professor began. "It might be useful to maintain it, doesn't take all that much work."

"Yeah," Henchgirl agreed. "What he said."

"Fine," Harry said flatly. "But to get back to the subject, the world needs Mr. Black. I'm going to become Mr. Black."

"And how are you planning to do that?" The Professor asked oddly.

"I'm going to drift around and see what comes up," Harry said with a shrug. "Take a few classes here, accidentally kill a group of dark mages there, you know how it is."

"Yes . . . well . . ." The Professor shared a worried look with Henchgirl.

"Well why don't we tell you why you think you should stay Harry Potter," Henchgirl finished.

"Please," Harry agreed.

"I know you don't like the fact that you're famous for something you don't remember as Harry Potter," Henchgirl said.

"Oh?" Harry asked, "and how do you know that?"

"Germany again," the Professor explained. "As I said before, you got quite chatty."

"Ok," Harry said.

"Why don't you make the Potter name famous for something you did do?" Henchgirl suggested, "it'd be good to have the Potter name remembered for something that didn't involve dark lords."

"And how do you suggest I do this without being mobbed by the press and fans?" Harry gave in.

"Because they won't know it's the same Harry Potter until after you've done it," Henchgirl continued. "I . . . we were thinking that Harry Potter could be one of the Archaeologists to survey Atlantis. You mentioned that you might like to become the first magical archaeologist."

"I suppose that could be interesting," Harry agreed.

"There are magical distance learning schools in Australia and Canada," the Professor explained. "We were thinking that Harry Potter could get his papers from one of those and then take university classes to become an archaeologist."

"Why not just go straight to the university?" Harry asked.

"We could easily forge any necessary documents," Henchgirl agreed. "But why bother if we can get genuine documents without much trouble."

"I'll buy that," Harry spoke slowly. "And I did like Australia, on the other hand I never got a chance to go to Canada."

"We found a degree program in underwater archeology in an American University," the Professor said quickly. "At Texas A&M, it is supposed to be one of the best in the world."

"If you were to study hard and test out of some of the classes you could get a degree in just a couple of years," Henchgirl added. "You could be Mr. Black by day and the Archaeologist by night. Harry Potter could be remembered for the important discoveries made in Atlantis and for being the first Wizard Archaeologist."

"Sounds like a plan," Harry said with a grin. "How long have you two been planing this?

"Since we realised that you didn't plan to go back to Hogwarts," Henchgirl replied.

"I thought you didn't want me going back to Hogwarts?" Harry asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I didn't," Henchgirl agreed. "I still think you would have been better off staying with us."

"So what's the problem?"

"You're trying to burn bridges," Henchgirl explained. "You think that because you're Mr. Black then you can't be Harry Potter and I think that's a mistake."

"So you're doing this for my own good?" Harry asked with a grin, "I get a lot of that."

"I just want you to be happy," Henchgirl said sadly. "You haven't come out of your cabin very much since you got here and I want my friend back."

"Oh . . . is that what this is about?" Harry asked with a grin, "that I haven't been coming out of my cabin?"

"Yes," Henchgirl replied.

"Sorry about that," Harry said sheepishly. "I've been working on something, didn't mean to be so antisocial."

"What have you been working on?" Henchgirl demanded.

"Why don't I just step out then," the Professor suggested. "Since there's no more problem that means I can get back to my experiments right?"

"Yes yes good good," said Henchgirl absently.

"Cooking classes," Harry replied to Henchgirl's question. "I'm getting ready to teach a couple cooking classes on the island."

"So you've been studying recipes to prepare yourself?" Henchgirl said in sudden realisation, "can I help?"

"Sure," Harry agreed. "I was thinking of starting off simple . . . maybe something from that book we picked up in Atlantis."

"Sounds good," Henchgirl agreed.


Harry Potter the Boy-Who-Never-Was

By Luna Lovegood

As you are no doubt aware, Harry Potter has disappeared . . . or has he? What follows is a hypothesis, an idea that fits most of the facts available to the Quibbler. What it is not is the truth, we may never know what happened and forever be condemned to guesses and pet theories. It is our belief that Harry Potter either died with his parents or was rescued by Mr. Black. We suspect that Mr. Black either took the boy's place or assigned one of his agents to take the boy's place. How else would you explain the fact that as a schoolboy, Harry Potter defeated Voldemort and his death eaters in several duels? How else would you explain how a second year managed to defeat the king of all serpents? It boggles the mind that a young boy could not only survive but triumph. Available evidence suggests that Mr. Black assigned one of his agents to assume the role of Harry Potter and we believe that Mr. Black was only present at the fight for the Philosopher's stone and at the death of the Basilisk . . .

The reasons for Mr. Black's reappearance are unclear, it is our belief that something happened to anger Mr. Black and cause him to take a personal intrest in the wizarding world and unfortunately we have no idea what could have triggered Mr. Black's rage. On the other hand it is also possible that Mr. Black really is just a guy on vacation, death taking a holiday so to speak . . .

And so he came to Hogwarts and . . .

. . . and so we bid farewell to young Harry Potter may he find what he's been looking for.

"How could you have written something like that Luna?" Hermione threw the paper at the smaller girl. "Saying that Harry never existed."

"It's what he would have wanted," Luna gave a dazed blink. "He never wanted fame . . . I tried to distract the public away from him so that he can have a bit of peace . . . maybe now that things are quiet he'll come back to us."

"Oh Luna," tears began to flow down Hermione's cheeks.

"Harry is my friend," Luna said sadly. "He was nice to me . . . I miss him."

"We all miss him Luna," Hermione assured the younger girl.

"What are we gonna do Hermione?" Luna asked with unusual focus.

"We're going to find Harry and bring him back," Hermione replied. "He's just being stupid right now, Harry does that sometimes. When we find him, the Git'll probably say that he left to protect us or some other nonsense like that. You have to remember that for all his virtues, Harry is still a boy and he sometimes let's that get in the way of his good sense."

"Ok," Luna agreed. "We shall find Harry and we shall drag him back to Hogwarts."

"That's the spirit," Hermione agreed. "I'm going to go talk to a few people to get some clues."

"That sounds like a wonderful course of action," Luna said with a glazed look. "I think I shall do something similar."

"We'll meet in the library in an hour," Hermione said. "To share our information and to plan our next move."

"Till then," said Luna as she skipped off.

For a brief moment, Hermione almost regretted agreeing to allow Luna to accompany her on her journey. Then logic crushed her one protest, evidence suggested that Harry Potter was with Mr. Black. The Quibbler had broken most of the stories about Mr. Black and still seemed to have most of the information concerning Mr. Black. Therefore, Luna's presence could prove essential to the success of the mission.

Hermione immediately walked towards the nearest connected fireplace after the meeting. Taking a handful of floo powder, she tossed it into the fireplace and called out her destination. "The Department of Magical Law Enforcement."

"Yes?" A head appeared in the fireplace, "how may I help you?"

"I need to speak to Auror Tonks," Hermione replied firmly.

"One moment please." The head disappeared and was replaced a few minutes later by everyone's favorite Auror.

"Hey Hermione," Tonks replied with a grin. "How's tricks?"

"Not good," Hermione replied. "I need all the information you can get on Mr. Black."

"Why do you need that?" Tonks asked wearily, "doing a report for Defence?"

"I'm gonna go find Harry," Hermione replied. "And I think he's with Mr. Black."

"Good thought," Tonks agreed. "It's a starting point anyway."

"So will you help me?" Hermione asked.

"I'll see what I can dig up," Tonks allowed. "And with the death of Voldemort, I've got a lot of vacation time coming . . . need someone to come along?"

"Would you?" Hermione asked quickly.

"I would, " Tonks agreed with a smile. "Remus would never forgive me if I didn't. I'm sure that if we work together, the two of us'll find Harry in no time."

"Three," Hermione corrected. "I think Luna's going to come too."

"Good choice," Tonks agreed. "Her family has a lot of information on Mr. Black and a lot of contacts that could be useful. And do you mind making it an even four?"

"Four?" Hermione asked.

"Remus," Tonks said with a worried look. "Is planning to search for Harry himself, he'll kill himself doing it if I'm not there to remind him to eat and sleep."

"Of course Remus can come," Hermione agreed quickly.

"Thank you Hermione," Tonks said with a relieved smile.

"Tank you Tonks," Hermione blurted out. "For everything."

"Happy to help," Tonks replied with a grin. "I'm gonna go see what I can dig up, I'll see you later."

"Bye," Hermione said as the floo faded. Raisin from the fireplace, Hermione turned and walked to her next destination.

Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, Hermione raised her hand and knocked on McGonagall's office door.

"Yes?" The old woman answered the door, "what can I do for you Hermione?"

"I want to take my exams early," Hermione said in a rush.

"To go off looking for Mr. Potter no doubt," McGonagall replied. "I shall make the necessary arrangements. And I shall also talk to my contacts in the teaching community. I believe that we will have a good chance of locating him if Mr. Potter choses to continue his education."

"Thank you Professor," Hermione said quickly.

"I is the least I could do," McGonagall replied. "And Hermione . . ."

"Yes Professor?" Hermione asked.

"Bring him home," McGonagall finished, her voice filled with emotion.

"I will Professor," the girl promised.

"Then be about your business Ms. Granger," the old Professor commanded. "The sooner you begin, the sooner you bring him home."

"Yes Professor," Hermione agreed quickly. Hermione left the Professor's office and went off in search of her other best friend. She found him at the sitting in the Gryffindor stands, staring at the pitch.

"Hey Ron," Hermione took a seat beside her friend.

"Hey H'mione," Ron replied absently. "Remember when Harry caught the snitch with his mouth? Harry always won, if there was any chance for victory then Harry found it and he always won."

"Yes he did Ron," Hermine agreed. Ignoring the few times that Harry hadn't managed to catch the snitch.

"I'm thinking of being an Auror," Ron announced without warning. "The Department of Magical Law Enforcement has openings for all of us that were in the DA . . . they said that anyone who received instruction from Mister Black has a place."

"And it'll help you look for Harry," Hermione added sadly.

"And it'll help me look for Harry," Ron slumped. "Where do you think he is?"

"I don't know," she shook her head. "But I'm gonna go look for him."

"What about school?" Ron gave a cheerless grin, "I wouldn't expect you of all people to drop out."

"Taking my exams early," Hermione replied. "My marks aren't as good as they would have been if I'd have had more time to study . . ."

"But I'm sure they're better than most," Ron sighed. "Do you want me to come with you?"

"No," Hermione wiped a tear off her cheek. "I don't know how long it will take and I'm sure a trained Auror would be a big help."

"Do you really think it'll take that long?" Ron was afraid to hear the answer, afraid to hear aloud what had been going through his mind in the deepest parts of the night.

"I don't know," Hermione blinked away a few more tears. "Tonks and Luna said that they would help me look."

"Do . . . " Ron hated himself for even suggesting it, "do you think he's still alive?"

"I know he is," Hermione nodded. "Mr. Black would have told us if he was dead. Harry's just being stupidly noble right now and he needs us to smack some sense into him."

"He doesn't know where Harry is, he said he didn't know where Harry is." Ron angrily wiped the tears off his own face. "How could he know if he were still alive?"

"Their letters arrived at the same time," Hermione replied. "So Mr. Black must have found him."

"That's right," Ron said with a grin. "Thanks Hermione."

"Be sure to study hard while I'm gone," said Hermione. "I won't be around to push you."

"I will," Ron agreed. "I need to anyway if I'm going to be an Auror. Mr. Black only got me a spot at the school, I have to earn my graduation."


As she walked up Diagon Alley, Luna forced herself to concentrate on the task at hand. Throwing open the door to a familiar travel shop, she marched to the counter and glared at the shopkeeper.

"Where's Harry?" Luna demanded.

"What makes you think I'd know?" The shopkeeper asked with a grin.

"Your family wasn't the only one cursed by the gods," Luna growled. "I may not be able to see the future but I can see enough."

"Yes I'm well aware of that, the Lovegoods cursed to see the unseen and to drift in and out of other worlds . . . small wonder you take your names from the moon." The shopkeeper agreed, "and I'm also aware of young Mr. Potter's curse."

"What curse?" Luna asked in shock.

"Luck . . . from his mother's side I think." The shopkeeper said slowly, "neither good nor bad."

"Luck?" Luna repeated.

"Favored or perhaps a decedent of both the Goddess Tyche and her friend Nemisis," the Shopkeep answered. "The first sets up a situation to be resolved by the second. It's in the eyes, not many have that shade."

"You still haven't answered my question," Luna growled. "Where is Harry?"

"Lost and maybe gone forever," the shopkeeper replied sadly. "He has removed himself from my weave and I cannot say if he will return."

"Who can find him?" Luna whispered.

"Mr. Black is the only one I know that can find young Mr. Potter, not even I can say if he will succeed or even try." Said slowly.

"Where is Mr. Black?" Luna asked in frustration.

"Mr. Black is the fear that lurks within all evil doers and the hope in the hearts of the good and innocent, Mr. Black is everywhere and nowhere." The shopkeeper replied.

"Stop talking in riddles," Luna screamed. "Tell me where he is."

"Odd that a Lovegood would demand that someone stop talking in riddles," the shopkeeper said with a grin. "Especially in light of your family motto Si vos can't caecus lemma per scientia , baffle 'em per bovis excrement."

"Get to the point," Luna sighed.

"Why do you seek young Mr. Potter?" The shopkeeper asked with sudden seriousness.

"Because he's my friend, because he was nice to me." Luna replied.

"I see . . . Mr. Black is the only one I know that can find Mr. Potter and due to the fact that my pattern has been damaged, I have a hard time seeing the threads of possibility presented by Mr. Black. Mr. Potter has removed himself from the weave and has lost himself." The Shopkeeper paused to think. "Mr. Black can find Mr. Potter but it is not likely that he will look without being prompted. The Moon, Athena's favored, and the one without form may prompt him without fear."

"What does that last part mean?" Luna asked quickly, "and don't get cute or I'll start drawing comparisons to you and that fraud at my school."

"You are the moon, your friend Hermione is the favored of Athena, and the one without form is that Auror from the Black family." The shopkeeper explained, "I was just trying to inject a little drama."

"In the future, don't." Luna replied. "What did the rest of it mean."

"I can't tell you without betraying a confidence," the shopkeeper replied with a frown. "It would be best for all if you were to figure it out for yourself."

"Fine," Luna spat.

"Don't forget to come here to stock up on travel supplies before you start looking," the shopkeeper called out as Luna stormed out of his store. "I'll even give you and your friends a discount."


Minerva was just getting back to her work when she was disturbed by another knock on the door. "Enter."

"It's just me Minerva," the Headmaster announced as he entered.

"What can I do for you Albus?" Minerva asked doing her best to hide her alarm. In all the years she'd taught at Hogwarts, Albus had only come to her office on two other occasions . . . neither of them good.

"I have been spending the past few days reexamining my actions towards young Mr. Potter," Albus began. "And I have come to some rather . . . disturbing conclusions. I would like to go searching for young Mr. Potter so that I may assure myself of his safety and offer him my apology."

"I see," Minerva replied slowly. "Would you like me to watch the school while you're gone?"

"If you would," Dumbledore agreed. "I would also like you to prepair to take my office should the search go longer then one year. It would not be fair to give you the responsibility without the position."

"I hope it doesn't come to that," Minerva said with a sad smile. "I had hoped to have a few years before I found myself in your office."

"As had I," Dumbledore replied.

"I would like you to keep in contact Albus," Minerva said sternly. "None of your usual habit of cutting yourself off and thinking that you must do it all alone."

"Of course," Dumbledore agreed.

"I am aware of a few other groups planning to search for young Mr. Potter," Minerva continued. "If you would like I would be happy to serve as the information coordinator. With so many people looking it only makes sense."

"Thank you Minerva," Albus said with a sad smile. "I really appreciate what you're doing."

"Just find him and make sure he's safe," Minerva replied. "And I shall consider us even."

"I'm sorry Minerva," Albus said as he rose from his seat. "But I must take my leave."

"Of course," Minerva replied. "I imagine that you have quite a bit of packing to complete before you leave."

"Thank you Minerva," Albus said with a hint of a twinkle. "I don't know what I'd do without you."


Luna walked into the castle and immediately went off in search of her new compatriot.

"Hello Luna," Hermione's voice spoke up from behind and startled the blond girl.

"Hello Hermione," Luna replied with a dazed look. "Have you found any information on Harry?"

"No," Hermione replied with a frown. "I've been making arrangements so we could leave."

"That's ok," Luna replied with a grin. "I've found some information."

"What information?" Hermione demanded.

"Only Mr. Black can find Harry," Luna replied. "But Mr. Black won't look unless someone asks him. You me and Tonks can ask Mr. Black without annoying him and dieing before our time."

"O . . . k," Hermione replied uncertainly.

"And I also got us a discount at the travel store," Luna said happily. "Isn't that nice?"

"Uh, sure it is Luna." Hermione agreed.


"My friend," the Professor called out to Harry. "We are ready to leave,"

"Alright," Harry replied. "I just need to go down to take care of a few small things at Gringotts first."

"We shall hold ourselves ready for your return." The Professor replied.

"I'll try not to take too long," Harry replied. "Port me down."

Harry arrived in front of the wizarding bank and walked through the double doors into the lobby. The bank was busier then Harry had ever seen it and there was a long line in front of the counters filled with people waiting to get their meeting with the goblins. Sighing, Harry walked to the back of the line and took his place.

"Ah Mr. Black," the man in front of Harry said without turning around. "Such a surprise to see you here."

"Yeah," Harry agreed dully. "Surprise . . . what're you doing out of your shop?"

"Just a simple trip to the bank," the shopkeeper said with a smile. "I had a feeling that it would be a good idea."

"Any other feelings?" Harry asked mildly.

"Well," the shopkeeper began. "I have a feeling that there's something in Amsterdam you'd like to see, and it may be a good idea to visit my cousin in Norway but other than that . . ."

"Thanks," Harry said reluctantly.

"It is a pleasure to be of service," the shopkeeper replied. "Now if you will excuse me, I believe I see free counter."

"So do I," Harry said. "Funny the way the bank seemed to empty when you said my name."

"A coincidence I'm sure," the shopkeeper called over his shoulder as he walked to the counter.

"I'll bet," Harry muttered as he walked to the counter.

"Mr. Black I presume?" The goblin asked with a toothy grin, "one of our senior managers has requested a meeting with you."

"That's fine," Harry agreed. "I suppose I have time for a meeting today."

"Excellent," the goblin said enthusiastically. "Please come with me."

Harry followed the goblin into a richly decorated waiting room. "Is this the place?"

"This is the waiting room," the goblin replied. "The director will be with you in a moment."

"Thank you," Harry said impassively.

"Mr. Black," an elderly goblin called out as he entered the room. "I apologize for making you wait so long."

"Think nothing of it," Harry replied. "I didn't even have time to sit down."

"Please come into my office," the old goblin said with a waive towards the open door. "And please make yourself at home."

"Thank you," Harry agreed. Wondering why the goblins were acting so strange, Harry walked into the office and took a seat.

"To start with," the elderly goblin said as he walked across the room to his desk. "I thought it best to tell you that we are aware of who you really are, we do have access to your banking records after all."

"I see," Harry said calmly.

"I would also like to assure you that Gringotts has a strict policy of confidentiality, no one will hear a word about what we have been able to deduce." The goblin finished. "Forgive me for my lapse, my name is Billhook and I am an advisor to the senior staff."

"Pleased to meet you," Harry replied with a nod. "Would it be rude to ask why you are all acting so . . ." Harry tried to find a word that wouldn't come off as an insult.

"Strange?" Billhook asked with a grin, "it is because you have what few humans have ever gained. Our respect, you did not inherit the bulk of your fortune, you earned it. You discovered hundreds of lost tombs filled with priceless artifacts and you are a co-founder of the most successful company in history. A business man's business man. We can not help but respect a man who has been able to make so much out of so little in such a short amount of time."

"Thank you," Harry whispered.

"I have been authorized to make you an offer on behalf of my superiors," Billhook began. "In return for allowing us the use of a ultra high level security facility on your island, we are willing to give you Gringotts first vault and aid you in a number of other ways."

"I agree with the following conditions," Harry said. "No deal will go through without the approval of my employee, the Architect. The construction of the facility will be paid for by Gringotts and will be under the control of my employee, the Architect."

"I . . ." the goblin said dumbly, "I was going to demand that he be given the task and I was going to offer full funding in return."

"Funny how the world works," Harry said with a cold grin. "Do we have a deal?"

"Yes we do," the goblin replied. "It is a pleasure doing business with you Mr. Black."

"The pleasure was all mine," Harry corrected with a smirk. "Before I go, there's just one thing I'd like to do."

"What's that Mr. Black?" The goblin asked with a smile.

"I'd like to see the wills of my parents and Sirius Black," Harry replied. "That's the reason I came in today."

"Right away," the goblin agreed quickly and the documents were sitting on the desk in moments.

"It says here that I should distribute the money between any survivors as I see fit," said Harry holding up Sirius's will. "I'd like to have the following amounts given to the following people . . ."


"Ok," Hermione said to her partner. "Let's go down the check list."

"Right," Luna agreed. "Rubber pants?"

"Che . . ." Hermione stopped herself, "why don't I read the list?"

"But you didn't say check," Luna protested. "How are we ever going to know if we have rubber pants if you don't say check?"

"We don't have rubber pants," Hermione said with a fake smile. "Now it's my turn to read the list."

"But we might need rubber pants," Luna continued. "And where are we going to get rubber pants our size at this time of night?"

"Why don't we just worry about that later?" Hermione suggested. "And focus on the things we need to do before we start our search."

"Like buy rubber pants?" Luna asked.

"Yes," Hermione agreed through clenched teeth. "Like buy rubber pants."

"Ok," Luna said with a smile.

"Ok," Hermione said. The bushy haired girl forced herself to take several calming breaths, "have you arranged to continue your education?"

"Why would I do that?" Luna asked in genuine confusion.

"So that you can pass your exams," Hermione said slowly.

"Hmmm?" Luna looked puzzled, "oh I took my exams ages ago."

"What?" Hermione asked in shock, "then why are you still in school?"

"Because that's where all my friends are of course," Luna said with a frown. "What other reason would I go to school?"

"To . . . forget it," Hermione ordered. "How did you do on your exams?"

"I thought you told me to forget it?"

"Not that," Hermione said quickly.

"You really need to learn to be more decisive Hermione," Luna said with a frown.

"Just answer the bloody question," Hermione growled.

"Oh right," Luna agreed. "Hmmm . . . I seem to remember having the third highest collective score in the last fifty years, does that help?"

"I . . . " Hermione's jaw was hanging and her eyes were glazed.

"Oh dear," Luna said sadly. "I think I broke her . . . I wonder if Harry will get angry with me if he finds out?" A few moments of contemplation convinced Luna that maybe Harry might blame her for the small role she played in driving Hermione mad. "Now where should I hide the body," Luna mused.

"Body?" Hermione asked in alarm.

"Of evidence we gather to find Harry," Luna said innocently.

"Right . . . I think Professor McGonagall said something about sending it all to Hogwarts for distribution." Hermione said, she was still looking at the blond girl oddly.

"Oh goody," Luna said with a giggle. "Now that everything is set, we can be on our way."

"I . . . let's go," Hermione said in defeat.

"To Gringotts then," Luna said as she dragged her partner towards the nearest floo connection. "It'll be ever so much fun."

"Yeah," Hermione agreed. "Fun."

Luna was humming 'To Gringotts we will go' as the girls tumbled out of the fireplace.

"Come on Hermione," Luna said as she pulled the larger girl to her feet. "I want to see if they have any loud mouthed snooks here."

"Why don't we focus on getting Harry first?" Hermione suggested.

"Ok," Luna agreed with a smile. "Excuse me Mr. Goblin teller?"

"It's . . . oh, hello Ms. Lovegood. How is your father?"

"He still thinks you control the Minister of Magic with a brain eating worm," Luna said cheerfully. "Little does he know . . ."

"Yes . . . quite," the Goblin agreed. "I take it you've come here for the reading of Sirius Black's will?"

"No," Luna disagreed. "We came here to get some gold so we could go Harry Hunting . . . "

"But we'd be happy to do that after the will reading," Hermione interjected.

"Then come this way," the goblin commanded. The girls followed the goblin through several halls and into a large meeting room filled with people. "Have a seat, the reading will begin shortly."

A distinguished looking man walked to the head of the room and cleared his throat. "Now that we have everyone here that is going to attend, I think it best that we begin. I Sirius Black, would like to give the following loot to the following people. To Moony, my brother Remus Lupin I give ten thousand galleons and my flat in Diagon alley. Use it well buddy and see you on the other side. To my cousin Tonks, I give you ten thousand Galleons and my collection of tyedied shirts. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. To Harry's friend Hermione Granger, I leave ten thousand Galleons. Thanks for being there for Harry. To Harry's friend Ron Weasley, I give the same and ditto. To my Godson Harry James Potter, I leave the remainder of my personal fortune . . . are there any questions?"

"No," Remus said tightly. "Thank you."

"Then I shall take my leave," the man replied.

"Hello Hermione," Remus said sadly. "How are you doing?"

"I'm fine Remus," Hermione replied. "How are you?"

"I'm trying to live my life one day at a time," Remus said.

"Hey Hermione," Tonks said with a grin from Remus's side. "I'm gonna have join you later, I got an offer to attend a few classes on Black's island and it was too good to pass up."

"And it's probably the best place to get leads on Harry's current location," Hermione added. "Good work Tonks, but what about?" Hermione's eyes flicked to Remus.

"He's coming with me," Tonks explained. "Black's people said it was ok."

"They asked me to teach a class on dark creatures and another on how difficult it is to live a normal life as a werewolf."

"You'll do fine," Luna pronounced. "You were a wonderful teacher and I learned nearly as much from you as I did from Harry."

"Thank you Luna," Remus accepted the compliment.

"I hate to be rude," Hermione said with a frown. "But we really have to be going."

"I understand," Remus said. "Find him, please."

"We'll do our best," Hermione agreed. "Let's go Luna."

"Bye," Luna said over her shoulder. "If you see Mr. Black, tell him my father still wants that book on what he did with the Veela."

"Where to first?" Hermione asked once they'd reached the lobby.

"First I'd suggest you take these," a goblin interrupted. "So that you have a way to draw funds from your new accounts."

"New accounts?" Hermione asked dumbly. "But Luna didn't . . ."

"I created a new one yesterday," Luna explained. "Under the name Ms. White . . . what new identity did you choose?"

"Hermione Granger?" Hermione said weakly.

"That's so subtile," Luna agreed. "Maybe I should change my identity back to Luna Lovegood, they'd never expect us to go by our real names."

"They . . . never mind," Hermione said forcefully. "Where should we go first."

"The travel shop said they'd give us a discount," Luna suggested. "Maybe we should go there."

"Good idea Luna," Hermione agreed. "Let's go."

Hermione followed Luna to an odd looking travel shop. "We're here," Luna said happily. "Let's go in."

"Ok," Hermione agreed.

"I have your purchases rung up and your ruck sacks are sitting behind the counter," the shopkeeper spoke as the girls walked in. "There is a list on top of each bag itemising the contents, just tell me if I missed anything."

"Ok," Luna said with a grin. "We will."

"Luna what . . ."

"Just check the list," Luna suggested. "I want to ask him a few questions."

"Ok," Hermione agreed with a odd look on her face.

"What would you like to know?" The shopkeeper asked.

"Where should we go first?" Luna asked.

"It doesn't really matter," the shopkeeper replied with a shrug. "Anywhere Mr. Black has been you might wish to follow . . . or not, like I said it doesn't really matter."

"Is Mr. Black one of you?" Luna demanded.

"One of us?" The shopkeeper asked with a grin, "why whatever do you mean?"

"Yeah," Hermione agreed. "What are you talking about Luna."

"Seers," Luna replied tightly. "They're all seers."

"Too true," the shopkeeper agreed. "I'm of the Children of Casandra, cursed by the gods.

"Cursed by the gods?" Hermione asked.

"It's quite common for the older families to have a curse or blessing," the shopkeeper agreed. "For example, we have young Harry Potter the favored of the goddesses, and we have the Lovegoods."

"What about the Lovegoods?" Hermione asked by reflex.

"Half fae," the Shopkeeper said with a grin. "Never the same since they came out from underhill, never more then half in the world. It must be taking everything you have to stay so focused, very impressive."

"It's taking all I have not to turn you into a newt," Luna said tightly.

"I'd just get better," the shopkeeper said with a grin. "I take it the lists were to your satisfaction?"

"They were," Hermione agreed. "Let's go Luna."

"Ok," Luna agreed and the two girls walked out.

"Luna," Hermione asked after they had left the shop.

"Yes Hermione?" Luna replied, the dreamy expression back on her face.

"Was it true what he said about you being half fae?" Hermione said slowly.

"Some of it," Luna allowed. "I have trouble focusing on one thing because there's so much to see, so much to take in. I'm sorry, it's a bit like explaining color to a blind man."

"I think I understand," Hermione said quietly. "What about the part with Harry?"

"Luck and Justice," Luna said with a giggle. "He's their favored son, one helps Harry stand them up and the other helps him knock them down."

"But what does that mean?" Hermione said in frustration.

"I don't know," Luna admitted. "It all has to do with the Olympian Pantheon, my family never had much to do with them. Their names are Tyche and Nemisis if that helps."

"It does," Hermione agreed. "Thank you Luna."


"So where are we going?" The Professor asked with a smile.

"Amsterdam," Harry replied. "And then to Finland, after that . . . after that maybe we can set things up in Canada."

"Already done," Henchgirl spoke up.

"When do I have to start the program?" Harry asked.

"Few weeks," Henchgirl answered with a shrug. "Doesn't matter much, I was sure they'd be flexible."

"Thanks," Harry said with a smile. "Then after that . . . back to the island maybe?"

"Sounds good," the Professor agreed.


"Minerva," Albus said with a smile. "It's long past time that I was on my way."

"Good luck Albus," Minerva replied. "If all else fails, just make sure he's safe."

"I will," Albus promised. "Take this, be sure to give one to each of the searchers."

"What's this?" Minerva asked, the Headmaster had just handed her a large box.

"It contains a number of Zippos," Albus replied. "I used my position to get the Auror models, a bit more secure then the standard model and able to conference call. It'll help everyone stay in contact."

"I will," Minerva agreed. "Good thinking Albus."

"Thank you," the Headmaster replied. "It is good to think that I can still have a good idea on occation."


"Ready to go Remus?" Tonks asked nervously, she was still afraid that he'd back out at the last minute.

"Yes," Remus agreed. "I'm all packed . . . are you sure we have to share a room?"

"Of course I am," Tonks replied in a huff. "You're coming as my guest, it wouldn't be possible to get you your own quarters."

"Yes . . . but," Remus began. "Are you sure it's proper to have a man living with an unmarried woman?"

"I'm sure," Tonks replied. She was equally sure that the room would only have one small bed, one large bath that had to be shared if one wanted there to be enough hot water, and a closet full of energy potions. It had taken a bit of planning but she'd managed to get most of her requests approved, the only thing she hadn't gotten was a charm on the door that removed a person's clothing when they entered the room . . . damn it.

"If you're sure," Remus agreed nervously.

"I am," Tonks said with a predatory smile. He'd been single far too long . . . so had she for that matter.

AN: Well, here it is the sequel to 'Make a Wish.' I don't know how long this will be, though I doubt it'll be half as long as 'Make a Wish' . . . well, I hope it won't be long. It takes a long time to write that much and I have other ideas for other sequels. You've already seen 'Back In Black,' I've also got one brewing called 'To Put the Wrong Things Right.' Don't know when you'll see any of that, less you're on my group because they've already gotten a taste.