Summary: Kairi was perfect. She had the best boyfriend, life, and friends. When something tragic happens, what will she do? SoKai, Roxiri

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"Sora!" I giggled. "Stop it! It's cold!"

Sora splashed me with the cold water from the sea.

I had gone on the most wonderful date today. Sora, my lovely boyfriend, took me to a great restaurant and to the movies as well. We ended up at the docks splashing each other. Or he was splashing me.

There was a cold gust of wind and I shivered. Sora noticed this, and put his jacket around my shoulders and hugged me close to him.

"Feel better, Kai?" he asked, closing his eyes and resting his chin on my strawberry and ocean-scented auburn hair.

I blushed with a feeling of content, closing my purple eyes.

"The sunset's beautiful, huh?" Sora remarked, looking near the horizon.

"Yeah…" I agreed, feeling serene and drowsy.

"Not as beautiful as you though." He smiled softly at me, his brown chocolate spikes falling into his face. He leaned toward me and gave me a quick kiss.

I don't know how I manage to turn red EVERY single time Sora kisses me. I mean, I'm used to it by now, but my face… reacts to him. It's really weird.

I grinned at Sora and kissed him on the cheek. I got up and yelled,

"I bet you can't get me Sora!"

He was my life. I loved him.


"Kairi!" Sora shouted over the music, motioning for Kairi to come outside. He had been thinking over this all night. Ii was his best friend, but he had much more feelings than friendship for me, although I didn't know it at the time. He adored me, praised me, and loved me.

"What is it Sora?" I asked, looking at my best friend with concern.

"Uhm…" Sora was growing redder and redder by the second. I placed my hand on his forehead and Sora brushed it away, but I felt how hot he was. I became worried.

"Sora… are you okay?" I asked.

I widened my eyes.


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