Summary: Having a blessing means that you will have a curse at another time in life. Protecting the jewel is no different. With the Curse of the Shikon No Tama- something unknown to those who haven't protected it -Kagome is starting to lose hope. If something isn't done soon, she may lose more than that... Sequel to The Games We Play

Rated M. Why? Because the first one was nasty and full of gore. This one is likely to be just as bad, maybe worse… Also because I have a twisted, sadistic mind…

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Dates Written:
July 4th, 2006

This is the sequel to "The Games We Play". I advise you in reading that before you read this… I say that simply because I'm not sure how well I'll recap it. If you don't want to read it, then prepare to handle any confusion that I may bring upon you.

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The Hearts We Break

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It was the kind of thing you saw in movies. Sometimes, you even saw it in books. Life would be all happy and there would be no more problems because the person deserved it. If fate went off of what people deserved, things would be much easier to predict. But that's not what fate does. Fate throws you wild cards you can't use and kicks you when you're down or starting to get up.

Fate plays games of hate and trickery to you and you can't fight it.

She knew the drill from what happened in the movies and books. Someone would die and the police would come to your house. You wouldn't know that, though. Someone would knock on your door and you would look towards it. Often times, you were making some kind of meal or planning for some special event.

She walked to the door, oblivious to the pain that awaited her on the other side. She opened the door to see two police officers. She recognized them; they worked in Ophielia's department.

Ever since the incident with Naraku and Andrew, Ophielia became family. She was welcomed into the family. Everyone loved her and she loved everyone. After a few months of dating, she and Souta decided they would get married. They both wanted a family, but they would wait at least a year before they got married. They remained engaged for a few months.

The officers both took off their hats. That was never a good sign. When they took off their caps, it usually meant they had bad news. She never even noticed that they wore hats before that day.

"Kagome..." The first one trailed off. He couldn't say something. Kagome slowly stepped forward to urge them on. She knew that she would hate the news they had to give her. The difficulty of telling her was written all over their faces. Slowly but surely, the ex-trainee spoke up.

"Souta and Ophielia... They're dead." He slowly said. Kagome's eyes widened and her heart stopped. They were her family, her brother that she loved dearly and her future sister-in-law. Two of the most important people left in her life were gone. She fell on her knees and began sobbing.


The funeral was horrible. She couldn't stop crying. No one could. The two had been so happy together and seemed so... carefree. Then their lives were taken before they were supposed to go. Kagome couldn't handle it. Her brother and her sister- what she often called Ophielia -were gone.

No, they weren't gone. This was a nightmare. They were playing a joke on her. Souta got upset and decided he would fake death to see if anyone really missed him. Maybe it wasn't Souta and Ophielia who were dead. Perhaps it was just two people who closely resembled them. Yeah, that was it. It was a mix-up. That's all it was.

Kagome went with Sesshoumaru as they walked up to see the coffins. There was her brother and her sister. Lying dead. Their faces were pale and she didn't need to touch them to know they were cold. Their bodies would never radiate heat again. Ophielia would never have the chance to quit the department, which was a dream of hers since they got engaged...

Kagome couldn't take it. Her legs collapsed from under her and she began crying. Sesshoumaru knelt down next to her and tried to console her. The Prince of Ice was shedding tears for the loss. Was it for the loss or for the pain that was filling her heart? She wasn't quite sure.

Kagome buried her head within the folds of Sesshoumaru's shirt. She couldn't handle it. She wasn't able to comprehend it. Her brother and sister. They weren't gone. They weren't. They couldn't be gone! They had so much life left in front of them and so many dreams to chase after! They weren't allowed to die with so much in front of them!

Sesshoumaru had to carry Kagome back to their seats. He cradled her all throughout the service. They opened up the floor for people to tell stories about them. The trainee that Ophielia once hated spoke good things of her.

"She was a good woman." He said. The words broke Kagome's heart. Was. Dead people were always spoken about in past tense. It was never She is a good woman, but She was a good woman.

Kagome refused to let that change. Her brother and his soon-to-be wife were alive. They were still good people. They were still enjoying life and having fun at home. They were still talking about things they wanted to do together and places they wanted to see. They still talked of traveling around the world and meeting different people.

They weren't dead. No. This wasn't happening. They couldn't be dead.


Kagome was huddled in her bed, clinging onto Sesshoumaru for dear life. The two cops that informed her of the deaths were before her. The trainee seemed bolder than the other officer. Ophielia trained him well.

"We finished the investigation." He said carefully. Kagome's tears began to form once again. It was months after things had happened, and she still couldn't cope. She just wanted the pain to end.

"Souta had been injected with a poison. We traced it to a doctor's office. A fake doctor with a fake license injected it into him when he went in for a bit of help... We talked to the person who did it, and he said that he was trying to... make you want to commit suicide, Kagome..."

"A week or so later, Souta died and... As Ophielia was with the body," He wasn't Souta anymore. He was labeled as the body, "someone came in and shot her. Three in the heart, one in the head, and one missed... Seems they wanted you and Ophielia dead." He finished.


"Kagome..." Sesshoumaru's soft and loving voice pulled her from her sleep. Kagome looked at him and forced a smile. Smiling got harder each time she tried. But she would make herself smile just as long as Sesshoumaru was around.

"Hmm?" Kagome closed her eyes in attempt to sleep. Sesshoumaru rubbed her head. Her eyes suddenly shot open as the sound of gunshots rang through her head. It was five months since they had gone to the funeral. Five months of her missing her brother and sister-in-law terribly. Five months of heavy depression.

"Would you like to... not get married?" Sesshoumaru's voice caught in his throat. Kagome sat up quickly and shook her head.

"What makes you say that?" She asked in a semi-panicked voice. Souta and Ophielia were stripped from her. Was Sesshoumaru going to leave her?

"You're so upset about what happened. I fear that you no longer wish to be married." Sesshoumaru admitted. Kagome was the only one he would tell this to. He wouldn't trust anyone else to keep the information secret.

"I do love you, Sesshoumaru... It's just hard to keep smiling when I think of how I killed them. I can't help but blame myself and think that everything is my fault... I still want to marry you." Kagome murmured. Sesshoumaru hugged her tight and refused to let go. Kagome didn't mind, though. She didn't want him to let go.

'Please, never let go. When you are here with me, the pain is gone. There's no pain in your embrace...'

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