Summary: Having a blessing means that you will have a curse at another time in life. Protecting the jewel is no different. With the Curse of the Shikon No Tama- something unknown to those who haven't protected it -Kagome is starting to lose hope. If something isn't done soon, she may lose more than that... Sequel to The Games We Play

Rated M. Why? Because the first one was nasty and full of gore. This one is likely to be just as bad, maybe worse… Also because I have a twisted, sadistic mind…

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In this chapter, I will have a few things that are centered and in italics. Pay attention to these things. Even though they may be confusing (that's how I'm trying to make them, at least), they will (or should) make sense in the end. They're from Kagome's point of view, in case you're curious.

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The Hearts We Break
Chapter Ten: I Wish...

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Kagome watched Sesshoumaru's expression as he absorbed in the information. Miroku had called Inuyasha to ask that he come and help them. No doubt, they'd need all the help they could get to make sure that Naraku was taken care of. Sango played her role as mother; bringing everyone something warm to drink.

And now, it all depended on whether or not Sesshoumaru would accept Andrew's help. Kagome wasn't sure if he would, though. After all, he had tried choking Andrew when he saw him. But... If only he could see that Andrew held raw hatred for Naraku. He would know that Andrew wanted to ruin Naraku's chances at getting the jewel.

If only Kagome knew the things that had been on Andrew's mind... Even though he had dedicated himself to making sure that Naraku didn't get what he wanted, there were other things on his mind, like Kagome. After seeing her body writhing beneath him- even though it had been in pain and humiliation -he wanted her more. After hearing her moans of agony and shame, he felt that he should make her moan in pleasure.

And why is it that I only now realize this?

And each time she brushed against him, he felt himself starting to miss the flesh-against-flesh with her. He started desiring the feel of being buried deep inside her-of thrusting in and out of her at a pace that suited him. She would be in pain either way, but why bother having to pace himself according to her?

And that was the trail of thought that led him to stand outside her bathroom door, listening to the sound of the water and of her murmuring. She never sang. He noticed. That was something she often did before he attacked her the first time... But that didn't matter. He had to restrain himself while Sesshoumaru was in the same house as he.

- - -

"Kanna... Tell me, do you see anything at the Higurashi residence?" Naraku already knew the answer, but he had to ask. He had to know if there was any chance that the haze had lifted. He had grown irritated at the barrier that had kept his vision and his scouts from entering. No one was able to see the shrine, let alone enter it and get to know the inhabitants.

Kanna's eyes were blank as her mirror began to show an image. Just as always, there was a haze. Just as Naraku was about to turn around and curse in frustration, something caught his eye. The sight of the room becoming closer showed itself in the mirror. The mirror went to each inhabitant, showing what he or she was doing at that very moment.

Sango and Miroku were talking about something- he didn't care what. Kagome was taking a shower. Andrew was listening to her in hopes that he would somehow be able to see her wet figure... And… Naraku growled as he realized who else was in the house. It was Sesshoumaru.

Beyond that, Sesshoumaru had claimed something that Naraku secretly hoped to be his. Even Andrew hoped that this thing would be his. Inuyasha had hoped it before Kikyou had seduced him. And... Now she was off limits.

"Kanna... Go get Kagura and tell her that we all will be leaving soon." Naraku barked. Kagura entered the room, as if she heard the command from where she had been. Frustration was written in her eyes.

"Naraku. It's raining." She told him plainly. Naraku looked outside, as if just seeing the rain for the first time in days. His gaze then returned to Kagura once more.

"Then make sure you dress appropriately... Kanna, wear a raincoat. Kagura..." An evil thought flashed through his mind. "Wear something white. Seems your body may help us win Andrew's favor." Naraku walked out of the door, Kagura glaring after him.

- - -

Kagome let out a weak cough as she rested against Sesshoumaru. Her Sesshoumaru. She had been worried that he would not accept her after all she had put him through. But... Now she had no fears. He had just done the one thing that she swore no man would ever do. He had done the one thing that only Andrew had done.

In that moment, I realized exactly how much I was loved.

And... As much as she was afraid to admit it, it hadn't hurt. It had felt wonderful. It felt like the pleasure from it had awakened every limb in her body. It felt as though she had been asleep all this time and was briefly exposed to the pleasure that turned so many people into whores.

Kagome looked up at the eyes of her mate- her husband in human standards. Sesshoumaru kissed her forehead, easing the uncertainties she was feeling. He seemed to know what was on her mind. Perhaps, if that were true, he would know all about her nightmares she had been having.

While she had been a zombie for the past few days... She still had one thing that tied her to the Earth. Her nightmares. She had them every night- nightmares of her death. It was always different. Sometimes she would die by Naraku's hands, Andrew's hands, and Inuyasha's badly aimed attack... But in each dream, she died.

Sesshoumaru had often had dreams of her and they proved to be right. She knew that she wouldn't be able to avoid death if it was held in her fate. But, nevertheless, she had decided that there was something she wished to do before she died. She wanted to become Sesshoumaru's mate. She wanted to give herself to him.

The fear had been there. The fear that he would leave her after he had his pleasure. The fear that it would hurt and humiliate her the same way that Andrew had done. The fear that she would be unable to please him in return. She had heard of people who could never do anything for their lovers. No matter what they did, their lover was never interested.

And it proved that she wasn't one of them.

"Kagome..." Sesshoumaru growled into the crook of her neck. Just inches away from her right shoulder. It was the spot he had bitten moments before. It was the spot that now had his family seal on it, the spot that would forever tie him to Kagome. And he was glad.

Kagome ran a hand through her wet hair, smirking when she realized that it hadn't had an ounce of soap in it. Somewhere in the tussle, they must have been under the water long enough to help it rinse out their hair. Kagome stepped out, wrapping the towel around herself. When Sesshoumaru stepped out, Kagome extended the towel to him.

As the two of them stood there, sopping wet, they said nothing. Kagome was unsure about what to say after consenting to letting someone touch your body everywhere. Sesshoumaru sensed her insecurities- an ability gained through the mating process -and decided against saying anything.

Silently, the two of them walked into Kagome's old room. Kagome pulled some clothes from her night bag. She began to dress while Sesshoumaru looked for the clothes he had brought with him not long ago. Soon, they found themselves both dressed and lying on Kagome's bed. Kagome's mind had finally eased.

"Why did you suddenly decide that it was time?" Sesshoumaru asked. To his surprise, Kagome didn't tense up at the question. She must have realized that he would ask it. Perhaps that was a reason why she had been so tense then entire time.

Because I feared my visions of prophecy would be true...

"I've had dreams of my death. I don't know if it'll happen, but I keep dreaming it. When you dreamt of me, the dreams were often true... So... I got afraid that I would die before I ever had the chance to let you be my husband. I'm afraid that I won't be around long enough for us to be together. I would hate to leave you without being able to... You know..." Kagome trailed off as her face turned red.

Sesshoumaru let one of his rare smiles slip out. He turned to look at Kagome, admiring the way her face was flushed from her embarrassment and from their previous actions. He enjoyed the way her hair was wet and held in a towel-turban. He loved the way that her body felt soft after a shower and how he could sense the love she held for him.

And he knew that Kagome could sense exactly what he was thinking. They were tied to each other now. Perhaps not in a literal sense, but definitely in a mental sense.

"Whatever happens... I'm for you and you alone." Sesshoumaru committed.

"And I'm for you alone." Kagome said with a tired smile. Sesshoumaru watched as Kagome fell into a peaceful sleep at his side. He brushed his hand against the side of her cheek and kissed her eyes. She was his angel. She would be his angel no matter what.

- - -

Kagome awoke to the sound of someone pounding on the door. She shot up, glancing over at Sesshoumaru. Naturally, she would have been very frustrated about having to wake up from sleep, but something was wrong. Kagome looked at Sesshoumaru, who got up and opened her bedroom door to look at the front door.

Sango opened the door, growling something about a stupid salesman who just realized it was raining outside. When she opened the door, a force blew her back. Standing on the other side of the swinging door was Naraku, Kagura, and Kanna. All were soaked and all were ready for a bath of hot blood. After standing in cold rain, it was hard to think about bathing in anything else.

Miroku mumbled something, which Sesshoumaru and Andrew heard expertly. Fight. This was the real Naraku and he was truly pissed. Sesshoumaru turned to look at Kagome. She had sensed his thoughts and was pulling on a waterproof jacket. She grabbed her weapons that Souta had bought her and dashed out the door.

The fight had started fast. There was no talking before it started- like you see in movies so often. Once everyone was outside, Naraku's right eye twitched and the fight started. It was as simple as that.

Sango threw her boomerang and stuck a hallowed-out stick in her mouth. With a gentle blow, it sent off a short burst of blue light. But only she saw it. Kagura looked at the boomerang sailing towards her and sent it back with a large gust of wind.

I missed. Perhaps if I had hit her earlier on... Perhaps this could have been avoided.

Kagome notched her arrow, allowing it time to glow with her miko powers. Within an instant, it flew off to Kagura. Kagura merely watched as Kanna stood in front of her, absorbing the arrow in her own mirror. Kagome half expected the arrow to come out and hit someone, but that didn't happen. Kanna just sat there, her mirror holding the picture of the arrow inside. It was just soaring off in space. She had merely transported it elsewhere.

But those are the "What-If's". I can't go back and change it anymore...

Inuyasha had appeared, with Kirara, in an instant. Inuyasha gave Sesshoumaru a nod as he tossed him two swords. Sesshoumaru strapped one to his hip, assuring that he would have a means of resurrecting someone if need be. The other sword went to work on attacking one of the three.

Inuyasha aimed the Wind Scar at Naraku, only to find that the hanyou held a barrier over himself. The attack deflected, aiming for Sango. Sango watched in slow motion as Inuyasha's attack came in her direction. Miroku looked at her and tackled her to the side. The mud around them splashed and covered them. Although Sango felt dirty, she was still alive.

She would have to remember to thank him for this later on.

Andrew watched as Kagome launched another arrow at Kagura. That was when he noticed Kagura was soaking. She was wearing white and soaking. He couldn't help himself. He looked at Naraku in hope, and Naraku sent him a promising look. Since he had worked for him for several years, he knew exactly what it meant. 'Aid me and I'll give Kagura and Kagome to you.'

And Andrew took him up on that offer. He slowly walked to where Naraku was standing. He got into a battle position while everyone else stared. Andrew had just switched sides on them? Why? Wasn't he anti-Naraku now? Wasn't he attempting to foil all of Naraku's plans?

Sesshoumaru growled and aimed Tokijin's attack at the bastard who had lied to them. Naraku watched as Andrew created a weak barrier. Not enough to deplete all damage, but enough to make it feel like a mere pinch. Kagome watched this, the anger inside of her boiling to higher levels.

That was the man who had killed Souta. That was the man who had killed Ophielia because she was the witness. That was the man who had absorbed her brother's powers so he could see the glow of the Shikon no Tama. So he could see that the pink jewel hanging around Kagome's neck was something special.

Kagome glanced at Sesshoumaru, catching a look of scolding. He wanted her to stay back. He wanted her to wait. He wanted her safe, most of all. Kagome nodded in silent understanding and notched another arrow. She charged most of her miko energies into this one. If it his Andrew, it would rid him of the powers he had stolen.

And the best thing was... The arrow would surpass his barrier.

Kagome let the arrow fly. Time seemed to stand still as Andrew brought up the weak barrier that would negate most of the damage. Andrew's face twisted in shock as the arrow surpassed the barrier and hit his eye, the eye that had been blinded when he absorbed Souta's powers. The arrow vanished as Andrew looked up at Kagome.

If you look into the eyes of someone who is going to die... If you look very closely, you'll be able to see how it happens...

The two of them were the only two that were aware of what had just happened. Sango threw her boomerang at Andrew. When it hit him, she and everyone else caught on. Andrew didn't have a barrier anymore. Inuyasha noticed this and looked back at Kagome.

"Kagome! Fire that thing at Naraku! Get rid of his barrier!" Inuyasha yelled. Through the sound of the loud rain, Kagome barely made out his demand. Rather than ask him to repeat it, she did as he said. She pulled back an arrow and shot it at Naraku. She shot it for a spot on his chest. If it hit just right, then it would kill the center of his barriers that lay on his back.

Along with the rest of his power.

Kagura pulled out her fan, thrusting the arrow away. She watched in horror as her own attempt at protecting Naraku backfired. Kanna stared with emotionless eyes as the arrow came towards her. When the arrow collided with Kanna, a bright white light rang through the air. Once the white light had faded, Kanna was gone.

The only proof that she had ever been there was her mirror. There it lay on the ground, cracked and covered in the mud it had fallen into. It looked magical when she held it. Now it appeared as a broken fairy tale of some sorts. Or perhaps a dream that had been shattered by harsh reality. Kagome didn't know which.

Kagome stared at the mirror, oblivious to the world around her. She didn't see Sango throw her boomerang. Nor did she see Kirara go up to attack Andrew. She didn't notice Inuyasha using the wind scar at Kagura. And she certainly didn't see Sesshoumaru's poison whips come out to hit Naraku.

Miroku came, seemingly out of nowhere, and touched Kagome. Like an electric current had touched her, Kagome jumped back to life. She looked at Miroku, her eyes revealing that she wasn't sure of where she was.

"You were dazing out. Can you do that later?" Miroku asked. Kagome nodded and faced the three remaining people. She pulled another arrow back, aiming this one for Naraku once more. Perhaps if everyone else was able to keep Kagura busy, she would be able to take down Naraku's barrier.

Kagome released the arrow, watching it fly as time slowed down. The arrow plunged through the barrier Naraku had created for himself. And by the time Kagura had noticed, Naraku had already lost his ability to make a barrier. He was just as mortal as the next demon.

Sesshoumaru shot a glance to Kagome, giving her a silent thanks for being able to do that. And, with the barrier gone, Sesshoumaru's poison whip came out once more. He used it on one demon alone- Naraku. He wanted Naraku to die so his reincarnation, Kagura, would follow him. Then they just had to take out Andrew and it would all be finished.

Naraku grunted as the first shot of the poison whip hit him. He hadn't excepted anyone to realize that the barrier was down for a bit longer. He jumped out of the whip's range, ignoring the blood that was now escaping from his shoulder. Sesshoumaru had just gotten a lucky shot. There was no way Sesshoumaru was able to actually hit him... Right?

Andrew lurched forward in attempt to protect the two women he would claim as his, Kagura and Kagome. He would have them. He just had to get rid of the only people who would bother to protect them. And, with that in mind, he focused on Sango. She was the weakest of the humans, he had decided.

When he jumped in the air with his deadly claws ready to hit her, he let a feral grin appear across his face. At the last moment, Miroku jumped in front of her. Andrew didn't even have time to react as Miroku held up the staff that had come down from the feudal times. As Andrew's claws came into contact with the staff, a barrier appeared. Andrew grunted as he went hurling backwards, landing in a puddle of mud just beside Kanna's mirror.

Kagome smiled, notching her arrow and aiming for Kagura once more. With Kagura distracted by what was going on, Kagome's arrow hit her hand. Kagura had just enough time to react to give Kagome a look of pure shock. The look was quickly wiped away when her body vanished in a bright burst of light.

But... In that case... Why didn't anyone see that in mine and tell me?

Kagome smirked as Naraku became angrier. He rushed forward to her, intent on killing her. Kagome couldn't help it- she flinched. She raised her hands over her head, as if that would prevent her death from happening. Several moments later, she peeked past her hands. Her death hadn't arrived as she had expected.

What she saw was a white cloth-like veil that separated her from Naraku. Naraku tried to kill her or to attack the veil, but all this attacks did nothing. Kagome smirked when she realized that she had made a barrier that saved her life. Without an idea of what she was doing, she closed her eyes.

Another attack from Naraku came, and the barrier absorbed that as well. Then, with a flash of light, the barrier released the power that Naraku's attack had just given it. Naraku could do nothing but watched as the raw power from his own attack came rushing at him. He placed his arms over his chest, in attempt to create a weak barrier that would block some of the damage.

And it had. Except for the surge of pain rushing through his body... He wasn't seriously injured. Even though he caught quite a bit of airtime, he seemed unharmed. Not even he realized what had happened to him.

Sesshoumaru surged forward to attack Naraku. Sesshoumaru didn't even notice that Andrew's body had changed. He hadn't even realized that the force of Naraku's own attack killed the human blood inside of him. If only he had realized that Naraku was now a demon... Perhaps he would have settled for a long-range attack.

Pain surged through Sesshoumaru's body as Naraku got him. He didn't just get him; he got him. Sesshoumaru could barely even register Kagome's screaming voice or his own brother's cursing. For all the fighting the two brothers had done, Inuyasha still couldn't help but be protective of his older brother.

Sesshoumaru crumpled to the ground in pain and weakness. His life was fading, and he knew that. Why it was fading, he didn't know. Naraku had hit him, but where had he hit him? His entire body was in an equal amount of pain, making it hard to find the source of it. But the feel of a warm liquid surrounding his chest gave him a good idea of what happened.

Sango and Miroku fended off Andrew and Naraku's half-assed, distracted attacks. They couldn't help it. The great dog demon, Sesshoumaru, was starting to die. It was like a car accident on the freeway- you don't want to stop and look... But you have to. And they had to. They had to see the great demon pass to the other side.

While their attacks ceased, Kagome and Miroku rushed over to Sesshoumaru. Inuyasha knelt down, whispering words that only his brother could hear. Words in his demon tongue about why Sesshoumaru shouldn't die. Words about how strong he was and how much he meant to Inuyasha.

Inuyasha was fully aware that, if Sesshoumaru lived, he'd never hear the end of that one.

I couldn't just watch... I had to do something...

Kagome pulled the jewel off her neck, holding it in preparation to make a wish. As hot tears began to burn down her cheeks, she closed her eyes. She felt Sesshoumaru's presence fade, telling her that he had begun the passing into the other world.

"I wish..." Kagome began shakily. By the time Naraku and Andrew realized that she was about to use the jewel, it was too late. A barrier had formed around her, which prevented them from slapping the Shikon No Tama from her hands.

"I wish..." Kagome began once more. "I want Sesshoumaru to be alive. I'll die in his place." She said. Inuyasha, Sango, and Miroku suddenly forgot about Sesshoumaru and looked up at Kagome. As the jewel began to glow, her tears became more obvious. A single tear dripped onto the small pink marble, causing it to glow brighter.

But Kagome hadn't noticed. Even though the light was growing rather bright, her closed eyes prevented her from seeing anything. As her sobs became more violent, the jewel began to glow more. "Please! Just let me die for Sesshoumaru! I've died before and I can do it again!" Kagome screamed. No one seemed to notice the rain as they watched the tears streak down her face.

The jewel let out a huge burst of light, engulfing every thing in it for mere seconds. When it appeared once more, it looked to be no more than a marble. Sesshoumaru coughed, blood spilling from his mouth. Inuyasha, Sango, and Miroku helped him sit up. When he looked around, he was just as lost as everyone else.

Naraku and Kagome had vanished. Andrew stood there before them, the fear of their punishment in his eyes. Within moments, Sesshoumaru was up and holding Andrew in the air by his neck. His body had healed, and now he would prevent Andrew's body from ever doing the same.

"What did you to do Kagome? Where are you hiding Naraku!" Sesshoumaru snapped. When Andrew said something in demon about not knowing, Sesshoumaru broke his neck. When he turned to face the others, his mood deflated. Why weren't the concerned about Kagome and Naraku? Sesshoumaru gave each of them a look, his eyebrow twitching in anger.

"How can you just stand there? Kagome and Naraku are gone!" He hissed. Inuyasha shook his head as Sango approached Sesshoumaru. There were some things that a woman was best at telling a man...

I'm here, Sesshoumaru... I'm here...

"Kagome... You died. Naraku hit your heart and you died within moments. Kagome was so upset... She wished for you to be alive again. She wished to die in your place, so you could live again." Sango explained softly. Inuyasha watched as Sesshoumaru's shock flashed through his face. But it was soon lost in the emotionless mask.

"So... Kagome's gone now." Sango concluded. Everyone watched as the indifferent mask of the demon fell harshly. His face became submersed in sadness and grief as he fell to the ground. He began to cry- just as Kagome had when she wished for his life. As he looked at the jewel, it all made sense to him.

That's it, Sesshoumaru. I'm in here. Fighting just as Midoriko had done...

Kagome's voice spoke to him. Recalling stories of Kedamono- the demon that helped protect the jewel from selfish beings -Sesshoumaru looked at Inuyasha.

"Your wife is now in charge of looking after the jewel." Sesshoumaru said, his body shaking with the pain that failed to come out through tears.

"What? Why? Sesshoumaru, it's just a pink marble now." Inuyasha argued. Sesshoumaru snarled, silencing him. For a few moments, no one made a sound. Everyone focused on the pink marble and the sound of the rain. The rain seemed to grow louder just before Sesshoumaru spoke.

"You remember the stories of Midoriko fighting demons in there. Kagome is fighting Naraku and his minions. She held so much raw power- you noticed too, I'm sure. She held the power that Midoriko held. Which is why she became part of the jewel... She's so much like Midoriko...

"Even in the sense of having a powerful demon in love with her. Her life was so hard that she never had time to have a family with this demon, despite the fact that they loved each other very much... Which is why I'm going to protect her." He said.

"What?" Inuyasha asked.

"You're going to protect her like Kedamono had done for Midoriko, aren't you?" Sango asked. Sesshoumaru nodded and looked to the ground. Slowly, his body began to dissolve until there was nothing left of it.

"Sesshoumaru, I know you can still hear me. If you do any of the freaky shit that Kedamono did to Kagome... If you do any of that with Kikyou, I'll become a spirit and castrate your spirit." Inuyasha hissed. Sango and Miroku couldn't help but laugh at Inuyasha's pathetic threat. But, sure enough, he picked up the pink jewel.

"If I had known that the mute girl who was always so kind in school. If I had known she had so much power and was going to become part of a legend I never believed... I would have been nicer." He said. While it sounded like he was talking to himself, he wasn't. He was speaking to Kagome.

I hope all you will understand my decision. I didn't offer myself because I didn't want to deal with life. I didn't offer to die in Sesshoumaru's place because I knew how glorious heaven was. I died for him just so he would be able to live. Just so he would be able to enjoy all those long years that demons are blessed with.

I had hoped that he and I could start a family together. I had hoped that I could spend evenings curled up on his chest while we watched the rain outside. I had, most of all, hoped that I would have someone to love. Someone who wouldn't leave me, no matter how tainted I had become.

It's a funny thing, life. We all fight so much to keep it and we all fear its opposite- death. Why? I believe that it is the nature of every human and demon to fear the unknown. It's our instincts. Animals fear the unknown- horses will fear a grocery bag until they are sure it won't hurt them.

And... That's why death scares us all. Because we know hardly anything about it. We know that everyone who has ever experienced death has never come back. At least, we think we know that. But, if someone died and told you all about this amazing place that came after death... It would alter the fates.

All those who die and come back are sworn to an oath. I was sworn to one when I met my father before I was supposed to be there. I'm sure Sesshoumaru was sworn to an oath as well. But... That's beside the point.

People try so hard to defend their life but to ruin another person's life. Why is that? What makes a rapist want to take something that's not his? What causes a murderer to take pleasure in the feel of fresh blood against him? Even though I have lost my human perspective of things and have gained the wisdom of Midoriko... I still don't know.

But I do wish to find out. In fact, I know I'll find out. But it'll be a few thousand years before someone believes in the legends of the jewel once more. It will be a few thousand years before people talk of using my power to help me win or to lose this perpetual battle against Naraku and those who followed him with their entire heart.

I'll have Sesshoumaru to protect me, though. I will have to trust Sesshoumaru to keep the selfish ones away while bringing the selfless ones to me. Even though we can't talk... I know that he is out there, just on the outside of the jewel. He's the layer on the outside of something hollow.

He protects the contents, while still being able to have indirect conversations with it. And... For that... I will always love him. Even though the pain and exhaustion of this battle I fight, I will use his love to spur me on. Because... One day... We can go to the afterlife together or we can be reborn and meet each other once more.

Until then, I tell all you humans and demons to enjoy life. I tell you that the hearts we break are fragile. Breaking a heart is the same as breaking the chain of life... And, if you find yourself stuck in-between of life and death- of happiness and misery -Then perhaps I will see you soon.

- Kagome Taisho -

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The dreams I had as a child were simple. I wanted to be a mother. I wanted kids to chide and to protect. I wanted a husband who would love the children as much as he loved me. But, most of all, I wanted the feeling of freedom. The feeling that things would be alright no matter what... But, if it's a dream, then it was merely a fantasy. Dreams are never made to become realities.

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