Hello Darlings! Lady Topaz here with my new story about one of my favourite HP couples Lily an James. It is AU set I guess kind of in the past when Pirates were about. I got his idea when listening to 'Rich Girl' by Gwen Stefani. Great Song. Anyways review and tell me what you think. This is only the prologue but more should be coming soon.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognise, i don't even own the song I got this idea off. None of the recognised parts of this Fanfic belong to me but the rest does and some OCs do.


Lord James Harold Potter was not a coward. On the contrary, whilst he was ten he climbed the tallest tree in the estate to rescue his little sister's black cat which had climbed up there, despite the superstitions of black cats being bad luck. That turned to out be in this case. He fell, broke his arm and knocked himself unconscious for three days while the cat climbed down to safety but in his opinion it was worth it just to see the grin on Alexia's face.

James Potter was not a coward and he would do anything for his little sister. So when he got the news from his tearful mother that Alexia had gone missing he James Potter knew that he would do anything to get his sister back, including climbing onboard the notorious pirate ship the Emerald Shadow from which Alexia was last seen.

Not the smartest thing he had ever done but then again, James Potter wasn't known for doing smart things, especially when joined by his two best friends Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. James mused on these details as he sat bound to the mastbetween Sirius and Remus on the deck of the Emerald Shadow.

The Emerald Shadow was the most feared ship on the Caribbean. Not because of the amount of murders they had committed or the loot they had stolen. The Emerald Shadow was the most feared ship because it was unknown just who ran that ship, only that every time it appeared, a women went missing.

Many a man shuddered to think of the demonic spirits upon that boat. Every time it was viewed upon the horizon daughters, wives, sisters were guarded fiercely but when the boat retreated there was always one missing. Men had attempted to track it to get the taken returned but none prevailed.

Until James Potter came looking for his little sister. Using the immense fortune left to him by his late father James studied every piece of information known on the mysterious ship until he found an answer to where the ship would be next, the little known French island of Les déchirures de phoenix which translated to English James noted was tears of Phoenix (A/n Excuse me if the French is off but I got it from a translator and we all know how reliable they are) theoretically referring to the healing powers of Phoenix tears. So this was the place the ship sailed to after every battle and loot. Quite possibly because of the name of the ships berth the occupants were wizards, James theorised and this was the reason that none of the muggle sailors had ever been able catch them.

Of course being a wizard himself James would be more likely to succeed at getting back his sister then the previous attempters. The journey was originally to be made alone, James being reluctant to impart the dangers of the mission on to anyone but his two best friends caught wind of his actions and decided to come along with or without his support. Sirius and Remus were wizards themselves and that was part of the reason James allowed then to come along. The other being that they had known Alexia just as long as James and also considered her as their sister.

So four years after Alexia's kidnapping James, now twenty three and his associates set off for Les déchirures de phoenix with the intention of sneaking aboard the Emerald Shadow and reclaiming Alexia Potter. The plan was working flawlessly until Sirius Sneezed. This alerted the pirates to their whereabouts and before you could say quiddich they were apprehended and knocked unconscious. They awoke three hours later tied to the mast and thus the story begins.

Gosh Sirius, you should really take care of that allergy problem it could get you into trouble one of these days. I hope you enjoyed this and watch out for the next instalment shortly.

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