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Chapter 1: I'm Breaking Up with You

Naruto's POV.

Three years. That's how long it has been since I started going out with him. Don't get me wrong, I was so happy when we started to date. I can't believe I have him all to myself. Many of his fan girls wanted to kill me, including Sakura, but none of them laid a finger on me because he was by my side. I didn't care about his faults or imperfectness. I simply looked passed through all that. Oh how much I love him. I'll do anything for him. Even die for him if I have too. But he's never been the one to say 'thank you' or 'I'm sorry that I'm wrong'. Its always been me giving. Always me saying that I'm sorry. Me who's always backing down when an argument is about to start. I make the first move to concede because I don't want to fight. He'll just say that I'm wrong and his right no matter what. He will not allow himself to lose in an argument. It's always been about him.

But still I love him so much that its almost to a fault. I didn't care that he is very possessive and sees every one as a competition for my attention. Even when I talk to some of my friends, he makes it perfectly clear that I'm his and no one else's by kissing very me possessively. Some of my friends are intimated by him. Some of them doesn't want to talk to me when his near, especially Hinata.I can't stand it. Why does he have to make me suffer? I already get this kind of treatment from the village. Why do I have to get it from him too? Does he even really love me?

Well, there's no turning back now. I'm heading over at Icharaku's to meet up with him. Some of our friends will be there too because tonight we celebrate for a mission completed without any casualties. I'll just have to talk to him then. Until I get there though, I'll rehearse, in my mind, on how to break up with Sasuke.

Sasuke's POV.

Well, here I am, sitting in a ramen stand with Neji, Kiba, Lee, and Tenten. The five of us have been assigned on a mission. We just came back and we decided to celebrate for a job well done. We're just waiting patiently for the last person to arrive, my dobe, Naruto. I can't believe its been three years that he and I have been going out. Three happy long years. I still can't believe I got to him first because that raccoon faced Gaara wanted Naruto for himself. As soon as the dobe said yes to me, I made it crystal clear to Gaara that Naruto and I will be together for a long time, and will be very happy. I wonder what's taking him so long to get here though? Usually when I say we'll have ramen, he gets here before I do. I wonder what's gotten him behind.

"Sasuke," spoke my white eyed friend, "how are you and Naruto? Is everything alright?"

This question got me off guard but I'm cool, calm and collected. I don't know why he would ask me this question, but I thought I'd answer him.

"Naruto and I are fine Hyuuga. Why'd you ask?"

"Well," he said taking a sip of his tea, "thought I might ask because something doesn't feel right."

Of course, leave it to Mr. Destiny to have a bad vibe. Ever since I made friends with the Hyuuga its been "destiny this" or "destiny that" and "I have a bad feeling about this, fate may not be too kind." Like Kakashi ignoring Guy-sensei, I've learned o ignore the white eyed shinobi. Although...what he just told me somewhat unnerves me. I mean why would he say that?

"What do you mean Neji, Naruto and I are happy," I told him but I felt that it wasn't right.

"Well Sasuke, its not any of my business but I've noticed that Naruto has been looking depressed. Just last week I saw him in one of the training grounds near the lake, and his eyes are just staring into space. It could have been my imagination, but I think he was crying that day."

As I listened to my friends' explanation my blood began to boil. Was he stalking my Naruto? Was he following my dobe every where? And how the fuck did he see Naruto crying if he haven't used his byakugan?

"Hyuuga," I said his family name with venom, "have you been following Naruto? You do know that Naruto is mine right?"

As the atmosphere in the stand gets thicker, Kiba, Lee, and Tenten began to inch slowly away from a fight that is beginning to form. Of course Neji is unfazed by my wrathful anger.

"No, I haven't," he said calmly not wanting to provoke me anymore, but still my blood boils to the point of drying out, "its just, I have been walking that day to meet up with the Hokage when I spotted him. He really looked very sad Sasuke. I thought you two may have had a fight. I was just worried for the both of you that's all."

Who would have thought that Neji would have such compassion. Having a heart of steel for a long time, it surprised me that he is capable of worrying. Its not a usual trait for a shinobi after all. The growing tension began to disperse and Kiba, Lee, and Tenten began to move in closer back to the table.

"Nothing happened," I told him as relief began to flow in my veins. You have no idea of the growing jealousy in my heart. I thought I was going to rip the Hyuuga's head off for spying on Naruto. "Naruto and I are happy together," but as I said those words, i felt a small pang in my heart. How none of those words sounded so convincing? I also noticed that Neji wasn't convinced.

Well, we were silent once again, as we waited for Naruto. For goodness sakes, what could have happened that he'll be late like this. Its been thirty minutes since I told him t meet us here at Icharaku's ramen stand. I hope his ok.

Naruto's POV

Shit! I can't believe that I'm an hour late getting at the ramen stand. I was so caught up in my rehearsals that I forgot about the time. To tell the truth, I'm not sure if I should go through this. What if he said no, or that I can't leave because I belong to him. What if decided to beat me so bad that I'll be unrecognizable?

I'm so afraid. I don't know what to do. But I do know this, if he can't say "I love you Naruto," at least once then I'll have to leave him. Ill give him one more chance tonight. I'll just apologize for my tardiness.

Normal POV.

Sasuke and the rest waited for Naruto to get at the stand. They just couldn't understand why he's so late. This has never happened before, and it started to worry Sasuke. He bagan thinking of Naruto cheating on him and it started to anger him. Neji, noticing the dark aura that is surrounding Sasuke, placed his hands on his friends shoulder, giving Sasuke's shoulder a comforting squeeze.

Naruto then entered the stand, out of breath as he ran fast to get to the meeting place. As soon as he got there black angry eyes greeted him.

"I'm sorry I'm late," he apologized to everyone, "I lost track of time because I was training."

"Hn, your such a moron," reprimanded Sasuke an smirking at his boyfriend.

At those words, Naruto closed his eyes and he knew that the moment was right to say it. It was now or never. He can't take any of this name callings anymore. In fact, he stopped calling Sasuke a teme for a long time, but have the Uchiha noticed? Apparently not. Opening his eyes, Naruto spoke.

"Sasuke," he said, "I think we need to talk."

Sasuke looked at Naruto and noticed that there was no glint of happiness in his boyfriends eye, only sadness. But, Sasuke ignored it thinking it was nothing, and to add on insults, he smirked at Naruto and arrogantly said, "what ever you have to say to me, you can say it in front of every one else."

Sasuke thinking that he had the upper hand continued to smirk at his blond. Naruto caught off guard by Sasuke's comment quickly collected himself. This was not his idea to break up with the Uchiha. He didn't want to embarrass Sasuke in front of everyone else, but he have to do it now or he won't get another chance. Taking a deep breath, he looked at Sasuke's eyes with a sad and depressed look on his face.


Well should I continue, he thought. Sasuke just looked at Naruto, not knowing that fate is a about to play a cruel game with him.

"Sasuke, I'm breaking up with you..."

There a was a loud shattering of glasses as everyone in the stand was to shock to speak. Naruto, just broke up with the Uchiha. What in the world is happening?

Sasuke was shocked at what he heard, but he did not show it. Uchiha's never show any signs emotion. Not knowing what to do. He did the only thing he knew to do, he back talked Naruto.

"Whatever dobe."

At those words, Naruto's heart shattered completely, Sasuke did not know how much hurt he had inflicted on Naruto. Words could not begin to describe what Naruto is feeling.

"Well," said Naruto through soft voice looking on the ground, "good-bye"

Leaving the stand, Naruto ran to the Hokage, going to the only person he knows that could comfort him. As for Sasuke, he got up, not looking at Neji, Kiba, Lee and Tenten, as he was too humiliated to look at them, and left the stand to blow up some steam of anger and guilt, in the Uchiha district. Sasuke's heart is slowly breaking, not knowing if the Naruto was pranking him or that they are truly over.

Author's note:

please tell me. Should I leave it at that as a one shot, or finish the last one or two chapters that is still floating up in my head. And sorry of the shortness of this story.