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Chapter 2: All bad things must come to an end.

Naruto ran out of the stand as fast as he could towards the Hokage's tower. He didn't look up or stayed long enough to see Sasuke leave the place. All that Naruto wanted to do was run from the humiliation. He couldn't believe he had done it. For the first time in his life, he had defeated the great Uchiha, but with a great cost. Now his all alone once again like before. He needed to get away, he needed to see Tsunade and seek her advice. So he just ran towards her office all the while crying, because he felt guilty for breaking up with Sasuke.

Sasuke walked out of the ramen stand without looking at anyone. Burning with fury inside, he decided to blow off some steam in the Uchiha district. After all, what is the purpose of that place if you can't destroy it? But before he got out of the stand, his friend, Neji, stopped him.

"Sasuke," said Neji holding on to Sasuke's arm. Sasuke quickly shrugged it off. He did not want to be touched right now. Neji let go of Sasuke's arm taking the hint that his is not in the mood; however, he still wanted to help his friend in anyway he could.

"Sasuke, you want to talk about it," offered Neji.

Sasuke looked at Neji with burning fury. Of course he didn't want to talk about it. He wanted to be alone dammit. He wants to figure this out on his own. He wants to win Naruto's heart on his own all over again. But he needed time to think and uproot a couple of trees before the gears in his mind could start working.

"It's ok Neji. I just want to be alone for now," said Sasuke, still not showing any emotions. But Neji could see the turmoil his friend is going through. Even without the byakugan activated, he could see Sasuke's tenketsu holes ready to burst chakra out. If Sasuke is lucky, he could probably do kaiten right about now. But he did not want to provoke Sasuke any further. He was emotionally distressed enough as it is.

"Well, if want to talk about it, you know where to find me," and Neji sat back down in the stand and ordered his ramen.

As Sasuke left the stand, Kiba, Lee, and Tenten, ordered ramen too, pretending that what they saw never happened. There was a silence between the four. What was suppose to be a night of celebration, became a night of drama. Kiba couldn't take the silence anymore and decided to talk.

"What the fuck man," said the inu-shinobi to the Hyuuga prodigy, "what the hell were you thinking asking Sasuke if he needed any help? I thought he was going to gauge your eye out or something. Even Akamaru felt that slight surge of chakra."

"YOSH," exclaimed Lee loudly but was quickly reprimanded by Tenten, "I mean, yes. If Sasuke was to activate his sharinggan, I don't think the four of us would have been able to stop him from his demonic rampage. It's a good thing you knew when to back off Neji."

"I agree with Lee and Kiba," said the female kunoichi, "I don't think my weapons could have been of any use in stopping him. Its a good thing it was just that."

But Neji was twitching in his sit. He couldn't believe how dense this people are. Even Tenten! She should know about these things. She's a girl for goodness sakes.

"Guys," said Neji opening his eyes to look at them, "don't you get? Sasuke is in an emotional turmoil. He loves Naruto very much. He loves him more than life itself. I should know, he told me. And Naruto breaking up to him like that, and in front of everyone else, that was a major blow on his ego. Tell me, do you really think anyone would want to break up with an Uchiha no matter how egotistic they are? Of course not! They would hang on to the Uchiha until the Uchiha breaks up with them. Right now, Sasuke needed a friend to talk to. It's not healthy or safe for him to be going off all alone on his own. Who knows what might happen. For all we know, Sasuke might go on a killing rampage like his older insane brother."

And Neji left it at that, as he and the rest received their order. Kiba, Lee, and Tenten felt an eerie chill ran up their spine as they tried to imagine Sasuke his bloodline going out of control and slitting everyone's neck.

Naruto's POV.

I got in the Hokage's tower. Two ANBUs are chasing me trying to stop me from disturbing Tsunade. But I didn't care. I needed her and her warm embrace. I feel like I'm going to be sick. As I neared her door, my tears began to flow freely. Why did I do it? I'm so stupid! I wish I could talk to him and say I'm sorry, but it's too late now. I barged in her door without knocking. Yes, I startled her and she ended up screaming at me. But I didn't care. I just want someone to comfort me.

"WHAT THE HELL BRAT! CAN'T YOU KNOCK AT LEAST," she screamed at the top of her lungs, I didn't hear her though. The two ANBUs are still after me, but I got to her first. I quickly wrapped my arms around her waist and cried freely. Letting my tears flow from out of my eyes and letting go of all what I'm feeling inside felt good.

The two ANBUs quickly stopped in their tracks as Naruto got to the Hokage first. Feeling uneasy in the presence of a sinning and the Hokage, they quickly bowed and apologized.

"Please forgive us Hokage-sama, we tried to stop him but..." their leader interrupted the Anbu wearing a cats mask. Tsunade, still shock from the crying Naruto, spoke, "it's ok. I can handle things from here. Please close the door and don't let anyone interrupt me."

The two ANBUs bowed their heads and left the room. Tsunade, wrapping her arms around her "son", comforted him, but didn't speak. She just waited for Naruto to stop his crying. As soon as Naruto stopped, Tsunade pried Naruto off of her and sat him down. Taking a chair, she placed it in front of Naruto, so she could sit right in front of him.

"Naruto," she said looking at her son. Right now Naruto looked so vulnerable and weak. His head is dropped down and his shoulders slumped. What ever happened to Naruto must have been bad.

"Naruto, please tell me what happened," concern is seeping through her every word. Tsunade hasn't been this afraid and worried ever since she had to treat her brothers bloodied body.

Naruto looked at Tsunade's face, not seeing her clearly. His eyes are out of focused and his not with himself. Tears began to flow once again out of his eyes. Now Tsunade is really worried, when she was about to call for Shizune, Naruto spoke.

"I did it Tsunade," Naruto said dejectedly. Tsunade immediately noticed that there was no bachan in her name. Something her son had come to used too of calling her.

"Did what," she asked.

"I...I ...b.broke up with him."

At those words Tsunade placed her hand in her mouth, shocked. She couldn't believe it. Naruto had left the only person that brought him happiness. collecting himself quickly, she spoke.

"Why would you do that? I thought he made you happy and complete. Why would you leave someone who you love?"

Naruto found the irony of her statement. How could he love someone that doesn't love him back, or so he thought.

"I'm tired Tsunade," he said, another wave of tears is threateningly to flow out from his eyes, " I'm tired of him not loving me back. I'm tired of him putting me down. I'm tired of him always calling me names. You I stopped all that. I stopped challenging him, and calling him bastard. I love him so much that I change everything on how I treat him and call him names. I loved him instead and what did he give me in return? A fat heart ache. Three years since we've been together and not once did he ever say 'I love you Naruto,' or 'I'm sorry for calling you names.' All I wanted from him is to open up to me just a little bit so I could have something to work on. But it like loving a wall. He's always so cold and distant. He's so far from me that I feel him or his pain. He never share anything with me and it's always me who has to give. Whenever we start to argue I would always say, 'your right. I'm sorry. It won't happened again," then he'll say 'I wouldn't count on that dobe,' He's always putting me down. For once I just want to feel his love. Is that so much to ask?"

Naruto's words were so full of pain and sorrow that it made Tsunade both cry and anger. How dare that Uchiha bastard break her son like this.. How dare not love him back. Wasn't he the one that asked Naruto out? How could he do this?

"Naruto," said Tsunade not really knowing how to answer her son. She didn't want to add any more fuel into the raging fire that is burning up within Naruto.

"Naruto, maybe breaking up with him is for the best. You said so yourself that he doesn't love you back. Maybe you should just let go and forget about him. But not before you talk to him to get some things straightened out. You don't want to leave some loose threads now, would you. Talk to him at least and explain to him why you broke up with. It doesn't have to be now, but do it before Sasuke do something drastic."

Naruto looked up at Tsunade. He couldn't believe that she thinks its over, but did she just say to give Sasuke a second chance? Maybe he will, but he's going to have to wait. For now, he just wants to go to the Hokage's mountain and think. Standing up and leaving her office, he said before exiting, "thanks Tsunade, I'll do that."

Meanwhile in the Uchiha District training ground

Sasuke stood in the training ground breathing hard. The forest is now charred from the excessive use of his fire jutsus. Trees are still smoking and smoldering from the fire. His been releasing his anger for the past hour thinking of what Naruto said. Three years that they've been together went down the tubes in just a matter of seconds with those simple words, "I'm breaking up with you." Wasn't Naruto happy to be with him. He still could remember the first time he had ask Naruto to be his boyfriend. Naruto was so happy. What changed now? Sasuke needed some answers and fast.

"Yo," said a familiar voice, "I see you've productive in your training."

"Fuck you Kakashi," said Sasuke through gritted teeth. He didn't want his perverted sensei to be here right now, and he didn't care how rude he sounded. "Leave me alone."

"My. my, Sasuke such temper. No wonder he broke up with you."

At those words Sasuke's temper flared. He immediately attacked his sensei with killing intent. He didn't need this type of mockery from his teacher right night, and he definitely didn't bullshit from Kakashi. But Kakashi simply deflected Sasuke's attack and sat on a tree stump.

"Calm down Sasuke, I just want to talk and possibly help," he offered.

"I don't need help from you," said Sasuke stubbornly.

"You see that's why he broke up with," said Kakashi making his student listen to him.

"What do you mean Kakashi? And how the hell did you that Naruto broke up with me?"

"Words travel fast around here Sasuke," said Kakashi looking at his student, "besides I heard it from your fan girls and some of your fan boys about the break up. Believe me they are happy because now they have a chance with you. They are formulating a plan as we speak to get to you. And most of them are very dangerous to say the least. So I thought maybe I come and help you."

As Sasuke listened to his teacher, he noticed that he wasn't reading that dirty novel for the first time. Intrigued about what Kakashi knows about the break up, he asked, "so what do you mean that's the reason why Naruto broke up with me? As far as I'm concern, his just an idiot and doesn't know what his talking about."

"You see there it is," said Kakashi lazily, "you always call him names. You always put him down when he needed cheering up. Do you even listen to yourself? I don't even think you love him."

After the love comment Sasuke's anger came full force again.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN I DON'T LOVE HIM? I LOVE HIM WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING! That's why I gave myself to him. I love him sensei," and for the first time in Kakashi's tutelage, Sasuke called him 'sensei' with humbleness.

"But do you really love him. I think your just deluding yourself. Not once have I ever heard you say "I love you," or that you are sorry because your wrong. It's always Naruto. You're the one hurting him. As your teacher, I think its best for you to let him go and forget about him. Unless you want a second chance? If you do, just let go of your ego and talk to him. Tell him you love him, and give not only yourself, but your heart and soul as well. Naruto wants you to open up to him so he could help you, not break your heart." With those words the jounin left leaving Sasuke to ponder at his words.

It's been three hours and Naruto hasn't left the mountain. He was just there thinking of how he could talk to Sasuke that would not end in a quarrel. But every situation he thinks of is as unlikely as the next. He did not notice that another presence was there.

"Naruto," it was Sasuke. Naruto couldn't believe it. Sasuke was they're standing before him. Naruto wanted to say something, anything that could bring them back together, but nothing came to his mind. So he just opted for his ex-boyfriend's name.


"Naruto," said Sasuke again walking up to Naruto slowly. When he got close to his blond he said, "I want listen to me. Don't talk just hear me out." Taking a deep breath, he knelt on the ground, which shocked Naruto even more.

"Naruto, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I haven't treated you right. I'm sorry that I've been so cold to you, and that I have not shown you my love at least once, but dammit, please forgive. Give me a second chance. I know I haven't been perfect and that I only gave you pain and grief. I know you expected of me more, but you see, I'm and Uchiha. We do not sow emotions. So emotions is a stranger to me. Please Naruto, I know you love me and that you still do. Give me a second chance. I love you Naruto. I really do. A second chance. That's all I want. Please." And with that Sasuke closed his eyes waiting for the blond to answer him.

Naruto was crying after hearing his Sasuke. Finally, he said 'I love you' to him. All that Naruto wanted, finally came to reality. Naruto, took Sasuke's hand and helped him up. Then he gave Sasuke a huge embrace.

"That's all I wanted to hear Sasuke. That you love me. Of course I'll give you a second chance."

"Well then," said Sasuke looking into the blonds eyes, "lets make this memorable."

Taking something out of his pocket, he knelt down on one knee in front of Naruto and spoke, "Naruto Uzamaki. Since you're giving me a second chance. Will you marry me and be with me forever," he said while putting a very beautiful engagement ring on Naruto's hand.

Naruto is a having a heart attack. He doesn't know what to do. What does one do when asked in marriage? Naruto simply nodded his head. Sasuke stood up and kissed his blond. And as the night faded away, the two lovers were in each other's arms in ecstasy.

Three months later

The Uchiha-Uzamaki wedding took place and everyone in Kenosha celebrated. As the two couples are married by the Godaime, and saying their vows, Sasuke's fan club were weeping, crying, and some committing ritual suicides. And as the two couples shared their kiss and walked the isle, everyone, who is invited in the wedding, cheered for the two couples. As they exited the chapel, Naruto tripped on his own hakama and fell face first on the floor.

"Itai," said Naruto as Sasuke helped him up, "I'm sorry Sasuke, it was an accident."

Sasuke's eyebrows were twitching. "Your such an idiot, dobe."

At those words Naruto's attitude became tempestuous. "Are we back on the name calling again? I thought you said your not calling me that anymore," said Naruto as they continued to walk out. Everyone in the chapel are silently listening as an argument is about to break lose on the newly weds.

"When did I say that dobe? As far as I'm concerned all I said was give me a second chance," said the avenger indifferently.

"Oh that's it huh," said Naruto," I don't know why I agreed to this. I want a divorce Sasuke you hear me! Right now!"

Everyone in the chapel sweat dropped as they watched the couple's head for their honeymoon. Hearing the blond wanting a divorce five minutes after the wedding was unusual. Meanwhile, the copy nin and the perverted sennin were having a discussion of their own.

"I told you Jiraiya sama," said Kakashi, "five minutes and Naruto would ask for the divorce. Now cough it up, a bet is a bet."

But Kakashi, please be reasonable," said Jiraiya desperately.

"No, give me what I want or so help me I'll tell the Hokage that not only were you sneaking in the baths, you were also peeking at her too."

At those threats, Jiraiya knew he lost. Putting his hand inside his robes, he pulled out an untitled black book and gave to Kakashi.

"Finally," said Kakashi happily, "after many years of searching. The only copy of Icha Icha Paradise: Kamasutra Edition is mine. No one else can have. I'm having fun with Iruka tonight!" And he ran off to the dolphin's house preparing his needs, all the while leaving the legendary pervert crying. As his ONLY copy of that book is gone.

Tsunade and Shizune were also having a discussion because all of a sudden, at Naruto's words of divorce, she started laughing maniacally.

"What is so funny, Tsunade-hime," asked Shizune curiously.

"Well my dear Shizune," said the Hokage with evil glints in her eyes, "although Naruto ask for a divorce, he won't get it."

"And why is that," asked the medic nin feeling the dread.

"Well you see," said Tsunade with a huge evil grin, "before the marriage happened. Uchiha-san came to me with a suitcase full of money. He told me to write a marriage contract that which Naruto can't escape from. So the contract that Naruto signed clearly states that neither of them can get a divorce, separate, or have the marriage annulled, unless you want to be exiled from the village and marked as a missing nin!" And with that Tsunade laughed some more,

Somewhere out the distance, Naruto could be heard screaming at his husband, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M BOUND BY THAT CONTRACT!"

The End

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