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Rating: Mild Slash. (Will get more graphic in coming episodes… Tah da da!)

Summery: Harry and Seamus are left alone in the Gryffindor tower for the Christmas Holidays. A bad dream bring very interesting results.

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Mad About You – Chapter 1

Artist - Sting. Title - Mad About You. Album - The Soul Cages.

It was the first day of the holidays. The whole school was practically deserted as most students went home. The only ones left in the Gryffindor tower were Harry and Seamus and several first years.

Ron had invited Harry to come and stay at the Burrow for the holidays as he did every Christmas but this year Harry decided it would be much safer for him to stay at Hogwarts. He couldn't bring himself to face any of them right now, Ginny in particular. Not after what happened with Terry. Harry simply couldn't bring himself to look her in the eyes and see that love. It made him feel lower than dirt. He knew he would have to tell her about himself but he just couldn't bring himself to do that. No. it was much safer to stay here, think things over and try to make some sense of his life.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

It was the middle of the night when Seamus woke up. At first he couldn't figure out what it was that woke him, but after several seconds there it was again. A soft agonized moan coming from behind the curtains around Harry's bed, Harry was obviously having a bad dream. This was very weird, thought Seamus- he knew that Harry used to have bad dreams, usually when the Dark Lord was feeling murderous and angry, but the Dark Lord had been vanquished by Harry last summer. Was it possible Harry was actually having a 'normal' nightmare? If the others were there he probably wouldn't even hear it because of Ron and Neville's snoring but in the deep quiet of the empty dorm the sounds Harry was making were echoing like screams and Seamus decided to go see what was wrong.

He crept slowly to Harry's bed and gently pulled the curtain aside. Harry was lying on his back, his head tossing restlessly from side to side. Seamus wasn't sure what to do, so he gingerly sat on the side of the bed and slowly reached his hand to touch Harry's hair. The locks felt so soft under his hand that he twisted his fingers around them. It seemed to work somewhat, Harry's head stopped moving and the moaning subsided.

Seamus kept stroking the hair, not entirely sure why, when Harry turned towards him and threw his arms around Seamus, dragging him to a half lying position besides him. Seamus held his breath. He was never that close to a guy before, especially not in a bed, but this felt right in place. Not entirely aware of what he was doing, Seamus slid down to lay bedside Harry. He softly put his arms around the sleeping boy and Harry nestled himself against Seamus's shoulder. He seemed to be relaxed and probably forgot all about the dream by now but Seamus didn't feel like moving. He wrapped the blanket carefully around both of them and closed his eyes.

When Harry opened his eyes the next morning he found he wasn't alone in his bed. He turned his head and saw Seamus fast asleep by his side. He couldn't remember how Seamus got there but now that he was in his bed it felt really nice. He stirred a little to make himself a little more comfortable and Seamus opened his eyes.

"Good morning." he murmured with a slow smile, not fully awake.

"Seamus, what happened last night?" asked Harry carefully, the last thing he wanted was to find out something great happened and he slept through it. But then again, this was Seamus! They were friends! Just friends.

"You had a bad dream." said Seamus and stretched a bit, then tucked his head on Harry's shoulder and fell back to sleep. Harry lay with his eyes open. He couldn't remember the dream, or even having a bad dream in the first place, which was very unusual for him since he usually remembered all his nightmares as more than once they proved to be premonitions. Since the fall of the Dark Lord he didn't have bad dreams or premonitions, which was a blessing. If only he had known that it took so little to get rid of a bad dream he would have got himself a boyfriend a long time ago, or at least a teddy bear. Seamus' body was warm against his own and he could feel the soft breath on his neck.

Suddenly Harry was all too aware of Seamus' hand on his stomach, in the space between his t- shirt and flannel bottoms, his fingers touching bare skin. Harry tried to avert his mind from the heat he felt at the meeting point of his and Seamus' skins but it was hard. He is my friend; he told himself firmly, I can't have lusty thoughts over my friend. That's just wrong! He doesn't even like guys that way, after all he and Parvati have been going out together for ages. Shit! He is so cute, and gorgeous, how come I didn't see that before? Could it be because he is my friend and I do not lust over my friends! Oh, who am I kidding? I'd snog him right now if I wasn't such a coward… Fuck, Fuck, Fuck! I have to get out of here before something will happen and then we'll both be sorry. Ok, I'm leaving…leaving… I don't want to go… Holy shit, was it Seamus' hand? No way, it was probably just a sleep spasm, get your mind out of the gutter Harry and get up! Ok, that was definitely NOT a sleep spasm, oh my god, oh my god his hand is moving down… oh Fuck! Time to move, NOW!

Harry jumped from his bed and made his way as quickly as possible to the showers. He leaned on the door and slid his own hand down his pyjamas. He knew it would be futile to try and think logically while masturbating so he let his mind drift and all he came up with was Seamus. Apparently sharing a dorm for seven years had its benefits as he could bring up images of almost every part of Seamus' anatomy which was very helpful right now. Seamus' fair skin and long limbs. Unlike Ron who looked like someone kept stretching him, Seamus wasn't as tall but he was lean, Harry could almost feel his long fingers caressing his skin, working their way on his body. Seamus' eyes, as bright blue as forget-me-not flowers, his full luscious lips on Harry's neck, chest and stomach… Oh, yes, that was so good! Harry came with a shudder and stood panting against the door. In his hurry to leave his bed he forgot his wand, which meant he would have to clean himself the muggle way. He moved to the nearest sink and did his best to get rid of the evidence.

He sighed and looked at himself in the mirror, wild eyed and messy from the sleep and from wanking. This was ridiculous. He leaned his forehead against the mirror and tried to compose himself back together and stop thinking about Seamus when he heard a cheerful voice calling from behind him, "Morning Harry." Harry turned so fast he almost lost his balance and fell over. He looked at Seamus who was smiling in a very friendly and completely innocent way at him and couldn't say anything. Instead he walked past him leaving the shower as fast as he could.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

By the time Seamus came back to the dorm room it was empty. Harry had apparently gone down to breakfast already. Seamus got dressed slowly. What the hell was wrong with Harry? It was true Seamus wasn't really asleep, and did try to get his hand down Harry's pants, but he felt that Harry's reaction was a bit over the top. He should be glad Harry didn't try to punch him, thought Seamus; it was a really stupid stunt to pull. He should have known it wouldn't go down easy. After all Harry was kind of going out with Ginny, and what on earth could I offer that was better than the pure love and admiration that shone in Ginny's eyes every time she looked at Harry. Harry was really lucky to have someone like her. The entire school believed he himself was dating Parvati, which he was, in a way, but it was part cover up for both of them and mostly friendship, they just got along really well and they cared a lot for each other. But the fact remained that he preferred boys, just like she preferred girls. And Harry was very high up on his list of potential shags. I mean, who wouldn't want him? Forget the whole hero thing for a minute, he's a hottie! Those green eyes you just want to lose yourself in, his body, thin and muscular from all that Quidditch. Seamus could just see it, the long smooth muscles of Harry's back moving fluidly as he put on his shirt, the curves of his hips, the shape of his arse… A group of giggly first years coming down the stairs jerked Seamus out of his thoughts and he leaned feebly against the wall. This was not good. He shook his head to clear it and waited until he could walk again.

When he reached the Great Hall, he planned to get a seat at the end of the big table, as far as possible from Harry. Since it was Christmas and most of the school was empty, all the house tables were gone but one, which was put in the middle of the hall for the students who remained in Hogwarts for the holidays. Not that it made much difference to Seamus, since both he and Harry were Gryffindors and sat at the same table anyway. Before he could choose a seat, though, Terry Boot called him over from the place where all the seventh years sat and Seamus had no choice but to go sit with them. And since Murphy's Law is inevitable, he found himself seated right across from Harry. Harry stubbornly ignored him and Seamus felt lousy about the whole situation. He didn't want Harry to be mad at him, especially for something as stupid as this. He had to rectify things quickly if he didn't want to lose Harry as a friend, but he had absolutely no idea what to do.

Harry could feel Seamus' eyes on him during breakfast and had to do his best to ignore him. This was so stupid. He'd just have to push back all unholy thoughts of Seamus if he wanted to continue being his friend. I should probably ask Terry to set me up with one of his ex-lovers, he told himself. Yeah, like that would work, the reason his reaction was so strong was because Seamus was more than potential shag. But was it possible for him to spend time with Seamus, be his friend when what he truly wanted to do was grab him and kiss him and get him naked and do… Shit, not again! I really have to stop doing that! He thought furiously.

The seventh years remaining in Hogwarts spent the rest of that day outdoors, taking advantage of the fine weather for snowball fighting, snowmen building and generally enjoying the snow. There were only six of them, Terry Boot and Kate Mason from Ravenclaw and Hannah Abbot and Ernie Macmillan from Hufflepuff who kept tripping each other 'accidentally' and kissing, and of course Harry and Seamus. It would have been a really great day, thought Harry, if he wasn't constantly distracted by how gorgeous Seamus looked, playing in the snow and then trying to ignore the little voices in his head that kept saying stuff like 'I'd do him right here in the snow'. This was far more tiring than he ever imagined. Of course the sight of Hannah and Ernie's little love smiles and kisses didn't really help him steer his mind off things.

Around four o'clock in the afternoon they finally entered the castle, leaving various magically made snow sculptures behind them, and each turned to his common room to take a shower and get ready for the Christmas feast that was to take place that evening in the Great Hall. Harry and Seamus made their way to the Gryffindor tower, each wrapped up deep in his thoughts.

They each took a quick shower, doing their best to avoid looking at each other, and got dressed facing their own wardrobes. This is ridiculous, thought Seamus desperately, I have to talk to him, and I have to apologize if I don't wish to spend the entire holiday facing the bloody wardrobe every bloody time he's in the bloody room!

"Harry, can we talk?" he asked gingerly

"We are going to be late for the feast." Harry said and left the room quickly, leaving Seamus behind looking rather confused and checking his watch. It was only twenty past five, the feast was not going to take place until seven p.m.… he sighed, this is going to be much harder than he thought, he's going to have to corner Harry after the feast and talk to him even if it meant tying him to a chair. Oh, wrong place to go, again! He made his way to the common room and found the first years playing exploding snap and chatting cheerfully. Were we that annoying when we were in first year? He thought as he left the tower.

After leaving his dorms Harry made his way through the corridors, his first thought was to go visit professor Lupin, but then he remembered tonight would be a full moon and professor Lupin probably won't be in a very chatty mood. Then he thought of going to visit Hagrid, but ever since his marriage to Madame Maxime and the birth of their son he was hardly seen around the castle outside lessons. Besides, Harry could still remember the last time Hagrid let him carry Jean-Luc, the baby was only six months old at the time and yet Harry needed Hermione's help afterwards in finding a spell to alleviate the pain in his back. That kid was a handful, in more ways than one. He sighed; this would be a really good time to consult my godfather, he thought miserably.

In the end he found himself in the astronomy tower sitting on the floor and watching the sun go down. When it got too cold to bear, and that didn't take long since he forgot to bring his cloak, he made his way to the Great Hall, hoping to catch Dobby and wish him a Happy Christmas. The Great Hall was already bustling with activity as the house-elves ran from place to place trying to get everything ready in time for the feast. Harry scanned the place for Dobby and spotted the little house-elf standing on a table and conducting the others. He still wore his silly football pants and Ron's shrunken maroon sweater but at least he got rid of all the little hats Hermione knitted to free the house-elves back in their fourth year. When he saw Harry he gave a happy squawk and toppled backwards in his excitement. When he emerged from under the table he ran to hug Harry's knees.

"Happy Christmas, Dobby is so happy to see Harry Potter." Even after six years of knowing the little elf, Harry still couldn't get Dobby to stop calling him by his full name, but now he didn't really care anymore.

"How are you doing, Dobby?" he asked fondly, "You look busy."

"Oh, this? No, just making sure they are all doing their job. Potchi! I said red napkins! Red!" he screamed at a tiny elf who had big blue eyes who were filling fast with tears now and who was holding a stack of snow white napkins. He bowed to Dobby and ran back to the kitchen with his head down.

"They can be so silly sometimes." Dobby muttered and turned back to Harry "What is master planning for the holidays?" he asked conversationally as if he didn't just make a house-elf cry.

"Not much, hanging around the castle, I suppose." said Harry, who long ago learned not to criticize Dobby's moves or the elf would go mad and start hitting himself.

"That's nice." Dobby said absent-mindedly and then shouted "You bunch of useless idiots! Get back to the kitchens! We still have a lot of work to do." The elves hurried to follow his orders.

"You're obviously busy, I'll come back to see you later, Happy Christmas Dobby." Harry said, and left the Great Hall. Dobby clearly found his place in the kitchens. He still had about half an hour to kill before the feast so he decided to go visit the Ravenclaw tower. When he knocked on their portrait hole Kate opened it and invited him in with a huge smile. Inside the Ravenclaw common room he found Terry, Hannah, Ernie and Seamus. Harry cursed inwardly but it was too late to back up. He sat next to Terry and started to talk to Ernie about studies. He could feel Seamus watching him but he didn't turn his head to face him. He knew he would eventually have to talk to him but he wasn't ready to face him right now, before the feast and all.

When the time came to leave for the Great Hall Harry did his best to walk as far as possible from Seamus, who apparently decided to ignore Harry as well and was deep in conversation with Kate.

The feast itself passed rather smoothly. The food was excellent as usual. The crackers were wonderful, making loud noises and colourful smoke. But Seamus' heart wasn't in it. He played with the food on his plate for a while, stealing glances at Harry, who seemed completely unfazed by the fact they were not talking. Eventually Seamus couldn't bear it anymore, and got up. He muttered an apology to the table and made his way to the big doors. He could feel everyone watching him leave and forced himself to walk calmly. Once outside the hall he broke into a run. When he entered Gryffindor tower he leaned panting against the wall. Bloody castle was huge! He collapsed on a sofa and closed his eyes, trying to regain his breath and thinking of what to say to Harry.

Once Seamus was out of sight all eyes in the Great Hall turned to face Harry. He looked around him and tried to remain calm. Why is everyone looking at me? Is it that obvious he left because of me? He tried to smile and ignore everyone by lowering his eyes to his plate.

"Harry, you should go check what's wrong with him," whispered Hannah on his left.

"Why me? I didn't do anything." he whispered back and immediately regretted it, nothing makes you look more suspicious than denial without accusation.

"Nobody said you did, but he is your friend and you should show some Gryffindor solidarity." she whispered back. He looked up, the entire table, about twenty students and at least half a dozen faculty members were looking at him. He didn't have much choice. Harry got up and tried to project an air of nonchalance to the world as he made his way out of the hall.

He entered the common room and found it empty; he sighed and climbed up to his dormitory. It was also empty. Great! He thought, now I have to go and look for him all over the castle! He went over to his trunk to get the Marauder's map. If he had to look for Seamus he wasn't going to waste his time wondering around the corridors shouting his name! Before he could open the trunk though, there came a soft sound from behind him. Harry turned quickly on the spot, his wand held tight in his hand; and saw Seamus standing at the door. Harry sighed and lowered his wand, suddenly aware of how quick his breathing had become.

"Where the fuck did you pop from? You nearly gave me a heart attack." he snapped, irritated and relieved at the same time.

"I was in the common room, on one of the sofas." explained Seamus. They both looked uncomfortable and avoided each other's eyes. At last Seamus spoke up.

"Harry, I want to talk to you."

"What about?"

"Why the English team sucks at Quidditch." Seamus said sarcastically,

"Well, it's a combination of…" Harry started without thinking,

"About last night, you twit!"


Seamus took a deep breath to calm himself. "I want to apologize."

Harry looked up, surprised, "Apologize for what?"

"I shouldn't have stayed in your bed." Seamus could feel his cheeks heat up and knew he was turning red but he had to say it now or he'd lose his nerve altogether. "I mean, you are with Ginny and that was really stupid of me to… I mean… I'm sorry and it won't happen again." he finished quickly and cursed himself for being such a prat.

"What are you talking about? Ginny and I aren't together." Harry was so confused by this that all he could do was to hold on to the only thing that actually made sense in the sentence. Seamus looked up in surprise.

"What? But you sneak around the castle snogging all the time."

"We do not sneak around the castle snogging!" Harry cried hotly. Is this what people thought they were doing? He's going to have to catch Ginny for a serious talk regarding shooting her mouth about their 'relationship' all over the school. "And besides, you are one to talk, with Parvati and all."

"Parvati isn't my girlfriend. I love her to bits but we are not going out together. She's kind of my cover up, I like boys. She was never really my girlfriend." Bugger! Did I really just say that out loud? Fuck! "Anyway, what I wanted to say was I'm sorry for…" in two steps Harry crossed the distance between them and placed his lips over Seamus', cutting off the rest of the sentence. He heard the three words he wanted to hear "-I. Like. Boys-" and nothing else mattered. Seamus responded to the kiss almost at once, his mouth opened to welcome Harry's tongue. Harry pushed Seamus against the door, not too gently, and deepened the kiss. When they came up for air they smiled at each other.

"You are such an idiot." whispered Harry as he turned to kiss Seamus's neck.

"Me! You're the one who ignored me all day long!" called Seamus indignantly. Harry smiled into his neck and started to pull him towards the bed.

"Wait, Harry." Seamus said but didn't object too much.

"What is it?" murmured Harry while pushing back the robes off Seamus' shoulders.

"I'm scared." blurted Seamus and Harry looked up.

"Scared of what?"

Seamus took a deep breath and tried to smile. "I've never done this before." he explained,

"But, you just said you like boys…" Harry was a bit confused,

"I do, but that doesn't mean I've actually done anything about it… I've never even kissed a guy until a minute ago." Seamus smiled nervously and Harry stepped back.

"Do you trust me?" he asked and looked into Seamus' blue eyes. Seamus nodded and swallowed trying to smile. Harry took his hand and led him to the bed.

They both lay on the bed and Harry began to kiss Seamus' neck softly again. Seamus closed his eyes and gave himself to the feeling of Harry's lips on his skin. Suddenly Harry stopped and rose on his elbows, hovering above Seamus and looking down at him.

"What were you trying to do this morning?" he asked and Seamus opened his eyes.

"I'm not sure. I was half asleep and my hand just kinda took over." Harry laughed and placed his own hand on the gap between Seamus' shirt and trousers.

"Was it something like that?" he whispered as his hand started to slide under the belt and into Seamus' briefs. Seamus closed his eyes again and Harry could feel his breath hitching, and his erection. He grabbed it and started to stroke it, Seamus' head fell back and his breathing became uneven. Harry's hand moved slow and fast, stroking and squeezing in intervals. Seamus was moaning softly, one of his hands grabbed the bed cloth and the other was on Harry's back. His body was arching. Harry looked at Seamus' face, it was the most beautiful thing he ever saw, the way he bit his lip and his face flushed a little. Harry quickened his pace and Seamus came with a soft cry. He was breathing heavy and his body went limp and boneless with pleasure. Harry grabbed his wand and muttered a cleaning spell on them and then turned to watch Seamus. He still had his eyes closed and he looked relaxed and happy. Harry leaned and planted a soft kiss on his lips.

"That was… Great!" Seamus whispered hoarsely and Harry laughed.

"You really haven't done anything yet, have you?" he asked in a half-mock tone. Seamus' cheeks flushed.

"Is it that obvious?"

"Don't worry; I'm not going to tell anyone."

They looked at each other for several seconds and then both started to laugh. They lay facing each other, holding hands and caressing each other's face. They didn't talk, they didn't need to. They were glad things got back to normal, even though both of them knew that from now on things will definitely be different, but different in a good way. They didn't do much more that night. After a while they got up to put their pyjamas on and brushed their teeth. When they came back to the room Harry wrapped his arms around Seamus and guided him towards his bed. They fell asleep almost at once.

Author's note: The name of Hagrid's son, Jean-Luc is, of course, after the captain of the starship 'Enterprise'- Jean-Luc Picard.

My friend Benakin' told me that it's impossible for Hagrid to have a baby at the time of my story, so she gave me an alternative explanation for how he could have one and I really liked it so there it is: While clearing Dumbledore things after his death, Hagrid found the time-turner Hermione returned to Dumbledore in the end of her third year. Hagrid tried to use the time-turner to go back and save Dumbledore but failed. Then, grief-stricken, he turned the knob too many times and ended up a year before at Olympe's and that's when they made the baby. Brilliant, isn't it?