Hi everybody! I'm back with the sequel to The Bond. The final story in my series. Please read the notes, as there is some information that you need to know! Thank you! Enjoy!

Title: As Seasons Change

Author: MissBlackPotter

Rating: K+

Summary: Sequel to The Bond. As Harry and Ginny face marriage and kids, James realises he is getting old. Can he cope with his first grandchild? What about five of them? And where does Sirius come into all this?

Disclaimer: If I owned Harry Potter, I would be rich!

Notes:As Seasons Changeis the final story in The Bonding Series, which consists of the following:

Together Forever

Lily's Final Spell

Prongs Rides Again

James and Harry: The Potters in the Snow


The Bond

If you have not read the two main stories: 'Prongs Rides Again' and 'The Bond' then you will not be able to understand why James Potter is alive; how he and Harry have a Bond and how Harry has been affected by the final battle with Voldemort. These facts will pop up around the story, but you may still become confused. So, please take my advice, and read the other stories first before proceeding with this one. Thank you.

Also, I am unsure whether I am capable of writing humour. There will be some moments of humour, therefore I'm putting this story in the humour/romance section as I feel that will be where this belongs. If it doesn't live up to this, then I will change it.

One last thing: The chapters will be relatively short. As I'm working on a bigger project (a massive AU story, my energies are spent trying to write that. Therefore these chapters will be short, but that will mean updates come faster, so please excuse the shortness of chapters. Thank you.

And enjoy, the first chapter!

PART ONE: The First years of the Potter Heirs

2004 - 2015

ONE: I'm a father…

Characters in this chapter:

Harry James Potter -24 years old

Ginny Molly Weasley -23 years old

James Christopher Potter -31 years old

August 17th 2004

Harry waited outside, pacing quickly, his hands behind his back. He frowned as he glanced at the time. Brushing a hand through his hair, he turned to his father and said: "How long can it take to get a baby out?" He'd been waiting for over six hours.

James smiled. "It took you nearly twenty hours. Think of the wait I had to go through. Lily was shrieking at me, like I was mad or something."

"At least she had good reason." Harry smirked.

James rolled his eyes. Sirius had said the exact same thing when he had complained. Still, at least he was here. Nerves filled him. He had been only 20 when his son had been born, and 21 when he had died the first time. Being dead had not changed him (after all he could not remember a thing) and returning to life at his son's bidding he had remained 21. I suppose I'm about to become a Grandfather at 31. A new record!

Harry continued to pace. Every two minutes he looked at the cloak on the wall, and his agitation increased. James smiled. He had waited hating for Harry. He and Lily had chosen to know what the sex of their baby would be, but Harry and Ginny had decided against it.

The door to the delivery room opened and a blonde haired Witch rushed out. Harry stepped in front of her. "What's going on?"

"Nothing. Now can you move."

Harry did so, thoroughly annoyed. The Nurse turned to the right and disappeared. She came running back with a cloth in hand, opened the door and closed it again. Harry resumed his pacing.

For the next twenty minutes, James watched as his son became more agitated and kept cursing. Being left out of the birth room was not fun.

An exhausted Ginny smiled up at her husband. Her face was pale from the effort of birth, but she finally held their son in her arms. Black hairs stood up on end. The sleeping baby looked so peaceful.

"He look's just like you," Ginny whispered, her eyes sparkling.

"Yeah, he does."

"You can hold him if you want. He is your son." Ginny pressed.

Gently, Harry lifted the baby from it's mothers arms, being careful not to harm the small being. He rested the tiny head on his upper arms, and stared down into his son's face. Tears began to fall, and Ginny wiped them away. "Thanks," he murmured. "I love this little guy so much."

They sat in silence, taking it in turns to hold the newborn.

Finally, Ginny spoke, "The name, Harry. What is it to be?"

They had decided on a name months ago, but she wished for Harry to bestow the honours. Leaning forward, he placed a gentle hand on the boy's head. "In honour of my past, I will bestow my son with the name of a man who helped me in my mission to destroy Voldemort, though he never knew how much he did. Therefore, my son will be known as Regulus Potter."


What do you think of the name Regulus? Re-read the last scene in the epilogue for The Bond, and you'll see why Harry has named his first son Regulus!

Next chapter: The Grandad, The Godfather and the Werewolf - coming soon!

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