If anyone is still reading this, I'd like to express my apologies in not updating for ages. You see this story has been giving me trouble ever since I started it. It was hard to write. I've never been good at stories like this - and I sort of regret starting it now - but instead of leaving it hanging forever, I decided to give a little Epilogue, giving a little look into Regulus' schooling.

It's not much, but it's the best I could do. I may from time to time post One-shots detailing some of the incidents shown in the Epilogue. This is a dismal ending to a series of stories that I have enjoyed writing.

I hope you can forgive me for this.

Thanks for all the support everyone has given me since I started writing 'Prongs Rides Again'.

As Seasons Change

Epilogue: The End

On the 1st September Regulus met with Thomas Madely at Kings Cross Station, where they boarded the Hogwarts Express. As was expected, Regulus was a bit daunted about going off to school and tried to hide his fear at not being able to live up to his father's reputation. The only thing that kept his going was the thought that his Grandfather and his father's Godfather were teaching, so he could speak to them whenever he wanted. Regulus was sorted into Gryffindor, along with Thomas Madely.

Harry met with Draco Malfoy who offered him a job in his secret government project in infiltrating Death Eater camps. Harry takes up the job and disguises himself. Lily is sent to Muggle School and goes home to the Weasley's while her mother is out at work.

Regulus proved an adept at magic and showed such potential. The ideas from Fred and George Weasley gave him enough incentive to become a practical joker. Within a month he served his first detention, with his best friend at his side.

Hermione Granger-Weasley began to campaign to be Minister of Magic. She became Minister of Magic - even voted by Draco Malfoy - and her policies she introduced made the Wizarding World better.

Ginny becomes pregnant with triplets and has to take time off work.

Regulus came fifth in the year for the final exams, with Thomas coming in at second.

During the summer, James Potter and Sirius Black took Regulus, Thomas and Lily, along with the Weasley children on a Marauders holiday to allow Harry and Ginny some time to cope with the pregnancy. That summer was lots of fun. Remus Lupin arrived in the middle of the summer and the three old friends reminisced on the old times.

Regulus returns for his second year.

On October 16th, Ginny gives birth to triplets: two boys and a girl. They name the boys Matthew and Peter (in memory of Pettigrew, as it was his sacrifice in Harry's fifth year that saved Sirius from the Veil) and the girl Rose. They soon discover that handling triplets is not an easy task.

During the birth of the triplets, Sirius meets a Witch called Laura, who he is smitten with. The two start dating soon afterwards.

Regulus accidentally causes a major disruption at Hogwarts, earning him and Thomas a whole months worth of detention. Ironically it was James Potter who had to give them. It pained James to do this, but his grandson needed to learn a lesson. Despite that small fact, Regulus still enjoyed the classes that James and Sirius put on.

Regulus became beater of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. Regulus also learns his namesake of Regulus Black and he asks Sirius why he was named after a Death Eater. Sirius explains about his brothers life and final fate and aid in the long war against Voldemort. Regulus accepts and realises that he must uphold the family honour of both the Potter and Black families. He decides to take a vow not to play practical jokes.

At Easter, Regulus stays for the holidays, while the Potter family are invited to stay within the castle. Harry and Regulus get to show off their Quidditch skills. Sirius and James play as well. Fred and George also unleash a horde of hopping bunnies through the Castle, angering Filch.

The oldest Weasley Child, Suzanne, takes her NEWTs.

Regulus celebrates his thirteenth birthday.

Remus comes to Hogwarts to teach History of Magic. Professor Binns continues to teach the first and second years. Each full moon, Remus goes to the Whomping Willow. On one such occasion Regulus follows, unaware that Werewolves are dangerous, despite his father, grandfather and godfather's warning. He is lucky to escape without being bitten. He gets a harsh telling off from all three of his role-models.

The rest of the term passes without any trouble.

At Christmas, Sirius attempts to cook Christmas Dinner - as usual he succeeds in messing it up, despite following the instructions given to him by Ginny. James had bet him to cook dinner to perfection. Of course, James was smug that his friend had messed it up badly enough for him to win.

For new year, Draco Malfoy invites the Potters round. He shows them his young daughter. He married a Muggle-born Witch, in an effort to turn the Malfoy family name round.

Regulus returns to Hogwarts as the snow is melting. Gryffindor win another Quidditch Match, putting them in top position to win the cup. Regulus and Thomas plan a little joke, which fortunately goes to plan. Of course, that doesn't stop James from seeking out his grandson and telling him to quit while he is ahead.

Regulus learns about Boggarts. He is thoroughly confused when his greatest fear turns out to be a stomping elephant. He hopes to discover the reason, however can find no reason for it.

The rest of the year passes.

Over the summer, Harry bumps into Petunia Dursley. Quite surprisingly Petunia asks Harry to visit, and (rather reluctantly) he brings his family over. Vernon tries to be civil, but his attitude to magic is shown throughout the dinner. When Dudley turns up, Harry is surprised to see his cousin married to a rather slim girl, who is a model. Dudley has lost a bit of weight, but he is still the oversized pig Harry knew from before. Dudley asks Harry to be his best man. Harry agrees, despite his own misgivings.

Regulus' fourth year brings barely any excitement, apart from a routine inspection by Fred and George Weasley. Other then that, Regulus sets about becoming an Animagus. Sirius stumbles upon him and Thomas attempting it. He is surprised that Sirius digs out all their old notes and presents it to him. With all the notes in his possession, Regulus feels confident that he can succeed in this endeavour.

Dudley's wedding does not go too well, especially when James and Sirius turn up. Vernon is angry that his son's perfect day is ruined, however Dudley disagrees. He has realised that magic is not a thing to be afraid of. He is glad that Harry can protect him. His attitude bothers Harry, who wonders why his opinion has changed. Petunia explains that she told her son the jealousy she had of her sister - and she hoped Dudley can see past that to include Harry in the family. Which he has done.

Lily begins Hogwarts at the start of Regulus' fifth year in 2019. She is sorted into Ravenclaw. She is very smart and loves reading, hence her sorting. Regulus, surprisingly is made a prefect. He is a little flabbergasted, especially since he has caused a lot of trouble.

Harry and Draco discover the location of a Death Eater group of rebels intent on re-introducing the old ways. Together they succeed in bringing the rebels in.

Hermione Granger-Weasley begins a long and gruelling campaign to become Minister of Magic, in which she succeeds.

Regulus begins courting the lovely Amelia Travers, a muggle-born witch. Unlike his grandfather and father, Regulus is deeply in love with a girl with long black hair, and a cute face.

Regulus and Amelia spend part of their summer together. Regulus has finally grown up by the time he enters his sixth year at Hogwarts. He and Thomas continue to be friends though they have grown apart since Regulus and Amelia got together. Neville Longbottom's daughter begins her first year at Hogwarts.

In his seventh year Regulus is made head-boy. By the end of the year he is a respected student. He plans to enter the Aurors. His relationship with Amelia is strong and they love each other dearly. Regulus seeks the opinion of his father over marriage. Harry tells his son that he sees how much Regulus loves Amelia, and asks him can he see himself with her for the rest of his life?

Regulus can and on graduation day proposes to Amelia. She accepts.

Throughout the summer, Regulus and Amelia move into their own flat. Regulus enters the Aurors, while Amelia applies for a job working as a prosecutor. Sirius, Remus and James decide to take Lily on a little trip round the world. Hermione and Ron accompany them for a while.

The Potter triplets cause a lot of trouble. They seem to have inherited the mischief ness of James Potter.

Draco Malfoy's wife gives birth to another child - a son - whom he names Lucius in honour of his father, despite his father's crimes against society. Harry is asked to be Godfather to the children. He agrees.

And so, life goes on for the Potters.

Regulus continues the Potter line.

Apart from a few mishaps involving the remaining few supporters of Voldemort, life moves on, leaving the Wizarding World in a state of peace.

The legacy of the Potters is fully embodied into Wizarding History.

They will forever be remembered.

The End

Also, to those who may remember - when I was posting The Bond, I let everyone know that I had been diagnosed with Kidney Failure. The main reason for not writing this story was due to the kidney transplant I had in late September and I knew about it a month in advance so it was really scary waiting for it. Writing Harry Potter at the time did not appeal to me. But I am back to my own standard and am already planning my next venture into the HP world.

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