By snow mirage






A/N: All of them are 20 years old and above in this fiction...there may also be possible tragedy in the future chapters...the lyrics are from Princess Tutu's Morning Grace.






...and i am dreaming again today

so i find myself gently

drifting in a tempestuous current

just how far will this labyrinth take me...

i'll go along, and hold on tightly to this dream..






Chapter One



Silence was the only sound surrounding him as he waited in the darkness, amongst the shadows of the trees he was hiding in, the only source of light being the hazy moon that hung above.

At the sound of a car engine revving up, he immediately slipped on the cat mask that had became both a trademark and a identity for him and leaped down lithely onto the top of the car with a soft thud that wasn't noticed by either the driver or the car occupants.

Then, balancing on top of the car hood with his uncanny sense of balance honed by years of experience, he eased his body down until he was looking upside down into the dark interior of the car from the rear window.

He pressed his palm against the pane before releasing the flame within him.

In an instant, the glass shattered and the flames swept into the interior of the car.

He leaped off and walked away.

He did not have to look back nor hear the agonizing cries to know that the occupants, his targets, were dead even before the explosion occurred.

And he also did not have to look to know that Persona was somewhere nearby watching him as always.

His mission was complete.

Nothing else mattered.

He turned and walked off, his back towards the fiery inferno he had created with his 'gift'.

Suddenly, a wave of dizziness hit him.

Cursing, he forced himself to continue on his way home, leaping lithely from building to building, as quickly as his rapidly deteriorating consciousness allowed.

He could barely see where he was going because of the black spots that had begun to swim in front of his eyes.

He barely felt anything when he collided with something hard.

The last thing he saw was a pink object floating gently downwards to land on his nose before he lost consciousness.

Sakura Mikan jerked up from her sleep as a loud crash suddenly sounded.

"Na-nani? Hotaru, let me sleep a while longer..it is still dark out there." She mumbled sleepily, then with a soft sigh of contentment, slipped back into her comfortable bed.

"Meow." A light twinkle of a bell sounded as a cat leaped onto the bed and started licking Mikan on her face.

Mikan mumbled something incoherent and turned over.

The cat simply continued to lick the side of her face.

"Hmmm...Hotaru...why are you licking my face?" Her hand came up to push 'Hotaru' away and came into contact with soft fur instead.

It suddenly occurred to Mikan that she was no longer in Alice Academy and that means that-

She bolted straight up in her bed.

The cat let out a yowl of surprise at the sudden movement.

"Tama?" Mikan whispered and reached behind her to gather the tabby cat in her arms.

The cat purred before it struggled out of Mikan's arms and padded over to the closed bedroom door and pawed at it.

Mikan froze.

The last time Tama had did that, someone had broke into the house to steal her underwear.

That pervert was promptly disposed off by Hotaru who had came home with her to take something.

But Hotaru was not here now.

Slowly, she creaked open the door and peeped out, nervousness building stealthily in her.

What if the person had a knife? What if she was killed? What if Tama got injured?

Hand trembling, she stepped out into the dark corridor that led to the living room.

The sound had came from there; she was sure of it.

Her hand groped for the light switch even as she grabbed the nearest thing to hand: a broom.

"Who is there?" She shouted at the same moment she threw on the light.

Light flooded the room and Mikan found herself shouting at ... no one?

She blinked.

She was sure she had heard someone or something crashed down.


Her eyes darted to the balcony, which was blocked from view by curtains.

Slowly, she made her way over, the broom clenched tightly in her hand.

She placed her hand on one of the curtains, took a steely breath to calm herself then jerked it open.

There, lying amongst her drying undergarments lay a man.


Mikan immediately used the broom to start whacking the person, all the while screaming her lungs out as she jabbed the person over and over again with the bushy end of the broom.


She suddenly realized the 'pervert' wasn't moving at all.

She prodded him once in the side with the broom as one would do to a poisonous insect.

No movement.

She prodded him again.

And again.

And again.

Slowly, she crouched down and pushed the person over.

The person was out cold.

Mikan glanced at the broom in her hand in shock and threw it away.

She couldn't have hit the person so hard until she - gulp- killed him?

No, that is not possible. Mikan dismissed it in the next moment.

She had never heard of a case where a person died under the attack of a broom.

But was it possible?

She reached out a trembling hand and pressed it gingerly to the person's neck.

There was a pulse!

Mikan let out a sigh of relief.

But what was she supposed to do with a fainted person?






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