A fic were the boys are muggles! I know in most stories Sirius is the cool guy, but I decided to let Remus be so popular and all now!( off course Siri is still handsome and all)

Remus Lupin was most defeniatly the coollest,hottest and most popular guy of Midwayhigh. He had many friends and they were all like him.

Handsome,nice ( most of the time) cool, smart, close to perfect.

He wore make-up and his golden hair was shoulder long.

He was absolutely stunning.

' Remus!' Lily Evans called from her car. She was his best friend and always picked him up from his house.

'Hello Lils! Charlotte isn't here?' He asked when he got in next to her.

'No , she has a new boyfriends, he's driving her to school today.'

'What does he look like?'

'Erm..I dunno..He's new here, his name is Regulus Black?He has an older brother, but he is gay.Maybe something for you!'

It was well known by everybody in the school that Remus was gay, but no-one cared.

'Hmm..We'll have to see then...They go to the same school as us?'

They stopped in front of James house who was already waiting outside.

He kissed Lily on the lips and Remus on the cheek. 'Hi darling. Remus.' He said.

Lily was his girlfriend.

' So I heard Charlottes love has a very handsome bro...Who is gay.'

'We know.'Lily replied.

'Oh, okay. Well anyway, Mindy is givin' a party and she is gonna invite him.'

'Really?God, I wanna know what he looks like!' Remus said anxious. He was starting to get curious.

' Well, Charlotte said he was handsome, and mostly you two have the same taste.'

' That's true.' James agreed with his girl.

That morning , during sports ,they got to see the brother of Regulus.He wasn't in , their year( one higher) but sometimes two different classes were on the field.

'Look! That is him!' Charlotte said, pointing at a handsome, dark haired boy.He wasn't that far away, but it appeared he hadn't heard her.

He wasn't wearing sportclothes, but a tight, black jeans, army boots and a navy blue t-shirt. His hair was slightly longer than Remus' and he also wore eyeliner and nailpolish, his lips were a dark shade of red.

'Holy Moses, look at that!'Lily gasped. Remus mouth had dropped open in awe of the handsomeness of this guy. His eyes were grey/silverish and because of the black eyeliner they stood out more. His sharp nose , full lips and high cheekbones made him extremely attractive.

He was smoking a Black Devil and looking around the field.

He locked eyes with Remus and gave him a wicked grin.

Remus smiled back and stared a little longer before breaking the eyecontact.

' I wanna snog him.' He whispered to Lily, who giggled and being inspired snogged her boyfriend.

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