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His Type


Harry let himself into Rons' flat, walking into the living area he found Ron in a position he was often found in. Sitting on his couch watching the TV. Ever since Hermione had introduced it to Ron the year before, and made it so he could watch Quidditch matches on it. He had became slightly addicted to it. Luckily his girlfriend understood that it was only a fleeting interest, and she was still more important than the TV. She was sitting in the chair next to the couch, curled up reading a magazine.

He only received a nod in greeting from Ron, who couldn't tear himself away from the game.

"Hey Harry," Susan greeted looking up from her magazine.

"Hi," Harry said sitting down next to Ron, taking the butterbeer he passed to him. Cracking the top, he hit the bottle against Rons' and had a big pull on the sweet liquid. Settling in next to Ron, they sat in silence as they watched the game.

After the game was done and dusted Ron passed him another bottle, after he had a drink. "Well...it's over," he stated.

Susan looked up from her magazine, and with a small smile she looked back down.

"That's a shame," Ron said quietly, "What happened?"

"Don't know exactly," Harry said. "She just told me she had had enough, and she didn't want to see me anymore."

"That's it?"

"That's it."

"Well that was nice," Ron whistled, "She couldn't give you a reason?"

"I wasn't sticking around, her brother came round then, you know. The big one."

"Oh yeah, good call."

They both nodded their heads as they took another drink.

"Well least Hermione will be happy, she never liked her." Ron said after a minute.

"Yeah, I'll never understand that. I thought they would get along so well, they have a lot of things in common."

"Maybe that was the problem," Susan whispered.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Harry asked.

"Maybe they didn't get along, because they were so similar that it was a pain. Who wants to be friends with their identical twin?"

"Now that you mention it, they were a lot alike. God they even look similar," Ron mused.

"No they don't," Harry said quickly, "They don't look anything alike."

"No...same build, long brown hair, always carrying about ten books. Yep, they were the spitting image of each other," Ron said. "Hang on...all your girlfriends looked like that."

Harry had a drink, and thought about it. All of his girlfriends, bar Ginny back at Hogwarts looked like that. Remarkable.

"I guess you're right," Harry laughed, "I have a type."

"Imagine that," Susan said, tossing the magazine on the coffee table.

"Are you all right love?" Ron asked her, she did seem in a bit of a snooty mood in Harrys' opinion.

"I'm fine honey," Susan smiled. "Don't worry, I'm just amazed that they're people in this world who are denser than you. Not that I think you are stupid," she said quickly. "Some people just don't see the obvious," she finished looking at Harry. "I'm going out for a little while, be back soon," she leaned over and kissed Rons' cheek and left without saying anything to Harry.

"That was odd," Ron said, "She was in a really good mood today, ah...girls."

"Girls," Harry said. "Ron do you think I go for certain types? I seem to have a pattern."

Ron adopted a thoughtful gaze, "You do," he agreed. "They all seem to be like Hermione, isn't that strange!" He chuckled, as he began collecting the bottles up, "You finished?" He asked indicating the bottle in Harrys' hand.

"What? Oh, yeah," he passed him the empty bottle, his eyes following Ron as he moved into the kitchen. His head was miles away.

He had a type.

Just like Hermione, strange.

...to be concluded...