The Tragedy at Wal-mart

Taking a child to a store full of toys and touchable/breakable items can never be good.What happens when Martha takes little Clark to Wal-mart?


Little Clark's eyes were about ready to shoot out of his head.So many toys and colors.So many things to pick up and things to hide behind.In his four year old mind this was heaven on earth.

Martha smiled down at the child holding her hand.He looked so interested at the littlest things he layed his eyes on.She grabbed a cart and placed Clark in the little seat.

"Mommy look!" Clark screeched pointing to a shelf by the check-out line full of chocolate and other candies. "Candy!"

Martha nodded "I see the candy Clark" She turned the cart down another aisle and Clark's eyes got if possible even wider.

Colors and shapes af all types were on either side of him.His hands shot out of the cart to grab a box of crayons off the shelf but Martha caught it before he could grab the box.

"No Clark.Don't touch anything on the shelves"

Clark stuck out his bottom lip and crossed his arms over his chest. "But mama I want it!"

Martha shook her head. "I know that baby but you have crayons at home.You don't need another box"

Clark sighed "No fair!"

"Clark" Martha warned "Don't start" She gave Clark the "this is over" look.Clark was about to protest again when yet another aisle came into his view.Clark let out a gasp at all the TOYS!

Little dump trucks in every color and size.Big bouncy balls in a big colorful crate.Shelves full of Barbie dolls and action figures.Clark didn't even know there were this many toys in the world.

Martha noticed how excited Clark was and let out a nervous sigh. "Why did I even turn down this aisle?" She thought to herself .Her thoughts were correct when Clark's hands shot towards everything in site.Once again she grabbed his arm. "Clark Kent what did I tell you about grabbing things off shelves?"

Clark pouted "Mommy I want them! I don't wanna take it home I just wanna hold it"

"No Clark!"

For a second time Clark's bottom lip shot out and started to quiver.Martha flinched knowing what was coming next.

"I WANT IT!" Clark wailed at the top of his lungs banging his little fists on his knees. "NO FAIR!"

"Clark stop!" Martha said a little too loud.Clark stopped screaming at his mother's firm voice and Martha instantly felt bad.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you Clark but you have to learn no means no" She bent down to give his a hug and Clark nodded.

"I'm sowwy Mommy.I'll be good forever"

They paid for the things they bought and loaded it into the car.On the way home Clark fell asleep.Martha looked back and smiled at her baby.He was such a little blessing but next time Jonathan was taking Clark shopping.

The End


Short but sweet!

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