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A/N: I got the idea for this story from my sister. She liked the idea of writing a story based on the perspective of Lois Lane more than Clark Kent. I decided that a few changes needed to be made if I was going to pull off a story about Lois and Chloe. First off my sister hates Smallville which in my opinion should be a capital offense. I also decided that I wanted to tie in Batman Begins as it is the only descent live action appearance of the dark knight. Unlike my sister who loves the Cartoon Batman and wanted me to write this story as a blend with that shows News caster Summer Gleison instead of Chloe. I don't like to think of animated characters when reading a story it always makes it harder for me to picture the imagery. I also wanted to use a character that I felt closer to and could draw off of both television and comic book history for back plot. (yes comic book fans she is in there all you have to do is look back at older Detective Comics from before the eighties.) I would love any criticism you the reader might have so please feel free.

Mid. June, 2018 AD, Metropolis

Morning had yet to dawn on the city of Metropolis. Lois Lane woke to the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen, her husband Clark must have already gotten up. He was often waking in the middle of the night to rush out the window as Superman and over the years she had become desensitized to the shift of weight on their mattress. Finally, she thought, this is the first time in the past two weeks that Clark can eat breakfast with me. She threw on a robe and walked to the kitchen. She could see the black hair of Clark's head laying on the arm of the love seat in the living room. The TV was on broadcasting Cat Grant's show 'Good Morning Metropolis'. Lois rolled her eyes she had never gotten along with Cat when they worked together at the Daily Planet and she certainly didn't like watching her show. Pouring a cup of coffee in the Daily Planet mug that she had swiped from the office she made her way into the living room. Walking up to the love seat Clark raised his legs so that she could join him. Once she had sat down he laid his feet down in her lap and she patted his legs as they watched TV.

"This is Cat Grant saying 'Good Morning Metropolis'. Today we will be talking with international business man Bruce Wayne. So Bruce what are your opinions on Metropolites fears that you are taking advantage of Lex Luthor's recent disgrace in the public eye to take control of the majority of Metropolis real estate." Cat was being her usual bossy self treating Bruce like he had committed grand treason.

Bruce seemed to not be bothered by her attitude. "Well I wouldn't go so far as the majority but there have been numerous business Luthor owned that I had my eye on." The image of Bruce on the screen was just as intimidating as seeing him in person. Bruce stood at exactly six feet two inches his stare could make any man crumble. Any man that is except Clark Kent, Clark stood two inches taller than Wayne and had a stare that could literally burn a hole through stainless steel. "Wayne Tech and Wayne Enterprises recently merged with Lex Corp. Industrial, As well as Luthor Communications. My plan is to streamline all of my businesses into one large company called Wayne Corporation. This should allow us to better manage all of our business ventures under one roof." Bruce sat back and rested his index finger on his cheek.

"Well you heard it here first folks now Bruce Wayne really is the most powerful man in the world." She adjusted her dress shirt and read over the news cards in her hand. "We will return after these commercials with an interview from this years hottest new pop-star Dilery Judd."

Clark clicked off the television and sat up on the couch. "I wonder what he wants with Luthor Communications?" Clark said getting up and walking to the kitchen.

"Are you kidding." Lois said joining him in the kitchen. "Luthor Comm. owns the Gotham Gazette."

Clark turned to her and furrowed his brow. "Isn't that the paper that Chloe works for?"

"Precisely." Lois replied pouring what was left of her coffee into a travel mug and topped it off with the last of the pot.

Realization dawned on Clark and he smiled at the thought. "So how mad do you think she is going to be?"

"Smallville you must be kidding, she is going to go berserk." Lois said walking down the hall to get ready for work.

Twenty minutes later Lois walked into the foyer to see Clark ready and waiting. Some times he really ticked her off. He could get dressed and ready in less than ten seconds. Clark handed Lois her travel mug as they headed out the door.

Traffic in Metropolis was murder. It was four in the morning and cars were already bumper-to-bumper. Lois tapped the steering wheel of her mid-sized SUV. She hated the monotony of driving to work. she couldn't understand why Clark had wanted to move to the suburbs so badly. Lois felt like they no longer lived in Metropolis even if they just lived on the other side of the river. On their one year anniversary Clark had surprised her with the dead to their water front home. It had a beautiful front lawn and a gorgeous garden at the back of the house. The back of their lot met the river and had a deck that hung over the water. A river boat dock was located below the deck. The house was located up stream in the upper side of the city guaranteeing that they wouldn't see trash flowing past their home. On cool summer nights they would go down to the boat dock and watch as the city went to sleep. The only problem with their house was that the river front wasn't connected to the subway system.

By the time they reached the Daily Planet the entire building was already in a rush to put out the morning edition. The Planet published two editions every day, one was the normal sized morning edition that went out to newsstands at six a.m., and the second was a smaller evening edition that went out before the five o'clock rush hour. The irony was that where as normal people went to work in the morning and worried about getting their main projects done before dusk reporters spent most of their day working on smaller pieces for the evening edition and then scrambled in their off time to put together the bigger stories for the morning edition. Both Lois and Clark Worked as a team and focused on their main articles leaving the evening edition for small follow up stories that tied into whatever series they were focusing on at the moment.

Lois and Clark shared an office that was adjoined to the office of their Editor-and-Chief Perry White. For years before their marriage they worked at desks in the main newsroom. Lois liked the peace and quiet of a private office. The office also allowed Clark to make impromptu disappearances through the window of their private storage closet. Lois put her coat on the hook by her desk and was surprised when she saw that Clark had not followed her into the office. Lois was so used to Clark always being right behind her that she had failed to notice his absence. Walking out into the newsroom she surveyed the area and couldn't see her husband anywhere. Catching Jimmy Olsan as he walked "hey Jimmy have you seen Clark?" She asked the young photojournalist.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Lane I haven't seen him anywhere." He said shrugging his shoulders. "Maybe he went up stairs to see if he could catch a peek of our new owner."

"New owner" Lois was astonished she didn't know their publisher was selling. "Why hasn't the Chief said anything?"

"Apparently the new owner didn't want the news to backlog the morning edition." He said before walking over to the communal coffee pot.

Lois closed the door to her office and walked up to the executive floor. She had never had much need to come here before. She couldn't even remember the last time she had seen the publisher. Walking up to the publishers office she could hear hushed tones coming from the other side of the large mahogany doors. Leaning close to the door she tried to make out what was being said. Almost as soon as she put her ear to the door the voices stopped. Lois panicked, had they heard her coming? She had just decided to leave when the door was thrown open. Clark stood right inside the door and smiled at the sight of the ridicules position Lois had gotten into in front of the door. Behind him a hearty voice laughed uncontrollably. Lois had never heard a laugh quite like it before. Standing up she walked past Clark into the office.

To her surprise the laugh belonged to Bruce Wayne who was sitting behind the publishers desk.

"Careful Bruce or she'll think you laugh like that all the time." Clark said as his smile drew even deeper.

"We wouldn't want that would we." Bruce said a curt smile was on his face.

Lois could tell that Wayne seemed very comfortable around her husband. She had no idea that they were that close. She had only met him a few times, mostly in Smallville. Bruce had bought the chemical plant from Lex Luthor shortly after the death of Lex's father Lionel. He soon disappeared and no one heard of him for nearly seven years. Lois remembered getting phone calls from Chloe explaining interviews she had had with him. That was before she got onto this kick about the Batman. She seemed obsessed, everything she wrote involved the Gotham urban legend. Lois couldn't understand it but recently she had been getting news from Chloe that Bruce had been taking her out and introducing her to high society.

The man sitting before her didn't feel like the same cold shouldered man that she had heard about from her cousin. This man was open and warm.

"So you bought the Daily Planet as well." She said a smile creeping along her face. "Since it seems your on this purchasing kick how about buying our house so we don't have to worry about the mortgage."

"Lois don't be rude he is our boss after all." Clark said he seemed to have returned to his normal mild-mannered self.

"Oh don't worry Clark you guys wont be seeing much of me around here anyway." Bruce said. Lois saw his entire face change like it had shifted into the profile of someone entirely different. His eyes went hollow and his face was suddenly filled with wrinkles that didn't match his age. When he next spoke his voice was a dull murmur. "I'm not sure when I might be back in metropolis."

"I understand hope every thing goes well in Gotham once you return I have a feeling that a certain reporter might not be thrilled." Clark answered as he opened the door. "Come on Lois lets leave Bruce to his brooding."

It might have just been her imagination but Lois could have sworn that as she and Clark left the office Bruce winked at him.

The rest of the day went smoothly nothing major happened in the city which was news in and of itself. Clark actually stayed in his office all day chasing leads over the phone. Lois felt uneasy going home knowing what a serene day it had been. Lois drove home with Clark in the car of the first time in weeks. She was so unused to the idea that not a word passed between them. They shared a quiet meal and watched the stars loom over the city of Metropolis. Lois sat on their dock warmed by the presence of her Kryptonian husband and for one jealous moment she wished that things could stay like this forever.