Summery: Prince Ryou always dreamed of freedom, to get away from his 'over enthusiastic' bride to be and his ignorant step mother. And now it seems he has got his wish. He finds himself captured by none other than the Thief King himself and his band of assassins. Will this Thief King steal his heart as he's done so many others or shall another thief come into play? Besides the stress of his new company Ryou also must deal with the man wandering the desert who claims to be the true Pharaoh! BxR YMxR YYxY MxOC some small BxOC.

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"You can't do this to me! My Father's the King!" Ryou cried as the figures in black began to tie his hands and feet. He struggled as best he could, but it was useless. He knocked heads with the one who had fallen out the window before; he'd seen guards to it plenty of times before. Big mistake.

"SHIT! That HURT!" the man cried, rubbing his head. Ryou moaned as colorful dots blinded his vision. A hand grabbed his chin and thrust it upward. He was looking into the red eyes of the leader.

"So am I." the man said smirking. Before he could muster a reply someone stuck a gag in his mouth. It wasn't necessary though. A moment later the world went black.


Excuse me, I'm sorry but you see this isn't where the story starts. There's a lot more to it actually. My life, although changed drastically by that kidnapping incident, was changed a great while before. Here, let me explain...

You see, my mother died when I was very young, I barely remember anything about her, and although Father had vowed to love her and her alone, had had to remarry for the good of the kingdom.

I know it was for the good of the Kingdom...but I can't help wishing he'd picked someone a I really did try to befriend my new mother and sister, but, well it didn't go so well. It seemed we had very little in common. Anzu liked dressing up and playing tea party and my step mother never really paid much attention to me at all…But if Father could deal with them, I knew I could. My Father was the Pharaoh; he was the strongest man in all of Egypt! Or so I thought until I turned 18...

He grew terribly ill, the royal healers didn't know why or what was wrong with him. But he became bedridden, weak and frail. His once tan skin grew dry and pale, and his brilliant, bright eyes became dull and empty. It hurt to see my Father in such a state.

So that is why I made him a promise. He asked of me, only a few things. One night as I read by his bedside he said to me, "My son. I have seen you grow from a small, large eyed boy into a brilliant, young lad. I only wish I could see you as the man I know you will be."

"Father, do not speak in such a way," I said softly. "You'll get better soon, I know it." My Father just gave me a small, smile.

"My time is coming, I know it. Soon Osiris will take me to the other world where I can live in peace. But first I want you to promise me something."

"Anything Father."

"Son, promise me you will find someone you love. Who you know loves you, who would do anything for you, and stay with you until the ends of time, and marry. I do not want to see my Kingdom fall at the hands of my Mai."

"I promise Father," I said, bowing my head. "But...the Kingdom is still yours now. Please, do not speak like this..." My Father didn't seem to hear me.

"Although she has good intentions I do not want a woman like herself to rule my land. As soon as you marry the Kingdom is yours. Until then it shall be hers."


Now, when I make a promise, especially to my Father, I intend to keep it. That's why I declared to Egypt that I was in need of a wife. I know what you're thinking. What if you don't love her? Well I thought about that a long time, and I know I promised to find someone I loved, but, truthfully, I have never met a woman that I have felt I loved.

That's why I decided to call all of the eligible women to my castle; in hopes I'd meet one I loved. There were many princesses, ladies, and duchesses, old, young, small, tall, fat, short, and everything in between but I couldn't find one that I actually liked…I suppose I can be a little picky at times…But I found all of those women undesirable, at least for me. As my Father's conditioned worsened I had to make a decision. I knew time was running out. So I chose the most practical person.

She was the rich, daughter of a Kingdom close to ours, and her Father had much political influence. As most stereotypical princesses she was beautiful, with long, shimmering, brown locks and big, sapphire, blue eyes. Her cheeks were rosy and her teeth pearly white. She had perfect poise, etiquette, and was clothed in the most magnificent gems and furs. (Although I had no idea why anyone in their right mind would wear fur in Egypt) Anyway, you get it, she had it all. She was the perfect princess.

She was a beast.

She was Elizabeth


Ryou stepped down into throne room of palace he saw Elizabeth waiting there along with Mai and Anzu.

"Ah Ryou," His cold Stepmother said, her eyes narrowing as he walked in. Elizabeth's face lit up and ran over to him.

"My dearest Ryou! It's so wonderful to see you!" she said, giggling. Ryou put on his prince face and smiled.

"It's wonderful to see you as well Elizabeth."

Mai turned and looked at Ryou. "Well I'm sure she'll make a fine queen. It's still a pity though you choose her over Anzu, but, whatever makes you happy," she smiled then strode her cold eyes piercing Ryou like needles.

'Happy? I have the choice between a brainless woman and a spoiled pet,' Ryou though keeping on his fake smile.

"Oh Ryou I'm so excited!" Elizabeth said in her high pitched voice. "I can't wait until we're married! Think of how much fun it'll be! We can do all sorts of things like start wars and conquer places and oh so much fun!" she clapped her hands together happily. Ryou's eyes narrowed.

'What a Stupid girl...' Ryou thought.

"Humph," Anzu said. "You're going to be a queen! Think of all the Jewels and Gowns!"

Ryou sighed as the girls chattered on and on. Occasionally they would talk to him and he's nod is head, pretending to listen.

"Oh." Ryou suddenly realized he was making a disgusted face. "As much as I would love to continue this conversation Elizabeth, I think I'm going to go retire to him room. I'm rather spent." Elizabeth smiled, her bright, white teeth practically blinding Ryou.

"So should I join you Ryou? We could begin solving the problem of your need of an heir?"

Ryou felt himself blush and then quickly responded, "Oh um no I'm f-fine Elizabeth I'm actually really, really tired eh heh," he smiled and took a few steps back. "So good day!"

Quickly Ryou ran to his room and shut the door. "Phew..." he sighed and ran his fingers back though his silver hair. "How am I gonna do this?" he muttered to himself, walking over and flopping down on his bed. There was a knock on his door. "Please Elizabeth I said I'm tired!" Ryou moaned.

"It's me Prince Ryou," the calm voice of a woman called.

"Oh Acacia!" Ryou jumped up and unlocked the door. "Sorry I though you were Elizabeth…"

"It is fine my prince," she bowed her head.


Acacia was my body guard. She's been since the day I was born! So I guess I could say she's my best friend. She wasn't always…nurturing, but she was there for me when I needed her. Her long blonde hair and green eyes were always a comforting sight to me. But sometimes I saw sadness in them, and I knew she wished she weren't stuck with me. After all, she was twenty-five, only a few years older than myself, and she had yet to truly live her own life.


"My Prince what's wrong?" she asked. Acacia was always able to tell when I was upset. Ryou looked at her.

"Acacia I don't think I can do this..." He stood up and looked out the window at the city before him. It was a familiar sight. How he'd watched it everyday, wanting to go down there, to explore, to meet the people…without the burden of being royalty. Many times he looked beyond the city, into the far distance, and wished he could go out there. Away from it all…

"Sometimes I wish I was a to fly wherever I please, anywhere my heart wishes…" Acacia came and put a hand on his shoulder.

"You can do anything that pleases you my Prince. You are Prince Ryou. Your wish is my command." Ryou shook his head sadly.

'If only she knew…'

Ryou longed for a palace free life. He was sick of it all. What was there to dream for when you had everything you could ever possibly need only a snap away? He knew what.


'Freedom from the marriage, freedom from my step mother, freedom from the duties I'll have to do as Pharaoh…and freedom from having to give an heir.'

After a moment of silence Acacia sighed. "Well then, my Prince, I shall leave you to rest." Ryou gave a small smile.

"You never really leave me. You're always hiding somewhere…" he replied. Acacia cracked the hint of a smile.

"True, my Prince…" With that she bowed and exited the room. Ryou sighed and fell back on his bed again, staring at the window.

Suddenly he heard a squeak and looked down to see his pet penguin Zut looking up at him. Zut had been a gift from Elizabeth. Ryou had never seen a penguin before in his life but had read about them and wondered how on earth she'd found a breed of penguin that could survive in a desert.

The magic of money no doubt. He patted Zut on the head with a smile and slowly his eyes dropped. He began drifting in and out of sleep.


Acacia smiled to herself as she walked down the hallway.

'Tonight my love...' she thought. 'Tonight I prove to you how much I really care.' The girl grinned at the thought. Finally, she was going to be free from the wretched palace. She was going to be free from her prison! She was going to be, as the Prince had put it, like a bird.

"I'm terribly sorry My Prince…" she whispered to herself. "This will all soon be over. I know you'd understand, I must do this for my love." Her job was to make sure no harm came to Prince Ryou, and she intended to keep her vows. "My love would never hurt you, if I asked it of him."


"You're standing one my foot!" a young man dressed in black hissed.

"Shut up!" a woman hissed back at him, clasping a hand over his mouth.

"Will you guys stop it?" another man hissed, his violet eyes narrowed at them. "You're always arguing…"

"This idiot won't shut up," the woman snarled. The young man pushed her hand away.

"Sorry I—!"

"Silence." All three were immediately silent. The tall, lean figure dressed in red turned to glare at them all. His eyes were blood red, and narrowed dangerously. The youngest man gulped.

"If you three are done…" he began, annoyance evident in his voice, "We have work to do. Marik, scale the wall. Iyuna, get the gear out. Bam stand guard."

"Yes sir," they chorused. The younger man kneeled down and slipped off a pack. He was very tempted to complain about how he always had to carry the gear and stand guard but thought better of it. He didn't want to get of his leader's bad side. The violet-eyed man, Marik, lifted a grappling hook from the pack and hoisted it over his shoulder, careful not to stab himself. He'd done it before and did not want to relive the experience.

"You ready?" he asked. The woman, Iyuna, nodded, holding up some rope.

"Time to give the little a prince a surprise visit," she replied with a smirk. Marik smirked as well, and tossed the large hook at the window.


When Ryou opened his eyes it was dark. He blinked. What time was it? What had awoken him? Had someone knocked on his door? He listened but heard no sound. He yawned and laid his head back down. 'If the suns not up yet I shouldn't be either.'

Outside his window the figures began to climb. Iyuna, her body skilled and trained specifically for this kind of thing scaled the window in no time, crouching on the window ledge. The window was wide open. 'Fool,' she thought. Silently she lowered herself onto the floor. Marik came up behind her. He grinned, and they exchanged a look. This was going to be easy.

The red cloaked figure came up next, his eyes scanning the room. The Prince was just laying there on the bed, fully clothed. If they had not been sitting in the window the moon behind them would have been bathing him in its light.

Down below Bam muttered to himself as he kept watch.

"I never get to have any fun…" he grumbled, kicking a rock. He looked around. "I look left, I look right, there's no one in sight," he sang softly. Then he growled. "I'm stuck on the bottom, down in the sand, while that Princy up there has the world in his hands!" Bam looked back up at the window again. 'I'm not missing out of the action this time!'

He began to climb.

Up above the trio circled around the bed. "Make sure he doesn't scream…" the leader ordered. The Prince squirmed slightly and his eyes fluttered but he remained asleep.


Suddenly there was a scream. All three kidnappers jumped and looked around in surprise. The Prince's eyes flew open. He sat upright, looking around through half lidded eyes. It took him a moment to focus but by then it was too late. I rough hand clamped over his mouth, another wrapped around his stomach. Squealing in surprise he froze for a moment, it seemed two other people were in the room, but they were looking out his window. He realized someone was still screaming.

"Guys!" a voice yelled. "Help!" The two reached out the window and pulled up another figure, immediately dropping in the floor.

"You idiot!" snapped one of them, a woman. She gave the one on the floor a harsh kick and it squealed. The other figure lifted it up.

"Do you ever do what you're told?" he snapped, his violet eyes flashing angrily. Suddenly Ryou seemed to come to his senses and wildly began fighting the arms that hold him. Whoever was holding him was too strong for the boy and chuckled at his attempts to escape.

"Now, now little prince settle down…Bind him," he ordered. Ryou figured this man must be their leader. The original two strode over to the struggling Ryou and began to tie his hand and feet. Thinking quickly he bit the hand by his mouth, earning growl from his holder and enough time to shout for help.

Imminently the door shot open, Acacia stood there.

"My Prince is anything--?" It took her one moment to take in the scene before she burst into action. She leaped for Bakura but he was too quick. He dodged and quickly slipped out a dagger, bringing it to Ryou's throat. The prince's breath hitched in his throat when he felt the cold metal against his tender, porcelain skin. Acacia froze, glaring.

"Let him go now!" she cried. Ryou could feel his kidnapper smirk.

"Make me." Suddenly Marik and Iyuna were both on Acacia. A raging battle ensued. Acacia was strong but these two kidnappers seemed well trained. Ryou had never seen someone to match her strength, until that day. The battle ended when the third kidnapper, who had been hiding behind the bed previously, banged a vase over her head. Ryou winced as she fell to the floor in a heap.

Panting the woman kidnapper looked toward her leader.

"What do we do with her?" she asked.

"Tie her up, take her with us. She's an amazing specimen…" he said, grinning. Ryou glared and began shouting through the hand, wanting nothing more than to tell this man off! The dagger left his throat, as did the head around his mouth. He turned, and looked up into the man's hood, ready to spit fire...but when he saw those eyes he found himself unable to speak.

They were red, as red as the cloak he wore. It reminded Ryou of blood and he shivered. The man also had short, cropped, white hair, just like Ryou's! But what had really caused him to freeze was the long scar running from the man's eye all the way down his cheek. It was an eerie sight.

"Cat got your tongue?" he asked, giving Ryou a cold stare. The prince tried to take a step away but the man was holding his waist yet again.

"W-What do you want with me?" Ryou choked out, trying to sound strong like his Father. He must have failed for the man smirked. Ryou imagined his eyes must have been as big as saucers.

"We want you to be a part of our game," he replied. Ryou frowned, confused.

"N-no, let me go! Please, if you have a problem, we can talk, my Father would gladly—!"

"Bind him."

"You can't do this to me! My Father's the King!" Ryou cried as the figures in black began to tie his hands and feet. He struggled as best he could, but it was useless. He knocked heads with the one who had fallen out the window before; he'd seen guards to it plenty of times before. Big mistake.

"SHIT! That HURT!" the man cried, rubbing his head. Ryou moaned as colorful dots blinded his vision. A hand grabbed his chin and thrust it upward. He was looking into the red eyes of the leader.

"So am I." the man said smirking. Before he could muster a reply someone stuck a gag in his mouth. It wasn't necessary though. A moment later the world went black.


There, now you know the whole story. Well at least the beginning of it. Let me tell you, it does not stop there. This is only just the beginning.


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