A Story of Two Lovebirds

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Chapter 1: Realizations

"Morning Sam!" Danny Fenton shouted happily, running over to greet his best friend, Sam Manson. Tucker Foley ran off the sidewalk to avoid being run over by his best friend as Danny ran by him.

"Hey, what about me?" He asked, putting on a fake hurt expression.

"Hey, Tuck!" Danny said before turning back to Sam, talking animatedly about the ghost that attacked him last night. This went on all the way to Casper High.

"See you after class." Tucker said to his two best friends, starting the walk to Advanced Computer Skills.

"See you, Tucker." Danny and Sam said in unison, before walking away to Algebra 1, which they had together.

During Advanced Computer Skills, Tucker couldn't concentrate. Danny and Sam sure had been acting weird lately. Ever since Danny got his ghost powers, he'd been somehow different. He was definitely more confident, but slightly more subdued, like he was hiding something from him and Sam. Sure he talked to them night and day, but there was just that feeling in Tucker's brain that said he wasn't telling them everything. And Sam, she was acting less like a Goth and more like a prep! She was always smiling these days. Before he knew it, class was over and there was a test in front of him with a large 0 on it.


"Hey Sam! Hey Danny!" Tucker greeted his best friends when they all met up for lunch.

"Hey Tuck!" They said, once again, in unison. Noticing this, they both blushed.

"Sorry." Danny mumbled, looking at his shoes.

"No prob." Sam said, blushing and trying to hide her smile. Tucker rolled his eyes and took note of the scene before him before biting into the juicy steak he'd brought from home.

"Ugh." Sam said quietly as she caught sight of Tucker eating the meat. She looked pale just at the sight of it.

"I heard that." He growled.

"Meat's not as bad as you think it is, you know. You should give it a try sometimes; you'll never want to go back."

"I think I'll pass."

"Ah, come on, just one little bite?" Tucker said arrogantly, dumping a piece of steak on Sam's salad.

"Ugh! Tucker!" Sam backed away from her plate, looking disgusted.

"Leave her alone, dude!" Danny said, taking the piece of meat and throwing it back onto Tucker's plate.

"Oh, yeah? And why should I? She never leaves me alone!"

"Because Sam is an individual. It's her choice if she doesn't want to eat poor defenseless creatures, so get out of her face!" With that, Danny pushed his plate away and left the cafeteria. Sam closed her mouth and followed. Tucker just sat there, stunned by sudden realization.


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