1. Trouble with Time

"You are asking me about the connections between Space and Time?" Vector Prime stared at Red Alert and Scattershot, somewhat stunned.

"Well, you are the keeper of Space and Time, right?"

"Of course I am..."

"Then why are you so alarmed about talking about it?" Red Alert asked.

"It is not that... You have to understand... No one has ever asked me about it before..."

"You're kidding me," Scattershot said, jaw dropping slightly.

"No, I am not..."

"Alright then... I think that ended the discussion before it even started," Red Alert said, and headed over to some of the heavily damaged Transformers on the medical recharge beds. Scattershot shook his head, picked up a tool, and followed Red Alert over to the mechs.

"Do you require assistance?" Vector Prime asked.

"We've got it fine, Vector Prime. Thanks for the offer, though," Scattershot told him, beginning repairs on Karahrr. Red Alert was already working on repairing Shiori.

"What happened to them to begin with?" The ancient Autobot inquired.

"Optimus said something about Sideways, Noizemaze, and someone named 'Talutah'," Red Alert said, turning from Shiori and going to get some pliers.

"Sound like a bunch of terrorizing Unicronians, if you ask me," Scattershot muttered, attaching a newly repaired wire in place. Vector Prime nodded, and looked around at the other Transformers in the room.

"It would appear that they attacked the Decepticon Base..."

"What makes you say that, Vector?" Red Alert asked, pausing.

"Most of them are Decepticons," the white, gold, teal, and maroon Autobot noted. Scattershot stopped repairing Karahrr and looked at the other wounded mechs.

"Demolisher, Starscream, Shockblast, Thunderblast, Blazestorm, and Megatron," He counted. "Holy Primus, you're right!"

"Vector Prime, would you kindly go tell Optimus everyone is stable? He was worried about their sparks becoming so unbalanced that they'd die..."

"Of course, Red Alert," The ancient one answered, and activated a warp gate. He stepped through it and vanished. Red Alert and Scattershot retreated from the wounded Transformers to get a quick glass of Energon before continuing repairs.

"I never did get how he manages to see some of the most simplest things..." Scattershot muttered, taking a sip out of his Energon-1 drink.

"It's Vector Prime. He's ancient. He sees things differently than we do," Red Alert said in a monotone voice. Scattershot nodded, "Right..." he trailed off as three of the machines near the wounded bots started humming at a high pitch.

"Um... Red? Is that normal?"

"What-?" Red Alert didn't get to finish asking for a confirmation because the machines suddenly exploded. "Primus!" He swore, shielding his optics from the bright flash of light.

"Ah! I've been blinded!" Scattershot cried, gripping the table he was leaning against to keep from staggering away and hurting himself or someone else. The light faded away slowly, and the two Autobots looked over at the wounded Transformers. A alarm went off to warn anyone of the explosion, and under that, one of the remaining machinery started wailing as well.

"No!" Red Alert shouted, dashing over to the machine. "Slag!" He swore again.

"What is it, Red?"

"Their sparks are gone!"


"Optimus is going to kill us if he finds out!"

"Where are their sparks then?" Scattershot asked. Red Alert was already working on finding out.

"By Primus! Their sparks have been sent back in time 278 earth years!"

"Oh that's just great... Where's Vector Prime when you need him?"... ... ...

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