Summary: Sakura never liked writing in her diary, until one day a complete stranger starts leaving notes in her diary! Now Sakura needs to find out who this mystery man is, before she ends up falling in too deep.

This is a trial run for my first original story. My characters are completely mine and so is the plot. I know the story is short, but if I get good ….. or bad… reviews I will post more entries/chapters.

Just so you know this story is writen in a Diary formant. The italics show that it is someone else's handwriting and each chapter will be a seperate entry.


Dear Diary,

My name is Sakura Evenstin and this is my first entry in my new journal. The journal is leather bond, with silver trimming. It has a red amulet in the middle of the cover, with a golden edge. On the back is an inscription, it says "May you always have someone to talk too, who understands. –Grandma". As you can see from the inscription, my Grandma gave me the journal. For some reason my Grandma thinks that I am not very outgoing especially when it comes to boys. However, in some ways she is kinda right. I mean, I am the most popular girl in school, but for one reason or another I can not hold on to a boyfriend for more then a week. Its always the same story, no matter what I do there is always some kind of problem. Like he has to move away or he ends up getting back together with his old girlfriend or his schedule won't allow him to see me anymore, itis like I'm cursed! Anyway, she gave me the journal two years ago on my 13th birthday, but I have not looked at it since. I guess, I'm just one of those people who have nothing special to write about. The truth is, my life is really boring, so this will probably be my first and last entry in this book.

Dear Sakura,

I'm sorry to hear that this will be your last entry, for this will be my first time writing to you. I'm sure your life isn't so boring that you would have nothing to talk about. Please, write to me.

I know this was very short, but it was only a trial run. Please review I realy appreciate it,

thanks in advance.