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"Will you stop moving?" Looking down at the body pressed against his, Lorenzo grunted at the owner's irritated mutters before swallowing the groan stuck in his throat when she moved again.

The second he'd spotted Elizabeth Webber in the basement of General Hospital he knew he was in trouble. Just a trigger away from ridding himself of Manny Escobar and his insane antics, Lorenzo had been forced to lower his weapon when the young nurse had stumbled onto them.

More concerned with her safety he'd given Manny ample time to gain the upper hand. Now he was handcuffed to one highly agitated Elizabeth Webber while a lunatic roamed on the loose in Port Charles.

"Will you stop staring at my breasts." Feeling the heavy weight of his stare, Elizabeth hated how her face grew warm. This was Lorenzo-whatever- his-middle-name-was-Alcazar's fault. If it hadn't been for him she wouldn't be in the position, her legs wrapped around his waist while she sat on the tops of his thighs. Her hands were trapped behind her back, joined to his with a pair of very uncomfortable handcuffs.

"It's kind of hard not to." His deep timber responded dryly. "What would you like me to do, close my eyes?"

"A gentleman wouldn't need to ask." Elizabeth sniffed and tried to find a more comfortable position. It ticked her off that she was stuck in this situation. Kidnappings. Shootings. Bad marriages. She was sick an tired of the drama and just wanted a normal life.

"Stop moving." Cursing under his breath, Lorenzo sucked in a deep breath before continuing. "Name one gentleman you're acquainted with and I'll buy you a pony."

Almost hearing the trap being set, Elizabeth ignored his knowing smirk and stared at the far wall of the laundry room. If she thought yelling would get them released any quicker, she would've screamed herself hoarse. But knowing maintenance wouldn't be down here until the following morning she swallowed the angry tears and decided to ignore the man she was straddling.

"Is it becoming abundantly clear how the men your friendly with aren't what polite society considers 'Gentlemen' like?" Rotating his shoulders to relieve some of the stiffness, Lorenzo did his best to keep his eyes from dipping again.

At least not when she was looking.

Pinching her mouth, Elizabeth wished her hands were free to wipe the amusement off his face. "You know this is your fault right?"

"You're changing the subject, but seeing how I can be a gentleman when the situation calls for it, I'll let it go." His breath brushed across her cheek and tickled her ear. "I can't see how this is my fault."

"You brought that psychopath to Port Charles." The way her words came out slightly husky did nothing to improve her disposition.

"Do realize how irrational you sound?" His body tensed beneath her and she felt a moment of victory knowing she'd struck a nerve. "I'm not his keeper. It may surprise you, but I don't control his every move."

"Of course not." Feeling a little flippant, Elizabeth pulled back and gave the man a smirk of her own. "If you did, we wouldn't be handcuffed to one another in the basement of the hospital."

"Technically, I'm handcuffed to a laundry table." Pulling his hands back so the metal circling his wrists hit the pole of the table, the grin on Lorenzo's face returned. "I have to give Manny credit. He was quiet creative."

Not feeling she had to admit to any such thing, Elizabeth clenched her hands into small fists. "You're sick, you know that?"

"Why? Because I can see the humor in this?" Bringing his head back so he could look her in the eye, Lorenzo studied her for a moment. "Carly was right about you."

Nothing could've made her eyes pop open and her back to go pin straight, than throwing those words in her face. "Excuse me?"

"She said you were wound tight." Answering almost sadly, Lorenzo looked as though he fully enjoyed the snit Elizabeth was fighting to throw. Her mouth worked soundlessly, her face changing several times.

"I really don't consider Carly to be an expert on me."

"No, perhaps not." Shifting his legs to keep the circulation going, Lorenzo felt the air being knocked out of his lungs when Elizabeth's hips were shifted forward by his movements. Before she settled in, her face lit up in a brilliant red shade as she worked to move back on is thighs. "You realize, I can't have you sitting on my legs like that all night? They're starting to fall asleep."

"Tough." Not really meaning it, she moved her legs until she was in a kneeling position. Trying to figure out what to do with her arms, she didn't notice Lorenzo's pained expression when her breasts were level with his eyes. "Besides I wouldn't put too much stock into anything Carly has to say about me. We're not exactly friends."

"Have you ever wondered why not?"

"Because she's unstable?" Completely uncomfortable in her new position, Elizabeth let her head fall forward until it rested on Lorenzo's shoulder. "This isn't going to work."

"Move your legs back so they're wrapped around me." Almost feeling the heat from her cheeks, Lorenzo decided not to give her a hard time about her unease. Waiting patiently as she came to the conclusion that she didn't have much of a choice, he almost gave a sigh of relief when she moved. "Now you're going to need to scoot forward."

Elizabeth was a beautiful woman. The fact hadn't gone unnoticed. Unfortunately, she was also a woman closely tied to Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan. A woman who's ex-husband was currently the DA. Her other ex-husband a junior officer on the police force. She was trouble and he had enough of that in his life already.

Out of all the women in town, she was the last one his body should ever react to. He needed to keep the conversation going. Keep his mind off the way she was wrapped around his waist, or how her upper body leaned against his for support.

"Fine. Why doesn't she like me?" Her voice strained, Lorenzo tried to ignore the voice inside his head telling him she was just as effected as he was.

"She feels you try to be something you're not." Feeling her tense against him, Lorenzo rested his chin against her shoulder blade.

"She's so charming." Muttering against his neck, Elizabeth tried to place the cologne he was wearing. It was rich and . "I really should invite her over to tea someday."

"You disagree?"

Pulling back, Elizabeth's eyes flashed. "What do you think?"

"My thoughts on the matter wouldn't count for much." With a casual shrug he readjusted his legs again, forcing Elizabeth to rearrange herself closer to him. It was a juvenile maneuver, one he'd end up paying for, but it was well worth a little pain to watch her cheeks bloom and her pupils dilate.

"That's not what I meant."

"I know." Lorenzo's eyes nearly sparkled.

Elizabeth felt the air being sucked from her sails when it became evident he was teasing her. Lorenzo had purposely baited her into a conversation she'd only find herself frustrated with. They were being held prisoner by a madman, chained to one another and a table that was bolted to the floor. Instead of trying to figure out a way to escape, he was passing the time by teasing her.

"You're teasing me." Her eyes opened wide again.

"Perhaps." His smirk quickly vanished when Elizabeth fidgeted again. His groin shooting urgent messages to his brain. "Jesus. Will you stop moving?"

"I can't help it." Muttering under her breath while trying to rotate her wrists. "You're not the one who's hands are stuck behind their back."

"No. But I'm the one who has beautiful woman squirming in their lap." His words lacked the humor he'd intended, but they served their purpose when the young nurse froze.


"Yeah. Oh." Almost sighing in relief, Lorenzo closed his eyes and tried to regain control.

"There has to be a way out of this." Her voice seemed far off and when Lorenzo felt he was safe to open his eyes he was blown away by the raw need in her violet orbs. She only had to blink once when she realized she'd been caught staring and the look was gone. Lorenzo almost chuckled to himself, thinking he'd misread her expression. But the blush currently climbing from the flesh of her low cut top, up to her neck was a dead give away.

Too bad he had enough compilations in his life already. Complications who had names and vendetta's against him. He didn't need to add another one to the growing list. Giving in to the dull buzz settling in his groin would only end badly for both of them. Elizabeth Webber had to be avoided at all costs.

"I wish we had something to pick these locks with." Apparently still trying to ignore the electrical throb between them, Lorenzo chuckled at her feeble attempt to occupy herself.

"I didn't know you were talented in the area of lock picking."

"I'm not." Sighing, her chest straining beautifully against her tight black tank top she'd been wearing under her nurse's scrubs, Elizabeth tried to ignore the way Lorenzo's eyes were glued to the movement. He'd been right earlier. They weren't in a position to be modest.

What did bothered her, was how his attention didn't bother or disgust her. Not that she'd ever admit to it out loud. But to have a man like Lorenzo Alcazar paying such close attention to her, even if he were helpless not to, was thrilling in a sick and perverted way.

The man just oozed sex appeal. With his tanned skin and exotic dark eyes. Most of the women in town couldn't keep their eyes off him. She'd be a lair to say he didn't effect her.

He was also trouble. Trouble she'd sworn to stay clear of. Powerful, strong willed, in the Mob. She'd played close to that fire before and ended up burned.

"So why would you want -? Ah you assumed because I am a criminal I would know how to pick a lock?" He would have been humored by this, if he didn't feel oddly inadequate compared to a few of her other male acquaintances. "Apparently I'm lacking in a few skills."

"I didn't mean . . ." Well okay she had.

"What I meant to say . . ." Was that Jason could've had them out of this situation. Flustered and not knowing how to dig herself out of this situation, Elizabeth started to fidget again.

"Jason Morgan must be quiet the man." Feeling himself get hard under her movement, Lorenzo felt less ashamed when a whimper came from her mouth. He was sick and tired of being compared to Corinthos and his trained chimp. From the second he'd come to town he'd come second to them. It was humiliating and pathetic. "I'm surprised he doesn't wear a cape and have a Superhero calling card."

"I never said -." Her mouth suddenly dry, Elizabeth struggled against the drugged feeling that clouded her thinking. Hardened beneath her, Elizabeth tried not to let her imagination wander.

"I wouldn't be shocked if he wore tights under his jeans." Watching her eyelids droop while her tongue swiped along her lower lip, Lorenzo pulled his knees higher so she was pinned against his chest. He could feel her nipples tighten into pebbles.

It was stupid and dangerous. The game he was unable to stop playing and when she didn't argue with him but closed her eyes in an attempt to block him out he kept going.

"From what I hear you two were quiet the pair a few years back." This brought her back just enough to look irritated with him. "

"That's none of your business." Working against him to put some space between their bodies, Lorenzo was the one to groan this time. His hips jerked up in response.

"Heard you were the one to walk out. Makes a person wonder if Morgan was lacking in a few areas." Unable to stop himself, Lorenzo leaned forward until his mouth was next to her ear. "Letting you walk away only proves he's not the man everyone thinks he is."

Sucking her earlobe between his teeth, Lorenzo smirked at passionate whimper that escaped from her lips. He could still feel the fight in her, the restraint she was using to keep herself from completely going under.

"Why are you doing this?" Pulling back, she pressed herself against his thighs, trying to make him move them back to create space between them.

"Because I am handcuffed to a beautiful woman?" Arranging himself so she had nowhere to escape, Lorenzo buried his face into her neck and inhaled. "Because you're enchanting. Because unlike Jason Morgan, I have no issues pursing a woman when she's sparked my interest."

Rolling her head to the side, Elizabeth shivered when he placed a few bites on her flesh before running his tongue over the tender spots. "Because you're not a gentleman."

Chuckling deep in his chest, Lorenzo lowered his head to the tops of her breasts and placed a kiss on each globe. "Exactly."

Lifting his head to her waiting mouth, he took his time teasing her until she groaned and responded with wild abandoned. Her eager little tongue running over his, while rubbing her breasts against him, her hips moving sensually back and forth. She packed a hell of a punch and Lorenzo wondered how in the hell so many men had been stupid enough to let this hot little package go. It wasn't until she sucked his lower lip between her teeth when all rational thought fled his mind and animalistic nature took over.

Rocking up as much as he could in his position, Lorenzo growled when Elizabeth pushed down at the right time. Her hot center burning through her blue scrubs onto his Armani covered crotch. Their movements became erratic, almost frenzied.

"Elizabeth?" They both froze, their lips locked together, when the sound of the door creaking opened on the other side of the room. "Elizabeth?"

Jason freaking Morgan. If he had a goddamn gun he'd either put a hole in the asshole's chest, or turn it on himself. Pulling away from Elizabeth, Lorenzo watched as she blinked a few times back at him. He could see the exact second she came to her senses. Calling out to Port Charles's version of Superman with her swollen lips, Lorenzo had the pleasure knowing he'd done that to her. Proof she'd been just as effected by him as he had been by her.

Barely tolerating Morgan's searching looks, Lorenzo waited until his hands were free to stand gracefully. His eyes trained on the young woman who was fighting hard to ignore him while her boy wonder made sure she was unharmed.

It wasn't at that moment he'd made up his mind. Elizabeth Webber was just the woman he needed in his life. She was passionate, loyal, and still was soft and alluring. Plus it'd chafe Sonny and Jason's to no end.

"Ms Webber, it was a pleasure." With a mock bow and a naughty wink, Lorenzo turned on his heel and headed to the door. "See you around."