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The Risen

Chapter 1: Dance Monkey and New Girl

'The All American Rejects', boomed out of Chris Haliwell's room as his younger sister Melinda, strolled past, she stood by the door, watching her elder brothers air guitar technique. "Hey there, dance monkey. Shouldn't you be at work by now? Whyatt is."

He rolled his eyes to hide his embarrassment, and slammed the door. His sister yelled through the door " You're twenty-one years old shouldn't you grow up?"

"And you're seventeen years old shouldn't you be in school by now?"

The silence on the other side of the door was punctuated by feet and the muffled sound of "Oh damn!" and he smiled to himself. Mel was easy to shut up, but his mom and brother wouldn't be. He dragged on a pair of shoes, cursing the workman at P3 for making it impossible for him to orb to the club and take a little of the sting out of his lateness

Chris had recently been handed a percentage ownership of the club that his mother had stated up two decades before, P3 carried a certain weight of reputation these days. It still pulled in good bands for a smaller San Francisco and had gathered plenty of kudos for lasting so long, Chris loved the place, it was his favourite place to be but he still couldn't quite get free of his enormously influential family.

His brother Whyatt had matured into pretty much the magickal king of the world and still had time to look pretty and be on time for stuff. Chris tried to silence a flare of temper in his head by slamming the door to the Manor really hard. It didn't help much. His sister's car still in the driveway with a post-it on the windscreen "Sorry Dance Monkey, took your car, was out of gas M".

He grimaced, and let out a roar of frustration as he tore the Post-it off the window and balled it up in his fist. He began to walk.

As Chris walked into the club, he saw Whyatt talking to a new waitress. He could see Whyatt face on and the back of the waitress. She was an long auburn hair and she appeared to be listening in earnest to Whyatt.

Chris growled again, he already had a girl and now he was being so Nordic and square jawed and toned around the new girl.

Chris wandered over and spoke over the girls shoulder to Whyatt. "Hey big brother what did I miss?"

Whyatt turned Chris. "You missed nine am... again" He pulled his grumpy face and then let it drop, even though Chris knew it wouldn't stay dropped. "This is...this is the new waitress." he tried to cover his embarrassment at forgetting her name. "I guess I better tell Mom you showed."

"Teacher's pet" Chris muttered under his breath. "Hi, I'm Chris Haliwell. I'm one of the owners, not that you'd know."

Hi, I'm Kara Williamson, one of the waitresses, no-one's decided yet if you'll get to know." She smiled lightly but Chris was already chasing Whyatt.

"Mel took my car. I'll go talk to Mom"

I'll tell you what there's supposed to be another waitress, but she's late and I have an order to sort out you take care of the newbie's and we'll let your tardiness drop."

Chris rolled his eyes again and turned towards the door and was stopped in his tracks by a stunning barely dressed blonde woman in skyscraper shoes. "Hi I'm Marie Allen, your new waitress. Is it just me?"

His anger vanished and he rolled past the other new waitress without a second thought.