A/N I'm thinking this is the last chapter, leaving it open for a new story about the child and the development of the relationship up to that point but I'm open to suggestions if people think it should keep running.



Chapter 14

Still we Rise?

The Charmed One's collapsed on a sofa in the living room, after getting rid of the confused passengers.

"Phew!" Phoebe sighed as she slumped down "OK, nephew of mine, it was your fault we got in that mess but I commend your ability to talk fast getting that much memory dust out of the Elders."

Chris sat with his arm draped around Kara, having watched Wyatt heal her, that irritated Chris, somehow that he hadn't been able to heal her himself, but he did have to admit all the wheeling and dealing with the Elders to fix the big, fat, airport, type mess he had managed to get the family into, eventually all these thoughts cartwheeling through his head managed to communicate it to the others in the room, as the stunningly witty retort, "Nuhhg."

"Hear, hear" said Kara weakly.

- - -

"So..." Chris propped himself up on his elbow and looked at Kara.


"Why did you decide to come back?"

"Not to be to blunt about it!" Kara joked "because I wanted to. I have a chance at a real life here. Not looking after a sick man, not that I... it wasn't an obligation looking after my father. He was my Dad and he was sick, but it meant I didn't have a life. I need to learn too, how to be a witch, how to have a life." She stopped and looked at him her eyes intense "And I thought I might have people here who cared about me." she watched him closely "Maybe even loved me." She stood then, and picked up a shirt and turned her back to put it on, knowing she couldn't say what she needed to say while she was looking at him.

"If you don't it's okay, you know, we've known each other for such a short amount of time and everything has been so..." she raised her hands in the air "...that we never really had any chance to do the normal stuff!"

"What normal stuff K'?"

"Like dating and that whole circling thing, we went straight to sex and death."

"And we're still here, and the only thing I wanted while you weren't here was for you to be here. If you want to do the dating thing and pretend like we haven't been through what we've been through, then I'm fine with that, as long as you give us a chance!" He came to stand behind her and looped his hands around her waist.

"That was all I wanted to hear." She turned and kissed him.

- - -

"Hey," Piper's voice floated up the stairs "are you guys getting up today?"

Kara smiled as she dragged her hair off her face, and watched Chris pulled on a shirt. "Hey" she called softly to him. He smiled and they turned as one and went down the stairs.

They were slightly surprised when they saw Chris' mother stood at the bottom of the stairs with her hands on her hips.

"Hey Mom?" Chris said his tone questioning.

"Kara" Piper said "We need a word." Piper watched the panic cross the younger woman's face "don't worry it's nothing bad."

They trooped into the living room, Chris and Kara's fingers intertwined tightly "Kara, Paige spoke with the Elders about your sister and her group."

"And the Rising?" Kara asked

"Yes, and the Rising. And on that point, it doesn't look like it's over."

"What?" Kara and Chris cried in outraged unison.

"Don't panic. From what we were told there was a reason that only one sister was saved, when your mother kidnapped you both. The Rising was neutral and had to be given the chance to go either way. Good or evil. In beating the Thrall and winning Chris away from your sister evil didn't win so..."

Kara smiled "So that means I'm not evil?"

Piper laughed "No you're not evil and apparently, right now, neither is the Rising"

Kara and Chris both smiled widely. Chris' phone trilled "It's P3, I'll be back as soon as I can."

"There is one thing that does bother me though. Even the Elders wouldn't tell us what the Rising is...?"

"A child of the Rising is twice blessed, we always thought by evil, because, The Rising, is said to be the child of a traitor. I am considered to be a traitor to evil because I followed my father and became one of the good guys. A witch. I suppose if it was the other way around then Chris or Wyatt would be a traitor to good. I much prefer that I'm the traitor." Piper paled at the thought her youngest son was being tricked into something "Don't worry, it could still be Mel or Wyatt, it could not even be this generation. My mother thought my sister and I were the Rising until we grew up without the right powers. We don't have to tell him, right?"

Piper shook her head, she knew her son cared for this girl, and that she had cared enough about him to make it possible for Piper and her sisters to kill her own sister. She also knew she didn't want her son, to have it as difficult as his parents had it.

"Kara" Chris' voice floated into the room and she turned to go into the kitchen.

Piper smiled and turned her gaze to the chandelier "Hey! You guys are gonna give them a chance this time. Give their Blessed Child a chance!" She was yelling directly at the Elders.