Chapter Title: Captured Moments

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He woke up with pain lingering in his stomach, and the first sight that greeted him was a long, rectangular light hanging on top of him. The white ceiling did nothing to complement the pale periwinkle curtain that was dangling on his right, and he blinked before craning his neck to see if anyone was there.

"Hey Naruto", he heard a female voice say from his left. He turned his head and smiled when he saw Tenten offering a comforting smile back at him. "How are you feeling?"

"My stomach hurts", he mentioned casually, and looking around he figured he was probably in a hospital. "What happened?" he asked as he noticed Neji's eyes focusing straight at him. He took in Hinata's worried eyes and sweet smile, and Tsunade's relieved face.

"You don't remember?" Tenten asked him nervously. This wasn't good. If Naruto really was attacked because he knew too much, and he doesn't remember anything about his attack now, would that mean he doesn't remember anything about his dreams? About their conversations? Was she honestly the only person left for this psycho to attack in a hasty attempt to remove all the evidence?

Naruto stared straight at Tenten, and quickly glanced to Neji and kept his focus on him. Tenten inconspicuously followed Naruto's gaze to Neji, and finally understood.

Naruto, thankfully for her sake, did remember everything. But perhaps Naruto sensed something about Neji beforehand, something that she could not comprehend until now.

Sakura found it hard to believe that she had been in this stupid mansion for… days now, yet she hadn't been able to leave this room. The sunlight outside was blocked by heavy curtains, and she sighed, knowing she would only the hundreds of faces she was in charge of keeping alive. She slowly crept over to the door, her footsteps silently gliding over the wooden floor, and when she reached the door she placed her small hand over the golden doorknob. She bit her lip, looking around her room as if Sasuke was going to appear any second, and turned the knob to the right, successfully opening the door.

She peeked through the small sliver of hall she could see through the door. … She couldn't really see anyone…

You're going to need to prepare the kill soon, Sakura. Sasuke is Toshirou's reincarnation; he will not hesitate.

Sakura heard the truth in Narumi's words. She knew Sasuke was someone who liked to take action; sitting here like a duck wasn't doing her any good.

But Harunos don't hesitate either.

Narumi's words should have brought a smile to her face, but they only reminded Sakura that it was her fate to die, no matter what she did.

But if she had to go down, Sakura thought bravely, opening the door and stepping out into the dim hallway, she wasn't going down alone.

The second Tenten watched Neji walk into the bathroom, she ran into Naruto's hospital room quickly, closing the door behind her and sitting on his bed.

"Tenten?" Naruto asked, one eye open. He rubbed his other eye with one fist and then rotated his neck to remove the stiffness.

"He's in the bathroom."

Her words made Naruto nod and slowly sit up, and Tenten stacked the pillows against his headboard to help him lay down properly.

"He was male", Naruto started off, these words reminding him to tell Tsunade-baa chan the truth later on, "He was… a bit taller than me, and he had, I think black hair, dark eyes."

"Why did he attack you?" Tenten asked quietly, her eyes staring straight at the door.

"Something about… enjoying what would probably be his last moments on Earth. Some stupid shit", he said, speaking quickly, "And then he said it wasn't my place to get so close. She wasn't coming back no matter what we did."

Eyes widening, Tenten opened her mouth to speak only to be interrupted by the words that were spilling out of Naruto's mouth, "Tenten… I know this is the same girl in our dreams, but I remember her, well not her name", he said sheepishly, scratching his head, "But I know what she looks like!"

"Naruto that's great! But… without her name we won't get far", Tenten explained, feeling horrible for making a hospital patient lose hope, as evident by Naruto's downcast face, but she quickly said, "But maybe people will remember her if we show her picture around!" Naruto's face seemed to brighten with joy, and Tenten smiled, making a note to bring in a sketch artist.

"Naruto", she whispered, wondering why Neji wasn't coming in yet… Did he suspect something? "Listen I need to tell you something about Neji", and soon she explained her meeting with Hinata and Neji's suspicious behavior for the past few days.

"Tenten…" Naruto said, staring at his white bed sheet covers in deep thought. Her suspicions about Neji had reminded him of something. "… My attacker said…" He searched his brain for the exact words, but could only remember the meaning behind the words, "Something along the lines of 'Don't expect your friends to help you'. Which friend?"

"Neji?" She asked in response to his question, but it was an unsure answer. Neither of them knew the truth.

"Let's just get that sketch artist in. Maybe if we see her picture, our subconscious will… I don't know, spring another memory on us", Tenten explained just as Hinata opened the door, with Neji following her. Hinata was talking, albeit being interrupted with mini stutters, to Neji, and she was effectively keeping Neji's attention on her.

Note to self: buy something really nice for Hinata on her birthday, Tenten thought with a small smile on her face. She sent a nod towards Naruto's way and took off, heading to the station to ask for a sketch artist.

After stepping out into the dim lit hallway, Sakura turned her head, trying to find any sign of her kidnapper, only to find none. She exhaled, letting out a breath of relief, before walking down the corridor, her bare feet stepping over the wooden planks below her.

From the days of her teenaged life, she could remember the "scary" Halloween stories around warm camp fires and the ghost stories spoken underneath soft blue blankets on a brown leather couch. She could vividly remember the silly arguments on how to kill a vampire, with Ino arguing for the traditional method of stake through the heart, while she argued that beheading and sunlight was the way to go.

How do you kill a vampire though? She wondered, the question lingering in her mind as she walked down the spiral steps of the mansion. Gripping onto the metal railing, Sakura silently walked down the stairs, wondering where Sasuke was.

With silent steps she walked down the stairs, her eyes scanning for an escape but the doorway was nowhere in sight. She kept walking down the corridor, darkness seeping through every wall, every corner, and she put her arms around herself to try and keep herself warm.

She gulped, the noise in her throat sounding so loud that she glanced around, trying to look for Sasuke so that she could stay away from him. She noticed a door at the end of the corridor, and she ran, knowing it would only be a matter of time until Sasuke found her anyway.

She opened the door as silently as she could, to find that it was an old kitchen.

Sakura let her hand graze the marble top, and she looked behind her before opening all the drawers, trying to find anything that could help her. Her hope was diminishing, but her smile brightened at the last drawer (she had almost given up hope) when she found a few old dinnerware. She took two dull knifes and held them close to her, hiding them in the sleeve of her long sleeve shirt, careful not to hurt herself. She had to go undercover before, so the knives were nothing new… She was just used to sharper instruments.

She retraced her steps back upstairs her eyes nervously glanced around, darting from each dark corner, only to find another dark corner, and another, and another, and another and suddenly the darkness seemed to seep into her proximity, capturing her in its essence, crawling up her skin with its cold, dead fingers—

And then she turned around on the stair step, to find that those cold, dead fingers belonged to someone with eyes filled with the blood of millions, and when she gasped in surprise Sasuke threw her down the stairs, with her falling in midair, her body barely grazing the steps.

And the only thing she could see as her body pushed through the heavy air, was those red eyes, the black swirls only hinting at the demons that ruptured his skin, and the haunting smirk that was going to be attached to her memory forever.

In seconds he disappeared off the top of stairs, and she fell with a thud into his waiting arms.

"I could kill you right now", he taunted, motioning his head towards the stairs. "I was so close too…"

"Let me go Sasuke", Sakura said scornfully, her voice filled with venom that didn't seem to reach him. He gazed at the stairs thoughtfully, and then glanced at the girl in his arms. She tried to struggle in his strong arms, but as expected, she could not escape his grip.

That's expected, she heard Narumi say, Uchihas had a thing for torturing us before trying to kill us.

Her words only made Sakura struggle harder, but Narumi continued to speak in a mysterious tone.

Careful Sakura… This is a different type of torture.

"But I didn't", Sasuke said, bring Sakura's attention back to him. She stared at him with bewilderment evident in her eyes. What was he going off about now?

With Sakura still in his arms, Sasuke climbed the spiral steps of the mansion, not bothering to use easier methods to put Sakura back upstairs.

It was a silent climb, since Sasuke didn't bother going any faster than 2 miles per hour. Sakura, knowing better than to have a struggle on the stairs where she could easily fall and break her neck, stayed silent, letting the vampire open the door to her room with use of the wind, and soon she was lying on the bed, and she sneakily freed the knifes from her wrists and hid them under the pillow, and seconds later Sasuke's hands tightly gripping her wrists and chaining them to the bed.

With his eyes glazed over, he lowered his head, letting his lips travel across her jawbone, his lips fluttering against hers, and soon his lips were attached to her own. Sakura let out a small relieved sigh, thankful that he hadn't seen the knives.

Sasuke bit and licked her lower lip, trying to gain access to her mouth, while he captured her small hands in his large one, while his right hand slowly tickled his way down across the body, dancing over the curves and clothing. His fingers, slipped under her shirt, slowly pulling it up, his tongue now dominating her own.

Sakura was too caught up in the moment to resist his advances, and her heart pounded fast as Sasuke's hand outlined her skin using a finger. It was only seconds until he would reach higher…

She gasped as he suddenly removed his lips from hers and let his lips attack her neck, biting and sucking, ready to sink his fangs into her creamy smooth skin, ready to let her fresh blood flow through the crevices of his teeth and down his willing throat—

Sakura distract him!

Sakura bit her lip, a sign of pure hesitation, before making up her mind and letting her knee brush his groin, making his grip on her tighten for a fraction of a second until she moved her neck out of his reach. She pulled herself down more, letting her body rub against his, and she kissed him again, before using one of her legs to wrap around his waist. Mustering all her strength she tried pushing him onto his back, (and she found it didn't take much to do so, but then again she was "distracting" him), and sat on top of his body, moving her head down to kiss him once again. Her eyes glanced at the curtains blocking the radiant sunlight, and, quickly forming an idea in her mind, she weakly struggled to get her hands free of the grip he had on her.

It didn't take much to get her hands free, and she had to thank her recent "almost-death" experience for making Sasuke this distracted, and she ran her freed hands down his broad chest, letting her hands flutter against his muscles. She lifted her legs up, sitting on top of him with both her legs on top of his now, and she moved her own head down to his neck¸ and slowly bit the skin, eliciting a small gasp from the vampire, a reaction she didn't expect him to give her.

Her green eyes, once again filled with the vibrancy that it was missing before, kept glancing at the curtains, knowing it would take one tug to release the darkness that was occupying this room.

Pressing her thigh against his groin area once again, she bit her lip and sucked on the bite mark she had given him, and let her left hand travel to the pillow to gain access to the knives. Gripping them in her hand, she counted to three before jumping up and running to the window. Her bare feet ran across the wooden floor and she tugged at the curtains, letting the sunlight bathe her in warmth. She turned her head to stare at the now growling vampire, and she knew that this circle of light surrounding her would eventually leave…

But she was safe for now.

How the hell am I going to get out of here?

Naruto's eyes widened when he saw the girl in the sketch. With pink hair and green eyes, she smiled at Naruto, free from all the worries that bothered him. She was a little fuzzy in his mind, but now that he saw her face, right in front of him, he let the shock overtake him.

"Sakura?" he whispered questioningly, his memories coming back to him fast.

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