Oh, Child of Mine

By: keep.your.groove.on.baby

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A/N: I really hope I don't screw this up…there are so many reasons as to why this story shouldn't be written but if I'm correct, it's the only one of its kind. Enjoy!

WARNING! There will be some sex or sexually based content in here. Do not read if you are not into that sort of thing. If you are, by all means, read on!



Every band has its time to shine. Gorillaz was in no way any different, except for that fact that instead of shining for only a brief moment before fading out of the spot light, this band had an ethereal glow that faded briefly only to come back stronger than before. However, fame is only an illusion, supported by the interests of a race of beings driven by an attention disorder that caused their heads to snap in the other direction the first time fame decides to take a breather.

And so, not very long after the return of the still "dead" guitarist, even with plans to continue working, the zombie pop band Gorillaz faded from the spot light one last and final time, never to be shined upon again. It was a mutual decision from all the members, not that they had lost interest in music, occasionally all four of them would find themselves in the studio at the same time and decide to play something random, but the desire to work for the public was lost and all the four of them wanted was a little relaxation.

Unlike after their first album, none of them departed from Kong Studios after they'd decided to quit the music industry. They were family and they wanted to stay that way for as long as possible.

The wedding between Murdoc and Noodle had been a small and simple to do. None of them had other family still living or on speaking terms, so the four of them just went to the courthouse to witness their guitarist and their bassist bind their relationship for the rest of their lives. Russel and 2D were unaware of Noodle's immortal state at the time; they didn't even know Murdoc was immortal, only that he performed monthly rituals in his Winnebago in honor of Satan himself. Noodle's blue eye was explained as a fashion statement. The honeymoon was extravagant, however, the bassist surprising Noodle with a two week long trip to Bora Bora at an island resort. The huts were stationed over the water in which the couple hardly left the hut except for dinner and the occasional walk on the beach.

On their trip back to Essex, Noodle reminded Murdoc of his promise to her a year earlier to buy her a car. Neither had forgotten, he'd just claimed there were more important things they needed and that she could use the Geep if she ever needed to go anywhere without him. He shrugged off the reminder on the plane which only infuriated the guitarist more until they pulled into the car park of Kong and she saw a brand new black, 2008 Ford Mustang with a large, bright red bow sitting on top. Needless to say the Satanist was proven time and time again of the Japanese guitarist's gratitude.

In 2014, two years after their wedding, Noodle buried her best friend and pet, Mike. He'd died a natural death of old ageand was found on the back porch in a lounge chair. There was much fuss about where to bury the primate since Noodle was furious at the thought of his grave being unseen and unnoticed in the landfill. So the very next day bright and early in the morning, Murdoc, Russel and 2D rolled up their sleeves, grabbed some shovels and cleared away half an acre of the landfill for Mike's grave. The plot they'd cleared in a whole day was big enough for at least a hundred graves comfortably, but instead they used this just for their guitarist's beloved pet. The ground was cultivated and grass was installed by nervous workers while the band members reached for their dusty scythes to keep away the zombies for one day.

Later in the week, a tomb stone was purchased and a small coffin was made by the guitarist, herself and a small ceremony took place in his honor. Noodle cried over the coffin while each band member said some respectful words of the monkey that had tagged along hand in hand with their guitarist, kept her company while she was away and had even made an appearance in Dirty Harry. The three men placed the coffin in the small grave that had been dug by them earlier that, with some difficulty, and shoveled the dirt back onto the coffin while Noodle knelt and cried in the grass. While they shoveled, she'd lifted her eyes and noticed several hundred zombies eyeing the green space hungrily. While a member or two guarded the grave at all times, a ten foot electrical fence with chicken wire laced around it was installed to protect the sacred ground. At the last moment Noodle requested a door be installed and when asked why she dropped her head and said, "For the rest of us…when it's our time."

It took several months for the Japanese guitarist to recover from such a heavy loss. Murdoc considered purchasing her another pet and friend, but instead he noticed she was becoming closer with the raven Cortez. He shrugged it off, not too concerned with the attention the bird was receiving. As long as it didn't interfere with her attention on him he didn't care.

So life continued like it should, the band still out of the spot light, but occasionally appearing on TV or in the papers for local events. England never wanted to lose touch with their favorite band so they paid them to make appearances at small events; a long-time fan's birthday, a graduation from the local high school, a charity event, and things like that. The money wasn't asked for nor was it dire necessities for the band, but none of them were comfortable not having an income. So what little they received was saved for the future should any major expenditures come up.

Ironically, five years after Noodle lost her companion, Murdoc lost something of his. He was out on a beer run and had opted to take the Winnebago so it wouldn't sit forever and rot instead of taking his Geep. Unfortunately for the Satanist, the much loved Winnie would have been better off rotting than what had happened to it. Ironically, it wasn't Murdoc's driving that totaled the Winnebago but a sleeping semi driver t-boning the passenger side of the mobile home and careening it into the brick wall of a building. Murdoc lived, of course, as well as Cortez who'd flown out the window upon impact, but everything inside was completely destroyed. Thus, in 2019 began the turning point for the forgotten band. Noodle and Murdoc had to completely start over with their living style, and since there wasn't an unoccupied room in Kong, the couple moved out of their beloved Kong Studios, leaving behind 2D and Russel. Still wanting to keep ties with their family, they bought a small condo not even two miles away from the gates of Kong and visited daily.

It was in 2020, however, when the band was celebrating Noodle's twenty-ninth birthday, 2D, of all people, noticed that Noodle wasn't aging normally after she'd returned from disappearing and that Murdoc hadn't aged since he'd turned forty. With nervous glances and an onslaught of questions the couple confessed to their immortal state. Murdoc explained exactly how satanic he was and when it all began when he was a teenager and Noodle told them of her trip to the hell hole on her twenty-first birthday.

Both the singer and the drummer were nonchalant about the whole subject, due to either speculation or ignorance, neither of them addressed the issue again after that. To hold true to their agreement with Satan, both Murdoc and Noodle kept a healthy lifestyle; Noodle attended a ritual sacrifice of a pig in which she stood back as far away as possible. However neither of them ever addressed the subject of children, even after attending numerous events with several of them running around.

At the age of sixty, with his healthy and twenty-year old body, Murdoc went down to the hell hole again to receive a new body. However, Lucifer refused due to the fact that Murdoc and Noodle still bore no children. As soon as Murdoc fathered a child he promised to give him another new body, until then he would start aging as if he was twenty. Murdoc left Kong and told Noodle of this but the subject was dropped with a shrug and neither of them attempted to talk about children again.

The next tragedy to shake the foundation of Kong came fifteen years after Noodle became immortal...one month after her birthday. Russel, at the tender age of fifty, suffered a massive heart attack and died shortly after arriving at the local hospital. Naturally the remaining band members knew the cause…the man was devout to three things his entire life: family, music, and food, food being the primary even though he would have said otherwise. The hospital and the gates of Kong had been raided by local, national and even fans from around the world armed with roses, cards and gifts honoring the big drummer.

Noodle cried from the time they witnessed it happen at dinner, to the hospital, right up until three months after the funeral. The only father she'd ever known was gone, never to return again to the land of the living. A bruising thought lingered in her mind longer than it should have and she considered requesting Satan return Russel and Mike to life before shaking her head furiously and crying herself to sleep in Murdoc's loving arms. She'd lived with zombies her whole life; she didn't want to be the one to blame because she was selfish and wanted the dead to live again. Also, she wasn't so sure she could rely on Lucifer a hundred percent with a favor of this caliber.

Russel Hobbs was, of course, buried in the fenced in half acre that had been devoted to Mike, the drummer's grave parallel to the primate's. The service was short since they were the only ones able to attend. A little research on Murdoc's behalf showed that Russel's family was deceased. After shoveling the dirt over the coffin, Noodle, Murdoc and 2D sat next to the two graves in lawn chairs, reminiscing on the good times and the bad and occasionally one of them would crack a smile at a fond memory.

Three days after the funeral, an attorney came to the door with Russel's will. The three remaining members read the will in awe. Ironically, Russel had requested to be buried next to Mike in the plot they'd cleared and asked that his room be cleaned and then left alone. Everything he owned he asked to be distributed evenly through value to his band mates. The only thing that changed from the will was that his personal bank account was distributed to the three of them…other than that they just cleaned out his room and left it at that.

All three of them were hurt individually from the loss of their friend, father, drummer and one could even say a cook. Russel was the second member Murdoc hunted down and recruited for his band. Possessed from a dead friend from the streets of New York, Russel's sound was unrivaled around the world. He was the teacher, and father figure to an orphaned Japanese girl shipped in a FedEx crate. He kept her safe, taught her to speak their language and gave her the love and affection a daughter deserved. Noodle cried hysterically as she watched her father get buried. Murdoc had sighed and hung his head in sorrow. They weren't much of a family anymore without the big drummer as the go between. It just wasn't the same.

2D had mourned silently since they received the news at the hospital. Not even a single tear rolled down the singer's cheek…at least not so anyone could see. The forty-eight year old lanky singer still looked the same as always, blue hair, lanky swinging arms, thin as a sheet and black eyes. Twenty-five years didn't do much to the singer or his disposition, but the more and more his family started receding away from Kong he became more and more depressed. After the death of his mentor and true friend he holed himself up in his room and refused to come out at the beckoning of Noodle or calls from the couple on his cell phone.

This went on for months. Murdoc had opted to give up but Noodle wasn't quitting on her best friend. Every day after the funeral Noodle would wake up and drive over to Kong Studios first thing in the morning. She'd cook breakfast for the singer and bring it into his room after finding a key to the door next to the step. He wouldn't look at her or acknowledge her presence; he'd just lie on the bed or sit in the chair, whatever he'd been doing when she walked in he would just pause and stare vacantly at nothing until she left the room. She'd place the breakfast on his nightstand for him even though he wouldn't acknowledge it. Before leaving Noodle would wrap her arms around his stiff body and allow one or two tears to fall from her tearstained eyes and she would say, "I love you, 2D. Murdoc and I are still here for you. Please come back." And then she'd leave the room, shut the door and sit down with her back to the door with her guitar in her lap and play a different song for him everyday. She'd play that guitar for hours and occasionally sing for him. If 2D had been at the keyboard when she'd arrived, she'd hear him play along with her if his keyboard was part of the song or sing with her, his voice still the same as before except filled with more sorrow and reluctance.

While playing for him, Noodle would hear him get up and eat the food she made for him, the fork clanking loudly against the dishes. She'd smile sadly upon hearing this and get up and leave him for the day. The next day she'd be pleased to see the dishes she used in the kitchen sink upstairs, empty.

After a while of doing this by herself, Murdoc started coming by after Noodle and spending time with the depressed singer. He'd buy a case of beer and go into 2D's room and sit next to him, whether it was on the bed or on the floor or wherever. He'd open a beer for himself and one for 2D, placing the frothy beverage next to the unresponsive man and then just talk to him. He'd talk about the past, good times, bad times, and their friendship and so on. The first time he did this 2D picked up the beer after an hour of Murdoc talking and took a sip, keeping the cold can in his hand and focusing his attention on the bassist. Murdoc had paused to watch him do this and then smirked and continued whatever he was talking about. After both of them had finished off the twelve pack and 2D hadn't made a responsive gesture except to take a beer and drink it, Murdoc stood and cleaned up the beer cans and the case while 2D sat there, silent as always. After he was done he'd walk up to him and put his hand the singer's shoulder and squeeze gently, saying, "I'll see yeh tomorrow mate." And then leave him sitting there alone in his room.

Murdoc had gone home after that and told Noodle of what had just happened and how the silent man had responded slightly to his presence. Noodle had smiled excitedly and from that point on the couple had gone together in the morning to eat breakfast with 2D and talk to him over a case of beer. They'd reminisce some more and talk and joke and on occasion 2D would crack a smile or laugh, but he never spoke again. Murdoc considered the fact that maybe he'd forgotten how. 2D wasn't young anymore and maybe in his old age the accident so long ago was finally taking its toll. Noodle shook her head at the assumption and told him again that 2D still sang occasionally.

2D followed Russel into death three years after in the year 2030 at age fifty-one. He'd called Murdoc and whispered that his chest hurt and asked if the bassist would take him to the hospital. Murdoc and Noodle picked up the singer and raced to the hospital in Noodle's car, Murdoc driving and Noodle sitting in the backseat cradling the weeping singer in her arms. He died in the guitarist's arms on the way to the hospital. The autopsy results claimed that nothing was wrong with him, his heart had just given out. Both Noodle and Murdoc wept in the waiting room. That was it…Russel had died of a heart attack from doing what he loved and 2D died from a broken heart. England made a big fuss for the old singer but the rest of the world didn't. After twenty-one years of being out of the spot light…they'd forgotten all about Gorillaz. But England remembered and they honored Stuart Tusspot just the way they'd honored Russel. 2D was buried next to Russel in the grave plot that had formerly been occupied by just Mike and Russel. Noodle wept, continuously. She'd lost everything she'd ever adored in life…now all that was left was her beloved husband and an empty house.

Again, three days after 2D's funeral another attorney came to the door and asked them to sign the release of 2D's will to them. After signing the attorney asked curiously how old Murdoc was. The Satanist frowned and told him he was sixty four and had plastic surgery and left it at that. 2D's will also left everything to Noodle and Murdoc with the request that his room stay the way it is other than to be cleaned and preserved like Russel's. His personal bank account was also added to the couple's joint account. So now they were billionaires and alone with a filthy house that had only two clean rooms and a gaping hole in the side of it.

Noodle, 39 and Murdoc, 64 were all that was left of the former band Gorillaz. Childless and without their family surrounding them…there was nothing left for them…

But that didn't stop Noodle. She convinced Murdoc to sell their condo and they both moved back into Kong Studios, occupying the living room as a bedroom until they figured out where they should live. And so began the biggest excavation in the history of Kong. Starting from the hell hole and moving up, the two of them cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Garbage was cleared out of every room and thrown out but anything memorabilia was left where it was, but tidied up so it looked neat and clean. It took four weeks to clean the bunker before they made it to the car park…which they left alone. 2D's room was cleaned but nothing was removed unless it was trash. Moving up one level, they cleaned the studio and the studio kitchen, throwing away instruments that were broken and placing the ones that could fit on the wall there and anything placed neatly around the studio.

This went on for month's right up until it was time for Noodle to visit the hell hole for her rebirth. She went down there with Murdoc and both were immediately greeted by Satan himself. He told Noodle that she wouldn't receive her new body because she had not given birth to a child yet. Her head hung from her shoulders, sadness etched permanently onto her face. She explained her reasoning for not having any children was because she wasn't lonely yet and didn't feel the need to fill her house with children when she already was occupied with a family. Now her family was gone and she was making plans to have a child when they finished cleaning the house and the land. Lucifer grinned evilly and agreed to this, dragging both Murdoc and Noodle into the hell hole so they would rise again, reborn with new bodies again.