Oh Child of Mine

By: a.mild.groove

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Chapter Three

"How come I'm still feeling air come through here and you already put that insulation stuff here?!" Noodle asked irritably from where she sat on the floor in front of her old room; her husband standing above her with a tub of rubber insulation. Murdoc rolled his eyes, "Because yeh 'ave to apply water to it in order for it to fill in the gaps!"

Noodle looked up from where she sat and frowned at him, "Why didn't you tell me that? I could have been finishing up behind you this whole time."

Murdoc didn't answer her right away but instead stood on his toes trying to shove insulation into the seam on top of the doorframe, "'Cause yo' keepin' meh legs warm, love. S'too cold 'round 'ere," he muttered, commenting on the fact that Noodle was literally sitting in between the Satanist's bare legs considering all he was wearing was a pair of boxer shorts. This time it was Noodle's turn to roll her eyes as she scooted away from the door and her husband's legs and stood with some difficulty due to the many layers she was wearing. "Maybe you should put some clothes on, dearest," she said mockingly over her shoulder as she crossed the corridor into the kitchen. She went to a cupboard and retrieved a small bowl as well as a basting brush. The former Axe Princess sighed as she began filling the bowl with tepid water, it had been over two months since the couple had become renewed with their new bodies; a little over a month since they'd started having sex again, but no talk of children came up again after the first time. Nothing. Noodle stared at the bowl sadly as the water slowly filled it. She was starting to want children more and more; the more silent they were about it, the more she desired to hear little feet pounding down the hallway and laughter filling the ghostly Kong Studios. Her life was becoming boring and she couldn't control it either; because of their immortality, life came to the point when the couple had to stop being so noticeable due to the fact that their original fans were now in their forties or fifties and they still looked like they went bar-hopping every night. So the former guitarist looked over her shoulder at her boxer-clad husband, pursing her lips and making her decision to bring the subject up to him once they finished the door. She wanted children and if he wanted to continue his immortality, he'd have to comply with her. Noodle straightened her spine, her resolve strengthening with her growing height when suddenly a wave of nausea came over her, causing her to lurch forward to the counter for support, the contents of the bowl spilling in the sink. Noodle gasped at the sudden sickening pain in her stomach, her forearms beginning to burn from supporting her weight on the edge of the countertop. Noodle's breathing started to quicken, the color flooding away from her face while the room slowly began to spin and pick up speed. She licked her dry lips, her breath coming out in short gasps, "Murdoc?" She called out across the hall. She heard a grunt which equaled a, "Yes, dear?" in most cases. Noodle's eyelids started to droop, her speech slurring as well, "I need…need…" she muttered, stumbling away from the countertop, her upper body losing all strength but her legs suddenly gaining a burst of adrenaline as she bolted down the hallway past her confused husband and rounding the corner down the next corridor to the toilets.

Murdoc dropped the tub of insulation he was holding the moment he saw Noodle run down the hall, holding her stomach and her mouth and bolted down the corridor after her, "Noodle!" he yelled, but the Axe Princess didn't stop, just pushed through the door to the toilets; the door swinging shut behind her as Murdoc skidded to a halt in front of the door. Within a split second he was about to burst through the door when suddenly he heard the most awful retching coming from one of the stalls. The Satanist's face paled a few shades before he swallowed the bile that had risen in his throat and pushed the swinging door open to go inside the bathroom. More retching as Murdoc walked forward slowly and then his heaving wife stopped long enough to scream, "GET OUT!" before vomiting again in the stall. Murdoc swallowed the bile in his throat that insisted on rising again and stepped into the stall behind his wife. Murdoc stared nervously as his wife threw up the entire contents of her stomach. The former bass player knew this was a critical moment for him as her husband…he'd never been faced with this kind of thing ever before because neither of them hardly ever got sick due to a young immune system. Sighing so she wouldn't hear him, Murdoc stepped around to her side, squeezing in between her quivering body and the side of the stall and pulled his wife's hair away from her face and off her neck, placing his other palm, which he knew probably felt like ice, on the back of her neck and rubbing gently. Murdoc wasn't sure if he was doing something right or wrong or completely irrelevant until he saw Noodle's body visibly stop shaking and her vomiting was more controlled and calmer, if that was even a proper analysis for when someone vomits. The Satanist continued doing this for another three minutes while his wife continued to throw up on and off until finally she stopped. The two stood there for a minute, waiting for anything to happen. When Noodle didn't start vomiting again she lifted a shaky hand to flush the toilet, but Murdoc quickly intervened and did it for her. Noodle mumbled a thank you and began to stand with her back to her husband, Murdoc taking a small step back to allow her room to walk when suddenly he noticed her head was coming towards him backwards.

The wheels turned faster than one would usually give Murdoc credit for and he lurched forward with a shout to catch his falling wife. She fell backwards into his arms, her legs giving out and her body going limp. Murdoc gawked down at her pale, unconscious form, "Shit…" he muttered, wondering for a brief moment what could possibly be wrong with her before he reached down and picked her up bridal style, walking towards the swinging door that would lead to the corridor and kicked it open gently so as not to disturb her. He walked down the hallway slowly and into the living room that they had finished furnishing to be their bedroom and laid her down gently on the already made bed. Right as he pulled his arms away from her, Noodle was roused awake, her face immediately twisting into a scowl. She opened her eyes to look around and they fell on the face of her concerned husband. She frowned when she saw his concerned expression, "What happened?" she whispered. Murdoc sat down on the bed next to where she lay and took one of her hands in his, raising it to his lips and kissing her small fingers, "Yeh fainted, love, after yeh finished throwin' up," Noodle's eyes widened and she looked around in thought before swallowing the bitter taste in her mouth and frowning, "I need to rinse my mouth out," she said, trying to lift herself up on her elbows. Murdoc jumped up, "No," he said, gently pressing her back down to the bed by her shoulders, "I'll take care of it," Noodle frowned as the Satanist backed away from her, "But I have to spit it out, Murdoc!" Her husband just smiled at her and backed away down the corridor that leads to the kitchen, disappearing when he walked into the kitchen. Once out of sight, Noodle took the opportunity to allow her horrified expression come forth from the previous events that had just happened. Was it possible? Had Murdoc and Noodle really conceived not four weeks earlier? Noodle looked down slowly at her jacket where her stomach would be and slowly and nervously unzipped it, revealing another a sweater which the former guitarist realized irritably was covering a couple more layers. Growling, she slid off the bed, her jacket falling to the floor and began peeling off several layers at once.

Murdoc walked down the corridor and into his bedroom with a bottle of mouth wash, a water bottle and a small basin with a towel in it. He stopped short in the doorway, however, when he saw his wife standing in front of their full length mirror wearing only a bra, pants and her boots. She was staring at her reflection, tears streaming down her cheeks as she cradled her flat stomach with her palms. Murdoc frowned at this, "Noodle love," he whispered so as not to startle her. She looked over at him, her expression immediately turning into one of joy as a smile broke out on her face, "I think we're pregnant," she said, the grin on her face getting larger by the second. Murdoc's eyes widened and his mouth gaped open after he registered what his wife had just said. Was it really possible? They were going to have a baby!

Murdoc dropped the items in his hands, all of which landed on the carpet, and rushed to his wife to capture her in a loving and tearful embrace; Noodle being the one crying, of course. Both of them sank to their knees, still embracing each other. Murdoc smiled into his wife's hair, he didn't expect to be excited about this moment, but for some reason he was absolutely thrilled. He was going to be a father and he could finally enjoy this empty house with a new family. He pulled away from embracing his wife and grabbed her face with both hands on either side of her cheeks. He leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips, her tears sliding down her cheeks into his fingers. He broke away from her with a gentle smile and leaned his head against hers; Noodle sobbed with a smile, sniffling away her tears as her husband wiped away any remnants of them on her cheeks. She smiled up at him, "We have to make an appointment to go to the hospital to confirm this and start making plans for the pregnancy," Murdoc nodded excitedly, still holding her face with his hands and staring into her blue and green eyes. Noodle laughed, "Can we go today?" Murdoc nodded again, still staring at her, smiling. Noodle laughed again, shaking her head, "Can you go make the appointment?" He nodded again before slowly letting go of her face and standing, turning around and running down the hall and into the kitchen where the house phone and phonebook were. Noodle giggled at her husband's reaction, standing and picking up the mouthwash and basin to rinse out her mouth. Murdoc wasn't the type to show a whole lot of emotion until he has an epiphany…and then he expresses himself full throttle. Noodle swigged the mouthwash; swishing it around in her mouth and then glancing at the bowl in her hand and then down the hallway where the kitchen sink was. The former guitarist shrugged and walked down to the kitchen; no point wasting the bowl. Once she entered the kitchen, she saw her husband sitting at the table with a pen and paper, a phonebook and the cordless phone positioned next to his ear, a delighted expression on his face. Noodle smiled, or tried, with the mouthwash in her mouth as she walked to the kitchen sink and spit out the mouthwash with a pleased sigh, the bitter taste of bile cleaned from her mouth. She put the bowl away and sat herself next to Murdoc, her chin resting in her palm as she watched him talk to a receptionist at the local hospital.

Murdoc glanced at the clock on the wall above the sink, "Yea, four o'clock will be fine. Awright, thank yeh," he said, clicking the phone off and writing down some information on the paper in front of him before smiling back at his wife and reaching across the table to hold his wife's hand, "Yeh 'ave an appointment at four o'clock wit' a…Dr. Berieux," he said, glancing at the name on the paper in front of him. Noodle quirked an eyebrow curiously, "He's French?" Murdoc nodded, "She, an' supposedly the best in Europe."

Noodle frowned, "What's the best doctor in Europe doing in Essex, England?" she asked, curious of the circumstances. Murdoc shrugged, "Not sure, but the lady at the 'ospital was readin' all 'is woman's credential's an' she sounds good. O'er forty years experience with pregnancy and delivery," Noodle's eyes widened, "Wow, I'm almost as "old" as she is," she said smiling. The Satanist smiled back at her before glancing down at his watch, "Ok well it's two-thirty now, so let meh finish the door to yo' ol' room an' 'en we'll go to the 'ospital," he said standing. Noodle smirked up at him, "How about some clothes, darlin'?" She said sarcastically of his state of undress. Murdoc glanced down at his boxers before glancing back at her with a quirked eyebrow. He pursed his lips, "Yo' not exactly dressed yo'self, love," Noodle's eyes widened in confusion before she glanced down at herself in only a bra and pants before laughing and standing as well. She walked around the table and grabbed her husband's hand, walking with him down the hall to their bedroom; Murdoc going to the dresser to get pants and a shirt while Noodle put her original clothes back on, minus the jacket. She sighed after she situated herself into all of her layers, her husband coming up behind her and snaking his arms around her body, kissing her neck affectionately, "Why don't yeh lay down and rest, love? I'll finish the door for yeh an' 'en we'll go to the appointment," he said, nuzzling her cheek affectionately. Noodle smiled, yawning suddenly despite herself. She nodded and Murdoc walked her to the bed, tucking her into bed. He leaned down with a smile and kissed her forehead, "I'll be back in a bit, love," Noodle nodded, "Ok," and watched him walk down the corridor to her former room, her eyelids weighing down and shutting as her mind drifted away into a peaceful slumber.

Murdoc bent over, with a sigh, to pick up the small tub of insulation that he had dropped earlier. Silently he pinched a glob in between his fingers and shoved it in between the doorframe and the door itself. He thought about his wife not even twenty feet away from him, peacefully asleep and the child forming within her that would soon come into their lives. He still couldn't believe it was true that he, Murdoc Nicalls, former bass player to Gorillaz, Satanist, and all around uncaring, unloving man to everyone that knew him, would become a happily married man and a father.

The former guitarist and bassist sat in the waiting room of the hospital, glancing around nervously as patients and personnel buzzed by them nonchalantly. Even after twenty years together the couple had yet to devise a plan to keep their identity under wraps; or at least so they could associate with the public without being discovered. Noodle leaned over and whispered to her husband, "Maybe we can say we're eccentric fans, ya know? Rich enough for plastic surgery and all that mess," she said, glancing at him sideways. Murdoc didn't take his eyes away from the horde of people that continued to walk past them, "The names?" he asked. Noodle sighed, thinking for a minute before her face lit up and she smiled at him, "We're that eccentric! Same names, credentials and everything and we bought Kong after all of the band members past away."

Murdoc took his eyes away from the passersby to glance at her for a brief moment, a sad look gracing his tan features, "No news of either of us passing away, love," he said. Noodle's face fell and she frowned, a brief memory of their loved ones flitting through her mind before she mumbled, "The world forgot about us by the time 2D died and England barely cared. By now…I doubt even the people in our hometown remember us," her shoulders sagging with every depressing word that escaped her lips. Murdoc sighed, wrapping an arm around her and pulling her closer to him on the waiting bench. Noodle was probably right, he thought to himself. After Russel's death people eventually stopped asking them for appearances and the like until about a year later it seemed they'd been forgotten completely until 2D's death that is, where England proved it still remembered.

Suddenly Noodle leaned away from the Satanist with a queer look on her face as she stared at him speculatively. He frowned at her, "Wot?"

"Aren't I dead?" she asked, quirking an eyebrow. Murdoc reeled back in confusion, "Wot? Wot do yeh mean?"

"The death certificate you guys signed before El Manana, remember?" She asked, her face starting to pale slightly since a woman who was legally dead couldn't show up to a hospital pregnant. She was about to stand to leave when Murdoc shook his head, grabbing her hand, "No, love, I 'ad that certificate annulled before I went to go get yeh. Yo' still alive…just "old"," he said with a smirk. Noodle smiled back at him, slightly relieved that she wasn't dead. Although when she'd come back Wallasey she'd reacquainted herself with England, the rest of the world hadn't really paid attention and didn't know she was back. So it all worked out in that area; she wasn't legally dead and people knew she wasn't.

Noodle glanced at the reception desk in front of them and then at the door next to it before whispering, "So what do we tell these people? I'm 41 and you're 64, that's not exactly a prime age to have children. Nor do we look even close to that age!" she exclaimed in a hushed voice. Murdoc thought to himself for a moment, glancing around a few times before frowning, "Wosn't there a celebrity a while back who 'ad a kid in 'is eighties?" he asked rubbing his chin in thought. Noodle frowned in thought for a second before her expression brightening at the realization, "Oh yeah! That, um…that guy from that Star Trek series?" Murdoc nodded, "But Murdoc he looked like he was in his eighties! We don't exactly look seasoned if—"

"Fitness freaks."

Noodle paused at being interrupted before she frowned at what her husband had said, "What? What do you mean 'fitness freaks'?" she asked quirking her brow curiously. Murdoc glanced at her and shrugged, "Well, we can say we've 'ad plastic surgery and such, but that we also work out to keep ourselves looking young."

Noodle thought about this plan for a moment, resting her chin on her fist. It was a good explanation, actually it was perfect and it made sense, but they couldn't use this excuse forever. She glanced at him with a sigh, "It's good, dear, but it's only going to buy us some time until we need to do something really drastic to keep our identity under wraps," Murdoc shrugged again, "This is 2032, love, and people are living longer," he said. She shook her head, "But not forever. Soon we'll have to think of something, especially since we're going to have a child under our identities and at our current age."

Murdoc frowned again with a sigh while he thought of something else to cover that area. Before long he smiled softly and squeezed her hand, "It'll be awright, love," Noodle frowned at him, "How so?" she asked. He cleared his throat and lowered his voice, "Well, in about twenty years yeh'll be in yo' sixties and I'll be in my eighties. That's not exactly a knockin'-on-death's-door age so after our kid gains independence we can quietly "die" and change our identity. See?" Noodle nodded, understanding the plan he'd made a smiled comfortably. She leaned over and hugged him, "Thank you," she said, "I feel a little bit better about this whole thing now."

He sighed into her hair, "Yo' welcome, love. Anything for yeh."

"Mr. and Mrs. Nicalls?"

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