Bulbasaur, Pikachu, and Ash, Oh My!

In the Next town, the group found a Pokemon centre, and gave up their

Pokemon to rest. After they had been treated, the group found no Hotels, with

no open rooms.

"Oh, great," May groaned, "now where will we sleep?"

"I can offer you a place!" came a girls voice, behind them. A girl in a pink T-shirt

and orange dress, smiled at them, "My Dad, offers Bedrooms to travelers, who

can't find a Hotel to stay in. It doesn't cost anything, if you're just staying one


"Oh, Beautiful Star!" Brock sings, running up to the girl, kneeling on one knee

and grabbing hold of her hand, "Will you shine with me, forever?"

"Too bad, she's not even in your Galaxy!" Max snaps, grabbing Brock by the

ear and dragging him away.

"Nice guy," the girl giggles, "Hi, I'm Rachael!"

"I'm Ash," Ash introduces himself, "we'd be very grateful to use your Father's

house, for a night."

"Then, follow me."

The group followed Rachael, and came to a big, brick house, which sttod four

levels high. The group walked into the house and upstairs with Rachael. They

each got their own room, all right beside each other, down a long hall.

"Your Dad looks pretty Wealthy," May brought up, looking at all the fancy

paintings and stautes, which lined the house.

"Yes, he's very rich, but very generous with his money, to help people out!"

After Dinner, the group let out their Pokemon, to explore the house.

"Ok, guys!" Ash called out to everyone, "you can look around but don't break


All the Pokemon cheered and went off in different directions. Pikachu slipped

away in a totally different direction, then any of the others. He walked the

bottom floor for a while, and soon came to a door, that was partly open. He

opened the door and saw that it was a big storage room, full of boxes of

receipts, and old junk.

"Pika!" Pikachu cheered, running into the back of the room. He found a corner,

farthest from the door, and sat down behind a few boxes. He then proceded to

rub his lower belly, and pant slowly.

"Pika-Pi!" he moaned. Soon, a small yellow rod, poked out of his fur, and stood

up on end. Pikachu was masturbating and thinking of hot Pokemon he had

seen along his journey. His dick started to grow fast, and started getting

thicker. Soon, Pikachu was in heaven, stroking his staff, with great force.

"PIKACHU!" he shouted.

Meanwhile, Bulbasaur was busy, poking his head into each door and taking

looks inside, but not going in. He then stumbled upon the room that Pikachu

had found. The door had only been closed to an inch, so Bulbasaur only had to

nudge it, and he was in. He could hear moaning, coming from somewhere


"Bulba?" he pondered. He walked into the room and went to the back, he

looked around and soon came across Pikachu, hugging his dick, in his arms.



They stood still for a short second, before Pikachu scrambled to hide his penis.

Bulbasaur stood still for a second, and then looked behind him, to see if

anyone could see them. Since noone was around, he turned back to Pikachu,

and then let his vines out. He guided his vines over to Pikachu, who noticed the

vines and stood frozen for a minute. Bulbasaur let his vines grab hold of

Pikachu's dick, and started to rub it up and down.

"Pika!" Pikachu yelled, but became quiet, when he noticed how great it felt.

Bulbasaur crept closer to Pikachu and then let go of his penis with his vines,

and then gave it a lick.

"Pika...," Pikachu moaned, closing his eyes. Bulbasaur then continued to lick

Pikachu's dick, and then he put it into his mouth and sucked on it. Pikachu

moaned louder and soon he began to lick his lips.



Ash, after seein almost all the rooms on the top floors, came down to the

bottom floor and noticed that he haden't seen any of the rooms, downstairs yet.

He went through all the rooms, and quickly became bored woth them. He then

had only one more room to check out. The Storage room, in which Pikachu and

Bulbasaur, had gone into. Then, Ash could hear faint moans, coming from

inside the room. He walked up to the door and listened.

"Sounds like Pikachu and Bulbasaur!" Ash said, pushing the door, wide open.

He looked around, but didn't see anything. He walked along all the rows of

shelves and soon came to the back of the room. He looked one way and then

the other. He then saw Pikachu and Bulbasaur. Ash gasped at what he saw.

Pkachu was up on Bulbasaurs small back, with his dick inside his ass.

Pikachu was moving fast, in and out, with his dick, and moaned with each

thrust. Bulbasaur was enjoying this, and was moaning also. Then, Bulbasaur

brought out his vines again, and so as to not let Pikachu out of the fun of being

screwed, guided his vines around to the back of them. He then proceded to

bring the two vines together, and form one. Then, he moved towards Pikachu's

ass, and slipped his vines inside.

"Pika!" Pikachu wailed, feeling the vines penetrate his hole. Pikachu continued

his screwing of Bulbasaur and Bulbasaur began his pumping of Pikachu. Ash

stood in amazment, watching the two Pokemon fuck each other.

"Pikachu? Bulbasaur?" Ash called to them. The two Pokemon, stopped their

bouncing, and looked up in shock.

"Pikachu...that's awesome!" Ash laughed, "can I join in?"

"Pika!" Pikachu gasped, shocked to hear what Ash just said.

"Well, can I?"

Pikachu looked at Bulbasaur, and then back at Ash. Pikachu nodded, and Ash

laughed. Ash went to close and lock the door, he then stripped down, and

began to masterbate. His dick quickly began erect, then he got down on his

knees. Bulbasaur took away his vines and watched Ash.

"Get ready, Pikachu!" Ash said, holding onto Pikachu's ass, "you are about to

experience a human dick inside you."

Ash guided his dick and touched Pikachu's asshole. Pikachu groaned, but let

Ash do his thing. Ash rammed hard into Pikachu, and they both let out a cry.

Ash then wasted no time, pounding Pikachu, and thrusted in and out, with

strong power. Bulbasaur then moved his vines further, and behind everyone,

once again. He then did the same thing, that he had done to Pikachu. He

curled his vines up into one, and formed one. He charged hard into Ash's ass,

and made Ash cry out. The vines moved in and out, and made Ash cringe.

Pikachu continued his bounce inside bulbasur, moaning and crying all the way.

Ash banged Pikachu with angry lust. All of them cried out with pleasure, and

rammed each other till their holes started getting red.

"Oh...Pikachu!" Ash cried. Ash pulled his dick out of Pikachu and started

working himself over. Pikachu got off Bulbasaur, and turned to face Ash. Ash

kept thrusting his dick till he came. Big shots of juice, exploded from Ash, and

soaked Pikachu. Pikachu opened his mouth and drank all he could. Bulbasaur

got some of it too.

After they were all done, Ash and the two Pokemon, left the storage room, and

found the others.

"So, did you guys enhoy the house?" May asked.

"Oh, yeah!" Ash laughed, "we enjoyed alot more then you guys, ever could."

Pikachu and Bulbasaur laughed along with Ash. The others didn't know what

they were talking about. Dinner came, and then bedtime.

Ash, Pikachu, and Bulbasaur shared a room, and slept together, while the

others were, in their own rooms.

All through the night, the three, kissed and held each other, but didn' get it on,

like in the storage room. They knew, they would have plenty of time for it, later

on in their journey.