FOREWORD: This is the first of what I hope will be at least a few alternate endings to Silent Hill ½. The game gave me the idea…plus I wasn't happy with the ending I wrote, and I don't think the people who read it were either. This ending starts at the final battle. Some of it is the same, but you have to read the whole thing.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Ranma ½, Silent Hill, or anything pertaining to them, or anything else that is mentioned that I do not own.

Alternate Ending 1: "Already Home"

by Chris Vegvary

As the others fought the evil versions of themselves, Ranma and Ranko stood across from each other.

"If you think I'm just going to go along with all this, you're dead wrong," Ranma said to her. "I'd rather die."

"Then so be it. Frankly, I expected as much…nobody ever wants all this at first. But it doesn't matter if you die here. In fact, that's the idea; once you're dead, your soul will be removed from your body and I will fully restore it before taking possession of it! Then, I will dedicate the rest of my days to finding a way to become a complete woman again."

"Your reasoning for all this is pathetic and stupid. I'm not giving up my body without a fight," Ranma growled, standing battle-ready.

Pyramid Head stepped out from the darkness suddenly and reached for Ranma with one large hand. Ranma, unprepared for this, flinched back. Ranko waved her hand angrily before Pyramid Head. "Stop!" Surprisingly, Pyramid Head did freeze, his oversized hand only inches from Ranma. He turned his pyramid slightly in Ranko's direction . "He's mine."

After a moment, Pyramid Head withdrew his arm and turned around, lurching back into the darkness, his heavy footsteps thudding as he moved further away. Ranma watched him go and then turned his attention back to Ranko, once again ready to fight. "Come on already!" he shouted.

"You really have no idea what you're up against, do you?" she chuckled.

"What? Who gives a fuck anymore? I've seen everything this place has to offer! Give me your worst! Let's do this already!"

"You're not getting out of this town alive, Ranma," she said, a wicked smile forming on her face. "You're going to take my place here."

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, only the whites showing. Her arms stretched out at their sides, she began to levitate until she was floating a few feet off the ground. Ranma dropped out of his battle stance, watching with confusion. Her dress shredded itself completely. A loud, deep hum began to emanate from somewhere, and her skin began to bleed rust, until she was covered in it. After another moment, her head split vertically in two, followed by the rest of her body, as some kind of monster version of her climbed out of its skin.

She was completely naked. Her skin was grayish blue, like a drowning victim, and her face had changed for the worse; her eyes were huge and blood-red with no pupils, and her teeth were massive fangs that ripped through the flesh of her lips. Her fingers grew into long razor-sharp talons, and she was on all fours. Her back rippled and then tore open, forming another set of giant, fang-filled jaws that roared loudly.

Ranma looked on in shock, trying to pull himself together. He told himself he could take this…this Ranko-Demon. But he knew better. This was it. All or nothing. If he didn't do this, he was going to die horribly and spend eternity in this Hell. His features hardened and he once again was ready to fight.

The Ranko-Demon twitched, bobbing her body in different directions to try to confuse Ranma. Suddenly, she leaped into the air, claws pointed downward as she came closer him. Ranma rolled out of the way and turned to her, just barely dodging a slashing attack from her claws. He landed near a pile of debris and noticed a long, lead pipe. He quickly grabbed it and stood up, spinning around with it. The pipe connected with the Ranko-Demon's face, and he quickly slapped her with it again, again, and again. On the last strike, when she was dazed, she quickly spun around and the lead pipe went straight into the massive jaws in her back. Luckily for Ranma, he withdrew his hand just before the teeth closed on the pipe, shattering it and sending long pieces of shrapnel flying.

Ranma stepped back, eyes wide. The Ranko-Demon spun back to face Ranma and she laughed. She then thrust her left arm forward and her claws went right through Ranma's right shoulder. Ranma screamed through clenched teeth, his eyes tightly shut. She raised her other claw back, preparing to strike. Ranma knew he was about to be killed and, though it hurt badly, he grabbed the forearm of the hand that was skewering him and put his foot in her midsection. He pushed her forward with his foot and hands, propelling himself backwards and removing the claws from his body. The Ranko-Demon was thrown backwards, but she flipped over and landed on her feet.

Ranma was down on one knee, holding his shoulder and trying to keep himself going. There were four dime-sized holes that went all the way through, and they were oozing blood. He looked in the direction of the Ranko-Demon. She was about fifteen yards away or so, and she was roaring at him. She then reared back and then began to run at him at full speed. Ranma tried to pick himself up, but he would never have made it in time. Before he knew it, she was already almost on top of him.

Suddenly, as the Ranko-Demon was within killing distance of Ranma, Akane flew out of the darkness above Ranma and landed with both feet into the Ranko-Demon's face, sending her to the ground. Akane leaped off her and faced her. The Ranko-Demon squealed with anger and jumped to its feet. She was now between Ranma and Akane.

"Over here, ugly!" Akane said, trying to get her attention.

"Akane, no! Don't…" Ranma yelled weakly, trying to stand. The Ranko-Demon hissed at her and looked back and forth between her and the injured Ranma. She seemed to be focusing more on Ranma and was turning his way.

"Come on, you bitch!" Akane screamed, stamping her foot. The Ranko-Demon turned to her and squealed again, positioning herself to leap. She did, and Akane was able to move out of the way, but not before her leg was raked by those claws. She fell to the ground, crying out in pain.

Upon hearing her cries, Ranma looked over and saw her on the ground, the Ranko-Demon crawling around her, trying to frighten her before it mutilated her. Ranma suddenly straightened and stood up. Anger welled up in him and his rage reached its limit. He reached down and grabbed a piece of shrapnel from the lead pipe.

Akane was terrified. The Ranko-Demon circled her, prepping herself for the kill. Just before she moved to attack, a piece of lead shrapnel whizzed past Akane at an alarming speed and embedded itself directly into the Ranko-Demon's left eye. Her head rocked back violently and she stood, glaring at Ranma with her one good eye. She reached up with her right hand and gripped the shrapnel, twisting it until it finally came out of her eye socket, black liquid flooding out. She held the shrapnel over Akane, grinning at Ranma.

"NO!" Ranma yelled, running towards them.

But he was too late.

Akane screamed as the shrapnel punctured her stomach, impaling her. The Ranko-Demon stood over her and laughed. As the she did so, her right arm suddenly disappeared in a spraying flash of black blood.

It was Kuno, who had appeared from out of the darkness, and his sword had taken her arm only seconds after she had gotten to Akane. "Away, demon!" he shouted.

With a roar of pain, the Ranko-Demon curled up the one fist it had left and backhanded Kuno, sending him flying back into the darkness. The Ranko-Demon stretched out what was left of her arm and blood and rust began to flood out of the wound, reshaping itself and replacing her missing arm, although now it looked like a bloody mess of rotten meat and dead muscle.

As the Ranko-Demon turned to check Ranma's status, she was too late to realize that he was on top of her. With a cry of rage, the first thing he did was punch her in the throat as hard as he could, which caused her to make a strange gurgling sound. She clawed at her throat and Ranma kicked her in the chest with extreme force. The Ranko-Demon practically flew backwards, coming to a stop at the base of a popcorn cart. The next thing the Ranko-Demon saw was Kuno's wooden sword flying towards her at high velocity. It struck her in the face, in the bridge of the nose, to be precise, and pinned her to the cart.

Ranma was kneeling on the ground next to Akane. She was bleeding badly, and he didn't know what to do. He held her tight, shaky.

I couldn't save Ukyo, probably Shampoo, too, and now…

Ranma lowered Akane to the ground. She was not dead yet, but she was unconscious. He stood up and watched the rain beat down on her face for another moment. Then, he turned his head slowly to where Kuno had the Ranko-Demon pinned.

The Ranko-Demon could still see. One of her eyes had ruptured, and it would not be able to repair itself until she got that sword out of her face. As she tried effortlessly to remove it, she used her good eye to see what was going on around her. Kuno was approaching her, with murderous intent on his face, but did not do anything. Behind him, she saw something that actually made her afraid, for the first time in as long as she could remember. It was Ranma, and he had some kind of black aura surrounding him that had not been there before; it was like the darkness that now surrounded them.

He locked eyes with her one good eye and stalked over to one of the metal cages that held those decaying corpses. He placed his hands on two of the bars and, after a brief struggle, managed to rip them off. He glared at the Ranko-Demon and approached her. He took one of those metal bars and effortlessly ran it through her midsection. Ranma leaned down and, with a grunt, he twisted the bar up towards her chest and stabbed it into her. He stood up and grabbed the other bar. Kuno removed his sword from her face and she pitched forward slightly, a sick gasping sound coming from the new hole in her face. She look wearily up at them. The last thing she saw was Ranma, standing over her, the bar raised over his head, as he drove it straight down through hers.

While either end of the bar was sticking out of her head, Ranma gripped those ends and twisted in a clockwise direction, twisting the Ranko-Demon's head into an unbelievable direction and tearing off a large chunk of her head in the process.

She finally slumped over, hard. Ranma and Kuno watched the corpse twitch. The body began to bubble and melt away. The world began to fluctuate back and forth between the dark world and the foggy world. Eventually, the darkness receded completely and the foggy world was revealed. Ranma looked at Kuno and the two ran back over to Akane. Ranma kneeled down next to her and lifted her head slightly. Blood ran from the corner of her mouth.

"Akane?" he asked, somewhat frantic.

"Uhh…" was her only response.

"You're gonna be ok, just…"

Kuno stood over Ranma, looking down on Akane. He never thought anything like this would, or could, happen, especially not to the woman he supposedly loved.

"Hey," a voice said, startling them. The two of them turned their heads toward the merry-go-round. Ryoga began to approach them. "What happened?"

"It's Akane," Ranma said shakily. "She's hurt, bad."

"Ah, I see."

Ranma and Kuno both looked at him again. Something was off and they knew it. Kuno straightened up and slowly began to walk towards Ryoga as he got closer to them.

"What's wrong with you?"

"I'm fine," he responded, and for a second, Ranma could have sworn he heard two voices simultaneously come out of Ryoga's mouth when he said "fine".

Ryoga began to walk slower, approaching Kuno, who was close to him. Kuno looked at him warily, but made no move to stop him. He waited. He thought he might have to take Ryoga down before he did something crazy.

"We need to get her out of here now."

"But Ranma," Ryoga said, still not looking at him, "…there is no escape. You're not done here."

They stared on in confusion, unsure of what was happening. Preemptively, Kuno moved to strike with his sword and the rest seemed to go in slow motion. As the tip of the sword came at Ryoga, he touched it with two fingers and it shattered completely, leaving Kuno's hands covered in blood and wood and splinters. He looked down at his hands in surprise and then back at Ryoga. Ryoga was close enough to Kuno that he reached out with his right hand and shoved it deep into Kuno's midsection. Kuno gasped, his eyes wide, as he felt Ryoga's hand moving inside him.

"Kuno!" Ranma shouted. He set Akane's head down once again and stood, preparing to race over there, but he saw that he was too late.

Ryoga withdrew his blood-covered hand from Kuno, who was still struggling to stay alive. He smiled and quickly spun Kuno around so he was facing Ranma and forced him to his knees, taking a step back. Kuno wavered slightly, blood pouring from his mouth, his eyes half-shut. Ryoga swiftly removed his bandanna and straightened it out. He slashed diagonally downward and there was a fast, crunching, tearing sound.

Kuno's eyes went wide and he began to choke. His eyes rolled upward and his torso, from the bottom of his upper-right shoulder to the top of his lower-left hip, slid off his body and hit the ground. Ranma looked away for a moment, sickened…but then he looked back into Ryoga's eyes.

"What happened to you, Ryoga?" Ranma asked angrily, already knowing the answer.

That double-voice came out of Ryoga's mouth, clearly this time. "We still want you, Ranma. Ranko's petty ambitions failed, and she has suffered the consequences, and now she will return to Jusenkyo. But we still haven't given up on you yet. We want your soul."

Ranma sensed in Ryoga a being more powerful than anything he had come across in the place. "Who the hell are you?"

"I have many names. But that no longer matters. Bear witness to my power, and the power of this place that I have helped build."

The ground on either side of Ryoga began to turn black. It started small, then spread to the size of a large puddle. These black pools began to bubble slightly and then a hand reached out of one, then the other. Two people were surfacing, and one appeared to be headless. The other…


What appeared to be Shampoo and a headless Mousse were struggling their way out of those pools, Shampoo moaning softly in a way that made Ranma's skin crawl. As soon as they were out, Shampoo began to levitate until she was a few feet off the ground, her hands dangling loosely at her sides as her hair reached out in all directions. One of her eyes was visible most of the time; it was completely red, as if covered with blood. Ranma knew now that these were no longer the Shampoo and Mousse they knew…they had become vengeful ghosts.

The Mousse-ghost's body stretched out one arm and reached down into the black pool (that Ranma suspected led to a world he didn't even want to begin to imagine) and withdrew his severed head by the hair. His jaw moved slowly up and down, and his hand pointed his head in Ranma's direction. His glasses were still on. He, too, began to levitate, and now he and Shampoo were on either side of Ryoga. For one long and terrifying moment, everything stood still and fell silent as Ranma stared on, waiting, heart beating heavily.

Shampoo and Mousse began to move. They floated slowly forward, towards Ranma. Suddenly, Ranma reached for his head and grunted as he felt a sharp pain starting to grow in his skull, a high-pitched sound ringing in his brain, and his vision became weird and grainy. As Shampoo and Mousse got closer, the pain became worse. He covered his ears and shut his eyes tightly, but the sound and the pain would not stop. He looked behind him and remembered Akane.

Despite the pain, he ran to her and grabbed her, carrying her in both arms as he ran. He ran as fast as he could, not looking back, and eventually the pain and the ringing in his head stopped, and his vision went back to normal. He raced down Nathan Avenue, hoping to find a way out of this town. Only once did he look over his shoulder, where he saw many things that only made him increase his speed.

He saw Shampoo's and Mousse's ghosts were floating quickly after them. He heard those sirens again, and the darkness was racing towards them yet again from the amusement park. Patient-demons were shambling out from everywhere behind him, stumbling towards them. As the darkness finally passed over them, he also saw Pyramid Head materialize closely behind him. He thrust a spear in Ranma's direction, but it luckily flew right past him. Demon-nurses stepped out of the darkness from right behind them and swung metal pipes, scalpels, and other melee weapons. He got nicked a couple of times, but pressed on. Some type of gravity-defying monster had now also joined the chase. It raced along the sides of the buildings on all fours, leaping from one to another, slowly but surely closing the distance. It didn't have a face, but it had teeth and claws, and all that was enough to keep the Ranma moving.

They finally passed the Silent Hill Historical Society and then a small alleyway. They came to Carroll Street and Ranma turned right. He ran as horrifying things hunted him and Akane, making bestial sounds behind them. They passed Pete's Bowl-O-Rama, the gas station, and the Heaven's Night club and bar.

Finally, they came to Brookhaven Hospital. Ranma looked around and saw the army of demons coming right for them, Ryoga up front, followed by his many minions. Out of breath from carrying Akane all the way across town, Ranma needed a break. He ran towards Brookhaven Hospital and kicked the door open, using his foot to close it behind him. He ran to the nearest room and struggled to open the door while still carrying Akane, but he got it open and went inside, hoping that they would not follow him in.

There was a gurney in the middle of what appeared to be some kind of examination room. Ranma set Akane down on it and tried to make her comfortable. "Akane?"

Her eyes fluttered open slightly. "Ranmaaa…" she said weakly. She tried to reach up and touch his face, but Ranma had to help her. After only a few seconds, he felt her arm go limp. He let her hand go and watched it fall. He lowered his head.

The door opened behind him, but he did not move. Into the room stepped Ryoga, his army waiting just outside the door.

"You couldn't save her," Ryoga said. "You couldn't save any of them. It's ok, Ranma…none of them deserved to be saved. You already showed us you're capable of controlling the darkness…you used it to kill Ranko."

An image briefly flashed in Ranma's mind of the moment when the black aura flowed from him.

"Take her place, Ranma."

"You killed them all…what…what do I do now? I…I can't go home…"

Ryoga, the Demon, took in the fact that the once great Ranma Saotome was now reduced to a pathetic shell of a man. No matter how many times it happened, it was always interesting to see.

"You're already home. Come with us. They're all here, with us…where you belong."

"…Yes." Ranma said after a moment, standing. He turned to face the demons and Pyramid Head entered the room. He approached Ranma with his giant sword, and Ranma only watched him come. He held his arms outstretched as far as he could and waited. Pyramid Head was able to get his sword off the ground with both hands as he swung it horizontally towards Ranma.

For Ranma, time slowed to almost a stop. He knew he was about to die, but at least he would be with Akane and Ukyo and Shampoo again. He had done all he could, he felt…or had he? He had sustained a bad injury when they had first encountered Pyramid Head, making him unable to save Ukyo…but could he have done something? And Akane? What if Kuno had been there a few seconds earlier? He didn't know.

Am I doing the right thing? he thought. What would they think if they saw me now? Maybe I shouldn't do this. Maybe there's still a way out. I wonder—


Blackness. And then…something else.


AUTHOR'S NOTES: I definitely like this ending better than the one I wrote. And no, this was not the "deleted scene" with Brookhaven Hospital. This wasn't the original ending I had planned, but it was about as dark or almost as dark as I wanted it to be. Yes, they all died, including Ranma, and I hope it hurt. Anyway, look for more of these alternate endings, whether they be dark or not. Who knows what I'll do next? I know I sure don't. Just stay tuned.