Another pretty short one that concludes the last two. Hope you all like.


Last Kiss?

Wilson sat in his car, his head thrown down into his arms against the steering wheel. Why the hell did he kiss House? That was his best and only true friend. Not only did he screw that up but he had kissed a guy. Was he gay, was that the explanation for his many wives?

Wilson shook his head as though to getting rid of his troubling thoughts was as simple as that. That had been their last kiss, and quite possibly their last encounter as well. Had he really expected House to kiss him back?

Wilson groaned, he needed to force this out of his mind. For once he was actually trying to concentrate on his dying patients.

Almost half an hour later House entered the parking garage and walked over to the reserved parking spot he knew to belong to Wilson. He stopped and watched his friend, it was exactly as he pictured him to be at this point. He walked to the passenger side of the car and rapped his cane against the window.

Wilson startled, then, realizing who it was, stared with a mix of hope, confusion, aggravation, and fury. He heard House shout a muffled, "Open up," from outside the car. Reluctantly he did so, scared of what would happen next.

House sat casually in the car, "I've got good news and bad news. Which do you want next?"

"House, what the hell?" Wilson was in no mood for games especially with House, though his friend's words left him intrigued and slightly hopeful.

"Good or bad, pick."

Wilson groaned, "Bad."

"My patient got cancer, so you get my patient."

Wilson wondered if they were going to ignore the kiss altogether, "And the good news?"

House grinned deviously, then reached out, gripping Wilson's tie and pulling until their lips met. Wilson was nearly shaking as House did so, he had been nervous about this confrontation as it was, and now he could only imagine that this was House playing some vile game. But as House continued to hold them together, Wilson realized he was serious. His strength came back and he curled an arm around House's neck, deepening the kiss.

House loosened his grip and Wilson did the same. They parted and Wilson slouched back into his seat comfortably, "That is good news."