This was mainly just a reaction against all the kyro angst that's been swirling around in my head in preparation for a new, chapter-ful story I have in the works. So this is entirely fluff, and nothing but fluff. :D

Years of having to spend nights in small, cramped places had resulted in John developing the tendency of sleeping whilst curled in a tight little ball, staying absolutely still. It was an undeniably defensive position that made him feel safe and invisible.

Unfortunately Kitty had never acquired such a habit.

That was the third time she had kicked him all night, and it was only one o' clock – only, seeing as they had fallen asleep at 12:45.

He rolled over with a sigh and looked at her silhouette on the bed beside him. She really was the most restless sleeper. Even as he watched her she was twitching and turning, trying to get comfortable.

His eyes drifted shut again, only to reopen suddenly when Kitty head-butted him in the face.

Either his snort of alarm or the contact aroused Kitty from her doze, and she sat bolt upright to witness John clutching his nose and swearing like a sailor.

"Oh my god!" her hands flew to her little o-shaped mouth, and then to his own hands, which she pried away and held at his sides.

"Is it bleeding?" he mumbled, contorting his face in unhappiness.

She peered at him through the darkness, and then reached out to touch his nose gently. He pulled away from her fingers and whined, which elicited a giggle.

"Of course it isn't, you big baby," and she swatted him before wriggling back down into a lying position.

"You pack a mean ram for someone with such a small head," he complained, turning his back on her as he lay down, just to show her she wasn't quite forgiven yet.

"Oh, I'm sorry," he felt her hands on his shoulder as she pressed against him from behind, nuzzling into the dishevelled hair on the back of his head. "Let me kiss it better." She half-climbed on top of him so that her face hovered centimetres from his own.

"You'd better," he grumbled, turning so that she was able to straddle his middle. She smiled and bent down to kiss the end of his nose. "Ow."

She laughed again quietly and slid off of him, curling up with her head on his chest.

John paused, flexing the arm that was pinned beneath her and testing out this new notion of sleeping flat on his back, arms and legs loose rather than clenched alongside his body. Kitty meanwhile had adjusted to sleeping on him within a matter of seconds; her eyes were already closed and the rise and fall of her chest had grown slow and steady.

All that had adjusted on his part was his eyesight, in relation to the black of the room. He could make out the stars on her pyjama shirt. How he had ended up sleeping together with a girl who wore pink starry pyjamas was beyond him. But, he contemplated, as he shifted on the mattress while simultaneously trying not to waken Kitty, there was nowhere else on Earth he would rather be.

Even if she did punctuate that thought of his with a sharp knee to his stomach.