Chapter 3:

Just as four heads turned to focus on Flack, a pair of raised voices could be heard making their way down the hallway towards the office.

"You lost our daughter?"

"I left her with Adam."

"Are you insane?"

"Hey," Adam said defensively.

"Um, guys?" Flack tried to interrupt.

"WHAT?" the arguing couple asked in unison.

"You might want to come with me," he replied in a curiously amused tone.

Flack stepped out of the elevator and began to make his way down the hallway when a small voice off to his right caught his attention.

"Uncle Don! Uncle Don! Come quick!" Emma shouted from the small corner she was sitting in.

Flack walked over, pleased to see his "niece."

"Hey Squirt, watcha' up to?" he asked leaning over to see what she was so busy with. He was surprised to see three plastic bags in front of her; each containing what he hoped was not evidence.

"I'm following the evidence, just like Mommy and Daddy," she replied innocently. "But I can't open the bags. Will you help me?" she asked sweetly.

"Why do you want to open the bags?" he asked, secretly thanking the childproof seals.

"So I can catch the bad guys, silly," she said with an eye roll.

"I see. Well, umm, why don't you wait right here, and I'll be right back, okay?" he told her, then added, "and don't open the bags," before taking off down the hallway.

The small and confused crowd followed Flack down the hallway and past the receptionist's desk, to where he pointed towards the corner of the room. There was an intake of air and a few chuckles before Emma turned around.

"Emmaline Aiden Messer, just what do you think you're doing?" Lindsay asked incredulously.

The four-year-old walked over with the evidence bags in hand, and her lab coat trailing behind her.

"I'm looking for clues, just like you showed me," she explained, clearly at a loss for why she was being scolded.

Danny smirked at Lindsay as if to say, 'Whose fault is it now?'

Lindsay took Emma aside for a little chat, as the rest of the team had a good laugh. She returned with the luckily unharmed evidence in one hand, and a rather disappointed daughter in the other. She handed the bags over the Mac with an apologetic sigh. Emma made an accusatory face at Flack.

"You were supposed to help me," she reprimanded with a pout.

"Aw, I'm sorry Squirt, how 'bout I take you on a ride in the police car instead," he offered.

"Okay!" Emma agreed instantly before Lindsay could object. "Can we make the lights flash and the horns go?" she asked excitedly.

"Sure," Flack gave in with a laugh as she grabbed his hand and attempted to drag him towards the elevator.

"I give up," Lindsay said in a defeated tone.

Danny wrapped his arm around her and said, "She can't help it; she's a Messer."


I was so pleased to see all the wonderful reviews when I returned today from my two week absence from a computer. Thank you all so much! Sorry that it's been so long. I was able to write this on the way home, and typed it up as soon as I could. I hope you enjoyed the ending as much as I enjoyed writing it.

- Found Wanderer