Reservoir Hedge.


RJ, Hammy, Ozzie, and Verne ran out of the house. Two humans chased them,
swinging brooms at them. They jumped through the hedge, just as a broom almost hit them.

The group all looked at each other. Something had gone wrong, and it was no accident. RJ then said,"What the hell went wrong? We were doing fine, and had gathered up a bunch of food, when the humans appeared. We had gone over the plans,
and they should not have been home today!"

"I just noticed something. The humans appeared when we had gathered up the food, as if they had been waiting for us" Ozzie said.

"But how could they have known? Unless...There's a rat."

"Who would try to stop us from gathering food?"

"I don't know, Ozzie. I don't know..."

Chapter 1


The group went over the plan, and memorized every bit of it. They would u-
se code-names. RJ was Mr. White. Hammy was Mr. Pink. Ozzie was Mr. Blonde.
And Verne was Mr. Orange.
The plan was perfect. The humans would be gone that day, long enough for the group to steal enough food. They had already hotwired and shut down the secur-
ity system, and could get in with no problems. The reason this heist was so serio-
us was because this was the biggest house in the neighborhood, and was the only hou-
se left to heist.
They all knew what to do. RJ would go in the ventilation shafts. Hammy would get in through the chimney. Ozzie would guard the wagon. And Verne would pass the food to Ozzie. Nothing could go wrong...

Chapter 2

(Today, two hours ago)

The group prepared themselves as they began to put the plan into action.
They pulled the wagon outside of the side window, and began their parts.

RJ climbed into the ventilation shaft. He quickly crawled through a straight tunn-
el, and then came to a fork with two different tunnels. He chose left.
RJ crawled through the tunnel, and then felt wind blowing on him. He craw-
led farther up ahead, and was blown back as he noticed the fan, as it turned faster and faster, blowing RJ back the way he came. RJ turned around, and was heading for a dead end. He quickly tried to grab something, and finally sank his claws into t-
he side sides of the vents, slowing him down. He pulled out one hand, and climbed slowly back to the fork of tunnels. This time he chose right.

RJ climbed through the tunnel, and found the opening in the wall. He clim-
bed through it, and looked around. He was in a bedroom, and he ran out to the den and met up with Hammy.

Hammy climbed onto the roof, and climbed down the chimney. He got into the den, and began to wait for RJ.

When RJ arrived, they ran to the front door, and opened it, letting Verne in.
They ran into the kitchen, and Verne stood by the window, tossing food out to Ozzie.