Chapter 3

(Today, 10 minutes ago)

The group tossed the last piece of food to Ozzie, and when the closed the refrigerator, they heard Ozzie scream. They looked out the window, and saw a woman chasing Ozzie away and then pull the wagon to the front door. Then, they turned around to run, when they saw a man with a broom aimed at them. He began swinging it at them, and they jumped out the window. The group began running to the hedge,
as the man and woman chased them with brooms.

(Yesterday, two hours after planning)

Verne had to stop this. If he didn't, then his friends would get killed.
He looked around. Everyone else was asleep, and he walked quietly to the house.

When Verne got inside, he snuck over to the computer, and began typing a me-
ssage on it that said: There will be a robbery at your house today, so stay home and stop it.

After he finished the message, he snuck back to the hedge, and wondered if he had done the right thing...

Chapter 4

(Today, present time)

RJ & the others stared at each other again, and then Ozzie said,

"Wait. I saw Verne get up last night and walk over to the house."

Everyone stared at Verne, and RJ then said,

"No. Verne's my friend, and I know he wouldn't do that."

"I saw him!"

"You were dreaming."

"I'm telling you he's the one!"

"No he's not!"

Ozzie and Hammy decided Verne was the rat, and prepared to punish him, but RJ stood in front of them.

"I won't let you hurt my friend."

"Stand aside, RJ."


RJ pulled out his golf club, and raised it at them.

"Don't come any closer."

"Don't do this, RJ."

"I will. I'm telling you he's innocent."

Ozzie pulled out a hocky stick, and aimed it at Verne. RJ aimed his club at Ozzie. Hammy then pulled out a small BB gun and aimed it at RJ.

It happened quickly. Ozzie hit Verne, throwing him into a tree. RJ swung his club at Ozzie, hitting him in the head. Hammy fired BB pellets at RJ, and as RJ fell, he swung his club at Hammy, also hitting him in the head.

RJ fell to the ground, and then saw what he had done. He had hit both Ozzie & Hammy too hard, the impact killed them both. RJ began to cry, and cra-
wled over to Verne, and said,

"Are you okay?"

"Not really."

"I killed them both. I'm a monster."

"It was an accident."

"I still killed them."

"RJ...I was the rat."

RJ stared at Verne, and tears began to pour down his face. He swung his club at Verne's head, killing him.


RJ looked around. He killed all three of them, and he was truly a monster.
He then lifted up Hammy's BB gun, and pressed it up against his head. He fired.