Pain in Pleasure


Disclaimer- Really, start to think this over, if I friggen' owned Pirates of the Caribbean why the hell would I be writing on fan-fiction. I don't want to be rude, but well… yeah, before you tell me I am a plagiarist consider that you nit wit.

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Warning- Contains spoilers, gore, angst.

Summary- He doubts his love, the hatred burning a fire in his soul. Hate disheveling him, controlling him until he is no more. Can William Turner ll put the things in his past behind him, can he put the pain of his heart past him to save his friend Jack Sparrow, or his that man now his enemy. Should all his hate be sent towards him? The question left un answered until the very last words.

"Aye" Will said without thinking. At least it will make her happy. His heart had been torn and ripped when he saw his Fiancée is she still? Kissing Jack just before they had left from the Pearl for the last time. "Where's Jack?" He asked accusingly, "He decided to stay behind to give us a better chance" she lied. He left it at that.

From the top of the steps footsteps where heard. "So tell me" a familiar voice said. "What has become of my ship?" Barbossa took a bite out of his apple half laughing, Will's hand immediately resting upon the hilt of his sword. Gibbs and the remainder of Jack's crew, ready to back him up if needed. The sound of a sword removed from its sheath broke the silence; all attention was pointed to Will, who was now holding his sword to Barbossa.

"Will what is the meaning of this?" Elizabeth's once angelic voice rang in Will's ears. He pushed her away from his conscience. He ignored her, "What is he doing here?" Will asked anger hinting in his voice.

Tia Dalma stood silently up until that moment. She walked closer to Will, "You said you would do anything to get Jack-"

"CAPTIAN" Elizabeth corrected noticing Will made no attempt.

"Captian Jack Sparrow back correct," Tia Dalma walked closer to Will, he made no effort of showing an answer. "He is the only man who knows those uncharted waters, he will bring him back."

Will still wouldn't answer; he simply put down his sword. "I don't trust him" Will said curtly.

What have I done to him? Elizabeth looked at Will, blaming herself for all that had happened to him. Why do I continue to make him suffer? Tears falling across her cheeks gliding down silently, Elizabeth looked once more at Will. He had changed so much, his gentle, handsome features were now brimmed with pain, hatred, and betrayal. Elizabeth had guilt tearing at her heart, what pain was she putting on her beloved? Why did she continue to do this to him? Minutes passed, they were all leaving to a ship they would use to sail to find Jack. "Will, please" She begged. He saw him stop, and wait, "what?" He asked quickly fighting back the pain that he had kept inside.

"Please, Will, I'm sorry, I love you" Was all she managed to get out. Will turned in her direction. "I will not allow myself to be blinded by love once more Miss Swann." He said slowly, tears coming furiously to his eyes. "I loved you, how could you do that?" He asked painfully, slowly.

At that moment, Elizabeth knew all that she had done to him. All of his life he had made it through the pain. Now it was too much. He had loved her for so long, and she had kissed Jack to repay him. Through his life, Will's father had abandoned him, his mother had died in front of him, he was left to be an orphan, he was blinded by love, and Elizabeth had betrayed him. He was a strong man, but now he was broken.

Elizabeth wouldn't let this moment go by, she loved him and wanted him to know it. She would not let something like this tear her from him. She kissed him, once they broke away, he looked at her. "No" he said. "Not any more" The man she had once known, the one who would do anything for her, was suddenly gone. On their wedding day, he vowed to her, he would not stop until his death for her. And now, she broke him, tore him to shreds. He was broken hearted, he was different, Jack's death was not a burden on him, and he cared not. But, bringing him back he thought would bring Elizabeth happiness, so thus the reason he agreed.

"Will, please, I want you, I want to marry you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you? Why do you doubt me so?" Elizabeth cried.

"Because, Elizabeth, I will not be hurt any more, I have had enough. I don't want to be like Jones, I don't want to tear my own heart out. Which right now I want to do, Elizabeth, I want you to be happy. I want you to stop lying to me." He said, "I want to know, did you ever love me?"

Authors Log—

How amusing, this is a revision of my first fan fiction. Hope you like it.