Camp Romances

It was a bright and shiny morning, the kind that hits the blinds just right enough so that it gets you in the eyes. The birds were yelling at the top of their lungs for God knows what reason, and that damn paperboy just threw the newspaper smack at your window just to piss. you. off. So it was a normal morning, if your name was Hinata Hyuuga. As fast as she could she ran to her window and threw it opened. She stuck half of her body out of it to catch a glimpse of that damned paperboy who always threw the paper dead center at her window.

"You son of a bitch! If I ever find you….I'll KILL YOU!"

"Not if I kill you first!" yelled Hanabi, Hinata's little sister, who was also half way out of her window. Apparently the paperboy throws the paper so hard at Hinata's window that the loud smack of it wakes Hanabi up. Did I forget to mention that the paper gets delivered at 6:00 AM!

"HAHAHAHAHAAHHA!" laughed the paperboy who was out of sight already! "Good luck with that you HAGS!" he laughed some more but then soon it died out.

Hinata looked over at her sister who was red as hell. She could see her fingers twitching as if she were counting, and her eyes looking around sharply. Hinata knew that that was her calculating face. She was, finally, thinking of a plan to get rid of the paperboy ONCE and FOR ALL!

"You know," Hinata started to say as she yawned "You should see your face. You make a cherry look pale." Hanabi stopped twitching and ignored that comment feeling that if she answered she would just be brought down to Hinata' level of immaturity, and she was way better than that.

"Goodnight Hinata." She said as she pulled her body back into her own room.

"Don't you mean good morning?" she laughed. Of course she didn't get a reply; she didn't expect one from Hanabi. Hinata looked across the yard to the road where the paperboy rode his bike. "That's such a far distance! He must be really strong to always throw the paper so far, and up so high. My bedroom is on the third floor after all."

Hinata's family was really rich! She was the heiress to the Hyuuga Fortune, and that practically made her princess of Konoha. Oh screw that. She WAS the princess of Konoha; let's face it no other clan came close to hers. The Uchiha clan was defiantly in second place, and was almost just as rich as they were, but the Uchihas' were a dieing clan. Most of the family was plagued with girls. So the name barely made it down, but thankfully one of the heirs had TWO sons, which was a blessing. The oldest was Itachi, and nobody really knew much about him except he liked to travel the world. So seeing him was really rare. The second son was Sasuke, and he and Hinata were old friends when they were little. The two clans knew it would be good if they kept good terms with each other so they always set up play dates with their two kids. Sasuke and Hinata were the best of friends; they adored each other and went to the same Preschool for the "Over Privileged Children." Only the richest could afford that kind of school, unless your child was a prodigy, then they would give them scholarships. (AN: Okay you really cant get a scholarship to a preschool, but just make-believe you can.:-) That's how Sasuke met Shikamaru Nara, his and Hinata's only friend at the preschool.


Parents were bringing their children to the school. All of them were wearing top duds, and their children matched their parents by wearing their clan symbol on their clothes. As the parents were telling their children goodbye they noticed the Nara symbol on one the children's clothes and knew that they were not from a wealthy family. The parents told their children to NOT play or talk with that boy because he wasn't rich, and that they should try to play with the Hyuuga children or the Uchiha.

At free time Sasuke and Hinata were sitting outside on the swings talking. Hinata looked over towards a big tree and noticed how shady it was.

"Sasuke…..umm….is it okay if we sit under…um that….uhhh tree?"

"Yeah! IT'S HOT OUT HERE!" he exclaimed. "I bet it's nice under there."

They both got up off of the swings and went over to the tree. As they got closer they noticed a boy already lying under it just looking at the clouds.

"Oh! S..someone already has it. We….we should..go somewhere else." Hinata suggested.

"Hinata, we need to make some friends. Don't be so shy." Sasuke said

"But……" Hinata started to hide under her jacket. She was extremely shy and was scared to meet new people, but since she was a Hyuuga everyone wanted to be her friend. She hated that everyone would come near her, it would make her hide under her shell of a jacket.

Sasuke smiled at her. "Its okay!" he reassured her "I'll be with you, and he looks like he needs a friend."

Hinata quickly peeked up at the boy again. He looked bored or sad, she couldn't tell from very far away. She wanted to walk away but at the same time she wanted to go say hi to the boy. PLUS Sasuke was there to back her up so she wasn't alone.

"Yeah! Okay let's go be his friend." They walked over to the boy who was still watching the clouds go by. He then noticed that two figures were standing next to him.

'When are they gonna leave me alone?' he thought as he looked up to expect the mean kids who kept calling him 'poor boy'. To his near delight he saw two friendly faces.

"HI!" said the boy "My name is Sasuke, and this is my friend Hinata." He said as he gestured to his shy companion. Shikamaru gave her a weird look and Sasuke knew why. He bent down and whispered something to Shikamaru.

"She doesn't have cooties, because I gave her shots." Sasuke said. Shikamaru let out a long sigh. He scooted over so the two kids could sit down with him.

"OH! Wait Hinata!" yelled Shikamaru before she could sit down against the tree. He pulled off his jacket and laid it down on the ground for her.

"Your clothes are really nice and clean, it would stink if you got them dirty and your mommy had to wash them."

"Th….Thank you, Shikamaru!" she smiled and took her seat. Sasuke looked confused.

"Why'd you do that for her and not me?" asked a very befuddled Sasuke.

"Its called chivalry and my annoying mom says a girl should never get her clothes dirty so a gentleman should offer her his coat er whatever he has."

"Woe!" was all Sasuke could say. He stood up and took off his jacket and offered Hinata to sit on it too. She took it gracefully and put it with Shikamaru's. They all began to look up at the sky to watch the puffy clouds form into pictures of animals or flowers. It was very peaceful for a while until three boys came over and blocked their view.

"HEY!" yelled one of the boys "You guys shouldn't be near that guy because he has no money and raises deer!"

"YEAH!" agreed the other boy there "He doesn't even have a jacket on! THAT'S how poor he is!"

"My parents says he's a poor loser and we shouldn't hang around him or else he might steal our money!" yelled the third boy. Hinata looked over at Shikamaru and he looked really sad, like he was about to cry. Hinata wanted to cry too, just a tiny bit since her father says Hyuugas aren't aloud to cry! She looked at Shikamaru and saw he was already shedding tears. She wasn't sure if Shikamaru was a Hyuuga or not, fearing that he would get yelled at by her father she stood up and faced the three boys.

"HEY!" she yelled as she clenched her fists "He's not wearing his jacket because he gave it to ME! It's called….um sliverme er summtin, but WHATEVER it is you don't have it!" The boys were a little thrown back but they went right back to what they were doing.

"Well I don't want whatever he has!" yelled the first boy "because he's POOR! And DON'T YELL AT ME COOTY HEAD!"

"Don't yell at HER!" yelled Sasuke " She's my friend, and so is he!" he said as he pointed at Shikamaru who was now standing up with them and no longer crying, but showing signs of anger, or annoyance. "And if you yell at them, THEN YOU'RE GONNA HAFTA GO THREW ME! SASUKE UCHIHA!"

"OH NOOOO! I'm SOOOoo scared!" taunted the first boy, but then the third boy started to tug on the first boy's jacket.

"Wasn't Uchiha supposed to be the strong family daddy was talking about?" he asked

"Yeah, why?" then it dawned upon him " AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he started to scream, which made the other two boys scream, and then they ran away screaming! Sasuke looked really proud of himself for scaring those boys away.

"That'll teach them!" he said triumphantly. He looked over a Shikamaru who had his head down. Hinata noticed that too.

"What's wrong Shikamaru?" she asked as Sasuke stepped over closer to them.

"Did you say we were friends?" he asked quietly. Sasuke and Hinata both smiled.

"We are now!" proclaimed Sasuke. Hinata nodded in agreement.

"But why? I'm poor, didn't you hear them?"

"We don't care. I don't even know what poor is!" said Hinata who wasn't so shy anymore.

"Well that explains why you're talking to me then." Said Shikamaru sadly.

"No." Hinata said "I think we'd be your friend anyways, because you're really NICE!"

Shikamaru looked up at Sasuke who smiled and agreed. He returned the smile to the both of them and sat back down under the tree.

"So where were we?" he asked as Sasuke and Hinata took their seats again.


Hinata still stared out at the road thinking about how strong the paperboy was. "I bet he plays baseball." She thought. She realized that she had just spent the last ten minutes leaning outside her window thinking about the paperboy. "GREEEAAAT! I probably caught a cold. Stupid paperboy. Now I'm gonna be sick at camp." She pulled herself back into her room and stared at her clock. "Only five more hours before I have to meet Ino and Sakura. This is going to be SO MUCH FUN! They're FINALLY aloud to come over and see my house!" Hinata began to jump up and down with excitement. Her father never liked having people over their house so Hinata never had anyone over, EVER! She and her friends would either hang out at the mall or at one of their houses. Today, however, was the day Hinata and her friends were going to go shop for new clothes for camp. Hinata had explained to her father how important it was that her friends FINALLY come over to see where she lived and to help her pack and so they could just hang. Her father had loosened up over the years and did finally feel that Hinata was old enough to have friends over, she was sixteen after all. Hinata knew that it was going to be a great summer. Her friends were going to come over and finally see her house, they were all going shopping at the mall to get clothes for camp, AND they were all going to the same camp this year! It was called "Camp Kunoichi" and it was a "GIRLS ONLY CAMP". Yes that was a real bummer, and Hinata didn't really care since she was a tad nervous near guys, but just across the forest was "Camp Shinobi", a "BOYS ONLY CAMP". That camp was for people who could afford it, and it was also there to straighten out the trouble makers. The two camps would always have a dance in the beginning of the summer at the girl's camp and one at the end of the summer at the boy's camp. Ino had heard about the camp from a friend and she heard how much fun it was. So, naturally, she wanted to be there. She convinced Hinata and Sakura to go too, but it was hard for Hinata to get her dad to let her go since every summer she went to "Camp Jutsu". It was a camp where they trained you to become stronger, and taught you martial arts. Hinata was very good at fighting, and definitely one of the best students there. The camp was split down the middle, boys on one side girls on the other. Hinata's cousin Neji always went to that camp but was getting bored with it since he was always the best. Neji and Hinata weren't good friends; in fact Neji despised her so much. He was a Hyuuga but was a part of the branch house dedicated to protecting the main house which is where Hinata was from. Neji had a very troubled past. His father Hizashi, who was Hinata's father Hiashi's twin brother, died to protect Hiashi at an argument that went out of control and ended in a shooting. Neji blames all of his sadness on the main house, and so he loathes Hinata.

Hinata didn't want to be on bad terms with her cousin any more so she secretly challenged him to a fighting match, one that would take place at dawn. EVERYONE in the camp heard about it and wanted to watch but they decided on a secret location that no one knew of. They went off of the camp grounds into a clearing, but they weren't alone. Tenten, one of Hinata's friends at the camp, came with them so she could witness the fight and be the referee. The fight started off fairly well with a few good punches to the face and a nice round house kick in the back. He quickly turned around and blocked a kick heading for his rib cage. He grabbed her foot and twisted it. Hinata gave a small yelp pain. She lifted her other leg up and kicked him in his chin. Neji let go and Hinata landed from the flip she had just pulled. As Neji rubbed his jaw Hinata rushed over to finish him off. She threw her right arm at him. Neji ducked and reached in his pocket. Hinata saw this and then kicked him in the stomach. Neji fell on his side and tried to crawl away for a moment. He finally got back up and barely dodged an uppercut from Hinata. She threw about seven punches at him, which he either dodged or blocked. Just as he dodged the last one he grabbed her shoulders and rammed his head into hers. Hinata stumbled backwards with one hand forward and one covering her face. Neji took advantage of this and pulled out a pocket knife from his sweatshirt pocket. Hinata ran towards him, drop kicked him, grabbed the knife and stabbed him with it. Tenten, gasped. Neji looked at his sleeve without his arm in it. In a moment his arm popped back out of the sleeve with another pocket knife. Hinata quickly grabbed it and threw it out in the distance. Not so much to her or Tenten's surprise Neji pulled out another pocket knife from his other pocket but this time, however, it was larger than the last one. He charged at her with his knife pointing it directly at her stomach, but before he could even get it to touch her she grabbed his wrist and flipped him over. He landed flat on his face and she twisted his arm behind his back. He figured he could easily throw her off of him since he was stronger than her, but to his surprise he felt her pressing a metal knife under his neck.

Flashback(during the fight)

'SHIT!' he thought

"Hinata wins!" yelled Tenten as she ran over to her friend.

"Well what are you waiting for?" asked Neji "Aren't you going to cut me or leave a mark on me. I wouldn't have held back on you!"

"Neji," she began still holding him down. "I don't want you to hate me anymore. I respect you Neji, and….and all I want is for you to acknowledge me too. I just want you to see us as equals, because that's what we are is equals."

"Hinata, we are different. Differences are born expressions like elite and losers are created. Looks (cough) brains, size, personality. All people judge and are judged in these values. Based on these unchangeable factors, people discriminate and are discriminated against. And they suffer within their own means. Just like the fact that….. I am from the branch house and you are from main house cannot be changed. We were born to not be equals and it will always be this way because it is our fate." Hinata slowly let go of Neji and took a few steps back so he could get up as well.

"Neji. I'm sorry." Hinata had a few tears in her eyes but wiped them off quickly. "I didn't know you thought like that, and……your right." Neji looked over at her startled

'She thinks I'm right!? About what?" Hinata could see his confused expression.

"It isn't fair for the branch house to dedicate themselves to the main, and that they always must be attentive to them, us" she quickly corrected. "Neji," she began quietly but then looked him straight in the eye. "I promise that when I become the clan's leader I will change the branch and main rule. I'll make things better, for ALL of us."

He could tell she was telling the truth, and he had never felt happier in his entire life. He then bowed low which took her back a little. Tenten too!

"Hinata, I believe you. Thank you." He looked up at her and noticed she was crying. With some strange emotion he had not felt since his father was alive, he smiled at her. He walked over to her and wiped the tears off her face. "Hyuugas aren't aloud to cry." He whispered to her as he let out a small chuckle.

"WELL I'M CHANGING THAT RULE TOO!" she yelled as she punched the air. Tenten began to laugh at her friend's antic.

"You guys ready to go back yet? It's kind of cold out and I forgot my jacket." After hearing this Neji took off his sweatshirt and handed it to her.

"OH!" Tenten said as she blushed "Thank you Neji!" It was a dark gray sweatshirt that had his school's name and basketball number on the front.

"Just remember to give it back to me when you're done with it" he said as he showed a light pink blush. (AN: VERY tiny blush, like you can't even see it!)

They all walked back to the camp before any of the camp's staff found them missing. Neji never got his sweatshirt back.

End Flashback

Hinata knew that it would be impossible for her to fall asleep now since she was too excited about seeing her friends. She began to do her morning rituals which were as follows. Push ups and sit ups, shower, brush teeth, style hair, turn on laptop and put away message up on aim, find clothes to wear for the day, and go down stairs for breakfast.

She went down into the dining room to find her sister Hanabi already there eating the rest of her eggs and making a plan to get rid of the paperboy. Hinata grabbed some pancakes, orange juice, eggs, and some sausage. Hinata always ate a lot but she always maintained her petite figure. She sat down across from Hanabi and tried to lean across the table to see what she was concocting.

Without looking up she said, "It's not done yet." as she pulled her plans away from her sister.

"Sorry, but how is it coming along?" Hinata asked as mature as she could.

"Well the idea is good, and I can get all of the materials needed, but I'm trying to figure the mathematical part of it all." She said as she erased a few things.

"Well I'm really good a math, so why don't I help you with that before I go to the mall today with my friends." Hinata offered. Hanabi smiled but kept her eyes focused on the plan.

"Thanks, but I'm going to call my friends. They pull pranks all the time, so this one shouldn't be any different for them."

"Which friends are they?" Hinata asked as she began to smile evilly. Hanabi knew her sister couldn't maintain her maturity for so long.

"Moegi, Udon, and K..Konohamaru." she stated.

"Konohamaru eh? Isn't he leaving for the summer?" Hinata slyly asked.

"Yes. He lives on the other side of Konoha, but attends my school since his grandfather is the Hokage, and he can live with him here." (AN: So there won't be ninjas and stuff of that nature in this story but they still call the leader of their "town" Hokage)

"You should set up a going away party for him, you know like 'we'll miss you Konohamaru see you at summer's end' sorta thing."

"I'll see him anyways at school next year, it's not like he's never coming back. Well that's what he said." She said mumbling the last part. Hinata started to smile with glee.

"I knew you liked him!" she teased

"Shut up! I do not!" she protested.

"Puh-Lease! It's written all over your face." She declared as she pointed at Hanabi's growing red face.

"I'm sorry Hinata but who do YOU like? HUH? NO ONE! So then SHUT UP!"

"Calm down Hana, it's only 8:00 and you haven't even taken your meds yet."


"See now Hana you really should start."


"Okay!" Hinata giggled "Then I'll just call you Bi. OOOH. I actually like that one."

"Well what if I started to call YOU ATA, HUH?" retorted Hanabi

"That's okay I guess but it would have to be like Ata. You know like 'we're at a show.'"

Hanabi just stared at her sister and then went right back at her plan.

"You know I really loath you right now." She said monotone

"Love you too sweetie!" Hinata said as cutely as she could.

At the end of breakfast Hinata went back upstairs to her room to check on her laptop and see if she got any messages. On the screen she noticed someone sent her a conversation.

Hinata clicked on it and saw it was from Sakura. She turned off her away message and joined the conversation she and Ino were having.

Aim Conversation

Hinata hime: has just signed on

Cute n pink: Heeeeeey! It's about time you came on!


Hinata hime: I know I cant wait!

Cute n pink: so whats the game plan for the day, sry I keep forgetting!

Sexiiblonde: omg sakura we went over this like several times already

Cute n pink: shutup inopig!

Sexiiblonde: make me forhead girl!

Hinata hime: you guys can I get a word in now so you know what we're doing?

Cute n pink: your asking for it inohog!

Sexiiblonde: sry Hinata! Go ahead since someone is too stupid to understand what were doing today!

Cute n pink: sry Hinata!

Cut n pink: SHUTUP INO!

Hinata hime: okay! We're meeting at the mall to buy anything YOU WANT courtesy of my father! It's all gratis. Then we're coming back to my house so we can go over what we're gonna wear and stuff. And I have to tell you guys the greatest of news when you get here!

Sexiiblonde: wait until I get my hands on you sakura!

Cut n pink: A SURPRISE!

Sexiiblonde: A SURPRISE!

Hinata hime: lol

Sexiiblonde: what IS it!

Cute n pink: I'm so excited! TELL TELL!

Hinata hime: NOWAY! I cant wait to see your faces when I tell you! its going to be GREAT! ULL LOVE IT I SWEAR!

Sexiiblonde: well what does it involve?

Hinata hime: hmmmm should I tell you?

Cute n pink: HELL YEAH!

Sexiiblonde: HELL YEAH!

Hinata hime: okay okay Ill be a nicey and tell ya

Cute n pink: yay!


Sexiiblonde: what!

Cute n pink: what?

Hinata hime: my friend Tenten just signed on which reminds me that shes going to be going to our camp too!

Cute n pink: o is she nice?

Sexiiblonde: what is she like?

Hinata hime: omgsh shes really nice but shes tough too. Shes the one who helped me with my shyness and stuttering, remember?

Cut n pink: YEAH! U told us bout her.

Sexiiblonde: I remember u came back and u were totally different! That was a few years ago right? What camp did u guys go to?

Hinata hime: it was called camp Jutsu. It was a martial arts camp.

Cute n pink: so she can kick butt too?

Hinata hime: yeah shes great! Do u guys mind if I invite her into our convo since were all gonna see each other anyways at camp?

Cute n pink: yeah sure okay!

Sexiiblonde: no that's fine

Hinata hime: ok thnx!

Kickboxenqueen: has just signed on

Hinata hime: this is Tenten!

Kickboxenqueen: HI I'm Tenten

Cute n pink: I'm sakura

Sexiiblonde: im INO

Cute n pink: What school do you go to, like where do u live?

Sexiiblonde: have u ever gone to this camp before?

Kickboxenqueen: I live at the far end of Konoha, that's a 2 1/2 hour drive from where Hinata lives. Ive never gone to this camp before but it sounds REALLY GREAT! Except for the no boys aloud.

Cute n pink: I KNOW!

Sexiiblonde: YEAH I KNOW!

Kickboxenqueen: but there is a dance, which would be okay if I actually owned dresses.

Cute n pink: WHAT!

Sexiiblonde: ARE YOU SERIOUS!

Hinata hime: Tenten ur such a liar!

Kickboxenqueen: I'm not lieing! I had a dress…….once!

Sexiiblonde: whered it go?

Kickboxenqueen: I burned it in the fireplace! It was pink with frillies on it! YUCKY GROSS GROSS! I was also ten.

Cute n pink: Tenten u were ten when u burned

Sexiiblonde: ha ha(sarcasim)

Cute n pink: DIE PIG!

Sexiiblonde: shutup forhead!

Hinata hime: hey guys save it for the bus ride there okay?

Cute n pink: there will be sooo much blood shed!

Sexiiblonde: Tenten will u be going on our bus?

Kickboxenqueen: uhh NOO cause im 2 1/2 HOURS AWAY!

Sexiiblonde: hehehe sry I had a moment

Hinata hime: A BLONDE MOMENT

Cute n pink: A BLONDE MOMENT

Sexiiblonde: SHUTUP!

Kickboxenqueen: you guys always like this?

Cute n pink: YES!

Sexiiblonde: YES!

Hinata hime: YES!

Kickboxenqueen: lmao!

Hinata hime: okay guys I'm putting my away message up! I want to make sure my room is perfect when u guys come over!

Sexiiblonde: I'm SOO EXCITED!

Cute n pink: WOOOOHOOOO!

Kickboxenqueen: see you Hinata! CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU!

Hinata hime: LOVE YOU ALL!

Hinata hime: has signed off

Cute n pink: so tenten

Kickboxenqueen: yeah?

Cute n pink: tell us what size you are

Kickboxenqueen: I think I'm like a four, but my boobs are sry but BIG

Sexiiblonde: me too! Well ok their not that big, well HUGE! Cause they r big

Cute n pink: shut up ino, ur like a b2c

Sexiiblonde: ignoring u! tenten we sound like the same size. What colors do u like to wear?

Kickboxenqueen: well pink looks nice on me. LIGHT PINK! But I wear greens, earthy colors u know. I have brown hair and eyes so can u work with that?

Cute n pink: YES! We're going to the mall today and the Hyuugas are treating it! We'll buy u some clothes, especially for the dance!

Kickboxenqueen: O NO! really you don't have to!

Sexiiblonde: no worries since Hinata's family is buying

Kickboxenqueen: well if u say so

Sexiiblonde: OMG I just realized!

Cute n pink: what?

Kickboxenqueen: what?

Sexiiblonde: Hinata said she would tell us something like a SURPRISE!

Cute n pink: OMG I FORGOT!

Kickboxenqueen: I'm confused

Cute n pink: long story will tell u at camp

Sexiiblonde: omg what am I going to where to the mall?

Cute n pink: ME TOO!

Sexiiblonde: well g2g see u at camp tenten!

Cute n pink: g2g tenten cant wait to meet u at camp! Well bring u clothes!

Kickboxenqueen: okay? SEE U GUYS!

Sexiiblonde: has signed off

Cute n pink: has signed off

Kickboxenqueen has signed off

Hinata had met her friends at the food court just around noon. They went to all of the expensive stores in the mall and had almost forgotten to check out the camping store. They remembered to buy dresses for the two dances, and they also bought Tenten some things too.

"No girl should ever go her whole life without owning a decent dress" stated Sakura.

"Since we now own like half of all the best stores we should probably leave right?" Ino questioned.

"And thank GOD that Hinata's father sent a butler to help carry our bags." Sakura interjected.

"Well he knew we would be buying a lot!" they all walked out to wait for Hinata's ride. Of course a stretch limo pulled up in front of them. After boarding in Ino and Sakura stuck their heads out of the top of the limo. The entire ride home they were yelling at people, until Ino got a bug caught in her throat. They pulled up in front of a palace but it was actually the Hyuuga Manor. Ino and Sakura had their jaws dropped down to the floor.

"You, like…..WOE!" cried Ino

"It's like HUGE!" Sakura said as she fell to her knees

"Well, we can sit out here and stare at it if you want, or, we could go INSIDE!" Ino and Sakura stared at Hinata with Hearts in their eyes.

"Hurry! LETS GO!" they both yelled.

They went inside and as soon as they did Ino and Sakura ran around the entire house, "MANSION"


"YEAH!" they both yelled. They began to walk up the stairs when Hinata suggested the elevator "ELEVATOR!" THEY YELLED!

They got to the third floor which had a killer view, and walked over to a double door. Hinata opened them up and inside was the room that every teenage girl would envy.

Her bed was king sized and it had a canopy, she had a large plasma TV that would come out of the wall, surround sound speakers, double doors to her terrace, a big desk that had her large apple desk computer with matching white keyboard and mouse, a wall dedicated to pictures of her and her friends, and a door that didn't have a handle on it?

"Hinata, why doesn't that door have a door knob?" asked Ino. Hinata skipped over to her desk and picked up a remote control.

"You guys ready to see this?" she asked. They both nodded slowly wondering what on earth could be back there. Hinata jumped in front of them and pressed the combination '67'. Then after hitting the pound button the door slid over to the right and the room behind the door lit up. Sakura and Ino couldn't believe what they were seeing.

"Is this….your.." Ino began

"Yes." Hinata simply replied

"You mean. All…of that..." started Sakura

"Yes." She said again

"Can we…" Ino asked as she looked towards Hinata

"Of course… GO CRAZY!" she yelled, and no sooner did she say that did the two girls run into Hinata's walk in closet. It wasn't even a closet; it was more like a tiny New York boutique. There were clothes hanging all across the walls, and everything was on a hanger and NEVER folded up. Hinata took a seat on her round couch that was center of the entire closet. She watched in amusement as her two friends went through all of her clothes and dresses. Ino finally discovered another set of doors with no handles on them.

"Hinata! What's behind door number two?"

"Well what do you think? It's a closet so what else is in a closet?" Sakura and Ino both looked at each other and began to think. Finally, LIGHTBULB!

"SHOES!" they both yelled

"YUP!" Hinata yelled as she pressed the combination '68' then pound. The doors opened up to another room FULL TO THE TOP of different types of shoes! Ino went a little wobbly but Sakura ran right in trying on different sizes since she and Hinata wore the same size shoe.

"OH MAN!" cried Ino "I'm a size eight! I CANT SHARE WITH YOU!"

"Oh no don't worry." Hinata said waving her hand. "That end of the closet has size eight since my father figured my feet would still grow and I would already have the shoes I needed."

"SMART MAN!" she yelled as she went to put the shoes on.

"Hey can I borrow these boots for camp?" asked Sakura

"mhmm, I have doubles of every shoe. It was my father's idea so just incase something happened to a pair I would always have another one. Even my custom made shoes have doubles"

"WOW!" the two girls yelled as they walked over to Hinata with shoes in their arms.

"So was this the surprise you wanted to tell us about?" asked Ino

"OH YEAH! I FORGOT!" yelled Hinata. "Grab your shoes and come back to my room!" They never even put the shoes down, so they just ran out of the closet after Hinata. They saw Hinata in her room already skipping around with excitement.

"OKAY! TELL US!" they both yelled as they dropped their shoes on the floor.

"OKAY, okay." Hinata started to calm down. She told them to sit down so they just sat straight down on the floor. "Well you already know that my father only wants the best for me, right?"

"DUH!" yelled Ino

"So being my first time at this camp my father wanted to make sure that I only got the most excellent treatment there, a little embarrassing and spoiling if you ask me." Hinata admitted almost ashamed. "Which is why…..the best cabin with the best furniture and best view and the best TV, is all mine!"

"YOU MEAN THE CAMP HAS TV?" they both yelled.

'Since when do camps do that?' wondered Sakura.

"No they don't." she said flatly. Ino and Sakura were really confused at this point.

"But my father made sure that my cabin DID! He called the camp and paid them so the cabin I had has really good stuff! He got me a cabin at "The Hills" which is only for the campers who are like eighteen & nineteen! The cabin is already big but now it's FILLED with amazing stuff, and it has A SHOWER AND BATH!"

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" yelled Ino

"Your dad is so COOOOL!" yelled Sakura

"OH, but there's more. The cabin has four separate bedrooms, an upstairs and down stairs, surround sound speakers, and I was looking at the map and it says if you go behind our cabin down the hill and through the woods for a while the BOY"S camp is right THERE!"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" they all yelled together.

"And now for the best part!" Hinata cleared her throat. "Since I'm having ONLY the best in my cabin, my father made sure that they would put you two and Tenten in it WITH ME!" Hinata jumped up and down expecting her friends to do the same, but they just sat where they were. "HEY! I just gave you great news, aren't you happy?" Ino and Sakura looked up at her. They had tears rolling down their eyes.

"Hinata, your father is the greatest man on earth." Cried Ino

"I can't believe he went to such lengths to do this for us." Said a sad Sakura

"This is going to be the GREATEST SUMMER EVER!" they both yelled as they jumped around Hinata. They all jumped together around the room when Hinata suggested they do something.

"Do you guys want to play basketball? We have an indoor court." They didn't even respond, they grabbed her and dragged her to the elevator.

Two and a half hours away from where the girls were, three guys were playing indoor basketball inside of the Uchiha mansion. They were Sasuke, Shikamaru, and Neji.

"When is Naruto going to be here?" asked Shikamaru "Isn't he normally back by now, it's just about 2:00."

"Well normally he gets back home around 1:00, so maybe he fell asleep on his coach." Said Neji

"That sounds like the dobe." laughed Sasuke. "Should we check online and see if he's on?"

"He's always online. I don't think he ever signs off, but if he is at home and sleeping on his coach he'll here us send him a message since his computer is right next to it." Said Shikamaru.

"How about the person who makes the next five shots gets to do it?" asked Sasuke

"Fine." They both agreed

Neji won and went inside to Sasuke's computer which was in his room. Neji hadn't been online since the beginning of the school year. He spends all his free time hanging with his friends or working out. He was strong but Naruto was the strongest out of all of them since his job involved a lot of bike pedaling.

Online conversation

Basketballchamp65 has signed on

Ramenlvr9 is away

Basketballchamp65: NARUTO U THERE?

Basketballchamp65: HEEELLLLOOOO!

Basketballchamp65: you asleep?

Ramerlvr9 has returned from away

Ramenlvr9: hey is this Neji? u hvnt been on in a while

Basketballchamp65: this is neji we're all waiting for u at sasukes


Basketballchamp65: we kno u give us the same excuse everytime we see u

Basketballchamp65: just get down here already

Ramenlvr9: I'll be there in ten minutes

Ramenlvr9 is away

End of a very short conversation

Ten minutes later Naruto had arrived at Sasuke's and they were all hanging out in his living room talking about camp.

"So, do you think we'll get to be in the same cabin?" asked Shikamaru

"My family called the camp and paid them so we could all be in the same cabin. It's also well furnished."

"Sasuketeme YOUR FAMILY ROCKS!" yelled Naruto

"It's nothing." He said nonchalantly. "So tomorrow you guys can just come here at ten so my driver can bring us all to camp."

"We're not taking a bus?" asked Naruto

"No dobe, we'll be taking the limo."

"Good, taking the bus is too troublesome. Being rich must be great." Said Shikamaru

"Who cares about being rich when your best friend is." Laughed Naruto as he stretched on the couch. Neji, who was sitting to his right, cringed away from Naruto's stretched out arms.

"Whatever just remember to be at my house on time, okay DOBE?"

Naruto's face looked a little in pain "Well that might be a problem….but I'll try."

"Cant you have someone fill in for you?" asked Neji

"I already have someone who is doing half of my shift but I still need to go the other side of Konoha so I should be back at ten. I'll just go straight to your house."

"Then we can go to your house to get your stuff before we leave to "Camp Shinobi" said Sasuke.

"Sounds like a good plan." Said Shikamaru he leaned back into his chair gaining a lazier posture.

"THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST SUMMER EVER!" yelled Naruto as he jumped on top of the couch excited.

Sasuke smirked evilly. "For us, but no for you. Did you already forget that you're only going to "Camp Shinobi" because the school demanded that you get straightened out before you go back next year?"

"Oh, well…" Naruto began to scratch the back of his head nervously. "Sort of." The three guys fell over anime style.

"I'd like to see them try to straighten you out." laughed Shikamaru as he thought of the challenge.

"Yeah!" Naruto began to laugh "Good luck to them. No one on EARTH could make me stop from goofing around and pulling pranks. But I beg them to send their best at me." He said laughing louder. Sasuke began to laugh too.

"I'd shake that brave persons' hand." He told them all as something dawned upon him. "So what pranks are we going to pull during the dance?" asked Sasuke.

"And what sort of things should we bring with us?" asked Neji.

"Well," began Shikamaru "Believe it or not Naruto gave me some good ideas, mostly involving ramen, water balloons, vinegar, melted butter, and feathers. Take out the ramen part," he said as he began to shrug satisfied. "And you could form it into a decent prank."

"YOU TOOK OUT THE RAMEN?" yelled Naruto baffled.

Neji thought about it for a second. "I actually own a lot of vinegar, but don't ask me why." He said shaking his hands fast. "I could probably bring that."

"About how much?" asked Shikamaru as he began to right things down on a piece of paper.

Neji hesitated before answering. "TWO gallons. Like I said, please don't ask."

"I can get a two and a half tub of butter." Offered Sasuke

"YOU TOOK OUT THE RAMEN?" Naruto yelled baffled still.

"Okay but aim for more then that if you can." Said Shikamaru.

"Now what about the feathers?" asked Neji.

"We'll sneak into the girl's art supplies room, and take all they have. We'll have to hit that room before the dance and then we'll have to get into the cafeteria some how." Shikamaru trailed off as he started to think of that part.

"How do we get into there and do what we have to do?" asked Neji "Won't the decorators be in there making the cafeteria look good?"


"DAMN!" swore Shikamaru "I didn't even think about that. The decorators are going to be there."

"Well it's a committee right?" asked Sasuke "So what if we offered to help out?"

Shikamaru's eyes lit up. "PERFECT! Problem solved then, except." He looked up at his chums. "Which one of us is going to offer to help out so the rest of us can get in?" They all thought about it for a minute then looked at Naruto. He wasn't even listening to the conversation. He was pulling out his hair in a frustrated state.



"You mean MY brilliant plan that involves RAMEN?" Sasuke was about to yell at Naruto when Shikamaru swiftly cut in.

"You're right Naruto." He smirked "This is most of your plan so I guess its only fare that you get to do the hardest part. And if you can't do it I'm sure Sasuke could."

"I can do it, BELIEVE IT!" he yelled as he punched the air. "So……what, am I doing…exactly?" he sweat dropped

Shikamaru was getting annoyed with Naruto and his inability to not pay attention to what was going on with his own plan. "You're going to sign up to help with the decorating committee so you can set up the traps." He said with a vein throbbing in his head. "It'll be easy….for us." He mumbled.

"What was that last part?" Naruto asked

"It was nothing."

"So does that mean that you, Shikamaru, have the water balloons covered?" asked Sasuke

"My part was the first one I had down. This plan is flawless as long as everyone does their part." They all stared at Naruto thinking he wasn't listening again but he was.

"Hey, it's my plan. OF COURSE I'M NOT GOING TO SCREW IT UP!"

"Regardless, Shikamaru is still going to right up the plan and we're going to go over every little detail on the ride down to camp so NO ONE screws up." Sasuke said directing it at Naruto who hmpd and crossed his arms.

There was no more to say on the subject. It was all finalized. And Shikamaru, with pen in hand and paper on coffee table, began in the corner of the paper and, as he did all his plans, wrote down the names of all of the members involved in the prank.

Shikamaru Nara

Neji Hyuuga

Sasuke Uchiha

Naruto Uzumaki