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flashback/ dreams

"Tea, Tea over here." A reporter struggled to get her attention as she smiled down at the many people gathered in the room. After numerous attacks from the media, Seto and Tea had decided to call a news conference to confirm her pregnancy and satisfy the media's curiosity. Currently, they were sitting on a stage, facing dozens of reporters and cameras. Questions were being fired at them left and right, and they were doing there best to say only they had already decided to reveal.

"How hard was it to convince Mr. Kaiba to have a child?" Tea let out a small giggle and stared at Seto.

"Actually, we weren't expecting one." She answered. "This one came as a surprise to us."

"You weren't planning a pregnancy?"

"We wanted a child. It's just that this news came as a surprise to us." Tea answered.

"What about you Mr. Kaiba? What are your thoughts on the pregnancy?" Seto's face remained expressionless as he answered.

"This child in unexpected but not unwanted." He said plainly. "We are looking forward to its birth."

"Would you prefer if a boy was born or a girl?" Another said, staring at Kaiba.

"The gender of the child in not important. The child born is our child and we will love it unconditionally."

"Do you feel you are ready for parenthood?" Tea stared at Seto before answering.

"We feel that we are. That's why we have taken this step." She felt Seto squeeze her hand assuringly and a smile broke on her face. "All of our friends have promised us their support. Besides, I know Seto and I can do it."

"Are you planning any more children?" Seto frowned at the question.

"We will decide after the first one." Even though it wasn't meant to be a funny comment, it brought smiles to the faces of many. Seto motioned to a man dressed in black and he quickly came forward, arms stretched.

"That will be all ladies and gentlemen." He said, ushering the crowd to the exit. Tea and Seto got up and began walking out as well. Serenity turned off the T.V. and glared at the dark screen.

It wasn't fair.

Tea's child was treated like a messiah, everyone awaiting its arrival, whereas her child was being ignored. A wave of anger surged within her.

It just wasn't fair, dammit.

She would have to do something quick. Her child was due any day now, and she wasn't willing to part from it, nor succumb it to its horrible fate. No. her child would have every happiness in the world.

Pretending to stretch, she glanced around the room. She spotted Margaret, and Lisa preparing something in the kitchen. Of course. It was almost dinner time. She turned the T.V. on again and absently channel surfed, attention focused on the women in the kitchen. As she had hoped, they walked out and went upstairs when satisfied with their work.

Hurriedly yet carefully, Serenity got up and walked into the kitchen. The food was ready and smelled delicious. But it still needed something in her opinion. Serenity walked before a row of cupboards and opened one to reveal lines of colourful bottles. Looking through them, she grabbed a red coloured one and took it out. With great care and precision, she poured a few drops into the pot, quickly stirring it. She put the bottle back in its original spot and went back to the pot. Taking a whiff, she was very pleased to not smell the concoction she had added. With a satisfied smile, she walked out and sat at her original spot before the maids arrived.

Seto and Tea entered the house with huge smiles on their faces.

"That went exceptionally well." Tea said, shooting him a smile. He nodded his head, eyes flickering to the sitting figure of Serenity. Tea followed his gaze and her smile faltered a bit. She quickly recovered and walked over to her.

"We're back Serenity." Tea announced. "I hope you were okay in our absence." Serenity huffed loudly and glared at Tea.

"I'm not an idiot who would hurt herself in our absence." Tea kept a forced smile on her face while Seto frowned openly.

"Did you watch the press conference?" Serenity grunted.

"I had better things to do." Tea began walking away.

"As long as you had fun." Her eyes met with Seto's annoyed ones and she smiled.

"I'm going to see if dinner is ready." Seto nodded his head and went to take a seat opposite Serenity, his eyes glaring at her. She ignored him stubbornly, too angry to do anything else. Tea soon returned, followed closely by Margaret.

"The dinner is ready. Let's go." She said. Seto got up and walked towards Serenity, helping her into the dinning room. As soon as they entered, delicious aromas assaulted their noses. Quickly eating themselves, they began eating.

"Mmm, this is really good." Tea mumbled through bites. Margaret beamed at the comment.

Serenity's eyes were transfixed on Tea. Her food was getting cold but it was not her present concern. She watched Tea eat the food, her heart filling with joy with every bite Tea took. She could hardly believe it. Her plan was working so smoothly.

"Why are you so happy Wheeler?" Seto said, eyeing the smiling girl. Her smile immediately disappeared, replaced by a startled look before she bowed her head and began stuffing her face with food. Seto turned to Tea to speak with her but stopped, eyeing her slightly red face.

"You okay?" he asked. She slowly nodded her head, hands reaching up to rub her neck.

"It feels like something is stuck in my throat." She reached for a glass of water and gulped it down. Seto watched her intently, hand reaching to rub her back soothingly.

"Feel better?" He asked in a concerned voice. She shook her head, face going redder by the second.

"It feels like something is squeezing my throat." She struggled to say. "I… can't… breath." Seto quickly stood up and yelled.

"Someone call the doctor. Hurry." Lisa quickly ran to comply to his command. Margaret ran to them.

"What is wrong with her?" She asked.

"I don't know. She suddenly has trouble breathing." His eyes narrowed and he sharply turned to Margaret.

"What was in the food?" She seemed baffled at his question.

"I don't understand. Why is the food a problem?"

"Maybe she is having al allergic reaction. Did you put any cherry extract in the food?" Margaret shook her head.

"No. I know Miss Tea is allergic to cherry extract. Everyone in the mansion knows that. We never use it. And I can guarantee that we didn't use it in the food either."

"Seto…" Tea wheezed, her eyes closing slowly before she fell unconscious. Seto immediately scooped her in his arms, panic across his face. He rushed towards his bedroom, Margaret following on his heels. She opened the door to their bedroom and Seto placed Tea gently on the bed.

"Sir, I have the doctor on the line." Lisa said, handing the phone to Seto. He immediately took it and began explaining Tea's condition. Margaret and Lisa watched the worry lines disappear off his forehead, being replaced by anger . After his talk with the doctor, Seto quietly stood up and went to the bathroom. He came back with a small bottle of pills. He lifted Tea up and fed her the pill. When finished, he placed her back on the bed and turned to the two maids with raging eyes.

"These were allergy symptoms. There was some kind of cherry extract in the food that we ate." His eyes narrowed maliciously as he continued. "Which one of you did it?" Both paled considerably.

"Mr. Kaiba, we didn't do it. We know Miss Tea is allergic to cherries and we are always careful when making any food." Margaret said.

"Then how did it happen?" He spat through clenched teeth. Both women were silent. Seto turned his attention to the pale Tea, hand reaching out to caress her cheek tenderly.

"We…" Lisa began hesitantly, getting Seto's attention. "After we prepared food, we left for a few minutes." She stopped and turned to look at Margaret's face before continuing.

"Miss Serenity was in the living room--." Before Lisa could speak further, Margaret harshly cut her off..

"Are you saying that she did it?" Lisa paled, her gaze flickering from Seto to Margaret.

"Well, she was the only one down there. And we didn't do it. Then she's the only one left."

"That is preposterous." Margaret said. "Why would Miss Serenity--."

"That is enough." Seto said in a dead pan voice. Both women stopped. "You can go now." He said, facing away from them. They quickly left, closing the door behind them.

Seto let out a deep sigh and moved to lay beside Tea's unconscious frame. Lisa and Margaret may not be sure but he knew Serenity had done this. Now he knew the reason for her happy mood during dinner. A frown marred his features. Why had Serenity done that? He knew she was less than kind to Tea but all her strikes had been verbal… until today. Could Serenity really be planning to hurt Tea?

He wrapped a protective arm around her waist and buried his face in her hair. Tea was his everything. He couldn't bare to see her even slightly upset or sad, let alone in pain. And now that she carried his child, she was even more precious to him, if that was possible. Was that the reason Serenity had made this attempt?

On more than one occasion, he had noticed Serenity's behaviour towards him. She had tried to seduce him, and when that failed, she had tried to emotionally blackmail him into leaving Tea.

When this baby comes out, we can have a happy life together, just you and me, don't you think Kaiba?

Tea can't be a mother. This child will forever be an eyesore for her and she'll eventually hurt it. You should leave her now and protect your child.

This child is mine and yours. We are a family. Tea is not a part of it and never will be.

If you really love this child, then stay with me and leave her because I am not giving up my baby.

Her words, said to him in private, rang in his mind, but had no affect on him. He loved Tea and nothing could take him away from her. And he had made that quite clear to Serenity as well. Could it be that she had decided to use drastic measures to gain him, and this was just the beginning? What else could the hormonal psycho be planning?

It didn't matter. He would take care of Tea. He would keep an eye on her and have Lisa do the same, while Margaret would watch Serenity. Yes. He would do just that. Subconsciously, his hand moved to lay flat against her stomach. He would protect his unborn child and his wife.

He continued to lay beside Tea for a few more minutes, letting her presence calm his anger and panic. Finally, he got up. It was time he confronted Serenity.

Serenity sat in her room, a pleased look shinning on her face. She had done it. She had intended for Tea to be hurt and she had accomplished that. Hopefully, this little allergy attack had somehow hurt her baby. She didn't care if it was still alive, as long as it had been damaged. Only then would Seto come to her. She hummed happily to herself, imagining the life she had earned when the door opened and Seto came in, a viscious look present in his eyes.

"Why did you do it?" He said, closing the door behind him.

"What are you talking about?" She played innocent. He menacingly growled and took a step closer.

"Don't play dumb Wheeler. I know it was you who put cherry extract in her food to cause the allergic reaction." Her face paled and his suspicion was confirmed. "I know your intention was to cause her pain, but for your information, Tea is perfectly fine. Her medication worked like magic and she is just asleep now." He leaned in towards her, his voice lowering to a hiss.

"If you try to hurt her again, I'd be forced to forget that you are carrying my child and deal with you accordingly." He turned on his heel and walked out the room. The door slammed shut, marking his departure.

Serenity fell back on the bed, tears forming in her eyes.

I'd be forced to forget that you are carrying my child .

How could he be so cruel towards her? What prrof did he have that she had done it? What proof? Nothing. Just suspicion that that witch had probably placed in his mind. And now because of her, he had gone so far as to threaten her and his child openly. All for her, all for that conniving bitch.

Well, if Tea wanted to play that way, then so be it. Serenity would hold back no longer. She would play Tea's sick game and win. No one was going to jeopardize the future of her child.

Tea candidly walked into her room, a fluffy towel wrapped arround her lithe frame. Seto had left for work early morning, so she had no worries about anyone bothering her right now. She walked before her hige closet and took out a comfortable looking outfit. Dressing, she began walking downstairs. Margret would have made breakfast by now, and she was feeling very hungry.

She hurried out the room and towards the staircase when she came face to face with Serenity. Both women frowned, not breaking their gaze. Finally, Serenity huffed haughtily and began walking away when Tea spoke.

"I know it was you Serenity." Serenity's steps halted and she turned arrond with a fierce expression.

"What are you talking about?" she spat back.

"You were the one who made me sick yesterday. I know it was you." Tea shot back.

"How dare you accuse me of such a low thing." Serenity yelled.

"It's not an accusation.. It true.." Tea replied.

"Why would I want to do that to you? You are of no concern to me." Serenity said.

"Obviously, you have a reason." Tea said. "I think you are just jealous of me." An animalistic look appeared on Serenity's face as she screamed.

"Jealous of you? Why woud I be jealous of you? What do you have that I should be jealous of? You are jealous of me because I am going to be a mother. You are the one who is jealous."

"You're not the only one having a baby Serenity." Tea yelled back. "I am too. And it would do you good to accept that." Serenity's nostrils flared in anger at Tea's words.

"I know you are not happy with our situation and neither are we, but there is nothing we can do about it." Tea said.

"Yes we can. But you won't do it because you wanted this to happen." Serenity screamed. "You did this to me on purpose. You wanted to put me in this situation. You wanted to cause me all this pain." Tears were falling freely frm Serenity's eyes as she continued to glare at Tea. Tea sighed and looked away.

"I wish we never had that conversation." She said quietly. "I wish I had never asked you to do this. I wish none of this had happened." With that, Tea began walking down the stairs, leaving Serentiy fuming with anger.

"So you wish my baby had never been conceived?" She said. Without turning back, Tea slowly nodded her head. It was then that Serenity totally lost it. Hate took over her senses, replacing rational thinking with anger. She ran towards Tea with every intention of hurting and stretched her hand to push her off the stairs, but hearing heavy footsteps behind her, Tea turned to inquire.

It was as if time slowed down. Tea turned, her shoulders moving to leave empty space. Serenity's outstretched hand passed through air, and with nothing to break her fall, her body fell forward due to her weight. A blood curling scream errupted from her lips as her body lurched forward and roll own the stairs, leaving small noises.

For a second, Tea stood motionless, not comprehending what was happening. Then she too screamed loudly and raced afte the rolling girl, trying to stop her. But Serenity's body was rolling too fase and landed on the floor before Tea could reach it.

Lisa and Margaret came running toward the fallen girl. Serenity was screaming at the top of her lungs in pain, clutching her stomach tightly. Tea kneeled on the floor and tried to touch her shoulder but Serenity harshly slapped her hand away.

"You did this." she screamed. "You pushed me. You did this you bitch." She tried to grab Tea's hair, but rolled over in pain.

"Tell the driver to get the car out. We have to take her to the doctor." Tea yelled to Lisa who ran immediately. "Margaret, please help Serenity into the car. I'm going to call Seto." Tea didn't wait for Margaret to reply and ran towards the door. She could still hears Serenity pained screams. Her own hands shook terribly as she dailed the number.

"Hello." Seto said on the other line.

"S… Seto." Tea stuttered horribly. "Seto… Serenity… she… stairs… Seto…"

"Tea, what's wrong? Are you okay?" Seto said in a concerned voice.

"Seto… Serenity… she fell down the stairs." Tea finally said in a broken voice, tears seeping from her eyes.

"What?" Seto yelled from the other line. Tea broke down completely, sobbing uncontrollably.

"Seto, I swear I didn't do it. I swear. She… she fell on her own. I didn't do it. Please believe me. Please." She feared Seto would blame her if something was to happen to the baby.

"Don't panic Tea. take her to the hospital. I'll be there right away." He said and hung up. She could feel the urgency in his voice. Wiping her tears, she also ran outside, leaving for the hospital.

Seto ran through the hallways, desperately looking for Tea and Serenity. He spotted Tea standing againt the wall and quickly approached her. She too, saw him and ran towards him, tears streaming down her face.

"Seto… I'm so sorry. I couldn't save her. She… just fell. " Seto wrapped his arms arround her comfortingly and held her close.

"I didn't do it Seto. Please believe me." She begged. "I didn't hurt her. I swear I didn't."

"Tea, stop crying." Seto said in a soothing voice. "I know you didn't do it. I trust you." Tea pressed her face in his chest again, sobbing. He rubbed her back slowly.

"Where is Wheeler?" He asked.

"She… is in the room with … the doctor. She wouldn't … let me in." Tea answered between sobs and Seto nodded his head.

"Tea, I want you to tell me what happened." Tea nodded her head and wiped her eyes with her sleeve before speaking.

"We were arguing on top of the stair case. I told her I knew that it was her who…" Tea left it there, knowing Seto already knew what she was talking about. After all, it was him who had told her about it.

"I… I said that I wished I had never asked for help and she had never gotten pregnant." Tea said with a guilty expression. "I started walking away when I heard footsteps so I turned arround and then I just saw her falling. I don't know how she fell. Seto, I ran after her to help her but I couldn't. I'm sorry."

"You don't have to apologize Tea. I'm sure you tried your best." He said, hugging her again. Lisa walked towards them along with Margaret. They had come with Serenity to the hospital while Tea had come alone.

"Mr. Kaiba." Lisa said in a meek voice. "I… I saw what happened." Immediately, both Seto and Tea were facing her, giving her their full attention. Lisa gulped before speaking/.

"I was coming out of the kitchen when I heard Miss Tea arguing with Miss Serenity. I… I was curious so I hid and watched." Seto frowned but Tea was unconcerned.

"Go on. Tell." She urged Lisa. Lisa gulped again and turned to Tea, speaking to her.

"When you turned arround, Miss Serenity ran towards you to push you. I saw it. I was going to yell and warn you but you turned around on your own. But Miss Serenity couldn't stop herself and lost her balance, falling down the stairs." Tea sighed in relief at the explanation, as if a heavy burden had been lifted off her shoulders.

"You can go home now if you want." Seto said to the two maids. "We'll take care of the situation here." Both nodded and quickly walked away from there. Seto turned to Tea and pulled her in his embrace again.

"Everything will be okay." Hwhispered to her. They remained locked for a few minutes before pulling away at the sound of a door opening. It was Dr. Kinimo. He stared somberly at the two.

"I'm afraid I have bad news." Tea gripped Seto's arm tightly. "The baby is dead." Tea's body slipped to the floor, but Seto caught her quickly, steadying and supporting her with his arm.

"The fall had severe consequences." Dr. kinimo continued. "She fell on her stomach several times. The child died probably after the second hit. It had several fractures on the skull and some broken bones as well."

"No." Tea whispered in horror, tears once again flowing.

"I'm very sorry." Dr. kinimo said, staring sympathetically at Tea.

"What… what about the mother?" Seto finally asked, his voice not as cold and hard as it usually was.

"The mother is fine. She has some bruises on her body but they will heal in a few days. However, she has taken the news of her baby's death quite hard, as expected. We wanted to tranquilize her, but she demanded that we bring you in the room Mr. Kaiba." Seto nodded his head.

"We'll go." He said, taking Tea with him to the room where Serenity was being kept. The room was very large and luxurious, being a VIP room. Serenity was laying on the bed, her shoulders and neck supported by a fluffy pillow. Her body was shaking slightly, indicating that she was crying. When she heard their footsteps, she quickly turned to stare at them.

"You." she said, pointing accusingly at Tea. "You killed my baby. You killed it." Tea gasped in shock, hand reaching up to cover her open mouth.

"You are a murderer. You killed my innocent baby. Murderer. MURDERER." Serenity screamed "I'll kill you. I'll kill you bitch." She tried to get up but enormous pain shot through her back and she cried out, falling back on the bed.

"Are you happy now?" Serenity contined. "Huh Kaiba, are you happy that your first born in dead? I told you she hated our baby. I told you she would kill it. Now do you believe me?"

"Shut up Wheeler." Seto finally spoke. "Stop accusing Tea of something you did."

"What?" Serenity screamed in rage and shock. "You're still taking her side. She killed our baby."

"She didn't." seto bellowed. "You are the one who is responsible for the loss of that life. Lisa saw you trying to push Tea. She saw what happened. She saw you try to hurt Tea and fall down in the process. So don't lie to make yourself feel better. Tea isn't the one who killed this baby. You did."

"No." Serentiy whispered in horror, body shaking uncontrollably with sobs. "I didn't. I… I loved my baby."

"You only loved yourself." Seto said. "You were only concerned with yourself. You were only looking out for yourself. Had you really loved the child, you would have never put it at risk. But for your goals, for your intentions, you put my child in harms way. The baby died because of your irresponsibility, because of your lack of better judgement, because of your stupidity, because of you."

"No… I…" Serenity stuttered with words.

"Our cotract is done Wheeler." Seto said in a cold voice. "You were responsible for giving Tea and I a child and in return you'd be compensated. You have failed to deliever your end of the bargain and in addition, have caused Tea and I much problems. However, you'll still be compensated." He grabbed Tea's arm and turned away. "You'll receive your payment check in a day." With that, he began walking out.

"No, stop." Serenity screamed in desperation. "Kaiba, don't go. I… I love you. I love you more than her. Please…don't leave me. I beg you." Seto looked over his shoulder at her pitiful form, all crumbled up in a ball, shaking with sobs.

"Know this and remember Wheeler. I love Tea and Tea only. And nothing will ever change that." He walked out the door, ignoring her pleads to stay with her. They met Dr. Kinimo outside, waiting for them.

"Don't worry about the bill. I'll pay it." Seto said. Dr. Kinimo nodded his head. Seto turned to leave when Dr. kinimo spoke again.

"Would you like to see the baby?" Seto's body stiffened. No one spoke for a while.

"No." Seto finally said. "Just bury it. I'll pay for the expenses." The doctor nodded his head and watched them walk out of the hospital. Seto had already made a phone call to the hospital, urging them to keep the matter s private as possible so there was no press to bother them. They sat in the car, but didn't drive immediately.

"Seto." Tea spoke gently. "I'm sorry." He sighed, letting his mask drop.

"I didn't want it to be this way." He said.

"Me either." She agreed. "But's done now. We can't do anything else."

"Tea, I want you to be very careful from now on." Seto said, staring her in the eye. "I'm going to hire a nurse to stay with you at all times so she can prevent a repeat of what happened today." He placed his hand over her stomach. "I don't want to lose another child." Tea hugged him and kissing the side of his head.

"It won't happen again." She assured him. "I'll try my best."

"Seto, do you think my stomach is getting big now?" Tea asked, lifting her shirt. Seto smiled. She had been asking him the same question almost every day now. She was beginning her fifth month of pregnancy and couldn't wait for the child to start developing in her body.

"Well, what do you think?" She pressed.

"Hmm." He pretended to examine it. "Still looks the same to me." He finally said. Her face fell.

"I think I'm gonna take the pregnancy test again to make sure I'm still pregnant." He sighed and grabbed her arms, pulling her into his lap.

"Tea, stop worrying. You'll show soon enough and when you do, you'll be crying to be slim again because none of your clothes will fit you." He joked. It brought a smile to her face.

"Oh don't worry about clothes. I have a vey rich husband who would buy me plenty more." He chuckled and kissed her softly.

"Tea, what the hell are you doing?" Seto said in surprise, after finding his wife eating toothpaste in their bathroom.

"I'm eating." She said casually, as if eating toothpaste directly from the tube was the most natural thing in the world. What was wrong with her? He faintly recalled reading something about non-food cravings, called pica cravings. Women craved the weirdest and sometimes harmful things. He sighed and walked towards her. At least she wasn't drinking bleach or something of that sort.

"Stop it." He said, trying to take the nearly empty tube away from her. She flayed her arms left and right, trying to keep it away from him.

"Tea, give it to me." He said and forcefully snatched it away from her. She stood up, glaring at him.

"What the hell is your problem? Are you so cheap that you can't buy another toothpaste?" She yelled.

"Tea, stop being ridiculous. Just look at yourself for God's sake." He turned her towards the mirror so she could take a look at herself. Her lips were covered with foam, with some paste hanging off her chin.

"Oh my God." She gasped in shock. "I look like a rabid dog on the loose." She wailed loudly. Seto sighed.

"Tea, that's not true. If you were a dog, you would be chasing me around the room to bite." He joked. This only caused her to be louder. Seto sighed and wrapped his arms around her.

"Come on, get cleaned. I'll take you out for ice-cream." He glanced at the discarded toothpaste. "Mint-flavored by the looks of it."

"Seto, SETO." Tea screamed at the top of her lungs. Seto ran out of the office and entered the bedroom where she was.

"Tea, what's wrong? Are you in pain?" He said, racing towards her.

"No. I'm fine." She replied with a smile. He frowned, annoyed with her.

"Then why did you scream like you were in labour?" He asked, annoyed with her.

"Here, feel this." She said, placing his hand on her stomach. His heart neat increased ten fold. And as he had predicted, he fell a small push against his hand.

"Is it…?" He whispered in disbelief. She giggled and nodded her head enthusiastically,

"Yes. I just felt it. It's so unbelievable, isn't it?" Seto's eyes softened and he rested his forehead against hers.

"It is." He admitted. "Our baby. It is almost here." He placed a gentle kiss on her lips and whispered. "Thank you."

Seto walked down the stairs with a frown evident on his face. For the past hour, he had been trying to ignore the loud racket coming from downstairs. Tea's friends had come to visit and spend the day with them. Seto had greeted them and had soon departed to finish his work. However, as he had feared and predicted, concentrating was impossible with the loud noises always accompanying Tea's friends.

He marched downstairs, ready to chide them. They, having heard his angry stomping, quietened down immediately. Seto glared at them.

"Enough with the silence." He finally said, growing tired of their acting.

"So we have your permission to be loud?" Mokuba asked excitedly. "Cool. Thanks Seto." And immediately, as if animals were released from their cages, there was noise, lots of noise. Seto wanted to yell, but knew it would fall on deaf ears. He spotted Tea sitting on the couch beside Yugi and Mai and went to her.

"Oh hi honey. Did you finish your work?" She asked sweetly. Seto took a seat besides her on the spot vacated by Yugi.

"No, because of your uncivilized friends." He replied. She smiled apologetically. "Are you having fun?" He asked, being the considerate guy he was,

"Oh yeah." She said with a bright smile. "They are so much fun. Thanks for letting them spend the day today." He smiled and kissed her.

"Hey Tea, I want to feel the kick again." Joey said, approaching them.

"I would be glad to deliver it Wheeler." Seto said. Joey snorted.

"Shut up Kaiba. I'm not talking to you.." He turned to Tea. "So, can I?" She nodded her head. Joey happily placed his hand on her huge stomach and laughed heartily as he felt the small bump.

"This is so amazing. I can never get tired of this." He said, putting his hand on a different spot on her stomach.

"Stop it Wheeler." Seto said. "It hurts her when the baby kicks."

"If she wants me to stop, she'll say so." Joey said.

"I am telling you to stop, so stop. If you really like it so much, knock up your wife and then feel it." Joey laughed.

"Don't worry about it. I am planning to. I want to have a lot of kids."

"Isn't one enough for you?" Seto asked.

"No. Not at all." Joey said. "Because one is enough for you." Seto was clearly confused.

"What do I have to do with you having more kids?" Seto said.

"Since I only have one kid, you can keep an eye on her. Once I add a couple more to it, then it'll get interesting. I'd love to see you chase after them while they cause mayhem in your house." A maniacal expression appeared on Joey's face. "My little team of devils to drive you insane." Seto kicked Joey's shin lightly.

"I'd just ban you from my house then." Seto said.

"As long as my kids have my mentality, we'll sneak into your house no matter how advanced your security system is."

"Is that a challenge?" Seto said with a smile.

"Take it as one if you want." Joey said.

"Fine Wheeler. Bring out as many kids as you can. I'll deal with them personally."

"Seto." He heard her say his name, but was too sleepy and tired to respond immediately. "SETO." A yell and a kick to his leg did the trick. He threw the covers off his face and turned towards her.

"What is it?" He asked her.

"I'm hungry." She said, crossing her arms over her chest. Seto rubbed his bleary eyes and glanced at the clock. It read 3'o clock in the morning. Damn her untimely hunger.

"You want something now?" He asked to confirm. She nodded her head. With a sigh, he got off the bed.

"I'll see what I can find in the kitchen."

"No." She said. "I want pizza."

"Tea, it's 3:00 am."

"I don't care. I want pizza and I want it now." He sighed in defeat and reached for the phone. Damn her untimely hunger.

"I'll see if the pizza place is open." He dialled the number and turned to her. "What do you want?"

"I want anchovies and pineapple. Ooh and black olives too." Seto mentally gagged at her choice but knew better then to say anything. Her cravings were getting weirder and weirder.

The phone rang and rang but no one picked up. He hung up and turned to her.

"No one is picking up."

"But I want it." She said stubbornly. "I'm so hungry."

"Do you want anything else?"

"No. I want pizza only." She maintained, tears now forming in her eyes. Seto sighed for the nth time. Damn hormones.

"Come on." He said, grabbing a shirt. "We'll go find a place that's open." She beamed brightly and hopped off the bed, following him. They drove around for an hour until the spotter an open pizza joint. Running inside, Seto ordered her choice and waited for it to be ready. Thankfully, the pizza was before them in 10 minutes.

"Thank you Seto." Tea said brightly, giving him a quick hug before digging into the pizza, literally. Seto just watched with amusement.

"Are you sure you will be okay?" Seto asked his heavily pregnant wife. "I can cancel this trip if you want."

"No Seto. You can't. this is important to you and you have worked hard to prepare for this takeover. Just go and concentrate on your work. I'll be okay. I have Mokuba here." Tea said.

"Yeah. Have some faith in me Seto. I can take care of my sister-in-law." Mokuba yelled from the living room.

"Eat properly. Don't do anything that will stress you. If there is any problem, call me right away." Seto said, ignoring Mokuba. "If you want to call Valentine to come over, do it, even if she has to bring her devil child and Wheeler with her. At least there will be someone here who doesn't faint at the description of labour and will know what to do if you do go into labour." Tea smiled and nodded her head.

"Hey, it was a scary description." Mokuba yelled from the living room in his defense.

"I will be careful. Just go or you'll be late." She quickly kissed him. "And remember, if you don't come back in two days, I will come there and have this baby on your meeting table in front of all your assicoates." Her smile still as sweet as it had been before, but her words gave Seto a mental picture. He shuddered.

"Don't worry. I'll be back by your assigned deadline."

Seto raced down the hospital hallway. The reason: Tea was in labour. He had just received a call from Mokuba informing of the development. As soon as he had gotten the call, he had left, speeding to get to the hospital. He had been glad no cop had caught him and stopped him.

He spotted the whole gang outside the door to the VIP room. Mokuba approached him with a pale face.

"I'm so glad you are here. You owe me big time Seto. I just went through the worst thing in my young life. Her water broke and then she was so angry, and wet, and angry, and scared, and angry, and in pain, and angry, and crying, and angry, and--." His rambling was stopped by a loud scream.

"What the hell are still doing outside Kaiba? Go in there." Mai yelled, coming out of the room. Seto nodded his head and ran in. The room was crowded with some nurses and Dr. Kinimo, but Tea still managed to see him.

"Seto." She called out. He ran towards her, sitting on the corner of the bed, and held her hand.

"Tea, I'm here now. It's going to be okay." He said, wiping the tear streaks from her cheeks.

"Seto, it hurts." Ahe cried as another contraction overcame her body. Seto felt his heart clench at her pain. He turned to the nurses.

"Can't you giver her some pain killers, anything to lessen the pain?"

"We already have given her some, but we can't give her anymore." A nurse replied. Seto opened his mouth to speak further, but was interrupted by Tea's loud scream. He turned back to her, running his hand through her hair and whispering soothing words to her.

"We are almost there Mrs. Kaiba. Just a few more pushes should do it." Dr. Kinimo said. Tea's face contracted as she made an attempt to push the baby out. Seto felt his hand crush in her grip.

"Good, very good. Just a little bit further." Dr. Kinimo encouraged.

"I… can't. it hurts so much." Tea cried.

"Yes you can Tea." Seto said. "Just think of how much you want this child Tea. Think of the happiness, of the joy. You can do it." Tea stared into his warm, proud eyes and used all her energy to exert another push. An ear splitting scream erupted from her lips before she fell unconscious.

"Tea, Tea, what happened?" Seto yelled, tapping her cheek lightly. Around him, nurses fluttered but he ignored them, his attention focused solely on Tea.

"Tea, wake up. Please, wake up." He begged. He hed read about women dying during child birth. but it just couldn't happen to Tea, not to his Tea.

"Tea..." His voice broke. "Open your eyes. Don't leave me like this."

Her eyelids fluttered and she opened her eyes, gaining consciousness.

"Seto." She whispered weakly. Seto quickly kissed her, pressing his forehead against her.

"Tea, you scared me. I thought I lost you." She smiled weakly. "Are you okay now?" She nodded her head. "Good. I'm glad." He said and kissed her again, but this kiss was deeper and lasted longer. Tea moved aside on the bed, allowing Seto to climb beside her. Their kiss was broken by someone clearing their throat. They pulled apart and stared at Dr. Kinimo and a nurse, holding a small bundle of clothes.

"I'm sorry for interrupting you, but I thought you may like to meet your first born son." Dr. Kinimo said with a smile. Tea and Seto's gaze widened in disbelief. Very slowly and carefully, the nurse placed the small baby wrapped in blankets in Tea's arms.

Seto and Tea gazed at the little child in amazement. His eyes were closed, indicating he was asleep. He had full lips, and pink rosy cheeks, making him look like an innocent angel. His tiny hands were fisted into the blanket.

"My… son." Tea whispered, tears of joy falling from her eyes. Gently, she kissed the baby's forehead, clutching it to her chest.

"I'm a mother." She said, looking at Seto. "Look Seto, our baby. Our son." With shaking hands, Seto held the baby.

"Its… really my son." He said with a shaking voice. "My child, my blood." He turned to Tea with a soft look.

"Thank you. You have given me everything today." He leaned down to kiss her gently.

"Hey guys, can we come in, or do you need more time?" Mokuba said, peeking through the door. Seto pulled away from Tea and nodded at Mokuba. Immediately, everyone was pushing to get through the door and get to them.

"I want to see the baby."

"I want to see it first."

"No, me." Everyone was pushing and shoving to get to the baby who was encased in Seto's protective embrace.

"Hey, I'm the uncle, I have the right to see the baby first." Mokuba said.

"Yes. Mokuba is right." Seto said. Mokuba smirked smugly and moved besides Seto. Very carefully, Seto placed the baby in Mokuba's arms. Everyone crowded around Mokuba, wanting to look at the baby.

"Seto, he's beautiful." Mokuba said in a breathy tone. Others around him nodded.

"Let me hold him now." Mai said, taking the baby from Mokuba's arms. The baby stirred a bit but didn't wake. Mai stared in awe at the child.

"Hey baby, look at your aunt and possibly, your godmother." Mai said, eyeing Tea from the corner of her eyes. Tea laughed good naturedly and said.

"Of course you are the godmother Mai. Who else we would pick?" Mai smiled and resumed staring at the baby.

"He kind of looks like you Kaiba." Mai said. Seto stared at Mai in surprise.

"Don't you think it is a bit early to tell?" Mai shook her head.

"He has your nose and your face. And when he opens his eyes, we'll see if he has Tea's eyes or yours."

"Can I hold him now?" Yugi asked. Seto nodded and the baby was handed to him.

"Have you thought of a name yet?" Joey asked, caressing the baby's cheek. Tea and Seto exchanged a look before Tea replied.

"We are going to name him Seth." Everyone stared at them in surprise. That was the last name they would have expected Seto to agree upon.

"It is a beautiful name, fitting for the baby." Bakura said with a smile.

"Hey, can I hold him now? I've been waiting all this time." Joey complained. Yugi smiled and placed the baby in Joey's arms.

"Hey kid, look at me. I'm your uncle." Joey said to the baby, who began crying.

"Wha…? Joey muttered in surprise.

"Dude, what did you do?" Tristan said, eyeing Joey and the now crying baby.

"I didn't do anything." Joey said defensively.

"Maybe he recognized you as the dog you are." Seto said with a smirk. Joey frowned.

"Shut up Kaiba. Now is not the time."

"Why is he crying?" Duke asked, confused.

"I think he is hungry." Mai said knowingly. "He needs to be breastfed."

"Oh no." Mokuba said in horror, marching towards the door. "I'm not stayng here." The other men sounded their agreements and followed him out, leaving Joey and Mai along with Seto and Tea. Joey handed Seth to Tea.

"Maybe I should leave too." Seto said with hesitation.

"No, I want you to stay." Tea said, cuddling the baby.

"Okay hun, we'll leave you guys alone then." Mai said, exiting with Joey. When the door closed, Tea handed Seth to Seto and lifted her shirt, revealing a supple breast. She then took the baby and placed it against it, letting it suckle contently. Seto just watched with fascination. He was surprised that he wasn't the least bit turned on. He supposed it was because of the presence of his son.

Tea continued to breast feed Seth until he fell asleep again. Tea cradled him in her arms and rested her head against Seto's shoulder. Seto placed his arms around Tea, completing the picture of a perfect family. A knock on the door interrupted their perfect moment. Seto turned his head to see Serenity enter. Tea looked up as well and quickly covered Seth protectively.

"What are you doing here?" Seto asked menacingly. Serenity looked down in shame. Ever since her miscarriage, she hadn't been in contact with the couple.

"I… I came to apologize for my behaviour from before." She said slowly. Seto grunted in response.

"We don't care for your apology Wheeler. Get out of my sight." He said nastily.

"I want to explain my actions so you undestand what was going through my mind." Serenity said, looking at Tea, who looked unsure, but nodded her head to let her continue.

"I… I was jealous of you Tea." Serentiy admitted. "I wanted someone to love me like kaiba loves you. When I got pregnant, somehow this idea came in my head that if I could take your place as Kaiba's child's mother, maybe I can take your place as his love, as his wife as well. I always told myself and Seto that you would never love my child, in hopes that Kaiba would leave you. I… I tried every method I could. I said things about you I am ashamed to repeat or even think about. When I found out you were pregnant, I felt like I was about to lose everything. I became unsure of my baby's future. I thought that Seto would love yours more than mine. I… I wanted to get rid of your baby. That's why I put cherry extract in your food, and when I failed there, I tried to push doen the stairs. But I paid the price for my bad intentions." She paused to lift her head and look them in the eye.

"I'm really sorry Tea. I know what I did doesn't deserve forgiveness, but I beg you to not hate me, please."

"I don' hate you Serenity." Tea said after a small pause. "Maybe I would have done the same if I was in your position."

"But we are not going to forget what you did Wheeler." Seto said harshly. "I don't want you to be near my child. You have lost my trust." Serenity nodded her head sadly.

"Can… can I see the baby?" She asked hesitantly. Seto remained quiet but Tea nodded her head. Slowly, Serenity approached the bed and stared at the baby.

"He's beautiful." Serenity whispered. "Congratulations."

"Thank you." Tea replied. Serenity moved away.

"I wish you and your child all the happiness in the world." Serenity said and walked out. Tea sighed and rested her head on Seto's shoulder again.

"I'm tired now. I want to go to sleep." Seto took Seth and placed him in a beautiful craddle besides the bed. He then lay beside Tea.

"Thank you Tea." Seto whispered.

"I love you Seto." Tea muttered before falling asleep. Seto lovingly kissed he forehead before closing his eyes.

"I love you too Tea."

The End

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