Eye of the Storm

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Author's Note: This is what you've all been waiting for, right? The next part of the Heart of Gold series? Well, here it is. I have no idea how wedding ceremonies go, so you'll have to excuse me if it's wrong.

Full Summary: Following Sam and Haley's wedding, the two hunters find their wedded bliss (not to mention there honeymoon) interrupted when John calls, telling them he's closing in on the demon again. And this time, he knows where it's going to attack next. So Sam and Haley are once again pulled into the hunt, meeting some old friends and some new ones, leading up to another confrontation with the demon that's haunted them for the past twenty-three years. And amidst all this, Haley continues to try and decipher the meaning of the Heart of Gold prophecy.

Prologue: Love, Honour and Cherish

"Haley, these last few months without you… they've been a hell I can't begin to describe, and never wish to return to," he said, and then realized that may not have been the best way to start. "You are… well, you're beautiful, you're smart, oh, you know what, I suck at these speech things," Sam said, and Haley gave a small chuckle. "Haley Evans, I come to you, a man, nothing less, and definitely nothing more, with no ring to speak of and wearing only a sheet, and ask for you to be my wife." Haley looked down at him, tears welling up on the edge of her eyes. For just a fleeting second, Sam's defence mechanism shot warnings when he thought she was, after all this, going to refuse him. But then she smiled, and was nodding vigorously, tears of overwhelming happiness flowing freely from her eyes.

"Yes…" she said. "Yes, yes, and a thousand times more yes." She leaned down and kissed him, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Now stand up, I can't stand to be taller than you for another second." With a feeling of unexplainable joy and a smile that could've lit up the dankest, darkest hole in the ground, Sam wrapped his arms around her waist, and lifted her off the ground as he got to his feet.

"I love you, you know that?" he said.

"Would you have… loved me… any… less if I'd… said no?" she asked, and Sam could only just make out what she was saying with her lips pressed against his in a deep, intimate, passionate kiss.

"Maybe… just a little," Sam said with a smile to show he was joking, and Haley smiled too.

"I wouldn't expect anything less," she said. Then she put all her weight against him and pushed him back down across the bed, a broad smile on her face and pure joy in her eyes. There was still so much to deal with, so much darkness in their lives. But darkness and evil was for Monday mornings. Right now, there was just Haley and Sam, too exhausted to do anything but hold each other, lips gently caressing each other, enjoying each other's company.

Tomorrow was going to be one hell of a Monday morning. But until then…

Three Months Later

"If I hear the words 'Where should this go' one more time I am going to get physical!" Haley declared, as a man not much older then herself came up with yet another platter of food. The young man quickly turned around and dashed over towards Dean, who was also seeing over the preparations. Sam and Haley's decision to get married before the baby was born meant they had had to shift into high gear so that Haley could actually fit into her wedding dress, and that meant they had had to rush some things, and they were falling slightly behind schedule.

"Yeah, just put that over there for now, we'll deal with it later." Dean said, shooing away the young man. "Haley, would you mind being a little less… emotional?" He called over. Haley turned a venomous glare onto him.

"Dean, I am pregnant, I am hormonal, and I am getting married in less then three hours." She said. "And to top it all off I'm an empath. Put that all together and I assure you, I have every right to feel emotional."

"Yeah, but all this stress can't be good for my future niece." Dean said. Haley sighed and took in a deep, calming, overly-exaggerated breath, and let it out. Dean gave her a pointed look, and she did it again, and again, until finally Dean was satisfied she was calmed down again. She looked up and down the long beach where the wedding was taking place, and couldn't help but smile as she thought about what she was going to be doing in just over five hours, all thoughts of the stress instantly vanishing in favour of the thought of walking down the aisle to meet Sam.

Her smile turned to a look of horror when she saw someone coming towards the beach from the parking lot, and she quickly ducked behind a table.

"Haley, wha-?" Dean began.

"Sam, get your ass off this beach!" Haley shouted. Sam froze, looking up and down the beach, trying to find where Haley's voice had come from. "Its bad luck to see the bride on the wedding day!" She added. Sam rolled his eyes with a grin.

"Come on, Haley, you don't really believe-"

"Sam, after all we've seen over the years, I am not going to risk it." She called. "Oh, screw it; I need to go get ready anyway. Dean, go cover his eyes."

"What?" Sam and Dean said at the same time, disbelief evident in both their voices.

"Well, I'm sorry, honey, but I don't trust you not to peek while I'm leaving." Haley stated. "Dean!"

"Alright, alright." Dean walked over and put a hand over his brother's eyes. "Safe." He called to Haley. Sam rolled his eyes under Dean's hand while he waited for Haley to leave. Although he couldn't blame Haley for being a little paranoid, considering their track record when it came to legends and superstitions, it didn't make it any less annoying.

"Is she gone yet?" Sam asked. A moment of silence and then Dean lifted his hand.

"Yeah, she's gone… in my car." He added. "She better not scratch it." He added as he walked away to help settle some dispute about the flower arrangement at the archway where Sam and Haley would meet to exchange their vows.

Sam sighed happily, the reality of what he was planning to do only just sinking in. He was getting married. Of all the things he thought he'd d be doing after being pulled back into hunting by his brother, getting married had not been one of them. And now, here he was. Just hours away from marrying the woman he'd fallen in love with.

Haley was standing in front of the mirror. She had come here to start getting ready, but as soon as she'd stepped in front of the mirror to start undressing, her eyes had caught sight of the slight bulge under her blouse, and she'd lifted it only up to her chest so that she could admire the little girl growing inside of her.

"She's going to be beautiful." Haley jumped and spun around to see Missouri standing in the doorway. Her surprise became relief when she saw the old woman.

"Yeah… I can just imagine." She said, turning back to the mirror. "I can't wait 'till she starts moving." She said. She stroked her belly gently. "I can feel her, sometimes, if I relax enough, and isolated enough from everyone else. She's so… so…" She trailed off. There wasn't really a word to describe the feeling Haley got when she sensed the small life growing inside her. "How long til the wedding starts?" She asked suddenly, wondering how long she'd been standing there. "I haven't even gotten dressed yet. What if I-"

"Haley, calm down, you still have three hours." Missouri said, placing her hands on Haley's shoulder. "You have plenty of time to get ready." She reassured the younger woman. Haley nodded, taking a few deep breaths.

"Right… six hours… plenty of… oh, god…" She rushed passed Missouri into the bathroom, and a few moments later, a series of unpleasant sounds could be heard coming from the bathroom.

"You okay in there?" Missouri called after a minute.

"Define okay." Haley called back. The door opened a moment later and the younger woman stepped out, look a little disgruntled. "This baby is good in all but the effects she's having on my bodily functions." She stated. "I had better not feel this way when I'm walking down the aisle." She said, and then looked down at her stomach. "You hear that? No morning sickness at the wedding. Mummy wants her wedding to be as perfect as possible, and she can't do that if she's throwing up all over the groom."

Missouri smiled at Haley, who was so caught up talking to her unborn baby to even notice the older woman.

After a little over a minute, Haley stopped talking to the baby and turned her attention back to Missouri. "This is right, right?" She asked. "Marrying Sam. I mean, it just seems so… unreal. I don't know if I can-"

"Do I have to slap you?" Missouri asked. Missouri being the only one with a temper that rivalled Haley's. "Of course this is the right thing to do. You and Sam are in love. You're having a baby, Sam's baby. If those two aren't reason enough to get married, then look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself that question again."

Haley glanced at the mirror, and smiled. "Okay." She said simply. She turned back to Missouri, and her smile went from acceptance to pure joy. "I'm getting married!" She exclaimed, the happiness and excitement evident in her voice. Missouri simply smiled at her, pleased to see the younger woman so happy. So different to the angry youth that had visited her all those years ago after being sent after Sam and Dean by John. No, she had definitely matured a lot since then.

"Where the hell is John?" She demanded. "I swear, if that man isn't here by the time the wedding starts, I will personally track him down and… oh, bad thoughts." She turned and ran back into the bathroom.

Okay, so maybe not so much, but definitely more woman than girl now. The temper, though, well, that would probably stay with her the rest of her life.

"False alarm." Haley called, walking back out. "Just a burp, thankfully. Can't be too careful, how much longer is this supposed to last?" She added, barely taking a breath.

"Oh, sometimes morning sickness can last the entire pregnancy." Missouri said in a cheerful voice. Haley's eyes went wide as saucers, and Missouri chuckled. "I think you're in for a rough three months." Haley looked absolutely horrified. "But don't worry," Missouri continued with a smile, "Your… husband… is going to be with you every step of the way." Slowly, ever so slowly, Haley's look of horror turned back to one of happiness, and now anticipation.

Sam kept glancing nervously at his watch where he was standing at the end of the long red carpet laid out on a low platform in the sand, which would be serving as the 'aisle' Haley was going to be walking down. Pastor Jim was standing behind him, and Dean was beside him. Any minute now, Haley was going to come out of the tent they set up for her to wait in. But she wasn't the reason his nervous. At least, not entirely.

"Where is he?" He asked his brother anxiously, looking over the few guests that were seated on either side of the platform. "He promised he'd be here-"

"And he's gonna be." Dean assured Sam. "He's just… you know… being held up."

"If he's gone out hunting something, I'll…" He frowned. "I don't normally agree with Haley's… temper tantrums… but if he isn't here by the time she comes out of that tent, I'm going to-"

"There he is." Dean said, pointing up the small hill to the parking lot where John Winchester had parked his truck and was now walking down to the beach to take a seat with the other guests. He was clean-shaven, and dressed in formalwear Dean had helped him buy a few days earlier. Sam finally relaxed. Everyone was there.

And then the music started. They didn't have a band of any sort, just a CD player running on batteries. But as far Sam was concerned, the wedding would've been perfect with or without music, rain, hail or shine, at the beach, in a church, or in a rundown old shack. As long as Haley was there and they exchanged their vows and rings, it would be perfect.

And seeing Haley as she walked slowly out of the tent only served to strengthen that belief. Her dress had been hand made specifically to fit her growing stomach, and reached just short of her ankles, with no sleeves and a low, circular neck. There was a strand of diamonds hanging, tightly yet comfortably, around her neck, and another strand woven through her blonde hair, catching the sunlight like a bright halo around her head. In her hands was a bouquet of pale-pink roses, hand-tied with a long white ribbon wrapped in an intricate pattern around the stems.

Sam felt as though he was falling in love with her all over again, without all the problems that had first occurred. He smiled broadly as she approached, and she returned it whole heartedly, coming to her place and standing opposite him, with Pastor Jim stand between them and back a bit.

"Friends, we are gathered here today to share with Sam and Haley the most important time in their lives." He said. "At this point, I would normally ask if anyone present had a just cause for these two not to be married," Jim continued, "However, most of you would know how much trouble Sam and Haley have had just getting here, so we've decided to skip that part altogether."

There was a chorus of chuckles from the small gathering of people in front of them. When it died down, Jim continued. "Who here is giving this woman to be joined with this man?" He asked.

"I am." Missouri said from behind Haley, having been chosen for the role of Maid of Honour, Bridesmaid and 'Father' of the Bride. Jim nodded.

Sam was so caught up and basking in Haley's beauty that he almost wasn't ready to speak his vows. But as soon as Pastor Jim said the word, he was ready as if he'd spent his life waiting to say them.

He smiled happily at Haley, and for a moment was afraid he'd forgotten the vows he'd spent days and days working so hard to perfect. But as he started, the words started to flow, memory returning.

"Haley." He said. "When we first met, I couldn't wait to be rid of you." Another small chorus of chuckles. Haley and Dean both joined in at that. "Now, standing with you today, I can't imagine my life without you. You are my light, to shine for me when I'm fading. My love for you is everlasting; until eternity breaks, I will be yours in mind, body and soul. I promise to love, honour and cherish you, from this day forward, until the end of all things." And with that, he took the ring Dean held out to him, and slid it onto the ring finger of Haley's right hand.

And then Jim turned to Haley, and she knew it was her turn. She felt Sam's love washing over her like a river, calm and clear and yet with such power and strength it seemed like it should be overwhelming. But it wasn't. Love could never overwhelm her.

"Sam, because of you, I know what true love is." She said, blinking back tears of joy. She was finally here, finally saying it. "When I was lost, your love was a beacon that guided me to you. Through all the darkness and losses in my life, you've been there, your love, as constant and as steady as the beat of my heart. I promise to love, honour and cherish you; your heart; your soul. From this day forward," She took the ring and slid it onto the ring finger of Sam's right hand, "Death itself cannot stop my love for you." Sam smiled, his eyes shining just as Haley's were.

"Sam Winchester and Haley Evans," Pastor Jim said with a smile, "I now pronounce you husband and wife…" And whatever else he said was lost to the two people standing in front of him. They heard him just enough to know they were allowed to kiss, and then they had their arms wrapped around each other, their kiss filled with love and passion. It was done. They were married.

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