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To be Chunin

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Let the Exam begin!

The Village Hidden in the Leaves was hosting the Chunin Exam. Genin from all over were coming there.

"Tenchi!" cried a voice.

"Lord Tenchi" cried another.

Young man was trying to walk but two women were on top of him.

"Back off princess Tenchi's mine…" said one of the young woman with spiked Cyan hair she wore her hitai-ate as a belt.

"No way you demon… Lord Tenchi is mine…" said the other with purple hair in two long pony tails with some of it cropped-off she wore her hitai-ate on her forehead.

"Can't you two take things seriously for once… we're about to take the Chunin exams." said young man with his hair short except for a small ponytail, he wore his hitai-ate on his forehead.

These three were Ryoko (the woman with Cyan hair), Jurai Ayeka (the purple haired young woman) and Masaki Tenchi (the young man) of the Village Hidden in the Trees, a village famous for its Jurai Clan, both Ayeka and Tenchi were members of it. The symbol was that of what looked like a tree.

Elsewhere at the village entrance…

"All right time to be Chunin!" yelled a 17 year old boy with messy black hair covered in a straw hat, on the hat tied like a band was his hitai-ate.

He received a bump on the head from a red haired young woman who wore her hitai-ate around her neck, "Luffy can't you be a little more quiet?" asked the young woman.

"But Nami! I'm so excited! I'm on my way to be being King of the Pirates!" said the young man named Luffy.

The young woman named Nami sighed, so did a green haired young man with three swords strapped to his side and his hitai-ate tied around his arm.

They were Monkey D. Luffy, Nami and Roronoa Zoro (the green haired young man) of the Village Hidden in the Ocean. The village is run by their leader known as the King of the Pirates… why he's called that… well no one exactly knows. It is also infamous for the Blood Line Limit known as the "Devil's Fruit" that occurs in many of its clans. Its symbol is a skull and cross bones.

Elsewhere at the village entrance…

"All the right Chunin exam! Once we become Chunins then Operation Hero of Justice and become more efficient!" yelled a little blond boy with puppet like lines on his face and wore his hitai-ate on his fore head… he also wore a dress for some reason.

A teenaged boy sighed at this, he wore his hitai-ate on his forehead.

"Zatch certainly is excited about this…" said teenaged girl with long brown hair and her hitai-ate tied to her wais like a belt.

"Zatch won't you ever give up operation hero of justice?" asked a little red haired girl with her hitai-ate tied to her waist.

"Why should I?" asked the little boy named Zatch.

The little red haired girl began to choke him.

"Tia please stop it…" said a little pink haired girl with her hitai-ate tied around her arm.

"She's right Tia…" said the brown haired girl while a black haired girl who wore her hitai-ate around her fore head nodded in agreement.

They are Takamine Kiyo (the young man) and his partner Zatch Bell, Ohmi Megumi (the brown haired girl) and her partner Tia (the little red haired girl) and Lori (the black haired girl) and her partner Kolulu (the pink haired girl) of the Village Hidden ion the Mamodo. Mamodos are a type of demon. Each person in the village is bound to a mamodo via a spell book, with the spell book they mamodo can unleash power however if burned the mamodo can never us its powers again. Part of the Genin exam is finding out which book you can read from. It is up to the mamodo to retire from being a ninja once the book is burned many teams as they are called choose not to retire, however there are certain exceptions pending on the mamodo. Their symbol is two triangles in a pattern with 5 circles.

Elsewhere at the village entrance…

"Wow… the Chunin exam…" said a blonde girl with her long hair in tow long ponytails and bun, around her hitai-ate was around her forehead.

"I know" said a brown haired girl with her hitai-ate on her forehead.

"Remember Usagi keep a low profile…" said a girl with short blue hair with her hitai-ate around her neck.

"I know…" said the blonde girl named Usagi.

They were Tsukino Usagi, Kino Mokoto (the brown harried girl) and Mizuno Ami (the blue haired girl) of the Village Hidden in the Moon Light. A village who's treasure is the Sliver Crystal and the Princess who protects. Their sign is an upturned crescent moon.

Elsewhere at the village entrance…

"All right the Chunin Exam!" yelled a muscular man in a hug blonde afro and wearing sunglasses, with his hitai-ate tied around his 'fro.

"That's right Bobo-bo! Then we can be…" said a weird talking orange thing that's spiky, its hitai-ate is tied around one it's spikes.

"POKEMON MASTERS!" said both suddenly dressed in a blue jacket and red and white baseball caps.

"Its Chunin not Pokemon Master!" yelled a pink haired girl with them who had her hitai-ate tired around her waist like a belt.

They were Bobobo-bo Bobo-bo (the man) Don Patch (the orange thing) and Beauty (the girl) of the Village Hidden in the Hair. The village is known if its strange Jutsu known as Wigjutsu… those who face against may loose their sanity… each team made up of two Wigjutsu specialist and one specialist of either Taijutsu or Genjutsu. Their sign… looks like a tadpole… but it really a strand of hair.

Elsewhere at the village entrance…

"Thanks god we made it…" said a red hair girl in slightly oversized Chinese clothing with her hitai-ate around her forehead.

"Yeah…" said a blue haired girl holding a pig and some clothes her hitai-ate was also around her forehead. Oddly enough the pig had a hit-ate around it neck.

"We would have gotten here a little earlier if someone hadn't taken the map and tried to navigate on their own…" said the red haired girl staring at the pig.

The pig oinked angrily at her, the blue haired girl sighed. She placed the pig on the ground and in the middle of the clothes she was carrying. She took out a teakettle and poured hot water on the pig turning it to a black haired teenage boy who now wore his hitai-ate around his forehead.

"Sure blame me Ranma…" said the former pig.

The boy who was a pig grabbed the poured it on the red haired girl turning her into a him! Then really bonked the former girl in the head repeatedly wit the teakettle.

They were Saotome Ranma (the girl changed into a boy), Tendo Akane (The blue haired girl) and Hibiki Ryoga (the pig who changed into a boy) of the Village Hidden in the Springs. The village is infamous for the springs of Jusenkyo, many ninja in training go there however they are cursed if you fall in you become who ever or whatever drowned there last… you change back with hot water… but its only temporally as cold water changes you back to the cursed form, Ranma fell into spring of drowned girl while Ryoga fell into spring of drown piglet, Akane is the only team member who never fell into the spring. Their sign is a teakettle.

The next day it a large amount of Genin was in a classroom together… all of them rivals. Each team did have their own concerns.

"Wow… it's kind of scary…" said Kolulu.

"Yeah…" said Lori.

"Don't worry! We can take them!" said Zatch.

Usagi sighed, "It's kind of scary…" said Usagi.

"Your worried…" said Mokoto.

"She's right all of us has been though worse… especially you Usagi." said Ami.

Usagi nodded.

"Can't wait to beat all these people." said Ranma quietly.

"Ranma how do you know you're going to beat them…" said Ryoga.

Ranma rolled his eyes while Akane sighed.

"Wow look at this huge crowd!" said Luffy, "I just hope we all pass…"

"I know…" said Nami.

"Oh Tenchi I'm so scared…" whined Ryoko as she hugged Tenchi.

"No your not…" yelled Ayeka.

"Shut up princess…" said Ryoko.

Tenchi sighed.

"I'm so scared…" said Bobo-bo dressed like a little girl.

"Me too…" said Don Patch also dressed like a little girl.

Beauty just sighed.

"MY NAME IS UZUMAKI NARUTO AND NONE OF YOU ARE GOING TO BEAT ME!" yelled a young Genin by the name of Naruto who was from the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

"How dare he think he's going to beat me! Let me at him! Let me at him!" yelled Don Patch.

"Whoa reminds me of Luffy…" said Nami.

"No kidding…" said Zoro.

"That kid has a genuine good goal…" said Usagi.

"But he's trying to anger us…" said Makoto.

"He's probably just trying to make things interesting." said Usagi.

"I have the feeling that the first exam is written exam…" said Ami reading a book.

"WHAT?" said Usagi freezing a bit.

"Say Ranma… why didn't you say something like that out loud?" asked Ryoga.

"Shut up…" said Ranma.

"That little pip squeak… think he can mess with me?" said Ryoko.

Ayeka rolled her eyes.

"Whoa reminds me what Zatch might become when he's older…" said Kiyo.

"Kind of creepy…" said Megumi.

"Naruto!" yelled Sakura, the kunoichi from Naruto's team. She began to beat him up.

"And there's Tia…" said Megumi.

"Now that's just scary…" said Kiyo.

Kolulu and Lori just giggled.

"What's that suppose to mean?" asked the demon girl.

"Yeah?" said Zatch.

As Sakura was beating up the idiot blonde, ninjas from the Village Hidden in the Sound began to fight a Leaf Village ninja named Kabuto. During the fight, Kabuto's glasses broke and he began to throw up.

Ami looked over her book, "Strange…" she said.

There was a yell "Will everybody please shut up!" from that puff of smoke, the examiners appeared.

"Sorry for the wait…" said the proctor, "I'm Morino Ibiki, the proctor and chief examiner for the first part of the exam

Ibiki looked pretty creepy and gave everyone in the room chills.

"You from the Sound. You can't carry on any way you please when the exam's about to start." said Ibiki.

"Sorry sir, it's our first time and we got carried away." said one of the sound ninja named Dosu.

"That no excuse for attacking someone!" yelled Zatch getting on top of a table

There was an awkward silence in the room.

"Why is there a kid here?" asked an unnamed Genin.

"Is that boy wearing a dress?" asked Ranma.

"You should talk…" said Akane.

"What's wit the lines on his face?" asked another unnamed Genin.

"Zatch…" mumbled Kiyo.

"The little boy in the dress is right… if you get to attack people that means we should attack people too." said Don Patch also standing on a desk.

There was an even more awkward silence.

"What the hell is that thing!" yelled yet another unnamed Genin.

"Is that supposed to be ninja?" yelled another unnamed Genin.

Ibiki cleared his throat and ignored the weirdo.

"Fine then if anyone wants to here on out they will need permission of the examining officer, if you have permission there will be nothing life threatening you got that!" said Ibiki.

After things calmed down as much as they could Ibiki began to explain things.

"The first part of the selection exam is about to begin, turn in your written applications and take a seating assignment cards… and report directly to that seat. Once your all seated we'll begin the written part of the test." said Ibiki.

Three out of the 171 Genin were freaking out.

"A paper test!" yelled Naruto.

"Oh no… oh no… Ami was right…" said Usagi.

"Not a written exam… off all things a written exam." said Luffy.

Someone whispered something to Ibiki, "Oh yes this rule only applies to the shinobi of the Village Hidden in the Mamodo… only the humans will take the test, the mamodos will do as they wish."

"All right!" cheered Zatch.

Everyone took their seats… oddly enough the three that were freaking out were seated right next to each, with Naruto as 52, Luffy as 53 and Usagi as 54.

"Oh man… oh man…" thought all three… then they noticed each other.

"You are freaking out too?" asked Luffy.

The two blondes nodded…

"At least I'm not the only one…" said Naruto.

"Yeah…" said Usagi.

The three preceded to freak out more.

"Naruto…" said a quiet voice beside Naruto, it was Hyuga Hinata, a shy quiet girl who had a huge crush on Naruto… which he was completely oblivious to.

"Whoa I didn't see her there." thought Naruto.

"Let's do our best…" said Hinata.

Both Usagi and Luffy noticed the girl, Usagi let out a small giggle… she quickly figured out that she liked Naruto while Luffy stared at her eyes.

"What's with those eyes?" he thought no knowing about her bloodline limit… which is ironic as he has one himself.

"Papers face down until I give the signal now listen up. There are a few big rules pertaining to this test. I'll write them ob the black board however I'm not taking questions so listen carefully." said Ibiki.

"No questions…" thought Kiyo.

"That's strange…" thought Ami.

"Rules?" thought Sakura.

"If I look serous like this then everyone will think I'm cool…" thought Don Patch.

Ibiki began to explain the rules, 1st was that each person started out with 10 points, each question you get wrong then you lose a point, 3 questions wrong you have 7 points.

The 2nd was that it was a still a team event, passing or failing was determined by the total sum of all team members. The object is to have the least amount of deductions from a team total.

Sakura slammed her head on the table after hearing this…. She really needed to ask a question.

"Wait a second, the whole point deduction thing is hard to fallow. But what's this whole team total your talking about?" asked Sakura.

"Did you hear the part about no question? We have out reasons. Shut up and listen and you might actually learn something." said Ibiki.

Rule 3 was that if someone was caught cheating then each member of his or her team would lose two points. There were proctors all over the class room with notes to keep tabs on who's cheating. Once someone loses all their points then they were out of the exam.

"If you let the proctors catch you then you'll be bringing down you and your friends. If you aspire to be Chunin… to be the best shinobi you can then you better be start acting like you are…" said Ibiki.

"Get a hold fo yourself Sakura, as long I and Sasuke get enough answers right then it wouldn't matter if Naruto gets every single question wrong…" thought Sakura.

"Zoro better get enough questions right… we can't count on Luffy…" thought Nami.

"Mako-Chan hopefully know enough to get by…" thought Ami.

"One more thing… if an individual loses his or her 10 points then their cell will be disqualified regardless of how else they do…" said Ibiki.

"Great…" thought Sasuke, Naruto's other teammate.

"What!" yelled Sakura.

"Luffy will so pay…" said mumbled Nami.

"Oh no…" thought Zoro.

Ami sighed.

"USAGI…" grumbled Makoto.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" screamed Usagi, Luffy and Naruto mentally.

Next Time: In order to pass they must cheat which is the point of the test... some use cleaver ways, others use sneaky ways... ones using boogers? However Naruto, Usagi and Luffy don't get it... will the three morons mange to pass the test or will they fail along with the rest of their team... and what's with the 10th question? All this and more next time...

A/N: Okay I'll straiten things out with Ryoga and the Mamodo...

In this story Akane knows Ryoga has a curse... he's also not her pet pig in this story.

Also about the mamodo, in this story the mamodo world doesn't not exist, rather mamodos are from the human world, if their books are burned, they merely lose their powers. More about the books later...