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Country: Grand Line Country

Village: Village Hidden in the Ocean

Genins: Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Nami

Jonin Sensei: "Red Hair" Shanks

The Country: A country made of islands and costal area, it is known form its fishing villages…

The Village: It is ruled by the rules known as the King of the Pirates, why King of the Pirates… no one know… bit some says "Linekage" didn't have a ring to it… it is also infamous for it's many clans with the "Devil Fruits" Blood Line limit, it is very unique as it has no real form… it takes a form with each person, but it is divided in three categories "Paramecia" which is standard super powers, "Zoan" which allows the person to become an animal and "Logia" which makes that person made of an element. The downside is that no one with this blood will ever be able to swim. It is rumored that all the clans started as one but branched off into it's own clan. The most famous of these clans are the "D" clan, which was the founder Gol D. Roger who was the first King of the Pirate. The current King of the Pirates is Monkey D. Garp.


Monkey D. Luffy: Being a member of the D clan, he has the Devil Fruit Blood Line Limit, his blond line took the form of him being a rubber man, he's none too bright and the grand son of Monkey D. Garp, the current King of the Pirates he and his grand father doesn't get along, but Luffy wants to follow in his foot steps none the less. He always wears the straw hat given to him by his sensei Shanks. He rarely ever uses Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, prefers his own self taught Taijutsu by using his rubber body

Roronoa Zoro: A swordsman who hopes to be one of the best, he uses three swords two in each hand and one in his mouth… he has a strange tendency to get into tough fights and loose impossible amounts of blood… medic nins are studying him wondering "How many pints of blood he has to loose before he dies"… even thought he's only a Genin he's already gaining a reputation… he rarely ever uses Genjutsu or Ninjutsu

Nami: The Kunochi of the group, she a bit of t\a hot head, she is excellent in both Genjutsu and Ninjutsu preferring water, lighting and wind based Jutsus, her Taijutsu is lacking but it balances out her team as neither teammates seem to use either… she's very greedy and is rumored to be the 2nd most greedy person in the world (The 1st most greedy person is Tendo Nabiki, older sister to Tendo Akane who coincidently is also participating in the Chunin Exam), so much so is that Zoro has a debt with her… mainly because she charged a very high interest rate…

Jonin Sensei:

Shanks: AKA "Red Hair" Shanks, an infamous ninja who is laid back when not a mission, he enjoys drinking and partying. He was a heavy influence on Luffy when the rubber boy was a child. He happy when Luffy was put on his Genin team and when they passed the final test he gave Luffy his hat. Rumor has it he is good friends with "Copy Ninja" Kakashi and "Time Keeper" Setsuna.

Chapter 4: Friends?

All the ninja met outside the forest of death… however four Genin were late.

"Naruto… where is he…" said Sakura.

"That dope…" said Sasuke.

"Where is Zatch…" said Tia angrily.

"Don't worry… I'm sure he's fine…" said Kolulu.

"That's right…" said Megumi.

"When was the last time you saw him Kiyo?" asked Lori.

"Not since midway though the exam after I gave him the cheat sheets…" said Kiyo.

"Where is he?" asked Nami.

"It's Luffy…" said Zoro.

"I'm worried…" said Ami.

"Me too… I wonder if anyone found out…" said Makoto.

The 4 came walking in, "Really you've never had food poisoning?" asked Usagi.

"Not really…" said Luffy laughing.

Their teammates saw them…

"He's…" said Sakura.

"Been…" said Makoto.

"With…" said Nami.

"Other…" said Tia.

"Ninja from other villages!" yelled all 4.

"So Zatch... you're really a demon…" said Naruto.

"Sure am…" said Zatch.

"ZATCH!" yelled Tia.

"Oh no…" said Zatch freezing up.

The red haired demon grill tackled him and began to choke him "First you disappear then I find you made friends with enemy ninja… how could you?" yelled Tia.

"I… I…." said Zatch.

"She's scary…" mumbled Usagi.

"She reminds me of…" said Luffy and Naruto at the same time again…

"Naruto…" growled Sakura running towards him.

"Luffy…" growled Nami running towards.

"Uh-oh…" said Luffy.

"You said it…" said Naruto.

Sakura ran towards Naruto and socked him in the face. Nami did the same thing to Luffy expect used a three section staff to whack him in the face.

"Naruto are you really an idiot? These are ninja from another village… they can't be trusted…" said Sakura.

"Luffy what did you grandfather say?" asked Nami.

Luffy began to think…

"Um… not to trust the Sound, Rain and Grass Villages" said Luffy.

"And what did you do?" asked Nami.

"Befriend people of the Leaf, Moonlight and Mamodo…" said Luffy with a sweat drop.

"Tsukino Usagi…" said a stern voice.

Usagi slowly turned around and saw the Heiress to the Jupiter Clan glaring at her "Are you sure you can trust these guys? She asked.

"I was the one who extended friendship… it's my fault and idea!" said Usagi loudly.

Those either yelling or causing bodily harm to their team mates looked at the Moonlight Kunochi who was blushing brightly.

"Mako-Chan… remember what Queen Serenity said…" said Ami walking up the group.


Usagi, Ami and Makoto stood before the head of both Silver Country and Moon Village Queen Serenity, a very beautiful young woman with white hair and a yellow moon signifying that she of the Moon Clan on her forehead. Their Jonin Sensei, Meiou "Time Keeper" Setsuna stood beside her stood beside the queen.

"Now are you sure you want to do this?" asked Queen.

"Yes I'm sure… how else will I be able to get stronger…" said Usagi.

"Don't worry we will protect her…" said Makoto.

"That's right…" said Ami.

"There's something I want you to do…" said Queen Serenity.

"What?" asked Usagi.

"I want you to make friends… find people you can trust… maybe even keep your secret if they find out… it will be a way to bridge the gaps with other villages…" said Queen Surety.

"But isn't the alliance between Moonlight and Leaf extremely strong?" asked Usagi.

"Not just leaf… other… but be careful who you befriend… if something happens between our countries you may have to fight your friend…" said Queen Serenity.

"And don't forget… you may have to fight your friend eventually as part of the Exam… so if they are true friends then it wouldn't matter who wins…" said Setsuna.

"Right…" said Usagi.

(End flashback)

"Wait so the head of your village asked you make friends you can trust…" said Megumi walking up with the rest of their teams.

"That's right…" said Usagi.

"Well my grandpa did say something like that…" said Luffy.

"Great…" sighed Nami.

"What is it?" asked Zatch.

"My Grandpa is the King of the Pirates!" said Luffy.

"You don't like your grandpa… why are you going with him now?" asked Nami.

"Because Shanks backed it up… apparently he has this buddy who's trying to get drunk so that he'll finally loosen up." said Luffy.

Everyone who heard this and sweat dropped.

That's when they got all got a good sight of where the exam was taking police. It was a large forest that looked extremely dangerous… well that would be an understatement but it did look creepy.

"Okay… if our test so taking place, I think out proctor is a psycho." said Usagi.

That's when Anko noticed everyone was there and began to explain what was going on.

"This is the 44th Training ground… otherwise known as the forest of death." said Anko.

"Okay… seriously who would put her in charge of this…" said Kiyo with his eye twitching.

"You're about to experience first hand why it's called that." said Anko with a smirk.

Naruto's eye twitched, "Oh… you're going to experience first hand what it's like." said Naruto in a mocking tone, "Like I'm really going to fall for it… you're just trying to psyche us out!"

That's when Anko tossed as Kunai at Naruto's face, it grazed him creating a small cut. That's when Anko began to lick the blood.

"Your kind is always the first to spill the lovely luscious blood." said Anko.

Everyone stared at the poor 12 year old knowing he'd probably scared for life… but it got even weirder when Anko saw Zoro who was standing nearby, she noticed his green hair and three swords not to mention his hitai-ate

"You would happen to be that Genin from the Pirate Village I hard so much about… Roronoa Zoro?" asked Anko with a smirk.

"What of it?" asked Zoro.

She let go of the poor boy, began to jot down her phone number with a piece of paper and pen she happened to have and gave him her phone number.

"Call me…" she said making the phone me sign.

"So that's why Shanks keeps telling me to careful with my reputation…" said Zoro.

"You're not going to call her… are you?" asked Luffy.

"No!" yelled Zoro, "There's no way am I ever going to call her."

A group of nearby grass Genin stared at Anko.

"So… it looks like we won't be able to rile her up this time around… oh well…" thought the female of the team… at least it looks like a female.

That's when Anko took out several forms.

"Everyone pass around these." said Anko, "They're consent forms, everybody has to sign them before you go in. It sates what you're in for before you die. After we can't be held liable for what happens. After all we can't be held responsible for what happens… I'll get into trouble."

Everyone stared at Anko like she had snakes coming out of her mouth.

She began to explain the test, which was a survival exercise. The test was to survive the forest while fight other teams for a scroll… each team would be given either an earth scroll or a heaven scroll. In the middle of the forest was a tower, the teams that reach the tower would need both scrolls to pass the next part of the exam, they had 5 days to complete it. They weren't allowed to open the scrolls or something would happen. Also if s a team member would die, they would be disqualified, with enemies, man eating animals and other things in the forest, of course it would be hard. Each team would be let in though one of 44 gates.

It was also then that they realized that all teams would see each other as enemies.

And so all teams go their scrolls and their gates.

Gate 11: Spring Team.

"All right, let's go." said Ranma.

Gate: 16: Leaf Team 8

"If they want us to show surreal skills… we're show them surreal skills!" said Kiba.

Gate 42: Hair Team

"Will pass after all have the number the gate of everything." said Bo-bobo

"The gate of everything?" asked Beauty.

"Don't you know! The number 42: The answer to everything in the universe!" yelled Don Patch.

"Uh… huh…" said Beauty with a sweat drop.

Gate: 27: Leaf Team 10

"This is Troublesome…" said Shikamaru.

Gate 1: Moonlight Team

"Remember Usagi… this could prove dangerous." said Ami.

"I know…" said Usagi with a nod.

Gate: 12: Naruto's Team

"All right if anyone tries anything! I'll kill them!" yelled Naruto flexing his muscles.

Gate 35: Mamodo Team

"Remember, we have numbers to our advantage. Use them." said Kiyo taking on the role of leader.

"Right." said everyone else in his team.

Gate 20: Sound Team

"All right, almost time to carry pour mission out in the open." said Dosu (the bandaged man)

Gate: 29: Ocean Team

"All right! We'll beat everyone who tires to beat us!" yelled Luffy punching his fist into the air.

Gate 38: Kabuto's Team

The team was all ready for this test.

Gate 6: Gaara's Team

"Man, not only do I have to look out for you enemies, but I have to spend the whole time with Gaara as well" thgout an annoyed Kankuro.

Gate 23: Tree Team

"Oh Tenchi I'm so scared." said Ryoko hugging Tenchi.

"Stop the act demon, I know you're not scared." said Ayeka.

Gate 15: Mysterious Grass Team

"Target the rookies first." said the mysterious grass ninja who wanted to mess with Anko.

Gate 41: Lee's Team

"All right! Guy-Sensei! I will win!" thought Lee.

After a half an hour all teams were let in though the gates… starting the 2nd part of the exam which would much more eventful than what anyone would thought…

Next Time: The 2nd part of exam is in full swing... but there's something more going on! Why is Sasuke being attacked? With Naruto out of it and Sasuke really sick because of an attack, the Sound Ninjas attack... under order! Now with the aid of other teams can Sakura fight back? Find out next time!