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Country: Luna Country

Village: Village Hidden in the Moonlight

Genin: Tsukino Usagi, Mizuno Ami and Kino Makoto

Jonin Sensei: Meioh Setsuna

Country: Luna Country is a peaceful place with beauty. The entire country is ruled by the Royal Family for many generations. They are a peaceful family who has allied themselves with Fire Country for many years. The Royal Family also protect the Legendary Silver Crystal, a Crystal with tremendous power that is said can easily destroy or save a planet. It should be noted that all members of the ruling family has a peculiar birthmark, a yellow cent moon that resembles the mark of the Village Hidden in the Moonlight.

The Village: The Village Hidden In the Moonlight is both a supplementary force to the greater nations and will also take on certain jobs. Many of the Ninjas of the Villages come from one of 10 Clans: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Earth. Each one has a unique Blood Line Limit that ties into a certain element or power. The heads of the clan also protect the Royal Family of Luna Country.


Tsukino Usagi: Usagi is a cheerful, clumsy girl. She doesn't take tests very well and is dating the heir of the Earth Clan. Her specialty is form of Sound Jutsu that amplifies her voice. Little is known about her family or her past. There are rumors that Usagi isn't her real name and is undercover. Though no one believes it as who would go undercover as such a weak Genin.

Mizuno Ami: The heir to the Mercury Clan, a clan that specializes in water and ice Jutsu. She is incredibly kind hearted and is one of the smartest ninjas in the Village hidden in the Moonlight. Word is that if she gets to the final round of the Chunin Exam she will pass. She is also a medic nin.

Kino Makoto: The heir to the Jupiter Clan, a clan that specialized in plant, wood and lighting jutsus. She is very brave and strong and will do anything to protect her friends. She is a wonderful cook and also uses Taijutsu.

Jonin Sensei:

Meioh Setsuna: The leader of the Pluto clan, a Clan the Specializes in Time Jutsus (which is little known about), she serous and will focus on the mission. She is also very good friends with Hatake Kakashi of Leaf and Shanks of Ocean. Rumors persist that there is something going on between her and Kakashi, though it has been proven true.

Special Note: This team has two additional members who did not go the Chunin Exam: Aino Minako and Hino Rei. Neither were chosen to participate this year and hopes to do so in the future.

Chapter 6: Secret of the Moon

Sasuke was angry! He didn't know where the anger came from but he wanted blood… right now all he wanted to do was rip off Zaku's arms.

Zaku was screaming in pain, while his teammates watched in horror.

"Why was he given the cursed seal…" thought Dosu.

Shakur got up and started crying even more.

"Sasuke! Please stop!" cried Sakura.

She tried to run over opt him, but Bo-bobo stopped her.

"Something is very wrong with him." Said Bo-bobo, "Something tells me you can't do anything…"

"Hey!" called out Usagi.

She calmed walked over to him.

"I know you're not feeling well but killing him won't help it." Said Usagi.

"Oh what would you know! You're up to something? Why else would befriend Naruto?" asked Sasuke.

"I was asked to befriend people from the village…" said Usagi, "I'm not up to something the Village Hidden in the Moonlight and the Village Hidden in the Leaves have been strong allies for years…"

He let go of Zaku who was screaming, it was clear that Sasuke had broken his arms.

"Don't lie to me." Said Sasuke.

"Looks like I cant talk you out of it after all." Said Usagi.

She brought of a scroll on a pouch that was on her hip. She opened and bit her thumb causing it to bleed, she spread the blood on the scroll, out popped with a puff of a smoke was a small wand, it had a pink handle with a crystal crescent moon.

When it popped out everyone but Usagi's teammates were confused.

However Kin and Dosu's eyes widened. Bo-bobo also was also surprised.

"What a magic wand? Like that is going to work…" said Sasuke.

"Moon Healing Escalation!" called out Usagi.

A bright light came from the wand, it washed over Sasuke causing the strange mark to retreat back to it's original form.

Usagi breathed a sigh of relief.

"Usagi!" yelled Makoto.

However Usagi didn't have time to react as Dosu suddenly grabbed her hitai-ate. On her forehead was a yellow upturn moon.

"So you are from the Moon family." Said Dosu, "And since you took such care to hiding this fact you must be Serenity."

Usagi's eyes widened.

"Plus considering you have one of the moon wands I would be surprised." Said Dosu.

However Dosu had to dodge a ball of lighting.

"Usagi are you all right?" asked Ami.

"I'm fine." Said Usagi.

"Wait… what's going on?" asked Sakura.

"You haven't figured it out have you?" asked Bo-bobo, "Isn't obvious?"

Bo-bobo was suddenly dressed in a frilly pink dress. "She's a Princess."

Everyone who saw this unfold jaws dropped.

Well expect for Tenten and Neji were just confused about what was going on.

Dosu looked at the three moonlight ninja.

"You healed the Cursed Seal." Said Dosu.

"I've been working on…" said Usagi.

"Don't say anything to him." Said Makoto jumping to her side.

"You seem to know a lot about the cursed seal." Said Dosu.

Usagi said nothing.

"However I can't let you live." Said Dosu.

"Are you sure it's a good idea to do this right now?" asked Makoto.

Dosu looked at Zaku, he was still laying on the ground, in pain.

"Hey! What's going on!" yelled a certain loud voice.

Indeed Naruto had woken up, "Where's Orochimaru!" yelled Naruto.

"Calm down, Orochimaru gone." Said Beauty.

"Who are you?" asked Naruto.

"Don't mind me." Said Beauty.

Naruto blinked, then saw Usagi.

Usagi sighed, she resealed the crystal wands into a scroll then took out a different one.

"If you want to fight, I will fight back…." Said Usagi, "That's why I become a ninja! I didn't want to be helpless."

She swiped some of her blood on the scroll and it revealed a scepter that had a heart on top of it.

"Once I'm done with you I'll finish our mission of killing Sasuke." Said Dosu.

"I don't know about this Dosu." Said Kin.

"Remember the mission…" said Dosu.

"We're out numbered and we're going after a Princess." Said Kin, "I don't think we'll babe able to get out of this one…" said Kin.

Dosu glared at her.

"All of them arte standing the way for our mission. Even if Sasuke was branded with the Curse Seal, we still have to kill him." Said Dosu, "You focus on Sasuke, and I focus on the Princess."

Kin gritted her teeth.

Kin ran over to Sasuke who was still on the ground, however Ino grabbed her team to block her.

"You're not going to get Sasuke!" said Ino.

"Great…" said Shikamaru.

"Let's try not to fight her…" mumbled Choji.

"I don't need you to protect me!" said Sasuke.

"Can you even move?" asked Shikamaru.

"I can…" said Sasuke, "But not much…"

"Then let us take care of it." Said Ino with a wink.

"Why that…" muttered Sakura.

"Oh no you're not going to steal him away from me!" yelled Don Patch suddenly punching Ino.

"What…" said Ino.

"I'm going to prove my love for Sasuke!" yelled Don Patch, he took out the Don Patch sword.

"What I that thing?" asked Sasuke with a sweat drop.

"I have no idea…" said Ino.

"All right! I will defeat you! With the power of love!" yelled Don Patch.

Dosu readied his weapon, which was something that use sound waves.

"Be careful! "yelled Sakura, "He used sound!"

"He does?" asked Usagi.

"You got it?" asked Makoto.

"I do." Said Usagi.

Before Dosu could use his weapon on Usagi, she suddenly gave a loud cry. Everyone else covered their ears from the cry.

"All right! Time to finish this fight!" said Usagi.

She began to spin around a lot.

"Moon Spiral Heart Attack!" she yelled.

A gigantic heart came out of the wand and slammed into Dosu. The force was enough to shatter the heart like glass.

Dosu laid on the ground. Unable to move.

"What power she had…" thought Dosu, "I guess I will have to report them."

Kin who was currently getting whacked by the Don Patch sword saw what happened to Dosu.

"I give up!" yelled Kin.

"You won't give up until I say you can!" yelled Don Patch.

Kin managed to grab Don Patch and threw him away. Kin sighed, she went over to Dosu and grabbed the scroll for the mission and tossed it at Usagi.

"Since we failed in the mission we're giving this scroll to you!" said Kin, "But this isn't over!"

"By the way… you should get a hair cut, after all. It is what your hair wants." Said Bo-bobo.

Kin's eye twitched, "I'm going on vacation after this mission." She muttered.

Sasuke sighed, "I just got saved by a girl who befriended Naruto who used pink hearts to attack and a sun thing said I was in love with him. This better be a dream."

"I know…" said Shikamaru.

Naruto saw that Usagi's Hitai-ate was on the ground.

"Here Usagi." Said Naruto picking it up for her.

"Thank you Naruto." Said Usagi.

"What's on your forehead?" asked Naruto.

"Oh just a birthmark." Said Usagi.

"A birthmark?" asked Naruto.

"Yes." Said Usagi.

Usagi tied her hitai-age around her head.

That was when Ino pushed Naruto down and got into Usagi's face.

"What is a princess doing in a Chunin exam?" asked Ino.

Makoto grabbed Ino and got her out of Usagi's face.

"Princess?" asked Naruto, "There's a princess?"

"Yeah, Usagi's a Princess." Said Sakura.

"WHAT!" yelled Naruto.

"My real name is Princess Serenity Moon." Said Usagi, "Usagi is just an alias and nickname I go by."

"Wait… doesn't that mean you were faking being dumb during the test?" asked Naruto.

Usagi's head slumped, "No…" she cried.

"Usagi's really bad when it comes to written tests." Said Ami.

"Why would a Princess be a ninja?" asked Ino.

"Well I didn't want to fell useless." Said Usagi.

"But why are you in the Chunin exams, that's what I want to know." Said Ino.

"Actually, we have gotten word that Orochimaru was planning something. I came here to act as a covert ambassador and befriend some of the leaf village ninjas." Said Usagi.

"That sounds like a bad idea." Said Shikamaru.

"Setsuna-Sensei told me that it wasn't." said Usagi, "But Haruka and Michiru did tell me she was dating some leaf Jonin I get the name of… though she did end up denying it."

This made everyone sweat drop.

"Please keep my secret." Said Usagi with a bow, "I was supposed to expose myself this soon."

"You might want to reign on the wands." Said Bo-bobo, "They will expose you."

"I know, but I had no other choice." Said Usagi, "So you know about the Moon Family Jutsus."

Bo-bobo nodded.

"Okay now I'm lost." Said Beauty.

Usagi looked at the extra earth scroll.

"Naruto, do you need the Earth Scroll?" asked Usagi.

"Yeah, we do. "said Naruto.

Usagi tossed the scroll to Naruto.

"Wait…" said Sakura.

"We were headed to the tower before he passed us on a weird thing." Said Usagi.

"I didn't drive a motorcycle! I rode this friendly dolphin!" yelled Don Patch suddenly riding a Dolphin.

"She didn't even say motorcycle!" yelled Beauty.

"I'm confused…" said Naruto.

"I hate to agree…" muttered Naruto.

"That reminds me." Said Tenten.

She walked over to the still uncoils Lee and began to shake him.

"Time to wake up Lee!" yelled Tenten.

Lee woke up.

"Huh… where the sound Ninja go." Said Lee.

"We sort of entered a cease fire for the time being." Said Beauty, "And you shouldn't shake him!"

"If it wasn't for a Princess who shouldn't be here everything turned out fine." Said Neji.

"What did you say!" yelled Makoto.

Neji didn't respond.

"Says the guy who just showed up and did nothing!" yelled Makoto.

Neji still didn't respond.

"Listen…" said Bo-bobo, "The Sound Ninja aren't what they seem. They're not normal ninjas. If we encounter them again we all must be careful!"

It should be noted that Bo-bobo was wearing a tutu when he said that.

"Bo-bobo…" sighed Beauty.

"Our team doesn't need a rest." Said Bo-bobo, "You two ready to go!"

"I was born ready!" said Don Patch with shades.

Beauty nodded.

"Wait…" said Sakura, "Thank you for saving me…"

Bo-bobo only nodded.

"You got saved by some weir people…" said Naruto.

"I know…" sighed Sakura.

"Especially Bushy Brow." Said Naruto.

"Don't call him that!" yelled Sakura punching Naruto.

"Wait… wasn't that pink haired girl a medical ninja?" asked Shikamaru, "Was it a good idea to let her go like that?"

Sakura sweat drop.

"Don't worry I'm one too." said Ami.

Thankfully everyone was just rested for a few minutes and they didn't need help.

However Sasuke did talk to Usagi.

"You're the one that stopped me." Said Sasuke.

Usagi nodded, "I've managed to create a Jutsu to cancel the effects but I'm still not able to remove it."

"I see." Said Sasuke, "You know something about Orochimaru… don't you?"

"You don't know about Orochimaru?" asked Usagi, "But you're from the Leaf Village."

Sasuke stared at her, "What?" he asked.

"I guess they never told Yo about Missing Nin…" said Usagi.

"Hey!" called out Makoto, "I made lunch for everyone!"

And so Team 7, 10, Moonlight and Guy (with was the name of Lee's team) all sat down around a fire to eat lunch. Which was soup.

"Sorry but everyone gets one bowl each." Said Makoto.

"Fine…" sighed Choji.

"Okay…" said Naruto.

"But I like your cooking." Said Usagi.

"I didn't think I'd have to feed four teams…" said Makoto with a sweat drop.

"So what were you talking with Sasuke about." Said Ino glaring at her.

"Just Orochimaru." Said Usagi with a sweat drop.

"Really?" asked Sakura.

"Now, now girls… Usagi already has a boyfriend so you don't have to fight with her." Said Makoto.

Sasuke breathed a sigh of relief.

"Though I will admit Sasuke is cute…" said Makoto making everyone sweat drop.

Neji finished his bowl of soup, he looked at Tenten and Lee as if saying "Finish it…"

When they were done, they all got up to leave.

"Sakura." Said Lee, "Next time we meet I will be even stronger."

"I hope so." Said Sakura with a smile.

And so Team Guy left.

"Geez, what's that guy's problem?" asked Makoto.

"Neji… I don't know he's in a year above us." Said Sakura.

"I hope he doesn't make it to the next round." Said Makoto.

"You're soup is really good!" said Naruto.

"Thanks!" said Makoto, "Maybe afterwards I'll cook you something."

Naruto sweat dropped, "But I didn't' think you didn't like me."

"Considering the fact that you're in on the secret, I think I can trust you." Said Makoto.

"So does that mean you can cook me something too?" asked Choji.

"Sure." Said Makoto with slight sweat drop.

After lunch and to let their stomachs settle a bit they mew that they had to part ways and end the cease fire.

"Naruto! I hope to see you at the tower!" said Usagi.

"Same here!" said Naruto.

"You ready?" asked Makoto.

"Yeah!" said Usagi.

The three Moonlight ninjas left and ran towards the tower.

"Only Naruto could befriend a Princess…" said Sakura with a sweat drop.

"One that kind of acts like him no less." Added Sasuke with a sweat drop.

"Sakura!" said Ino, "This isn't over! I won't lose to you!"

Sakura smirked "I know!" she said.

Ino ran off, Shikamaru groaned and followed her, as did Choji.

And so Team 7 stood alone, the truth is while they did need an Earth Scroll, the truth was that they lost their original heaven scroll…

At least they were back to square one, instead of negative one…

Next Time: What are the other teams up to. Will they get the needed scrolls? Find out next time!