Ninja Wind Squadron: Prologue

Hey there all! This is just the prologue before the first episode, to see how things go and I promise I will post the first episode tomarrow or the next day no later.

Three groups of small assorted colored ninjas are all trudging up a mountain side filled with lush green bushes and trees …

'I can't believe it! I'm actually going to become a ninja! Just like Sean!'

Thought a seven year old little boy clothed in black and red he had short blackish brown hair and tan skin.

Suddenly the boy had stopped in his tracks to catch his breath he had been walking for two hours so far and he felt like there were going to be another 500.

A 17 year old looking ninja with light short brown hair also clothed in red and black but wearing a hood and a mask worriedly glanced to where the boy was struggling and stopped telling the other children to go on ahead of him. He walked over to where he was standing putting a hand on his shoulder

"Shane you must hurry or you will never make it up the mountain and you will be forced to fail you will not have a second chance at this are you really sure you have the will to what it takes to become a ninja?"

Shane gasped his eyes almost tearing 'no! I can't fail! I have to become strong just like Sean! I promised myself that I wouldn't be a baby…'

"Yes Sensei Dean I'm Fine I promised myself I would become a ninja so I will"

Said Shane to the Sensei. Dean gave him a smile "good Shane that is the ninja's strength one day I know you will become a fine young ninja come along lets go" Said the sensei as he gave Shane a little push on the back and they continued to walk on together.

Meanwhile at the same time and not so much farther down the mountain side were the earth section of the academy a group of small children and an older sensei traveling up the much dreaded rocks.

"Kyah!" yelled a little boy with long curly brown hair as he kicked a giant rock that was standing in his way "owie…" he wailed in pain he looked to be six years old was very short and wore a yellow and black leathered ninja outfit he had tanish skin and had mud and dirt all over him from the trail 'darn rocks given me a hard time!' he suddenly grunted "I promised I'd make it up the mountain even if it is big and tall and…and…MEAN!" He thought

Suddenly he had heard a giggling noise behind him he slowly turned around to his surprise there was a girl standing there she looked to be observing him she was taller and had blonde hair looking a bit older then he was maybe about a year or two standing there clothed in the same outfit he was wearing accept instead of yellow she wore blue. She smiled at him and was looking at him curiously "hey little boy you know your gonna fall behind if you keep doing that all day and then you'll fail the exam" she started to laugh again.

"eww!" he yelled "what are icky girls doing here?" he asked "I don't need advice from a stupid girl like you!" giving the little seven year old girl a mean face. Looking hurt the blonde said to the six year old "girls can be ninjas too!" the brown haired boy rolled his eyes and said "no they can't! everyone knows girls are slow and stupid and can't do anything…and um…and they have cooties!" smiled the yellow clad boy

Shane turned around when he hear a girl and a boy fighting he watched his sensei go on ahead of him and curiously walked down to where they were.

offended the tall seven year old girl started to tear up and cry "your mean!" she sniffed.

The boy looked a bit frustrated "am not! I just know the truth is all and…" he started until he saw her crying "hey girl stop being a baby! Hey stop crying!" he started

Then suddenly the two heard footsteps behind them. There stood a taller looking boy with short dark brown hair wearing red and black it seemed he had been observing them for a minute now "what are you guys doing? Don't you both know your not gonna make it in time if you keep on fightin'?" he said with a worried look.

The smaller boy and the blonde girl both looked at the taller boy in amazement the little girl smiled and nodded her head "he's right you know! I'm Tori who are you?" she said to the curly brown haired boy. He frowned and gave a "humph" then answered them "fine mister if you say so I'm Dustin" then the older boy smiled at them and said "c'mon you guys, you can fallow me we can work together and I'm Shane" then the three of them started to walk hand in hand with each other up the rest of the mountain side. Two seven year olds and a six year old.

Hidden behind a bush stood a small little Japanese boy wearing a green yukata and

with glasses watching the three "I wish daddy would let me become a ninja" he said.

The three suddenly hearing the statement turned around "huh?" asked Shane "what was that?" asked Tori glanced worriedly at the tree "IT'S A MONSTER! RUN!" exclaimed Dustin as he began to take off up the mountain without them "HEY WAIT UP!" yelled Shane as he started to fallow him.

The little blonde laughed to herself "those two are really stupid sometimes" she said and smiled "you can come out now little boy I won't hurt you" she said to the bush and extended her hand out to him suddenly the little boy with glasses shyly walked out of the bush "h-…hi" he blushed.

The light blue ninja smiled again and took his hand "so what's your name little boy?" she asked him.

He looked a bit offended and said "hey I'm not little! I'm a big boy! And someday I will become the best ninja around!" he stated

The girl gave a look of wonder and amazement as she stared at the small boy "really?" She asked he looked up at her again and smiled "really, my name is Cameron, but you can call me Cam" She smiled "okay, Cam." She said "lets get going, were both gonna be far behind if we don't hurry" cam gave a nervous look "um…" then he thought to himself 'no if I go I can show dad that I can be a ninja someday!' "Okay" he said and took her hand they began to walk fastly to catch up with the others.

From a distance you could hear the little voice of Dustin asking "hey where were you? Did you see the monster? whose the shrimp? What's with the funny looking clothes?"

End of Prologue