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First Time

Whenever Ron was sad or lonely, he remembered his first time. The thought still sent chills down his spine and made him smile. He and Hermione had been together for a while and their relationship had been making progress. And then one day they had done it. To Ron, this was a mark in the relationship that meant "I love you". It was something he had never done with Lavender because he had never loved her.

He remembered how afraid Hermione had been.

He remembered how scared he had been.

He loved to get lost in the thought.

He loved remembering how close they had been.

He loved remembering the feeling of her skin on his.

He remembered how hard she had been shaking.

He smiled when he remembered all the emotions that had crashed through him.

He closed his eyes as he remembered the heat he felt.

He sighed as he remembered the sweat.

He scowled as he remembered the smug look on Harry's face when he saw them.

Ron Weasley thought it was one of the best experiences of his life and he wondered why he hadn't done it before. He was sure Hermione must have loved it, too, for she had let out a shuddery breath.

Yes, holding hands with Hermione Jane Granger was one of the best things Ron had ever done, and he would never ever forget his first time doing so.

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