Author's Notes and Disclaimers

I do not own Trigun or any of the character! I wish I did, but the sad facts are, I don't. They belong to the wonderful Yasuhiro Nightow. I have also incorporated many characters from other series, which I have made into my own. I don't own the rights to the original characters. The ones I have made up, I do. Please don't sue me, I don't have money! I am writing this for my own enjoyment and the enjoyment of friends and fellow fan fiction readers. I will not sell this for anything; it's just for fun. Thanks for letting me use your characters!

Now, just to clear a few things. I don't remember a lot of the original cities names. So, I have made up many of my own. It should not deter from the story at all, really. Also, I will use Gunsmoke's metric system.

Iles Miles

Feel feet

Yarz yards

Also, this story, as pointed out by a fellow fan friend, maybe considered an AU story. It was meant to be a post anime story, but due to a few plot lines I have tweaked slightly, it may make someone say, "Well, this doesn't fit the anime quite right…" Soooo, I don't think my tweaking will throw you off too much, it should flow just fine. But, consider yourself warned!

Hopefully this helps with some things. On with the show!