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Reunion 2: Shadows from the Past and the Search for the Last Shard


Inu Yasha landed gracefully in the grass beside the Bone-Eaters Well. He frowned slightly as he gently set Kagome on her feet. He could smell the salt of her tears that she was valiantly trying to hide from him. She turned away from him to stare off into the forest. Her aura nearly vibrated with her sadness.

He placed a hand on her shoulder. "Kagome…" Words felt so useless. How could he comfort her? She had just given up everything to be with him – her family, her friends, her modern conveyances, everything. His frown deepened as he felt her take a shuddering breath. "You…we could go back if you want…."

She turned so fast that he barely had time to catch her as she threw herself against him, burying her face in his haori. "No." Her voice was choked and muffled through his shirt.

His arms tightened around her. "Are you sure? We could…."

"No." Her tone was more final this time and a little stronger. "I can't do that again. I won't."

He stroked her hair, trying desperately to soothe her. When she cried, it was like a piece of him was dying. What could he do? "But-"

She shook her head vehemently. "No, we belong here. We still have things to do, like completing the jewel." She sighed and sagged against him, worn out from her torrent of emotion. "At least, I know I'll get to see them again someday."

He squeezed her tighter to his chest, beginning his slow rumble to soothe her further. They stood for a long time just holding one another as if the earth might open up beneath them and swallow one of them whole. He waited for Kagome's breathing to slow and her trembling to stop, before he slowly stepped back to look at her.

She offered him a wan smile, but at least the tears were gone now. "I have something for you."

She blinked up at him. "For me?"

He smirked. "Well, it wouldn't be for anyone else." A slow half smile grew on her lips at his teasing and this time it was real. "Do you want it?" She gave him a small nod, her chocolate eyes lighting up with anticipation. "You'll have to close your eyes." He ordered, though his voice was still soft.

Kagome frowned. "Why?"

He lifted an eyebrow. "Don't you trust your mate?"

He chuckled lightly as she began to sputter. "Of course I do!"

His smirk was smug. "Then close your eyes." Kagome let out a sigh to let him know what she thought of the idea, but closed her eyes nonetheless. She wasn't surprised when he scooped her into his arms and began to carry her away from the well. What did surprise her was the fact that he wasn't springing through the air, but lightly sprinting along the ground. Before she could think to peek through her eyelashes, he had already stopped. He set her on her feet again and turned her away from him, his hands set firmly but gently on her shoulders. His breath tickled the hairs of her ear as he spoke in a low husky tone. "Open your eyes, Kagome."

She did. The sight that met her was something that would be ingrained in her memory for the rest of her life. What stood before her, nestled amongst the trees, appeared to be a small mansion. Atop a high porch was set a pair of shouji doors that opened wide into a large sitting room with a hearth in its center. From where Kagome stood she could see the polished floors glistening even in the pale light that drifted through the trees.

She turned slowly to stare up at him with a befuddled look. "Inu Yasha….I…"

He placed a finger to her lips to silence her. "It's yours, Kagome. I built it for you, for us." True, he usually didn't care much for sleeping indoors, but he had grown very used to sleeping with Kagome and she needed to have a place that was safe and warm.

"Mine?" Slow comprehension dawned on her. She grinned, just before she threw her arms around his neck. "Oh, Inu Yasha!" He smiled and closed his eyes, relishing the happiness that he'd brought her. She finally stepped back and smiled at him. "Can we go inside?"

He snorted. "Feh, of course, you can. It's your house."

Kagome giggled at his rough tone that held no real irritation. She grasped his hand and sprinted toward the front doors, dragging him along behind her. She quickly kicked off her shoes, barely breaking her stride, as she darted up the steps with her hanyou in tow. She finally released him as she stepped through the doors into the main room. She gasped softly as she gazed around at the finely polished and smoothed woods that dominated the room. Across from the main doors was a hall. Hesitantly she stepped forward to investigate the other rooms. She ran her fingers along the newly built wall and marveled at its flawless texture. To her left and right were two bedrooms of identical shape and size, each with a large window that could be closed by a shouji screen and shutters as well. As she neared the end of the hall, a third smaller bedroom appeared to her right with its door pulled shut, while a nook with shelves and a window appeared to her left. Firewood was piled here and cooking pots lined the shelves.

She came at last to the pair of shouji doors that hid the master suite from view. She slid them aside and her eyes bulged at the sheer size of the room. It nearly matched the main room in length and did in width. In the center again was a hearth and to its left was a very large and very soft looking futon. Kagome wondered vaguely if he'd killed some poor bird demon for the feathers that it was surely stuffed with. On top of the futon was laid a lushes white fur.

She could feel Inu Yasha's presence behind her. Turning, she gazed up at him with adulation. "How? How did you do this? I know this place wasn't here two weeks ago. Sango and I pass this way to get to the hot springs."

His cheeks tinted slightly. "I had a little help."

She smiled. "Thank you, Inu Yasha."

He smirked. "Well, we did need a place to put all your stuff, anyways."

She giggled lightly at his teasing tone. Then she frowned, glancing around the room. "Where are all my things?"

He rolled his eyes and took her hand leading her back into the hall a few steps. He pushed open the third bedroom door. There inside were boxes upon boxes of things, some of which she remembered packing and others she had no clue what was inside. "What's all this? I don't remember sending you back with this much stuff."

He averted his gaze as he started back into the master bedroom. "No, but your mom did." His voice dropped a pitch, not wanting to cause his mate more pain at leaving behind her mother. "She seemed worried about you leaving this time."

Kagome frowned as she followed him back into their room. "Yeah, I guess she would be."

Inu Yasha pushed open a small closet with many shelves, most of which were empty. "I have something else for you."

"Something else?"

He shot her a glare over his shoulder at her mystified tenor. "You act like I never do nice things."

Kagome wisely remained from commenting on that all too obvious remark. Instead, she stepped closer to watch him pull something wrapped in paper from the shelves. "What is it?" He offered it to her so she could unwrap it. Kagome nearly fainted at the sight of the white silk formal kimono embroidered in a deep red lining. On the left breast was Inu Yasha's symbol. Kagome traced her fingers along the half moon in reverence. Other than this one symbol, the dress was devoid of other decoration. She lifted her shimmering gaze to his as a tear ran a silvery trail down her cheek. "Inu Yasha?"

He brushed away the tear with his thumb and swallowed hard. "Would you…would you try it on for me?" Kagome's smile was as brilliant as the sun and it warmed his heart in a way that no fire ever could. She nodded once and he smiled. "I'll wait for you in the other room."

Kagome sighed happily as she watched her hanyou disappear through the door and close it behind him. She moved to stand before the full-length mirror that leaned against the far wall. She let the dress fall loose as she held it before her. An obi and comb with a beautiful red silk rose fell to the floor from where they had been hidden in the folds of the dress.

Kagome grinned as she picked up the comb. 'I might as well complete the effect, right?' She quickly stripped and pulled on the kimono, tying it with the obi as best she could alone. Then she pulled her hair up and tucked the comb into her raven locks. She admired herself in the mirror. 'Wow, I'll say this much, Inu Yasha sure knows how to pick out clothes.' The kimono fit like a glove, hugging her curves in all the right places.

She finally turned and stepped to the door. "Inu Yasha, I'm ready." She stepped through into the main room and frowned. Inu Yasha was nowhere in sight. She proceeded onto the porch. "Inu Yasha?"

"Kagome," a soft voice called from the steps.

"Sango?" Kagome stared at her friend dressed in a formal kimono of her own. "What's going on? Where'd Inu Yasha go?"

"He went to the village. He told me to come get you." Sango stood and stepped up beside her. Kagome was about to question her further, when Sango took her hand and pulled her toward the steps. "Don't worry. I'll take you to him."

Kagome found a pair of sandals shoved into her hands at the bottom of the steps. She continued to eye her friend curiously. Sango almost seemed giddy. And that was totally not a thing that happened to her very often. "Is there some sort of festival at the village or something?"

Sango frowned for a split second and then waved her hand in the air as if to bat away the question. "Oh, well, I guess you could say that. At least there will be later." She grabbed Kagome's hand and dragged her along a path that was already worn into the forest floor.

"What's the hurry, Sango?"

She glanced over her shoulder at Kagome. "No real hurry, but you know how impatient Inu Yasha can get. Its best we don't leave him alone too long."

Kagome opened her mouth and then shut it. Something strange was going on. She didn't have time to ponder the idea as they emerged out of the tree line and into the small meadow beside the village. A large crowd seemed to have gathered in the center of the village. As they neared them, Kagome could tell that it wasn't merely an unorganized crowd like she'd originally thought, but two groups standing in neat rows with an open isle down the center.

Realization struck Kagome like a bolt of lightening. 'It looks like a….Inu Yasha wouldn't….He couldn't have….' Her eyes locked on her mate standing beside Kaede at the end of the isle. 'He did!' Beside Inu Yasha stood Miroku, who was dressed just as neat as Sango. She shot Sango a pointed glare, but couldn't hold it when her friend began to snicker behind a well-placed hand. She lost what remained of her irritation at not being made aware of her own wedding when she glanced up and met Inu Yasha's gaze. There was such love and hope swirling in those deep golden pools that she wanted to melt on the spot.

Shippo ran forward out of the crowd, a large bouquet of flowers in hand. She paused to squat beside him as Sango continued down the isle ahead of her. "I picked these for you, Kagome. I hope you like them."

Kagome smiled as she took the bouquet of assorted flowers. "They're lovely, Shippo. Thank you." She kissed his cheek and his eyes grew large as his grin grew even bigger. She patted his head, before she stood and continued down the isle.

Kagome came to a stop beside her hanyou, who gazed down at her with such pride that it nearly glowed in his eyes. "You tricked me."

He chuckled softly as he took one of her hand and kissed her knuckles. "I did."

Kaede cleared her throat and the young couple turned to her. She began to speak the words of binding that were tradition in human marriage. Kagome tried to concentrate, she really did, but she couldn't keep her mind off the man beside her. Inu Yasha never ceased to amaze her. He was powerful yet gentle-deadly yet passionate-strong yet kind hearted-gruff yet shy. He was a paradox in motion. He was everything she could ever want or desire. And when he turned that small smile on her, it was like she could fly.

Kaede offered her the cup of sake. Kagome took it and sipped and passed it to her mate. She felt the instant tingle shoot through her hand as their fingers brushed. She blushed and he smirked.

As Inu Yasha sipped the cup of sake, he could sense his mate's utter contentment beside him. He wanted to reach for her so badly his body trembled. Kagome consumed his mind as Kaede continued with her drabble. He couldn't resist any longer as he took one of her small hands in his. He marveled at the softness of her skin. He swore he'd always keep them so. His mate and wife would never have to work so hard that her fingers would become rough and her skin cracked. If he could prevent it, she wouldn't work at all, unless it pleased her to do so. She was the center of his universe. He would do anything to keep the look in her eyes that she turned on him now. That look of pure love, complete trust, never-ending need, and absolute adoration.

Kaede smiled, her old face wrinkling even more. "Ye may kiss your bride."

Inu Yasha pulled Kagome a step closer by the hand he still held. His arm snaked around her waist as he cupped the back of her neck as he kissed her. He had meant it to be a modest and gentle kiss, but the instant his lips had touched hers fire had seared through his veins with a vengeance. When she whimpered against his lips and her hands clutched at his shirt front, it took everything he was not to scoop her up and disappear into the forest.

Vaguely he was aware of the crowd that was cheering and clapping loudly nearby. Slowly he pulled away to smile down at his wife. Kagome gazed up at him with half closed eyes. Her lips were parted slightly and she had a single tear streaming down her cheek. He frowned as he brushed it away with his thumb. "Why are you crying?"

She shook her head slightly in bemusement. "I'm just happy. You make me happy."

"So do you." He smiled as he kissed her brow.

The crowd began to spread out around the square. Music began to play and people began lining up to congratulate the lucky couple. Miroku's hand landed on Inu Yasha's shoulder. "I knew I'd taught you a thing or two." His grin was large and lecherous.

Inu Yasha snorted as he brushed the hand off his shoulder. "If I did learn anything from you, it was not to grab women's butts."

Kagome giggled and laid her head against her husband's chest. Sango sidled up beside her. "Were you surprised, Kagome?"

Kagome lifted an eyebrow. "Do you even need to ask?"

Sango chuckled. "Well, I guess not. You looked really shocked." Kagome couldn't help but chuckle as well.

The festival that followed was grand and lasted well into the evening. It was growing dark as Inu Yasha and Kagome walked back through the forest to their new home. Shippo had been left with Kaede for their first night as a married couple. The poor fox had been nearly beside himself when Kaede had suggested it. Kagome had almost taken pity on him, but she also knew there was a real good reason why he shouldn't come with them.

Kagome leaned into her mate as they strolled beneath the canopy of trees. "That was really sweet, Inu Yasha."


She smiled though she didn't look up at him. "No really. I didn't even realize how much I had wanted to have the ceremony, not until afterwards anyway." She looked up at him. "How did you know?"

A small half-smile grew on his lips. "You're my mate. It's my job to know these things about you."

She smiled back. "Well, thank you." She brushed a feathery kiss over his cheek. He paused before they reached the steps of their home and swept her into his arms bridal-style. "What are you doing?"

His cheeks tinted pink. "Um, Sota said that when you get married that the man is supposed to carry the bride across the threshold." His blush intensified. "Was he lying to me?"

Kagome grinned as she reached up to rub his ear. "You talked to Sota about marriage?" He was turning red now as he nodded. She chuckled. "No, he was telling the truth." She snuggled into his chest.

Inu Yasha smiled again as he moved up the steps, with his love nestled in his arms, into their new home and into a new chapter of their lives.


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