Title: Am I Beautiful

Authoress: BloodyMarry

Rating: T for now, but if you ask for more I shall give it to you, as in sex scenes.

Status: Incomplete

Warnings: Slash, M-Preg, Language, and Sexual Situations

Summary: In the words of a teenager: Being a Veela sucks! Especially if you haven't found your mate in almost forty years of life... !Slash! Lucius/Harry, Draco?

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story. I own the plot, and really who cares?


With just a look he could pierce anyone's heart. He was just that beautiful, with his gleaming silver eyes and his soft blonde hair. That as the way it was, and would always be. He was just too perfect to be true in most peoples eyes. But he didn't care, he knew he was too good for any of them, really he had no one he needed to impress.

Well there was one person. And that was his mate who he had yet to find. He went without a mate for all his thirty-seven years of life. He had a son, a wife, but no true mate. Life simply sucked, being a Veela really sucked, those were Draco's words of course. He would never dream of saying so... below his station. Really Malfoy's simply didn't speak that way about anything thing, at least not in public.

Speak of the devil, he was having an 'in-depth' conversation, about the Potter brat, with his beloved son at this very moment. Really, the boy so loved to hear himself speak, but with the arrogance that was drilled into his brain from birth of course he would love himself, much as his father loved himself. Too ironic really, besides looks and money neither had anything to boast about. They had no mates, and not that many real friends, and they also had two horribly itchy tattoos that were quite ugly, if he had anything thing to say about it.

And thank God the Dark Lord was dead, the bastard had died at the hands of a pathetic teenager, only seventeen in years. The man was insane so really what more could you exspect? It was a good thing he and his son switched sides conviently only two month before their 'masters' untimely death.

Lucius Malfoy could honestly quote, that being a Veela at this moment in time truly sucked.

How did you like it? Should I continue? If I do continue chapters will be much longer, I swear! LOL The story just popped into my head as I was listening to "Miss Murder," by A.F.I Awesome song! I love it, and I hope you loved this! Constructive criticism is welcome!

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