Title: Am I Beautiful

Authoress: BloodyMarry

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Warnings: Slash, Sexual Content.

Summary: In the words of a teenager: Being a Veela sucks! Especially if you haven't found your mate in almost forty years of life... !Slash! and !FemmeSlash!

Definite Pairings: Lucius/Harry, Draco/Bill, Sirius/Severus, Remus/ Tonks, Hermione/ Pansy, Ron/Luna

Author Notes: Due to severe bouts of writers block I'm just gonna let myself go and write. I'm not sure what will happen to the story but I sure as hell hope you like it. THIS CHAPTER CONTAINS SEX. (And better written than last time too! XD)

Disclaimer: I own nothing! No Harry Potter, and I also don't own any Linkin Park. lol

Epilogue: No More Sorrow

"All you need is love." -John Lennon


Lucius held the small young man in his arms loving the feeling of his lover's body on his own. Though totally naked the bare flesh of their chests alone, was enough for him. He'd thought he would never see this day, where his mate would finally truly accept them, their relationship. After Sirius had made a mends with the young Potter heir it had all be down hill after that.

His son was finally happy with a mate of his own, with a family that accepted him with open arms. And only with a little coaxing he himself was accepted as well. The Matriarch of the family stating that if one of her babies got married a Malfoy, and he was accepted, then another child marrying another Malfoy was just the same for her. Though it was only in her dreams that both Bill and Harry were getting married to their Malfoys. Though everyone was sure that it would happen soon enough.

Ronald and Hermione had taken well to Harry's odd relationship without much more dispute. As they themselves were in couples with their own odd ducks. Hermione and Pansy a pairing no one had ever seen coming. Everyone had assumed that she would end up with Ron. Even she had for the longest time. It had been a terrible shock for Mrs. Weasley to know that she wouldn't be getting and grandchildren out of that relationship. But Hermione assured her she'd find a way to get kids one day. Though Pansy paled at the thought.

Luna had only needed one goofy smile and she had be welcomed into the family. Lucius smiled at the thought of that peculiar child. He'd grown used to her, as she didn't seem to be able to hold a conversation with much of the other members of their little group, he'd spent most nights talking with her while at one of the Weasley's familial events. He didn't know why but in many ways she was perfect for Ron and he as well found the little toe-headed child's presence not totally unpleasant. Draco thought it hilarious that he'd made friends with "Loony" Lovegood, Lucius had given him a good smack on the back of the calves for the comment. Never did Draco dream of calling the girl that name again. And Ron was thankful.

Sirius had come to a sort of standstill with his and Harry's relationship. He acknowledged it and tried his best to accept it. But he didn't think of Harry as a son for no reason, he was just as protective as James would have been, probably even more so in some ways. Harry had understood and was giving him time, the boy was just glad that the man he looked up to most didn't hate him. Another smile cracked his face as he thought of how Harry had worn Severus out to the point that he'd wormed his way into the sulky man's heart. They still fought, almost as bad as Sirius and Severus themselves, but the man was fiercely protective of the small Potter, his affection growing a little more every day. That made Sirius happier than Severus would ever know.

Though Harry did tend to get snippy with Severus when he picked on Remus about his getting Tonks pregnant. The thought of his cousin carrying a werewolf child only slightly disturbed him. He still had a long way to go before he would be able to get over his prejudices, he was only human in that respect. But Harry still loved him, through his faults and his mistakes, which was what kept his desire to change for the better going. Harry was his everything now it seemed.

It was weird how his entire life was now centered around Harry, in such a short span of time he'd learned to love Harry like no other. He was doing all he could for the young man, and he saw everyday that Harry was getting better. Physically and mentally. He'd stopped blaming himself for everything wrong in his and others lives, and Lucius was thankful for that. It had finally given his mate enough time to truly fall in love with him and in his own rights be happy with himself.

Harry was soon to graduate form Hogwarts, and the thought had Lucius' head spinning, he was only slightly afraid of what Harry and his son both, would do with their lives. As for Harry, Lucius wanted more than anything else in the world for Harry to move into Malfoy Manor with him, so that one day they could get married and be happy together. But Harry was such a free spirit he'd probably want to live somewhere else on his own. He knew he wasn't perfect, and he knew he couldn't give Harry everything he wanted, but he wanted to badly to make the boy-no man, happy. He wanted for the two of them to spend the rest of their lives happy and together.

"Lucius?" A sleepy voice called through his fog. The blonde in question looked down on his raven haired mate.

"Yes, love?" Harry loved to hear Lucius call him that and they both knew it. A slow grin spread on Harry's face.

"Why are you still awake? We have graduation practice all tomorrow and you know I'm going to make you stay for every second of it. You'll need sleep, it's not very Malfoy-ish to fall asleep in public... I'm sure," Lucius felt his eyes squint a little in his smile.

"No it's not, and you better remember that," it slipped from his lips so quickly and easily that he hardly realize he'd said it.

"And why's that?" Harry asked curiously. He knew he was caught and he didn't want to lie anyway, so Lucius opened his mouth and spoke the truth.

"Because one day you'll be a Malfoy, and you'll have to know all public decorum of course," Harry felt his heart jump into his throat. It felt sort of like it was stuck there, and he felt an odd and sudden tingling in the back of his eyes.

"I suppose I will," it was all Harry could think to say back, he was so shocked. He knew that Lucius had spouted many declarations of love and promise but this just seemed so sincere, though hidden slightly behind a joking facade. Lucius let slip another smile, he was quite ashamed though, these past months with Harry he'd smiled probably more than he had in his entire life.

"You know I love you, Harry. No matter what happens, your not just my mate, you're the person I've spent my entire life dreaming of and hoping for," he knew he wasn't the best with expressing how he felt but he'd been wanting to say that to Harry for such a long time. The words had always been there, waiting for the perfect time to be let out. And before he'd always held them in afraid that the time wasn't right or that he'd sound stupid. But he didn't much care right not, it was the way he felt and if by chance he sounded absolutely mad saying it then so be it. A Malfoy regrets nothing.

Lucius felt Harry move closer to him, his body shifted and his head now rested on Lucius' shoulder, Harry leaned forward and kissed the skin before him. The blonde was slightly surprised as Harry had never been the one to make the first move, it had always been him. And Harry changing the tables on him and being the first was more of a turn on than he'd thought it could be.

"I love you too," Harry said as his kisses moved up the pale neck of the Veela and to his jaw line, down to his chin and then to his slightly thin but perfectly soft lips. Harry left it there for only a few seconds more before the hands of his lover rubbing soft circles into his back became too much for him, Harry snaked his tongue out to swipe slowly at Lucius' lips. He didn't have to wait long for Lucius to open his mouth and accept his tongue, he felt the luscious man suck his pink appendage further in, only furthering his desire for more. Harry's hands moved over the chest under him when they reached the hard nipples just begging for attention Harry gently tweaked each, pulling and twisting them eliciting deep lust filled moans from Lucius.

Their bodies hot and needy slowly began to move against each other and before too long they were lost in each other, the need they felt compelling them to continue on in their conquest. Harry reached new heights as before too long Lucius had his dick in his strong, large hand moving up and down in rhythmic caresses. Harry felt his throbbing member ache for more of what only Lucius could give him, but that wasn't the only thing his body ached for. He wanted the man he loved inside him moving, carrying him to the bliss he yearned for above all else at this point.

"Lucius," Harry moaned out loudly as his hips jerked against the hand on his cock. The blonde- that happened to be latched onto his neck, lips and teeth sucking and nibbling- lifted his head and looked down at Harry. The burning fire in his now impossibly bright silver eyes making Harry's stomach do a flippy sort of thing, something that made his dick twitch in unbridled white hot need. The guttural moan Harry let lose let Lucius know what his lover needed. And he didn't wait much longer, with a softly spoken lubrication charm on both his fingers and his cock, his digits were moving in and out of Harry's entrance. The boy's hips bucked into the hand that held him, then moved back onto the fingers slipping into and out of his highly aroused body. Lucius felt his own need grow and with a desperate increase in the pace of his fingers, he finished stretching Harry.

Lucius looked down into Harry's open wide green eyes, so expressive and so wild, they made his heart ache for more of the love Harry so freely offered to him. The Veela mate moved his hips so that he could put his hard throbbing dick to Harry's hot entrance. He bent his head and kissed Harry, the boy kissing him back just as passionately, and with one quick thrust of his hips he'd entered Harry. He felt the Gryffindor cry out inside his mouth and he held himself still, apparently though it wasn't what Harry wanted him to do as no sooner than he'd stilled Harry had pulled himself back and wrapped his legs around Lucius' waist, pulling the blonde farther into him.

Not needing any further encouragement Lucius let his lips pull back and push into Harry with a sort of rolling motion, their hips creating a wonderful grinding friction that had both he and Harry calling out to each other in the heat of their passions. Lucius timed his hard thrusts into Harry to the movements of his hand on Harry's dick, he moved in and his hand moved down, then started it all over again. He wanted his other hand to be more of use to their lovemaking but he had to hold himself up somehow. He felt Harry's hands wrap around and to his back, and before he knew it he felt sharp fingernails dig into his back and drag down stopping at the rise of his arse. His eyes flew open and his hips snapped roughly back into Harry's body. The pleasure he felt from the one single simple act was amazing.

Harry knew he was close to coming, but he just couldn't stop he didn't want to, every second their bodies were intertwined were moments when he felt like they put Heaven to shame. Harry moved his hips up and into the hand holding him tightly, pulling him in just the right ways. He felt his ass tighten up, all his muscles tense, the pleasure was just so immense the feelings were just so intense that he couldn't take it anymore. With a loud shout his eyes shut tight and he came, his seed spilling out all over his and Lucius' chests, the dark spots that exploded behind his eyes were only one of the many indications that he was on his greatest natural high.

Lucius felt light headed as the muscles around his dick clenched so tightly, for a second it was almost painful, but the kind that left him reeling and wishing for more. Almost like Harry's fingernails still digging into his back. With one final hard thrust of his hips he felt his end finally come, he was gone and over the edge into bliss. True happiness. He felt his muscles weaken to the point where he felt he was going to collapse on Harry, so as quickly as he could manage he rolled onto his back, in the process pulling Harry back with him, so that he rested on his chest.

Their breathing was harsh, and their rapidly beating hearts were practically in tune to each other. For some reason, that had felt like the best sex they'd had yet, and if the dopey half smile on Lucius' face was any indication, he was very happy about it.

"Harry," Lucius managed out before he had to stop again to catch his breath, "I think you've killed me," he was breathless really, and it made Harry beyond pleased.

"I think another hour or so of that, and I'll be dead with you," Lucius' eyes popped open.

"Again?" He felt Harry nod on his chest before he practically wheezed.

"You have Veela stamina for a reason mister, we're going to be using it to the best of our abilities," Lucius just wrapped his arm around Harry's back and pulled him closer.

"Sounds like a plan, love," Lucius left one kiss on top of Harry's head and he felt his eyes close as his muscles loosed so that he was now totally relaxed and at ease.


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